Way more fun when u add another one  

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9/29/2005 4:40 pm

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Way more fun when u add another one

This is my very, VERY secret fantasy. I’d like to have a threesome with a girl and you. It will be a lot easier and a lot more fun if she and I are comfortable with each other. She and I would have pretty much planned it, of course, and you’d just kind of come along for the ride. We’d be completely comfortable with each other, so no shyness or nervousness at all…which would make it a lot more fun for everyone.

We three would be doing something normal, like watching a movie or something, and I’d casually put my hand on her leg for a while, hoping you’ll notice. Then I’d move myself over so I’m in between you two, and start to get things going a little bit on both sides. I’d lean over and start kissing her, watching to see your reaction, and start rubbing your thigh in order to ease your probable shock. Then I’d break away from her, and start licking your ear, whispering to you that we’re going to have lots of fun together.

While I’m concentrating on you, she takes off her shirt, and starts pulling off any clothing she can get off of me while I’m making out with you. I turn my attentions back to her, and we remove each other’s clothing while kissing passionately, making sure you see everything. I look over and you have a look of pure shock and pure lust in your eyes, and I tell you to pull out your cock and start stroking it for us; we want to see how hot we’re making you. You don’t deny our request, and enjoy the private show you’re getting.

We take off every inch of our clothing, except our panties, and get each other nice and riled up, using our hands to explore almost every inch of each other. Then I’d move my mouth down to one of her breasts, sticking my tongue out to lightly flick her nipple, looking over at you seductively the whole time. Then I’d give my complete attention to her and suck, lick, and gently bite first one nipple, then the other, slowly driving her crazy.

At this point, you’re going insane right along with her. She looks over and decides to take you into her own hands. She crawls over to you and starts taking off your clothes while I kneel behind her and kiss her back, shoulders, neck, ears, and reach my hands in front of her to play with her nipples again. She kisses you, and once your shirt is off, you reach your hands behind her to play with my tits as you kiss her. She pulls off your pants and boxers so that the only clothing still on is our panties. You ask us to continue our undressing of each other, and we oblige without hesitation. Now it’s my turn to be driven crazy, and she plays with my tits as you watch and enjoy the look of pleasure on my face.

She moves her hand down to the crotch of my panties which, by now, are soaking, and lightly rubs my pussy through them. I follow her lead and do the same for her; her mouth at my tits while we rub each other’s pussies through thin fabric. We finally decide that the panties are just in the way, and strip them off of each other. I then look over to you and tell you to come over so I can suck on your cock, while she moves her mouth down to my pussy.

We have a nice little oral chain going on, and I orgasm almost immediately from the double pleasure of having a beautiful woman eat me out while I have your amazing cock in my mouth. After that, we all kind of switch places so that you and I both have a pussy to munch on. She sees your cock out of the corner of her eye, and moves over to take it into her mouth. We lie there in a sexy triangle of oral sex and please each other until she and I can’t cum any more. After a little while of this, we decide we want to move to the floor for a little more room.

Once we get off the bed, we decide to sit you in a chair so we can have some fun with you. We each kiss you deeply, then move down your chest, licking and biting you randomly, sending you into partial sensory overload. Once we get down to our knees, we worship every inch of your cock with our mouths. While one of us takes your cock into her mouth, the other sucks and licks your balls. Then we switch so that each of us has a taste of everything. Then, while I stroke your now soaked cock with one hand, I reach under to grab your ass while her mouth works on your balls. I look up at you and see your eyes rolling to the back of your head because of the pleasure.

Determined to keep you from coming for a while, I stop stroking you and move my mouth down to your asshole, so that her and my tongues touch every once in a while as we lick and suck every centimeter of your balls and ass. I then get up to sit on your lap, slowly rubbing my dripping pussy against your hard cock, while she gets up to lick your ear, rubs her hands up and down your chest, and sucks on and bites your neck. After a while, she decides that she wants to be in charge, so we put on a little show for her. She tells us to get into a 69 so she can watch, and she tells us exactly what she wants us to do; her own little porn show. She tells me when to speed up and slow down on your cock, and when to take it deep into my throat. Meanwhile, she tells you where to put your tongue and when to finger my pussy or ass.

By this time, I’ve climaxed about 5 times from the amazing pleasure your tongue and fingers are giving me, and our audience member has brought herself to multiple orgasms while watching us. You, however, have held out and kept me from my mouthful of cum. That’s when I tell you that it’s time for you to cum. You sit up, with me sitting on your lap again. I kiss you hard and deep while soaking your cock with my pussy juices again. Once you’re nice and slick, I push you down to lie on the ground, and slowly slide your cock into my tight ass.

Once I’m on your cock, I call her over and tell her to put her cunt above your face so that you can eat her while I ride you, but she has other ideas. I start to slowly slide your cock in and out of me while she tongues and sucks on your balls. You grab my hips and help me fuck your cock with my ass. The whole time, she is tonguing your ass and balls, causing you more pleasure than you’ve ever known. She gets so hot that she needs release, and can’t wait for it. She gets up and plants her pussy on your face , and your expert tongue goes to work on it.

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She and I start to moan from all the pleasure you cause us. As I bounce on your cock, I read out to fondle her tits in order to cause her a little more pleasure than she’s already getting. When I do this, she reaches down to finger my clit as fast as she can so I can cum at least one more time, but now with your cock inside me. After a little while of this, she cums, and cums hard, and this sets me off completely. I squeeze your cock with my ass muscles as I cum and keep bouncing on you. This sets you off, too, and I feel your cock twitching and spurting your hot cum into my ass.

We’re all very, very tired, but somehow she and I still want each other. She and I get off of you and I push her down so that I can eat her yummy pussy again. I very slowly make circles with my tongue on her clit, making her squirm at the light pleasure it gives her. Then I move my tongue to her slit and slowly stick my tongue in as far as it will go, exploring the walls of her pussy as she moans and screams in delight. I take my tongue out a little bit, and slowly start to fuck her pussy with my tongue and bring her to yet another orgasm.

You’ve been watching this from the orgasm-induced stupor we put you in, and your cock slowly hardens again. She sees this, and demands that she get a good ass-fucking, too. You tell her to get on all fours so you can take her from behind, and she does. Your cock is still soaking from our previous fucking, and you easily slide into her ass. The look of pleasure on both of your faces turns me on even more, and I slide myself under her so that I can eat her pussy while you pound her ass. The sight of your cock sliding in and out of her drives me nuts, and I move my tongue to your cock so that you feel it sliding all over your cock and her asshole, driving the both of you, as well as myself, into a frenzy.

You start to fuck her harder and faster, and I go back to licking her pussy while fingering my own pussy and clit. She sees my fingers working on my dripping cunt, and leans over to help me out. When I feel her tongue on my clit, taste her cunt on my tongue, and see you pounding her ass, I cum almost immediately. She keeps tonguing like there’s no tomorrow, and I make sure that she comes a few times, too. All of this has driven you to new heights, and you tell us that you’re about to cum. She quickly pulls away and moves her mouth to your cock, pulling me up with her.

You stroke your cock until you cum, shooting your second load into both of our open mouths. Once you empty your hot cum onto us, we both suck your cock dry, and move to clean each other up. We lick off the cum that has dripped onto each other’s chins and lips, and the little bit that landed on our tits. After all this, the three of us are absolutely exhausted and we all climb back into bed and fall asleep intertwined in each others arms.

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