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The Big Apple Doctor

Several years ago when I used to do a lot of travel for
business I was down on Long Island ,by myself,on a wednesday nite.
I was totally bored with my hotel room , had already had dinner and
decided to have a drink in the hotel bar before bedtime.
I strolled in to find the bartender ,an old grouch , watching
sports on the TV, he begrudgingly made me a drink and went back to
the TV. Three drinks later, about nineish, I was about to leave ,
when a blonde, about 5'7", strolled in! I thought I'd slipped into
a dream, but she sat down, slipped her light jacket onto her barstool
to show me she had a nice body under there and ordered a drink. The
bartender paid about as much attention to her as he did to me and she
looked me over pretty good before going to the jukebox to play some

I was wide awake as she walked d across the floor , because
she displayed moves like a well built sports car. The first two
numbers were fast 60's rock and roll , then a bluesy slow song ,
she turned to me and walked over to my spot at the bar and said ,
care to dance ?" I wasn't really sure if I could at this point
,since I was afraid that if I moved I'd soil my
pants...............but duty calls!
I tried to hold her delicately but she'd have none of that she
ground right into me As you might expect I got an instant hard on
.Several more slow songs followed , and then she suggested we take
our drinks to the booth along the wall to talk without music.. She
explained that her husband didn't satisfy her so she went out one
or two nites a week to meet new "friends" with his permission. Well
I had joined a swing club a few years ago , and I had read the
penthouse advisor , but I wasn't ready for this ! She said she'd
like to go to a motel with me if I was interested , , I explained
that we were already at my hotel and she smiled as she slid her
hand up onto my pocket rocket................"very nice " she said
so I slid my hand under her skirt to find she had nothing on past
her stocking tops ! She noticed my surprise and pointed out that
she went out for action , didn't want anything to get in my way !

She said there was one catch though.....................I think
she's talking about money , which I don't have much of , and she
says" That's my husband at the bar , he likes to watch !!!!"
I never saw the guy come in and I've got my hand up his wife's
skirt spreading around the wetness seeping out of her inside ! My
hand snapped back of its own accord She chuckled , saying how this
was a typical reaction , she reassured me that it was part of the
deal , because he was concerned about her safety , I was concerned
about mine but her hand on my crotch was making me less than

So ...........she waved him over to the table for the
introductions. We talked small talk for a half and hour and then he
starts asking me what I think of his wife , is she hot and do I
want her to suck me off, this is pretty interesting since I've got
my thumb up he snatch and she's rubbing me till I'm leaking through
my pants.........I couldn't think of a reason why not so when he
asked we all went to my room.He grabbed a wine bottle from there
car and we waited , by the motel room door , she was sucking my
guts out through my mouth , or trying to , while we gave each other
as much digital stimulation as we could with out undressing there
in the parking lot
Now were in my room and she's undressing for us. She's much better
built than you can tell from the clothes , no bra under her sweater
and despite having two children , she's very tightly put together
Bill turns to me and says "wait till she gives you head !" she's
Great "
She helps me off with my sweater and shirt ,and unbuckles my slacks
making a puddle around my ankles with my pants and underwear , I
help by kicking off my shoes and she drops to her knees and
attaches herself to me like a remora.....Bill tells me she likes to
take the first load in her mouth , it'll make you last longer the
next time , Right now I'm incapable of speech so I just nodded and
sucked in air between my teeth . She wasted no time and I think it
took me almost two minutes to come , and what a trooper , never
missed a drop , I was in love with this woman already .She helped
me sit on the edge of the bed so I wouldn't collapse , she went and
kissed Bill and he played with her breasts , and told her ho hot
she was , They chatted about some other guy that she had blown
before who came so much she gagged , and compared me to him , then
she tuned to me and said want to start again ?

