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Professor Owen’s archaeological expedition had left from Madras on the 24th of September 1875. After crossing the mountains of western Ghati it had disappeared in the thick forests of that region without leaving a trace. My betrothed, Miss Jill Owen, daughter of the professor, reached me in Bombay on the 19th of March 1876. Even though I had described her the extreme dangerousness of those forests and wild region, she did not listen to my reasons and organised a new expedition in order to find her father.

We departed from Bombay on the 9th of April and reached Madras in fifteen days. After a short break we resumed our journey and traced back the path followed by professor Owen and his men, until we arrived at the remains of an ancient palace surrounded by thick vegetation. We camped for the night by fixing three tents by the ancient palace’s main wall, which was still sound, and three sentinels stood at the entrance of each tent. The next morning, when we got out of our tents, we saw that our sentinels had been bound and gagged, and a group of warriors armed with bows and arrows surrounded us. We immediately raised our hands up in order to show our friendly intentions, while from the rear of the group of bowmen a short, elegant, agile man moved forward:

‘The Maraja of Calicut Lampoor welcomes you’ he said.

‘Well … we are here only to find the members of an archaeological expedition, who got lost in the forest’

‘You do not have to give me explanations. I know everything already. Please follow me now’.

After walking through the forest for about one hour we reached a huge open space where a magnificent castle stood in the centre.

We entered through the main gate and were ushered into a wide room richly furnished.

‘My servants will prepare a hot bath for you and a meal. We will meet again tonight for the banquet’.

We were all washed and anointed with perfumed oils by the servants. Jill was entrusted to the care of two extremely beautiful maidens, who accompanied her to the female section of the castle. The banquet began at seven and continued for a few hours. The Maraja sat between two of his wives and spoke with us about England and imperial politics. No one dared ask anything about the professor, but the Maraja, at a certain stage, seemed to divine our thoughts:

‘Do not worry about Owen, he is here with me and is fine, as well as the other people of his expedition. However I consider his research an unbearable intrusion, and therefore I expect a ransom for his delivery. Tomorrow morning I will give Miss Owen a contract concerning our ancient rite. If she subscribes it, Owen and the others will be freed and you will be allowed to leave together for Madras’.

We were all perplexed and confused. Jill looked at me with frightened eyes, and I held her hand to encourage her, while the servants led us to the sleeping rooms.

The next morning, after breakfast, a servant gave Jill a roll of parchment. She immediately opened it and started to read. The more she read, the more she blushed and sighed, and finally said:

‘I have no choice, I must sign the contract’

‘But what is it about?’

‘I cannot speak now. You will see tonight’.

I was very anxious all day long, but eventually the night came. This time I found neither the Maraja nor Jill at the banquet. Around eleven a servant came to me and told me to follow him. I said bye to my companions and moved behind the servant. We went out of the castle and proceeded through the forest until we reached a smaller open space. A very strange spectacle appeared to my eyes. In the centre of the open space there was a broad and high stage illuminated with torches and adorned with coloured clothes and flower garlands. Beneath the stage a full-scale orchestra sat in complete silence. I approached the stage, which was surrounded by a big audience. I was invited to sit on a very high chair, which allowed me to see perfectly all the stage and what was going on in it. The orchestra began to play at once a sweet oriental melody, while a group of young girls, dressed in light veils, danced softly. Then the dancers left the stage and an open litter, carried by four boys, arrived, on which Jill lay among silken pillows. She wore a garland on her blonde hair, and had a drowsy expression as if she had just woke up. After getting off the litter she was invited to sit on a throne covered with a soft, white fur. The orchestra stopped and the Maraja appeared on the stage from nowhere. He approached Jill, took her hand and made her stand and walk toward the audience. He removed her silken short blouse, and disclosed her beautiful and very white shoulders. A cloth of pale blue silk encircled her delicate but full breasts, which seemed to overflow. He intensely kissed her at the root of the neck and on her shoulders, then over her breasts, on her chest that lightly panted. He took her hand again and led her back to the throne. Three white horses came to the stage, and three skilful horsemen vaulted on their backs, while riding them. The orchestra played again, then stopped, and the horses left the stage with their riders.

