Ye Again...Beyond The Horizon  

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Ye Again...Beyond The Horizon

Bobby was stroking his cock now, mesmerized and enthralled by Michelle’s lewd and profane words; held captive by the gorgeous and shameless woman sprawled on the deck in front of him.

Michelle pulled her labia apart, while she looked directly at Bobby.

“Do you see this cunt, Sir? This is a slut’s cunt, a slave’s cunt. Do you know how many men have fucked this slave’s cunt? How many women? This slave has lost count. Master loves to share this cunt with others; and I love being given away like that, especially if he is there to watch.”

Michelle rose up to her knees, her face now inches from Bobby’s lips. She tilted her head to the side, as if to kiss him while she continued to hold him captive with her pornographic self-assessment.

“Did you know that I am never permitted to orgasm without permission? It can be sooo difficult, Sir. Having to beg and plead for your orgasm is a wicked and perverse punishment. It is torture, pure and simple. But do you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being a slave. I love not being in control. I love being used for another’s pleasure. This is who, and what, I am.”

Michelle was rapidly working three fingers in and out of her drenched pussy now. Her other hand smeared her juices across her tits and on her face.

“Please, Sir, I’m yours. Right now. Right here. Ravage me. Hurt me. Rip my cunt apart with that big, hard cock. Impale me on that great, big dick. And please, more than anything, make me beg for permission. And don’t let me have it easily ‒ or at all, if that is your wish.”

Michelle lay back down on the deck, all the while vigorously fingering her pussy and pinching her nipples; spreading her cunt lips apart and displaying the glistening wet, pink flesh to the spellbound young man sitting in front of her; sitting there stroking that magnificent cock - tall and proud and ready to fuck.

Bobby stood up, his cock standing arrow-straight out from his body. He approached Michelle, and grabbed a handful of her long, blonde hair, pulling her up and tilting her head back.

Michelle opened her mouth, knowing exactly what this man wanted.

Bobby shoved his cock between her wide-open, smiling lips. He wasn’t gentle, nor was he tender. He rammed his cock to the back of Michelle’s mouth and down her throat.

Michelle barely had time to take a breath before the huge cock-snake filled her throat. She fought her gag reflex and wrapped her lips around the penis that was, for the moment, the center of her attention and the sole reason for her existence.

Michelle grasped the base of the rock-hard erection, cradling Bobby’s balls and guiding his cock in and out of her mouth. Her other hand alternately pinched her nipples and fingered her cunt.

Quickly, though, she was no longer doing the guiding and the directing. Bobby seized her head with his hands and began to savagely fuck her face, sending beads of sweat raining down onto her breasts.

Michelle was making obscene slurping sounds each time Bobby’s cock slid in and out between her lips. Between strokes, as she breathed, she asked, “Please… Sir… My… cunt… is… so… ready… for… you.”

In response to Michelle’s obscenely punctuated plea, Bobby dragged her by the hair over to the middle of the cockpit, and forced her down on her back.

The fitful breeze carried the distant sounds of laughter and of men and women locked in their own private duels. The gently rocking motion of the catamaran as it tugged against the anchor chain made the perfect bed on which to be taken by this lean young man with the bright blue light of the sky and the sea reflected in his eyes.

Michelle instinctively drew her legs up and opened them wide, making an offering of herself. She pulled her labia apart with her fingers and licked her lips; while Bobby straddled her hips with his cock pointing directly at her face.

He descended on the prostrate Michelle, pouncing like a ravening wolf taking down helpless prey. He lunged forward, his cock unerringly finding the entrance it sought. In one fierce thrust, he dove into her pussy; until his cock head found her cervix and his balls slapped against her ass.

Michelle yelped and then grabbed his ass to pull him forward. Then she was twisting, turning, and writhing beneath him. Fighting him, forcing him to pin her down. She struggled, as if she was being and wanted to throw off her attacker.

“So this is how you want it? You want to fight?” Bobby asked. Fully into the moment now, he slapped Michelle hard across each cheek, one after the other; with hard, open-handed blows.

This only made Michelle buck and fight harder. She raked her fingernails up and down his back. It was time to pour the gasoline on the fire.

“Come on, stud. You’re not man enough or strong enough to make this cunt come, are you? I’ve been trained and used by the best of men.” She lifted up her arm to hit him, before he caught it and pinned it to the deck. She hissed and taunted him again. “Do you think you’re as good as Damien? Come on, show me. Hurt me. Fuck me. Make me beg. Show me what kind of man you are.”

