Devil...May care!  

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8/22/2006 10:52 am

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Devil...May care!

Things are getting slightly crazy at work. I'm still trying to recover from our hurricane trip to Goa (You of course wouldn't know about it given that I haven't avered to it before now...).

Our team of elves was there to soak up the sun, the surf and binge on the food our hosts had laid out for us most graciously (and perhaps regretted almost immediately!)

The accomodation was beyond astounding. I had a cottage to myself and what a shame that I didn't have anyone to 'canoodle' with! "Dripping romantic", the only piece of action I had was in the bath, imagining I was Cleopatra while feasting on locally grown cashews. I haven't felt this insanely lonesome in a really long time.

So instead, I read a book.

I took quite a shining to one of our mates. As did the others. And the GM took quite a shining to me!

And no, it isn't just my imagination...

"He's insanely gorgeous (in an unconventional-sort-of-way). Looks quite dapper in Khakhi and a tee. Doesn't work for a living but dabbles in all kinds of white-collared activities. Speaks like Don Juan (and perhaps moans even better!). AND, is inexplicably in pursuit of yours truly.

Agreed he's quite the 'ladies man'. And I am the gender of choice. But why would he want to make out with Deloris when he could very well snog any Shiela within arms reach?

It's been a few weeks since we last met. He walked into this cafe and parked himself on a table diametrically opposite ours. The much-married-rake then began the seduction by staring whilst tilting his head, a smirk resting on those soft-and-much-in-use labiolar muscles.

And when it was time to leave, he shook my hand (had to - he held his out) and pulled me into a bear hug that snuffed the air out me belly. I got felt up with the others gwaping in approval. Composure recovered, better sense prevailed and I pushed away from him (this took a few nano-seconds but it seems like a lot when writing about it!), embarassed and scatter brained. I mumbled my salutations and vamoosed faster that Schumie can accelerate.

And now, I have a zillion texts asking me to reconsider a luncheon that I've decided not to attend. His wife and kid will be in attendance and I'm rankled by the charade. But the thrill of it all makes me want to throw caution to the damn tornedo.

The Devil, darlings, wears a Smile

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