The Maraja took again Jill’s hand and guided her before us all. Three servants placed by her a wooden beam supported with two long poles. The Maraja bound Jill’s arms up to the beam with a silken band, which anybody would have been able to break. But Jill did not do that. She stayed meekly bound, with her arms up. When the Maraja removed the silken cloth, which covered her breasts, her blonde beauty shone brightly. It was the first time I admired her breasts. Since we were not married yet, I had only exchanged a few furtive kisses with Jill, whilst I sat by her father and mother in the darkness of the Covent Garden. The Maraja kissed her armpits for quite a while; then he switched to lick her snowy breasts. After licking them, he sucked them hard and caused Jill to utter tender, little screams. After about twenty minutes he stopped and showed us Jill’s breasts covered with small, red spots. Two maidens led Jill back to the throne and rubbed her breasts with perfumed oils. At this stage six warriors climbed to the stage, who defied each other in a dancing game and accompanied the orchestra with the sound of their swords. The Maraja challenged and defeated the warriors with his sword, and drove them out of the scene. He took Jill by the hand and removed her silken skirt. Her legs were wonderful. The Maraja kneeled down to the ground and kissed those legs of snow up to the feet. He wanted that Jill trampled under foot his neck, which he offered her. Then he took off a silken cloth, which covered Jill’s hips, and under it a very small, red loincloth appeared, which barely hid her sex. He made her turn and showed her ample, soft, full and voluptuous bottom, which was crossed through the cleft by the red thread of the loincloth. When I saw that, I was struck dumb and felt dizzy. It seemed to me that jealousy, desire and excitement had reached an unbearable limit.Jill was again invited to sit on the throne, and three elephants came to the stage, which performed different exercises with jugglers and dancers. But I was hardly able to see them, while pleasure and pain nailed me down to my chair.

The Maraja led again Jill to centre of the stage and took off her loincloth. A flower was deeply inserted in her vagina by the stalk and only showed its pale petals. The Maraja sweetly pulled it out by holding Jill’s hand, sniffed it and cast it to me. I caught it in the air and grasped it in my trembling fingers. Then he asked her to turn over, and showed another flower deeply driven into her anus. Jill’s divine bottom looked even more beautiful with that flower. The Maraja took the flower out and ate it while he stared into Jill’s eyes. Then the servants carried again the beam, and the Maraja, once again, bound Jill’s arms up. He embraced my betrothed, who was quite taller than him, and kissed her on her delicate lips, while she shyly returned his kisses. With extreme slowness he began to penetrate her while standing, and did a sort of strange dance. After a few minutes he loosened her, took her in his arms and placed her onto a bed, which had been brought to the stage in the meantime. Here he copulated with her many times, and penetrated her even from behind. At this stage the orchestra played again, and Jill’s naked body was covered with a silken, black veil. Jill seemed to sleep deeply, while around her an entire choir of young boys danced and sang sweet melodies. After about one hour two wonderful girls approached Jill and woke her up. She sat on the bed and smiled at them. They offered her a big crystal calyx, from which she slowly drank. Then they asked her to stand, and placed by her a beam of black wood supported by two tripods a bit higher than a table. They smiled and invited her to sit on the beam. Jill seemed a bit perplexed, but one of the girls took her by the hand and made her sit on the beam, so that her bottom was entirely and openly exposed to the audience. Now one of the girls held Jill by both her outstretched hands, while the other kept a wide golden cup just under Jill’s anus. At this stage the girl holding the cup delicately passed her forefinger between Jill’s open buttocks while kissing softly her back. She continued to pass her forefinger up and down the cleft for a few minutes, and sometimes stopped at the very sensitive little hole, to which she gave light, circular micro-massages with her fingertip. When she saw that Jill was slightly trembling, she caressed with one hand her blond hair falling on her shoulders. Then Jill turned and offered her mouth to her, which she promptly kissed with passion. Then the girl took Jill’s hair in one hand and pulled it tenderly but steadily, and Jill released a long and solid excrement, which slowly filled the golden cup.

The Maraja came before Jill and offered her, by kneeling down, a big garland of multicoloured flowers. The he placed on her head a golden crown adorned with diamonds, took her by the hand and made her walk around the stage, while he invited everybody to applause. Finally he asked her to lie down on the bed, so that she might show her back, and covered her naked body with petals, but left her buttocks uncovered. He bent and leaned his head on her bottom, then asked for a flower made of gold and precious stones, with a golden, smooth and thin stalk. While Jill stayed immobile, he drove the flower in her anus slowly, and left it standing there: a precious flower on a bed of petals. Everybody remained silent, and the Maraja left the stage. From a distance the voice of night birds could be heard. For two hours it seemed that the audience was in mourning, as if a funeral vigil was going on. The orchestra played a very sad melody, while Jill lay on the bed without moving, as if she was dead. Finally the Maraja came back to the stage. He sat on Jill’s bed and removed the golden flower, which he offered to one of the girls. He kissed her buttocks and anus, then invited her to take a sitting position. They embraced and kissed passionately for quite a while. Then he asked her to stand on her fours, kissed her anus and started to sodomize her very slowly. However the operation seemed to be unsuccessful. He rubbed her little hole with a yellow cream and tried again, but to no avail. At this stage he asked one of the boys to take his place. The smaller tool, after a few efforts, found its way, and the boy was literally dying of pleasure, while Jill panted. The Maraja drove the boy away and resumed his position. Their bodies united in a divine ecstasy, while Jill showed her pleasure by uttering the sweetest screams and sighs. I could not stand it anymore and fainted. When I regained consciousness, Professor Owen was by me and smiled, while Jill held my hand and stared into my eyes.

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