In response, he slapped her tits, again and again and again; and then twisted and pulled on her nipples, until she gasped and clawed at his chest. All the while, his cock slammed in and out of Michelle’s cunt, each thrust sending a fresh surge of wetness down her legs to pool on the desk beneath her ass. He pulled her hair and slapped her face, and dug his fingernails into the soft flesh of her breasts.

Michelle beat her fists on his chest, biting his arms, fighting him with every ounce of strength she had.

They were like two animals locked in mortal combat - savage and intense. They tore at each other’s bodies. The sounds of their coupling were loud, vulgar, and profane.

Bobby lunged forward, holding onto her breasts with his hands digging into her flesh, leaving angry red imprints that would last far longer than their fast-arriving peak. He leaned down to kiss Michelle on the lips.

She devoured his tongue and bit it.

In response, he slapped her face with several hard, stinging blows that left her dizzy. He held her head steady with a fistful of hair and sank his teeth into the flesh of her neck.

Michelle moaned and screamed at his bite, while she writhed beneath him.

At the same time, his cock seemed to grow even larger inside her pussy.

It was time. It was now. That eternity-long moment of heart-stopping clarity was here.

Bobby tensed, and then cried out a wild shout of conquest and of victory. He shot a long, steady stream of come into Michelle, while he pumped his cock furiously in and out of her cunt. The piston-action of his cock sent his semen streaming down Michelle’s pussy and onto the deck to make the wet stain there wider and even more slippery.

He rammed his cock into her again and again, his still-hard penis sliding easily in and out of Michelle’s sloppy-wet fuck-hole.

“Now, Sir. Oh god, please. Please, please. Fuck me, please let me come. Anything. I’ll do anything. Oh fuck, please…”

Bobby slapped her tits and shoved a finger into her cunt alongside his cock. He took it out and thrust the semen-coated digit into Michelle’s mouth, before wiping her face with it and then again slapping her cheek.

“Show me, slave. Show me how you can come for me, “ he growled. “Do it now.”

Michelle orgasmed a split-second after the word ‘now’ registered in her brain. Her cunt muscles gripped Bobby’s cock as hard as they could, not wanting to ever let him leave. She was scratching, pawing, and hitting him in a wild display of uncontrolled passion.

It was like they were a pair of wild creatures, completely unconstrained by any civilized rules. This was not making love, this is wasn’t sex. This was fucking, pure and simple. Consensual .

He jerked his cock out of her pussy and aimed it at her tits. Michelle only had to pump it twice before she was rewarded by a splattering shower of creamy white drops on her belly and tits. A moment later, his still-hard cock was back in her pussy.

Michelle cried out, loud and wild, sending the seagulls wheeling away in fright as she orgasmed again and again, until she lost count.

“Oh god, thank you,” she gasped. “You are amazing, you know. I can tell why Master has you as part of his crew. Are you all this good?”

Her teeth marks were evident up and down Bobby’s arms, and on his neck. She had drawn blood, tasting the coppery flavor of his life-force. Her lips and chin were smeared with the bright, red liquid ‒ the red badge of passion and the crimson stain of undiluted wickedness.

Michelle sank back onto the teak deck, exhausted. She was covered in sweat and smeared with smudges of her conqueror’s blood. His semen oozed out of her cunt and down her ass to the deck. Dazed, weak and helpless, she was as limp as a rag doll. Drained of energy and filled with come. The perfect afterglowing balance of pleasure ‒ and of pain.

Bobby held himself up on his arms, his softening cock still in Michelle’s pussy. Then, he rolled over and flopped down onto the deck alongside his victim.

Together, they listened to each other’s breathing, deep, rasping breaths. His hand reached out and found hers. He took it into his, in a soft and tender grip; as if they were shy, teenage lovers, holding hands for the first time.

The old Bobby was back.

He turned his head to look at Michelle; at the same time she rolled her head to the side to drink in the sight of him. They stared into each other’s eyes, each one shocked and amazed at what they had just unleashed and consummated with the fury and the passion of their coupling. They were so stunned at the sheer intensity of what they had done that they couldn’t speak.

But their eyes said everything that their muteness held back - wonderment, awe, amazement.