I explained that I wanted to return the favor they looked at each
other and smiled , Bill poured some wine and she positioned herself
at the head of the bed , I swiveled here around so she was sideways
on the bed so I could watch Bill In the mirror while I was eating
her , I'm not crazy , and I already came once so I was thinking
maybe this was still a mugging in disguise {I always think clearer
after I come)so now I'm down on her and she is squirming like she
wants to get away , but she isn't trying to really get away just
more of her down my throat.

I look up over her pubes and I see in the mirror that Bill is
stroking his hard cock with his pants around his knees..........
so much for the mugging concern or at least he's gonna come first.
Well I guess he's not gonna come First , cause now Mary is moaning
as if she is having an out of body experience and I'm not gonna let
her off with just one if I can give her more ................
So I slow down a bit till she whimpers and then I start a circular
motion with my tongue followed by an up and down licking motion
that they all love .............and when I sense she's about to
come again I slip my wet thumb inside her, and she's off , we
repeat this with several variations and I remember to check for
Bill, remember Bill .............he's bending over her and
she's sucking down his load as she is convulsing around my

I slowly slip my hand out of her and I struggle to my knees on the
edge of the bed , she is making sounds with her mouth that are so
delicious I want to be in there with him , but ......
I decide it's time for down and dirty stuff . I slip my hips toward
her and my cock which feels about three sizes to large for it's
skin nudges against her soaking throbbing pussy , it slips right in
and I can feel the pulse of the last of her orgasms......I slowly
slide in and out of her and she picks up the rhythm, I think we've
got it smoothed out now but I can feel myself almost ready to come
again after just a few minutes , Bill is to far gone to know what
is happening as he moans and begins to come in her mouth she sucks
and holds him in so he doesn't leak as she swallows all she can get
. He pulls out and collapses on the floor next to the bed . She
looks up at me and reach up in the sit up position , she pulls on
my butt and i slide in further as I feel my self beginning to
twitch ..............she is grinding her hips and I can feel her
insides rolling through another orgasm , I am coming in big spurts
and she is rolling her head and hips in opposite directions
I'm in heaven in a motel on Long island ........

This is the story of my first meeting with Bill and Mary ...
I have at least three more memorable adventure with them before we
lost track off each other I will relate them soon .
You've heard about my first meeting with Bill and Mary , well
several months into our relationship , Bill tells me he'd like to
help Mary fulfill one of her Fantasies and he needs my help. Well
I'll do about anything so I decide to help , after all I 'm going
to have a good time while providing a valuable "service". Here's
the deal...........................Mary wants to be overcome by a
masked man and tied up and ! I've never been a and
don't ever expect to so I'm a little leery about it , but Bill has
this plan where he signals me when she is in the shower and I come
in and tie him up , I'll be wearing a ski mask so she'll be shocked
and won't begin to expect it , they've had a few breakin's in their
neighbor hood so it'll be easy enough to believe if the seed is
planted in her mind .

So Bill tells her he thought he heard something in the back
yard, and checks and then he gets the dog to bark while she is out
of the room , and then he lets her catch him checking the garage
door, cause it wasn't closed all the way................she's
getting jittery all ready. He meets me that afternoon and gives me
his beeper and I park down the street in a mall lot waiting for the
beep , almost an hour later it goes off ,and scares the **** out of
me ..........I make it there in 5 min and he lets me in the side
door.... I tie him up in the bedroom and put the TV and some
jewelry and silver ware in a pile by the sliding door in their
bedroom, the same room which held our sweaty humping bodies just a
week ago !

We hear the shower go off and I hide behind the linen closet
door in the hallway, she comes out with her robe open and never
even sees me behind her ! She goes into the bedroom and sees Bill
, and says what on earth are you doing with that tape on your mouth
not even realizing he is tied to the chair ! I push her down on the
bed roughly and she is angry and turns to see who did it ....then
she sees the handgun I'm carrying for a "prop" and her face turns
to a look of pure horror ! I almost quit the game right here 'cause
she looked so scared , but I wanted to go through with it for both
of them so I growled at her "don't even think of making a sound
lady , he's tied up and if you make a sound he'll never talk again!

