The Joy Of Female Ejaculation...Sturred Not Shaken  

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The Joy Of Female Ejaculation...Sturred Not Shaken

My wonderful SINdora first attracted me to her on a blind date. What I saw walking across the crowded country club floor towards me was a heart stopping sight! My friends at our table said, "Oh here she 'comes' now!" The evening turned out to be superbly special in her company! SINdora was wearing a scanty tie front top with extraordinary cleavage and a pair of cut off jean shorts displaying a gorgeous pair of legs and fanny cheeks. Aside from her sexy good looks SINdora was miss personality plus!

A few days after our initial meeting we have been 'coming' and 'coming' and 'coming' and … with each other ever since. It feels like we met only yesterday … even though we have been together for quite a few years since that first auspicious night.

SINdora IS and has always been a very sexual woman. Suffice to say, I could not have met and mated with a better life partner if I had planned it!

What I will pursue here is something that has 'come' about more recently, to her delight and mine. (SIN has always been willing to experiment with almost any form of sex as long as it did not cause pain, humiliation or be perceived as adultery for either of us.) She has always enjoyed GOOD XXX rated hardcore films and has been more than keen to emulate new things witnessed on the screen that she had not tried before. Our marital philosophy has always been, "Okay, try it once or twice and if it doesn't satisfy both of us … move on and try something else." Neither of us is willing to allow our sexuality to be'come' ho hum and stale.

In her very youthful married days, before we met, she had been conned, actually coerced into the swinging life style by her then husband. She did not care for much of it though she DID enjoy some of it. I agree with her premise that, "It is difficult avoiding an orgasm when some one, male or female is adept at playing with one's genitals!" She has experienced both genders 'playing with hers during her 'swing-a-thon' days.

She had, according to her own count, more than a few unexpected climaxes at the hands of one or more eager swinging partners! Some of those her husband was IN on and the rest resulted from liaisons with other guests at the events. It all depended who traded his wife for SINdora's company. Sometimes she got lucky and kept it in the family … as often as not she was bartered to another man in exchange for SIN's husband getting cozy with and banging the other man's wife!

When we met she had been single for quite awhile and had a ready entourage of male bicycle seat sniffers bird-dogging her. She did not lack for sex while unattached. SINdora is pretty, petite and built like the proverbial "Ceramic outhouse"! At least with those men she could pick and chose whom she fucked, unlike the swinging soirees!

By the time we met, SINdora had SEXperienced just about all that a naturally and rampantly horny young woman could try. She even had an employer that took her into his office after hours and against her will and better judgment allowed the married man to give her an unexpected hand job on his desk. She had, according to her, one whale of a climax. She hadn't wanted it and certainly did not anticipate that he could give her such a satisfying finger fucked orgasm! She never reciprocated in kind. He was happy just to be able to look at her adorable wet pussy sans knickers and her skirt pulled up while he jerked off. She gave her resignation the moment he was done 'coming' all over the desk top between her legs! SIN threw her under pants into her purse before he could either grab her and really fuck her or pull his pants up from around his ankles … she ran out. Oh well, so much for that job!

Driving home she was at once giddy from the orgasm and outraged at what had been tantamount to some form or molestation. She didn't agree to it … the sexual excursion just happened. She was erotically "needy" when he made his moves on her and being alone in the office she knew that no amount of protestation would have helped one bit! Once he began playing with her kitty and it felt good, much to her surprise … she let herself go … and 'come'! Physically he had done her good … emotionally he had terrified her. That experience was the worst of juxtapositions! To this day she has no erotic ' ' fantasies and cannot watch that sort of activity in XXX rated films either!

My Darling wife and myself enjoy sharing our past sexual encounters as pillow talk foreplay with each other to turn one another on! We have no jealousy for what we had done separately before we met. Just the opposite in fact. We can and do share what we have done involving others. The same goes for watching XXX films and DVDs. My Darling lady is a first class voyeur, visually and mentally.