Moving at the same time, they each snuggled closer to the other to embrace and kiss - the soft, tender kiss of young lovers; sensitive, savoring, tasting of each other’s lips.

Losing Control

When Michelle roused herself from Bobby’s arms, she lifted herself up and stood, unsteadily, on the deck of the Shameless. She looked landward, to see what her Master and his other owned women were doing on the beach of the small island. She saw Veronica and Kiersten making love on the beach, each one lapping tenderly at the other’s pussy as the lay side by side on the sand. Others frolicked in the water and played Frisbee on the beach.

Her Master was nowhere to be seen.

Michelle slipped over the side and into the cool, refreshing water. The water buoyed her up, and the waves bore her towards the beach; like a long procession of men passing her from one to the other, hand over hand. Michelle floated and sculled and drifted towards the island. This was what heaven must be like, she mused. Shameless nudity and never-ending, mind-blowing sex, a tropical paradise, and her Master.

When Michelle’s feet scraped against the bottom, she crawled up onto the packed wet sand at the water’s edge. She stretched out on her back with her arms flung upwards over her head and her toes just at the frothy edge where the small wavelets expired and sank into the sand, to return again to the ocean.

The combination of the warm sun, the soft, tropical-scented breeze, and the cool, wet sand beneath her body made this resting spot a perfect location. Michelle was like a piece of sensuously carved driftwood, cast up on the shore by the ocean, basking in the hot afternoon sun.

She sprawled on the sand posed as if for a winter vacation advertisement targeted at her hometown of Chicago. But this model was not wearing a single shred of clothing. And her smooth, tanned flesh bore the not yet fading and still quite visible evidence of her submission ‒ the bruises and marks from having been restrained, whipped, and flogged. Her cunt still oozed with the semen of the most recent man to have taken her and fucked her naked form.

An advertisement for paradise, and for sexual adventures, to be sure; but an advertisement for pleasures far darker and unconstrained by the limits of convention.

Michelle studied the birds and the clouds in the sky, and dozed; the progression of time marked by the slowly advancing wavelets. Now, they swirled just below Michelle’s sand-covered pussy. Each approaching surge of oceanic energy converged and accelerated as it moves up towards the apex of the tanned, smooth sides of the fjord made by Michelle’s outstretched legs.

And now, each of the steady, rhythmic splashes danced across her cunt. Visions of her Master and of Bobby fresh in her mind, it was almost enough, by itself, to make Michelle come.

She felt like she was melting into the sand, being swallowed up and covered by the tiny grains that the waves sent dancing along her nakedness.

This is paradise, she dreamed.

It was as if she were paralyzed; an immobile vision of a nude, blonde, and deeply tanned Aphrodite waiting at the water’s edge to be seized and captured by Poseidon, the god of the sea; to be dragged back into the dark, inky depths of the ocean.

Michelle let her mind drift like the puffball white clouds above her in the deep blue sky. She daydreamed about being pierced and permanently marked in some way by her Master. It was something she thought about constantly now. While his other slaves were elaborately marked, he had not given her any indication yet, of his intentions for decorating her body.

She imagined herself sitting naked, impaled on her Master’s cock, with him lifting and cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples into throbbing hardness to prepare them for the needle. Michelle shifted her body and stretched on the sand, her hand finding her dewy-wet pussy, while she dreamed of the searing pain and the droplets of blood when the needle lanced through her aroused, hard nipples.

Both of Michelle’s hands were on her tits now, pulling and stretching her nipples, as she pretended they were being pierced; and then wearing large-diameter, wickedly provocative and unconcealable rings that staked her Master’s claim of ownership over his blonde sex slave. The one who masqueraded as a cool, professional marketing representative to the outside, vanilla world she lived in, but was no longer a part of.

While Michelle played with her imaginary nipple rings, she did not notice the quiet approach of someone - someone who had been watching her play with herself so openly. The first she knew of the other person’s presence was when a body was standing over her, blocking the sun’s rays from her face. A moment later, a delectable, young girl’s pussy was pressed against Michelle’s lips when the woman sat on Michelle’s face.

Without opening her eyes, Michelle opened her mouth and lapped up and down the hairless cunt. She tasted pussy and cock mixed together in a well-stirred and very creamy sauce. And when she cupped the girl’s ass and slipped a finger inside her asshole, she found the passage relaxed and as well lubricated with semen as her pussy.