She is just about to faint so I stick the gun in my waistband and
put a hand cuff on her slim wrist and cuff her to the brass bed.
Do you need a gag, or will you keep it quiet ? I ask and she nods
yes, I think this means no gag so I go out of the room to get some
rope from the garage , when I come back she has covered her
nakedness with her freehand and the robe , so I make a big
production out of tieing her spread eagled on the bed , robe open
at the top and bottom useless as a cover . Then I go about my
bugler business and bring out several trash bags of "goods" which
I stack by the patio door, I proceed to go through the closet and
bring out a garment bag with her mink and his tux , and dump it on
the pile. While I'm in the closet I notice the safe on the wall.
Who has the combination I ask , she says nothing , he can't speak
cause of the tape , so I pull it a little at a time till he mumbles
that he won't tell me unless I promise not to hurt them ! I do the
move we practiced where I fake swinging at him and knock the chair
and him over ! She lets out a scream and I turn to her and snarl
again , "one more like that and your both dead " I drag him and the
chair up and tell him to tell me the combination , he does this
time and I empty the cash and jewelry into a bag , he asked me to
cover her since she is shivering , I retape his mouth so he can't
offer me any more advice. I pull a blanket off their bed under-
neath her and it pretty much pull the robe off and she is lying
there with it all bunched up under her and to one side, she looks
better than ever, and I am getting extremely hard at this point, in
spite of myself.

After I cover her with the spread , I carry out the stuff I
gathered to the station wagon {theirs} and lock it so no one
actually steals it , when I'm done I come back to find him with his
chair next to the bed and the phone off the hook from him nudging
it with his head , I pull it out of the wall and I tell him "that
is gonna cost you buddy" I drag him and his chair over into the
corner where he can see good and slowly ease the bed spread off
his almost naked wife , she has a scared puppy look and I think she
would have wet her pants if she had any on !

He is mumbling something and lunging at the ropes and I play it to
the hilt , "put my finger in her pussy , is that what you want ?"
She is still scared and he is shaking his head no , I tell him he
shouldn't have played with the phone . I place 1 finger in her slit
and she cringes , but a little e rubbing produces wetness that I
spread around and soon I'm working two fingers in and out of her ,
she is biting her lip to keep from getting into it , but it's too
late she is dripping like a faucet. I cup my hand and draw some of
her juice up in it , I drip it onto Bills face He is snorting like
a bull in heat but no one gets loose , until I'm done.

I stuff the gun in the back of my pants , and as I lie down between
her legs I pull up the ski mask enough to get my mouth on her
pussy, she is soaking the bed in a 2 foot circle and as I eat her
she begins to moan way down in the back of her throat , she doesn't
want to but she's going to come and there is nothing she can do
about it ! When I sense she is ready I hold her open with my left
hand while snaking my right thumb into her , she begins to thrash
wildly on my hand and mouth as wave after wave hits her. I let her
build and drop and bring her back up once more , till I think she
has had enough . When I push myself up on my hands and knees I can
see the muscles in her belly twitching from the after shocks , this
woman has COME !

Now on my knees I open my zipper and pull down my jeans I
absolutely have to get rid of the stone monster I've had in my
pants for an hour or more , I grab a pillow and stuff it under her
for effect and I drop right in she' so wet . It only takes me a few
minutes to let go with one of my biggest loads ever and I hear as
I'm coming down to earth , "thank you so much , I would never have
believed you two could make it so real "

I though at some point she had guessed It was a hoax so asked
, when she knew , she said , I knew when you slipped your thumb
into me , while you were eating me , you do that a lot , and I knew
it was you ,till then I couldn't decide if it was real or someone
Bill had put up to it , I'm glad it was you , of all the buglers I
could have picked , you'd be my favorite. "
We both seemed to remember Bill at the same time and I jumped up He
was still where I left him , except now he had a big stain in his
sweat pants to show how excited he had become from what we had done
We laughed and joked and did a lot more that evening well into the
next morning and we even planned our next adventure ............

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