gaurie49 37F
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11/10/2005 1:48 pm

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6/10/2006 1:49 pm


I have an axe to grind (..amongst other things..tee..hee..hee )

Why is it that all the drop-dead-gorgeous men on this planet are either:

a) Very Taken OR
b) Very Gay??

I'm quite the plain-Jane so the chances of me snogging a model-type are pretty darn slim. But it upsets me to know that I wouldn't stand a chance even if I were Ms.Perfect 10.

Take the other day for instance. I was speaking to a very gay friend about my love life...the fact that I don't HAVE ONE. And for his part, he empathised with me by telling me about this young investment banker he met at a gay-soiree who looked a lot like Sandokan (above) and how they ended up at his apartment for a night of unbriddled passion!

Double You Tee Eff?

At this rate, the only way I'm going to grab a hottie is to declare I'm gay and drag queen personified!

I have a theory about good looking men. They ought to be cloned. Or made to order. That way, every girl on the planet can have one for herself.

And I know exactly whom I'd like to order for...right away!

rm_kunaiac 35M
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11/11/2005 5:55 am

nice one, at last one blog worth reading....

rm_kunaiac 35M
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11/11/2005 6:01 am

you know what, you make me wish i was home.
not home with my ma kinda shit but at home with someone who can converse intelligently.

not that i am very intelligent so as to speak

oneniceguy696 46M
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11/12/2005 6:01 am

guess what i havent read 4 blogs of one person on the same eveing for some time (and also replied tooo) .....

one gay pal of mine told me that he has had so much of women from the time he was 16 that he lost interest in them....and hence move on to being bisexual to a gay out of the closet, so there is one reason why so many nice lookin men have gone awwayyyyyyyyyyyy

but tell u what there are possibilities of a not so good lookin guy somewhere thinkin that he wishes all the women in this world can order a nice device which enables them to check the man's heart/soul before they take home , and hey i was not talkin abt meeeee.... cheeky aint'it......not just plain ole fun....

oneniceguy696 at yahoo dot com

iam9819150083 40M

12/11/2005 10:15 am

hi was interesting to read

like ur blogs ...

lov bunty

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