The Virgin Syndrome  

gaurie49 37F
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11/14/2005 12:53 pm

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6/10/2006 1:50 pm

The Virgin Syndrome

I received an interesting mail from a drop dead gorgeous Austrian gentleman. We shall call him "Sergii" [writer-receiver priviledge!!]

Sergii professes to have some knowledge about the culture of my people, our cuisine and our brand of spirituality. But he's rather curious to find out how the average indian 'naarie' is with regards intimacy.

I can imagine why you would ask me about it Sergii, what with me being Indian and all. But I'm so-not-equipped to answer!

As a people, we're deeply hypocritical. For a country, where a burgeoning population is a serious impediment to progress, SEX remains a taboo.

Most indian women are brought up on a staple diet of virtues that we're told we need to embrace and endure all our lives. A recent survey talked about how the average indian comes of age by the time he/she is 19-20 years old - as compared to other parts of the world where most people have had their first sexual tryst by 15!

Most women, including those from urban areas, are brainwashed into believing that intimacy is for after marriage with the man we would spend the rest of our lives with. We're tutored to never indulge in conversation with men who aren't known to us (ha!..yeah that worked!). And above all, we're taught the importance of the hymen. This fragile membrane (or the absence of it) could cause indescribable damage to the reputation of one's family..or indeed the whole community.

Now, fortunately, some of the above has changed. Especially for the urbane Indian woman. Not only does she live life on her own terms, she chooses to live vicariously; throwing caution to the wind and indeed society. Live-in relationships are rife, as is the rise in promiscuity. The average indian woman, while still shackled by a zillion clauses on moral conduct, has found that trodding the middle-path can lead to salvation.

And that's where we get schizophrenic.

We're the dutiful daughters/wives/mothers/sisters of our respective families in public. But in private, some of us, are sexual fiends who find gratification indulging in all sorts of unspeakable activities.

Indeed, some of us are such appalling sexual deviants...we register on adult websites and partake of telepathic-fornication with the zillion others registered!!


Life's come a full circle

rm_Sasi031966 41M
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12/17/2005 7:56 am

Gaurie adds an intellectual dimension to Incredibly nice to have members like that ! the site should strive to enroll more such members to give aboost to its profile.

What Gaurie tries to do is to give a contemporary sociological reflection of India. Not only in this blog but also in the one where she describes her personal escapades. i would like to be friendly with such an intellectually passinate woman !

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