weird day!  

gatekeeper9696 47M
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9/27/2005 1:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

weird day!

been a bit of a weird day today, firstly i thought the gatehouse roof was leaking so went into the first aid room only to find it looking more like a sauna!

for some reason the heater was on and a hot water unit decides to blast out hot water even though the taps off! from what i could guess the problem had escalated from the previous night! it's a wonder the electrics didn't blow.

and to top it all some bright spark decides to come on to site thinking his meeting is further in the complex, turns out it was down the road! but to really screw his day up he follows his colleague blindly with his car in past us and hits the blocker that was coming up! ouch.
5 minutes later after attempting to gather himself together he follows his colleague out and hits the exit blocker! how dumb is that... wonder if he's related to homer simpson?

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