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Long after dinner was over, we sat outside enjoying the invigoratingly fresh air. It was starting to cloud over and the stars were vanishing one at a time. As I sat there lost in my thoughts, he commented on how that there was one star left, I had better make a wish.

I looked up in time to see one star…I closed my eyes, as if I was a little girl and recited the age old line of I wish upon a star. I opened my eyes to find it gone. I wondered aloud if that meant that my wish was to come true?

The smell of rain was in the air as the thunder rumbled in the distance. He reached over and took hold of my hand as we watched the lightning show fast approaching. It was electrifying to see the power of nature at work. The lightning seemed to be doing more than preparing for a thunderstorm, the current was also running fast through my veins, as I looked over at him sitting next to me. He turned to look at me and the desire was written all over his face, I knew what he wanted.

He got up and walked to the house stepping inside just long enough to grab a blanket. He walked over to me, laying the blanket on the ground and took my hand. I stood up and his lips found my earlobe transferring the current from me to him and him to me.

He laid down on the blanket with an inviting look encouraging me to lay beside him. I shook my head no, not yet. I saw his eyes grow big, not understanding my actions.

I began his own personal strip-tease show with the quickly-approaching thunderstorm as my backdrop. My body slowly moved in rhythm as I unbutton my shirt one button at a time. He nervously shifted his body, allowing room for his expanding cock. As I undid each button, slowly revealing my breasts, the lightning would flash, as if on cue.

The final button undone…I slid my blouse off my shoulders and down my arms slowly letting it drop to the ground…my hips moving in rhythm. I reached down and slid my hand inside my shorts finding my hot, wet mound and moaned in ecstasy. His eyes lit up and it was all he could do to sit there and enjoy his private show.

I rubbed my mound, fingers probing my clit and plunging into my pussy….bringing myself to a quick climax as I stood there in front of him. I slid my hand out of my shorts and up to my lips…licking my fingers one at a time and sucking them.

The storm was fast approaching as was his resolve to sit there any longer. I undid my shorts and slid them down my legs, kicking them over to him. Caressing my breasts, I danced my way over to him. I straddled his head with my wet panties and fucked his face, listening to him moan the entire time. I stood back up and slowly slid my panties down my legs and off.

As if on cue, rain droplets began to fall…thunder echoed and the lightning flashed. He took my hand and drew me down to him. Our lips meeting in a rush of passion as our tongues danced together…anxious and hungry for more.

Our bodies wet as the rain began to pour down on us…hands sliding over the other as I stripped the clothes off of his body. His dick free to caress, tease, taste and fuck.

He was as ravenous as the storm as he lapped the rain from my neck. His mouth searching for my pleasure points. He wrapped his lips around my nipples…biting and sucking me nearly to climax…his hands running through my hair. He reached up to kiss me…the lightning flashed and I saw the raw hunger in his eyes. Hunger for me.

Rolling me to the ground, he slid his hard cock into my wet pussy fast and hard. Our moans of pleasure heard over the storm. He slid in and out of me as the rain poured over our bodies. In and out…in and out….in and out. His resolve was slipping fast, as was mine. I moaned in pleasure. He slid out and rolled me on top of him…straddling him.

I slid up and down the length of his shaft, feeling him deep inside me, my pussy wrapped tightly around his massive cock. Up and down…in and out…up and down…in and out….the desire and pleasure too strong to deny any longer…I heard him calling out "Raven, Oh Raven!" as the thunder claps echoed in the background and I scream out. Over the edge we fall as I bury my fingernails in his shoulders collapsing on top of him.

His arms wrap around me and hold me as we fall from our ecstasy.
The rain continues to fall.

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