Not too very long ago we found and watched a tape with one prolonged scene of a busty blonde woman masturbating and narrating her ongoing activities. She was claiming that she would play with herself and 'come' just like a man. She'd squirt her "sex juices" for the entire world to see! She would also fuck a well-hung black man after that and she said that she'd 'come' a second time by spraying his cock while he screwed her! SIN's attitude was, "Yeah, right, this I gotta see"!

I had long since told my wife about 'Tina' my older mentor (Read "The Naked Cup of Coffee" located within this site) and how at times she would squirt something other than urine during or immediately after her orgasms. For the life of me I could not convince SIN' that Tina was not urinating when she had one of those very wet spurting climaxes. After all, how many women initiate intercouse with a full bladder ... unless they intend to engage in 'golden showers'? Most tinkle before they get INvolved!

The buxom girl in the movie only confirmed SIN's attitude that women cannot ejaculate like a man! Even to me it was obvious that the masturbating girl was faking it and taking an, on cue, leak for the camera.

When the well-appointed gentleman began fucking the girl she let fly with more of her "sex juices". Nope, she was not another Tina. She was all too obviously peeing on the guy's erection and scrotum.

However, knowing from past personal experience I was and am, well aware that some women do experience drenched orgasms and DO leave their own wet spots on the bed at times. Tina sure did! (AND, IN my mouth on a few occasions.) THAT was not urine … not even close. What she anointed me with was rather sweet and did not have the acrid pungent aroma of urine. Contact with it provided the most astounding arousal for me.

My SINdora often dribbles, some times profusely during sexual pleasure and it does not 'come' from her vaginal interior either. For years I have enjoyed cunt lapping her to orgasms and reveling in the flavor and sexy aroma of what she trickled into my mouth or onto my fingers. She was never aware of what was 'coming' out of her urinary opening. She was too busy 'coming' to pay attention to the slight liquid release between her pussy lips, just below her clitoris. SINdora could produce and leak about a teaspoonful whenever it happened.

No matter what I told her about the tasty and oh so sexy delights oozing from her genitals she always chalked it up to excessive vaginal lubrication and perhaps a little too much K-Y liquid oozing out.

That assertion of hers went on for years. Telling her about my flooded sexperiences with Tina not withstanding SIN' just knew that she was not doing THAT! Describing how Tina could squirt twelve or fourteen inches and even more, straight out or up while she held her lips apart and masturbated for me to watch did not convince my Darling lady that she had the potential to do the same! Hearing me telling about that always boosted my sexy wife's libido but NOPE she was not 'doing' what Tina had done! Tina's over flow was an "aberration" according to my wife!

During one particularly slow and sensual episode of giving my wife a sexy 'helping hand' I began using two fingers to stroke and manipulate her "G" spot in earnest. I could feel that it was swelling as though filling with something. I urged her to masturbate her own clit rather than have me stop what I was doing and take over the clitoral teasing and pleasing as she usually asked for. SINdora can be a very clit oriented sex fiend! (After all, she has been diddling her own clit since puberty with superb success. If it aint broke don't fix it?) Most often she would take my hand in hers and place it over her clit requesting, "Do me here? That's WHERE I NEED IT!"

The only reason that she agreed to 'do' her own clitoris that time was because I told her how much it was turning me on to lie next to her and watch her masturbate with my fingers IN her. (She had my erection pressing and leaking against her sleek thigh and knew that she had total my attention.) Also, she was too far-gone and too close to 'coming' not to play with her own ignition switch. She knows, as most women are aware, that men LOVE to see them masturbating to a climax! That does affirm in any right thinking man's mind that his lady is a delightfully sexual being. What's not to love about that when she consents to 'take care of business' for him to see and share vicariously? (She's also not apt to fake an orgasm if she gives it to herself! SINdora has never faked a BIG "O", thankfully has never needed to. I learned from Tina's sexpert tutelage how to tell the difference in any event!) It's not surprising is it that almost every porn film has some scenes of explicit female masturbation? And with good reason, men enjoy the implications of female autoeroticism!

