wasting my time?  

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10/5/2005 8:12 am

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wasting my time?

for the last few months now i have been setting up a new user guide for the place i work at, this would be used mainly by people sent to the site that have had little or no experience in what it takes to run the site.

a couple of days ago i had been told of a email that states no books,magazines,mobiles,laptops to be used or seen in the gatehouse! basically the so called "head of fire & security" has decided to throw his teddy out of the pram.
as this prat has been told that my laptop is needed be me so that any of the sections that make the guide up can be changed within the hour, i came to the conclusion that if he wants to enforce this stupid rule then he had better find another way of getting his job done!

like most firms we have a set chain of command that should be adhered to when information is passed on, but this person seems to forget that and just because he has reminded of that system he's a little pissed off( who gives a shit?).

i sent him a message stating truthfully my concerns and what we all should be doing, didn't like it did he! i had thought of wording the message a bit better but i have always been told to speak the truth and speak your mind!

as for the user guide? well i think he has realised that it wasn't designed for him, i think he worked that out when noticing that our company logo was on the front page and not the PSA logo! justice has been served!

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