Unexpected Visitor  

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Unexpected Visitor

I was definitely not in the best mood tonight. The rain had been falling incessantly for days and now the electricity had been cut off in the whole area. It wouldn't have been too bad if my girlfriend, Stephanie, was here to keep me company. I may have even enjoyed having no distractions so that we could have used our imagination to entertain ourselves. But no, she was spending the night at a friends' place which meant: NO shagging !

I was sitting on the sofa bored out of my mind when I heard a crash outside the front garden. Rushing outside to check for damages, I saw that a car had driven straight into the hedge. "Shit" I thought to myself "Stephanie will be really furious! Those plants are her pride and joy" I was not impressed and was determined to let the driver know what I thought of him...

I was marching under the flipping rain towards the car when the driver's door opened and a pair of beautiful smooth legs appeared from under a black mini skirt. Temporarily forgetting that I was supposed to have a go at this careless driver, I approached the stunning looking woman that was now walking towards me and asked her if she was all right.

She apologized for the damage and explained that the rain came down too strongly and she lost control of the car. She looked very shaken and upset and so I felt that the minimum I could do was asking whether she wanted to rest for a few minutes inside the house. Maybe I could get her a hot drink.

- Have you got anything stronger? A glass of wine perhaps? - she replied accepting my offer. -I think I need something to calm me down, I am sorry to bother you like this-

-Don't be silly- I said with a smile -You're not bothering me at all! If we don't help each other out when things like this happen...- I commented nearly believing what I was saying. I could not help thinking that if "she" had been a "he" I may have not been as friendly after all.

Once inside the house I showed her to the bathroom and gave her some dry towels. Lighting a couple of candles I added that she could have a bath if she wanted to as the water was gas heated. In the meantime I would pour her a nice glass of red wine to help her relax. Walking out of the bathroom, I made my way to the kitchen and poured two glasses of wine with a huge grin stamped on my face. I really had no reason to feel so happy, but I suppose that I liked the thought of a beautiful strange woman naked in my bathroom. That was certainly better than sitting here in the dark all alone.

Being soaked to the bone myself, I went to my bedroom and got changed into some dry clothes. I wondered what she would have done if I showed up naked... "Call the police probably" replied a voice inside my head...

Once I got changed, I went back to the kitchen and looked in the fridge and in the cupboard for something to eat. I was feeling quite peckish and maybe the girl, what was her name?, would have liked something to go with the wine.

As I started pulling stuff out, she walked into the kitchen...wearing only a small towel wrapped around her body! I nearly dropped everything I had in my hands.

-Let me help you with that- she said with a sweet smile - I am a rather good cook- she added with with a hint of pride in her voice removing her towel and replacing it with an apron that Stephanie had left hanging on a hook. I was looking at her in complete disbelief.

- Don't look at me like that!- she said giggling. - Don't all men think that the place of woman is in the kitchen? I am just making it more fun for the two of us- she added whilst wiggling her bum and opening a jar of olives.

- Well, I don't know what to say...- was all that I could utter still not understanding what exactly she intended me to do. I mean, my dick had suddenly got very hard and so if it was left to me I knew what I would have done.

..she took her towel off and replaced it
with an apron...

As if it were the most appropriate way of eating olives, she took an olive out of the jar and inserted it in her pussy. Then she ate it whilst whilst looking at me in a provocative way.

-Want one? - she asked me with a mischievous smile on her face -they are quite good you know- she added licking her upper lip.

- Sure, sounds good - I replied hesitantly whilst taking a big gulp of wine.

She smiled satisfied at my response, put a second olive in her pussy and then slid it on my tongue as I opened my mouth to receive it. I could tell the olive was covered with her juices.

-Very nice- I said looking at her in the eyes.

-Good- she added pleased with herself -Now come here and give me a hand with the cooking- she stated whilst returning to the kitchen table. She arched her back and widened her legs. -Come on then!- she invited me.

I slowly unzipped my trousers, walked towards her and grabbed her firmly by the hips. I let my dick touch her skin between her thighs, her bum and her moist pussy. She felt as soft as silk. Caressing her in the same places explored by my dick, I gently inserted two fingers inside her cunt moving them from side to side. She felt warm and wet and as I touched her, she moaned with pleasure asking for more. Widening her cunt lips with my fingers, I slowly inserted the head of my dick inside her and then pushed in gently to begin with and then harder and harder as she moaned with pleasure.

-Oh yeah- she kept repeating as I pushed and pulled in and out of her. -Oh yeah, carry on- she implored.

I felt that I could have cum there and then if I wanted to, but I didn't want to. The night was long and there was nothing else to do. Not that I would have rather watched TV than screwing this horny visitor!

- Lets' go upstairs- I commanded interrupting the motion much to her disappointment. - Bring the olives and the wine- I concluded. I could tell she was desperate for more. She looked rather irritated by this interruption but followed me upstairs without any complaints.

Once in the bedroom, I took my clothes off and pushed her on the bed.

She took several sips of the wine whilst resting on the bed closing and opening her legs to tease me. Then she took an olive and inserted it in her pussy.

- Want another olive? - she asked confident that I certainly wanted one. - Come and get it with your tongue then- she affirmed opening her legs and lying with her back on the bed. I eagerly approached her pussy and placed my head between her thighs. With a skilful movement of tongue the olive was soon inside my mouth. It tasted of her excitement. I only bit half the olive reserving the other half for her mouth. As she received the olive she moaned - Fuck me, fuck me now!- . She moved her hips slightly and with her hand got hold of my cock which she then guided inside her pussy. As she received my dick inside her she pushed her pelvis hard against my body.

- Fuck me hard- she screamed losing control. She was not in the mood for some gentle pushing. She wanted me to fuck her real hard. She wanted it rough...and she was going to get it.

I thrust her like an animal moving from side to side and in and out of her cunt. She scratched my skin harder and harder as her pleasure was intensified. Then she screamed and let go of me releasing her tensed muscles. I came out of her pussy and splashed my cum on her face. She was the portrait of sex. I felt great.

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However, after a few minutes, the reality of my action came back to me. I had betrayed my girlfriend. What did I do?
The girl -still did not know her name!- must have guessed my thoughts as she asked whether I was worried about my girlfriend. - How do you know I have a girlfriend? - I asked with a hint of worry in my voice.

- Stephanie is my friend. In fact, she is in my flat right now getting shagged by my boyfriend.-

- What? - I asked angrily.

- Yes, sorry, Steph and I had a bit to drink tonight (as my bad driving showed) and decided that it would have been really cool to shag each other's boyfriend! So I called my boyfriend who came to my place whilst I drove up to your place. Simple!- She concluded with her infectious smile as if swapping boyfriends was the most normal thing to do in life...

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