Cutting to the chase, SINdora began 'climaxing' a few minutes after the dual Masturbation Club 'came' to order! What she was not aware of is that I had a clear view of her attractive, horny genitals. About a third of the way through her climax she began bubbling from her urethral opening not just oozing as she always had. With the first sign of her outflow I made firm but gentle pressure on that sexy rough bit of tissue just behind her pubic bone. She bubbled more liquids and was almost screaming while she 'came'! BINGO, I had done it for her. WE had done it!

She began begging, "Push IN, push in, finger fuck me!" She does like to "come" with a man's finger imitating an erection. I did as she asked and slid my fingers IN and OUT all the while keeping as much contact with her "G" spot as I could and tugging at her clitoris. With each inward push I helped generate another mini waterfall! I 'fingered' in concert with her vaginal orgasmic waves.

When my arousing wife was almost back to normal breathing she said, "OHMIGOD … that was a vaginal AND a clitoral orgasm together … whew! I don't have those every day!! No wonder I'm so crazy about you! Ooh, my ovaries hurt so GOOD!"

I did not tell her right then what she had 'done' so beautifully and unwittingly. SIN', honestly did not know what she had produced with a little help from a friend! She had pulled me up over her and was in the process of vigorously giving me MINE if you get my drift. SIN' had her gorgeous legs wrapped around me and held me captive until I was moaning in her ear and squirting elsewhere IN her! Her female ejaculate added to the slipperiness of her always-desirable sex organs. IT was being pushed IN and smeared around as I went IN. (Long ago I discovered that a guy does not get out of her bed until she says he's done!!)

I finally told her what she had accomplished … "Oh bullshit, that's just pussy lubricants and all of that K-Y stuff leaking out!" She'd done it, yet wasn't ready to believe it! "Women just DON'T squirt like men do!" I didn't argue or tell her that I had not used but a fingertip full of K-Y this time!! I also neglected to point out the sizable wet spot on the bed … I let her think it was mine! When she did notice it she said, "Gad you 'came' a gallon … a girl would think you liked her or something!" and giggled. She often say's the most endearing things at the appropriate times.

I knew that I needed a more authoritative sexplanation of women that "SQUIRT" plus the how and why of it! I suspected that she was on the verge of enjoying a really good eruption. Time to begin surreptitiously surfing the Internet for clinical proof of my lady's (and any woman's) ability to ejaculate. I wanted to find something very definitive and scientific yet something that was not DRY (small pun there, sorry 'bout that!) and lack luster. I needed to find a factual source that my wife could peruse either on-line or in a film format that she could relate to. I wanted her to be'come' horny and not fall asleep while looking at whatever I might eventually find on the subject! (I had a method to my madness.)

If there were such information out there perhaps she'd consent to watch it with me (or on her own) and enjoy the new knowledge she'd gain … and maybe even the turn on that might 'come' from it! There's that 'madness' thing again. Mad ... as in crazy about her!

It took a few weeks of off and on searching until I found the site that you are in now. My wife is a believer in 'Holistic" medicine and holistic thinking in general! I was certain that I had found a "BINGO" for the lady down front … or my lady's front. Take that anyway that you wish! (Unfortunately the search took time as there are a wealth of bogus strictly porn sites to weed out before this one was found!)

I went ahead and ordered the advertised book and companion videotape. I had surfed most of the site and was convinced that the information was viable. What I read here and saw matched my experiences with Tina one hundred percent and then some! (Bless Cara Croft … she has a striking resemblance to my older woman sex ed mentor 'Tina'. I noted her pictures and stopped dead in my tracks! I may have been drooling, I'm not sure.)

When the materials arrived I slipped both under SINdora's pillow and waited for her to find them. I had no clue until the resources arrived if they'd be worth the small cost or a rip off. (I did scan the book before hiding it and was impressed with what I saw and read.)

The tape waited until they were discovered later that evening. Here I must say that my wonderful and lusty SINdora enjoys sex on any day with a TH in it. Thaturday, THunday, TueTHday, WenTHday and Thursday. I think that we first watched the tape on a WenTHday … it really doesn't matter.

