Special Romantic Hideaway  

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8/27/2006 6:20 pm
Special Romantic Hideaway

Creating a Special Romantic Hideaway

How can you create the most romantic trip of your life, even if your next getaway isn't a honeymoon? Here are some tips to bring the romance back to any trip.

Anticipate Your Trip Together
Make this trip special by planning it together. Plan what you will do when you get there. Visit an international restaurant in your hometown to sample the cuisine you'll experience on your vacation. Cruise the internet together for information and travel tips. Send each other "wish we were there" emails to set the anticipation.

Pack some romantic goodies
Treat this like a honeymoon - even if it's not. Pack new sweet and sexy lingerie perhaps in his/her favorite color. Bring along some candles to turn your hotel room into a romantic enclave. Pack your favorite €œeasy listening€ CDs to set the mood. And most definitely, don€™t forget to pack plastic champagne glasses for the bathtub!

Make your hotel room a love nest
You don't have to book the presidential suite to turn your room into your private haven. Line the edge of the tub with those candles you packed and toss in some bubble bath. Surprise your other half with a local bloom, seashell or chocolate on the pillow.

Be romantic all through the day
Buy a bottle of wine and some local cheese and fruit and share a private picnic in bed. Write your names in the beach sand. Kiss for no reason and all the right reasons.

Make time for each other
In some destinations, it's easy to pack in too much activity--museum visits, shopping, tours. Remember that this is time just for the two of you. Order room service. Sleep late. Watch the stars. Make love on a golf course!

Say all those things you€™ve been feeling but have not said!!!!

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