The girl’s knees straddled Michelle’s head, and a small delicate hand covered her eyes.

“Mmmm, what a wonderful treat!” Michelle murmured into the soft, smooth folds of flesh. The girl’s other hand joined Michelle’s to caress one of Michelle’s breasts and to tease one of her nipples.

Their intimacy was shattered for a moment when a low-flying airplane zoomed over the beach.

Michelle hoped that the passengers and pilot got a very good look at what these two naked vixens were doing at the water’s edge. When the girl sighed and laughed at the sheer outrageousness of what they were doing, Michelle knew that it was Cindy’s sweet young pussy that she was licking.

A fresh wave surged over Michelle’s body, bubbling up and over her pussy to stream water around her breasts. The tide was getting higher. Cindy had Michelle pinned down, though, and was holding her in place with her legs and her cunt.

While Michelle was focused on Cindy’s pussy smothering her face, more naked women had seen the sensual interplay between them and had been drawn like moths to a flame to where they played at the water’s edge.

Michelle felt another feminine tongue begin to lap at her pussy, diving in deep to probe the depths of her well-fucked cunt.

Now, more hands pulled her legs farther apart. The tempo began to shift from soft, gentle and languorous to rougher, more aggressive, and more uninhibited sex play. Teeth bit and pulled on her nipples. And now, a finger thrust into her cunt and another into her ass at the same time.

Michelle opened her eyes. Katia, Loretta, Veronica, and Erica were all there kneeling around her, each of them feasting on her nude form with lips and tongues and teeth, while their fingers kneaded and caressed ‒ and hurt ‒ Michelle’s sensitive flesh.

Cindy continued to rub her pussy up and down Michelle’s face, coating her skin with her free-flowing juices and with the semen that still leaked from her slit.

Michelle squirmed and bucked under their increasingly blatant and savage assault on her body, all the while her arousal ratcheted higher and higher.

“We heard everything,” Cindy teased, her little-girl voice a marked contrast to the way she was grinding her pussy against Michelle’s face. “The way you teased that poor boy. Oh, and the way you two got it on, together. We could see your arms and legs flying up in the air. Downright indecent. And quite inspiring, as well.”

Cindy lifted her pussy up off Michelle’s face long enough to wink at her. “I was getting drilled by Mr. Grant and Mr. Howard. I could tell that they were very turned on by what you were doing.” Then she lowered her sticky wet pussy back down on Michelle’s smile again. “You know,” she added, “I think he likes you. Bobby, I mean. Don’t you, girls? Bobby must really like our little ‘chelly, the way he let her come so easily.”

Erica and Katia murmured their agreement and emphasized their concurrence by biting and pulling on Michelle’s nipples with their teeth; while at the same time Loretta and Veronica fastened their teeth on her labia, each one pulling back and stretching one of her lips while their fingers thrust lewdly in and out of Michelle’s pussy.

Michelle screamed so loud that her cries were answered by the highflying gulls riding the wind, circling overhead.

Katia hissed at Michelle through her clenched teeth, holding onto one of Michelle’s cunt lips, “You love this, slut! We know it just as well as you do. You drink in the pain, don’t you Michelle, like a woman dying of thirst. You bathe your mind in an orgy of pain. You are like the alchemist’s whore, aren’t you, Michelle? You can convert pain into ecstasy better than anybody. … Now, convert this!”

The agony in her cunt and her breasts was nearly unbearable. The bite marks on her flesh were so deep and so relentless that Michelle knew that the pain would last for days. Her cries were completely muffled by Cindy’s cunt, pressed against her face. It was almost impossible to breathe, much less scream.

But the effect on her body was the same, nonetheless. Katia was perfectly accurate. Michelle was on the brink of orgasm, from the wicked torture her sister slaves had visited upon her body. They knew all too well what kind of slut she was. And what a whore for punishment and pain she had become since she handed the keys to her soul to Damien, the man she called Master.

Michelle writhed and jerked about on the sand under the expert hands and teeth of her tormenters. When Veronica started to spank Michelle’s pussy with the palm of one hand at the same time she worked her other hand, balled up into a fist, into Michelle’s spasming cunt; Michelle orgasmed for the first time. The women on top of her held her down, preventing her from moving and directing the fire inwards to consume her from within without permitting her to release any energy outside her body.

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