At first SIN' was more than skeptical … though she did find it arousing to see other women's goodies up close and being played with. If nothing else, my wife could empathize with the masturbating women on the screen! (Been there, done THAT often enough herself, with and with out me as an audience.) She watched the film and listened to the narration closely. When she was too aroused to watch anymore she agreed to try it. She had gone "tinkle" before hand so all was set in that arena. There'd be no "Oops" no matter how things 'came' out … if anything did! I had placed some extra towels under her JUST IN CASE! (By the way, who is this guy, "Justin Case" and why is he always intruding in our sex lives?)

We followed the instructions, complete with the two fingered "come hither" stroking techniques. My naughty lady diddled her middle for extra titillation. She leaked copious quantities from her swollen "G" spot and had a squirming, writhing orgasm! Close, but no Monica Lewinski Cigar. SINdora did not squirt. In fact she was a little deflated that she did not bubble either! "See, I told you that its nothing but urine!" referring to the ejaculating ladies on the tape. We engaged in delicious intercourse with the last of the tape still running.

SINdora did take the time to read the book a few nights later and even watched the tape again, alone, with her nighty pulled up. She had a well-fingered GOOD ONE but still no ejaculation in the solitude of our room either. I had bought a "G" spot specific vibrator for her and after hearing her tale (tail?) of no success … suggested that she try using it again … without an audience.

I did not make an issue of her lack of spurting orgasms on her own … or with me. I decided to 'cool it'. Not wishing to inhibit her libido we still went at each other nude and naughty as often as she (we) needed it. I left her 'dribble' ability lie dormant until the time seemed right.

Nearly two months and a lot of loving later I had begun absentmindedly caressing her "G" spot with two fingers while she stroked me. Side by side we loved as we always have. I firmly believe in the old adage of, "Ladies before gentlemen". Besides there is nothing more arousing for me than to provide a well fingered or tongue lashed climax for her first. (Even the late Ann Landers knew and recommended that technique to keep love alive and HOT!) I know damned well that she will give me my reward soon after she has hers! Trust me boys n' girls … when SINdora is 'coming' you'd want her too! She is SPECTACULAR while in the throes of her brand of Nirvana! Her former swing fest pals missed a good bet by not stroking and stoking her fire to a raging inferno before anything else!

Their "Me first" wham, bam thank you Ma'am sex with her did not manage to overheat her hormones to the boiling point but rarely. Most of those resulted in her sneaking off and finishing herself in seclusion by virtue of a lonely "Do it yourself project"!

The night in question almost two months after her minor "bed wetting" I had been using the two-finger 'come hither' technique behind her pubic bone again. SIN's "G" spot was becoming smoother as it swelled and be'came' noticably turgid in response.

My wife was extraordinarily HORNY that night. (She and some of the girls from the office had been talking about sex and what pleases their orifices over lunch. The thought stayed with SINdora until she got home … randy as a cat in heat!) Without asking, she went to work on her own clit. I initiated the internal stroking and caressing with light yet firm pressure. I varied the ways that I did it for her. Pressing and pulling with fingertips and by using circular motions with varying degrees of pressure. A rhythm developed which seemed to please her. Two fingers IN her was also pleasurable … SIN' does like the sensation of "being filled up" during the final count down to her orgasms. Most of her battery operated "Ladies Home CUM-panions" are rather thick in diameter for just that reason. She adds a whole and 'hole' other meaning to the gas pump expression, "Fill 'er UP!"

I must admit to being an unabashed voyeur where her nudity and sexuality is concerned. That also provides me with visual and audio clues as to how far along she may be. My erection almost becomes explosive when I can see her nipples hardening involuntarily and catch a glimpse of her toes flexing and curling. When her legs push straight out and her belly begins to tighten spasmodically I know that she is almost over the top of her plateau. By then her eyes are tightly closed and only seconds remain before she launches into the abyss of sexual release!

I know not to say or do anything that might break her concentration until she begins moaning and wailing. Then it is okay to moan with her and whisper, 'C'mon girl … do it, 'come' for me, … mmmm you are good, … ooh, I love you!' or anything else that is appropriate depending on what we may have been pillow talking about a few minutes before.

That time I could feel stronger vaginal waves and spasms rippling over my fingers than I had in a long time. She was be'coming' infinitely 'wetter' than usual as well. That's when I quietly asked her to 'Bear down … push, get IT out, can you try?"

I knew that she was acknowledging and trying wordlessly. Her vagina was pressing against and squeezing my fingers almost possessively. SIN' was moaning differently than normal. This vocalizing was deeper, throatier and seemed to 'come' from down in her belly. She could not have uttered a cohesive word at that point if the house were on fire! SHE was ON FIRE!

Then, she almost squealed and I felt warm liquid spraying my palm and forearm! It 'came' in short bursts. SIN' made kittenish mewing sounds, "eeeooh, eeeeooh, ohhhh, ahhhh, eeeeh, OOOOH …" with each "EJACULATION"! I didn't count the spurts … I was too sexually agitated to have done so anyway. Using an educated guess I will estimate that she squirted six or eight times with about a one or two second delay between each. If my hand and arm had not acted as a backstop … she probably had ejaculated with enough force to have anointed her knees. From within she sprayed me with about a few tablespoons full.

I discovered that by increasing the pressure on her "G" spot momentarily when she spurted seemed to aid in her ability to shoot for distance. SIN' stopped masturbating a few seconds into her orgasm. Then she asked, "Take it out? Ohh please take your fingers out … tooo sensitive … can't take any more!" Sliding them out of her vestibule I could detect that she was still 'coming'. Her belly was fluttering and she was still pumping her hips as though in the act of fucking! Small rivulets of liquid were running down her pussy and ass clefts! I can't remember when her nipples had risen to such up standing heights either! Her clit was a very upstanding citizen as well … also more so than her norm!

When all was said, squealed and finally DONE … SINdora asked me, "Ohmigod what happened, what did we just do? … That was another vaginal climax!" It was in fact much more than a vaginal BIG "O" … I told her that she HAD just 'ejaculated' and had produced more 'lady come' than I could off load on my best day!

Her retort was, "Naw, uh uh … not likely!" Then … "DID I?" I asked her, if for proof, "Wanna taste my fingers? Sweet and has the aroma of very sexy pheromones.' She declined my taste test offer and giggled when I licked my own fingers. "OOH, how can you do that? That's nasty!" She knew of course that licking the fingers that had just given her the ride of her life was far from nasty. Then I reminded her about how she likes to be eaten … that wasn't nasty. Never is! Delightfully Naughty? YES! Nasty? NEVER!

I asked her if her innards had settled down enough and had lost the excessive sensitivity to allow a lick and a promise between her pretty legs right now! I was offering to eat her and lick her wet goodies nice and clean again. I was in dire need of tasting what she had produced in the heat of passion! SINdora let me eat her very gently until she could not take another second of that either. The genital sensitivity was returning.

She had me back off and asked, "Wanna play BEN DOVER with me?" She slipped out of bed and bent over, hanging onto the edge, displaying her adorable goodies from behind. She had reached the point where her genital sensitivity desired having me "Park in the rear!" If I am able to last long enough SIN' can occasionally have a second orgasm in that position with and without masturbating for the enhancement.

I held her hips and pulled her to me … as they say, "The rest is orgasmic history"! Geez she is GOOD!

SINdora has had a couple of additional, genuine female ejaculations since the spectacular one described here. (Mostly a tablespoon full or two at a time.) At least now she knows that she can do it, loves it when it occurs. And like my former sex ed mentor 'Tina' she does not know when it will happen … though enjoys it thoroughly when it does. Maybe some day she will spray all the way to the ceiling or across the room. If not, no big deal.

That she is enjoying another aspect of her sexuality … for me, that is all that counts.

In closing let me say, 'Thank you Lisa and Cara for your unselfish visual, verbal and written instructions!' And a special note of thanks to John for letting and helping Lisa share her erotic talents and abilities on film!

Yes, this IS an unabashed nonfiction endorsement!

Love and light in return for your gracious uninhibited instructions.

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