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Cynthia was already running late as it was, but the blue lights in her rearview mirror told her she would be further delayed. She cussed silently as she pulled to the side of the deserted two-lane road.

Two police officers walked toward her car, one stayed behind toward the trunk as the other came to the drivers side door, "May I see your license please, ma'am?" asked the officer.

"Certainly officer, was I going that fast?" Cynthia reached for her purse, took out her wallet and handed the officer her license.

He looked it over as if trying to find an error, "Well Mrs. Haygood, yes you were, 20 miles over the speed limit in fact. Could you please step out of the car?"

He opened the door for her. Cynthia knew her outfit would raise an eyebrow or two. After all, she had dressed for sex this evening. Her lover, Charles, a black man she had met in college, was waiting her arrival along with two of his friends. She had always had an insatiable appetite for sex and Charles was just the man to help her when the husband was away on business.

"Place your hands on the trunk ma'am," the officer instructed.

"What? Is that really necessary?" Cynthia asked indignantly.

"Just do as you are told, Mrs. Haygood."

Cynthia flashed a glare to the other officer who she noticed was a well built black man, at least 6 feet tall and no less than 220 lbs. She placed her manicured hands on the trunk of the Mercedes and waited for the inevitable body search. She just knew if she was a man they would have given her a ticket and she would have been on her way by now.

The black officer walked toward Cynthia and stopped at her side, "looks like she is dressed to impress tonight, Jim," he commented.

"Yes indeed my friend, perhaps we should get a closer look." Jim walked up behind her and ran his hand down her back.

"What is this all about, just give me my ticket and let me get out of here already," Cynthia pleaded. But her body reacted deep within to the officer's touch, after all, she had been fantasizing about this weekend for quite some time.

"I don't think you are in any position to tell us what to do Miss, now you be a good girl and you'll be on your way soon enough. Or if you wish, you can resist and we'll take you downtown for the evening."

Cynthia didn't like what that implied, and with these men being police officers and her a speeding citizen, she figured she should just play along to see what happened. She hoped they would just have a good feel and be satisfied. After all, she had three black men waiting to ravage her, or vice versa, and she didn't need to waste any time in a jail cell.

"How bout we see if she is hiding any weapons, Anthony," Jim suggested.

"Sounds like a plan,"

Jim knelt behind Cynthia and with both hands grabbed her left ankle, sliding his fingers over her three-inch heels and commenting on how sexy they looked, "I just love the way your calf muscles bulge in these shoes Mrs. Haygood." She wore no hose, only heels, a thin cotton sundress - black like the shoes, with no underwear or bra, just as Charles had instructed her to do.

Her skin tingled under the touches of Jim and the scent of Anthony was starting to affect her. She could feel her pussy getting wet and knew it wouldn't be long before they realized how turned on she really was.

Jim's hands moved higher, under the hem of her dress, to her thighs, squeezing and kneeding them.

A low moan escaped Cynthia's lips as her backed arched slightly, showing off the ass she kept in shape with workouts three times a week.

"I think she wants a little more Jim," Anthony teased as he saw Cynthia's body language.

"Let's make sure," Jim moved his fingers to her pussy, "my god, she's soaked!" He informed Anthony with excitement.

Anthony leaned toward Cynthia's face and licked across her cheek before he whispered, "You little slut." His breath hot on her skin.

Cynthia's knees buckled as a finger entered her wet pussy. Any resistance remaining, melted away under the firmness of her black captor. Moaning seductively, she pushed backwards onto Jim's finger, "yessssss, please, give me more," she hissed. Her breaths had become shorter, yet deeper.

As Jim inserted a second finger, Cynthia reached toward Anthony and rubbed her palm against the bulge in his black polyester pants. Looking into his eyes, she bit her bottom lip and tilted her head back, moaning as Jim slipped a third finger deep inside just one of the three holes she lived to have filled. Her lips parted and eyes glazed with the craving for cock, nice hard dick.

Jim grabbed a fist full of Cynthia's shoulder length black hair and pulled her toward him, he pus hard cock pressed tight against her ass, careful not to let the three fingers inside this hot woman's cunt slip out.

She could feel the heat of Jim's cock through their clothes. Her juicy cunt needed, craved and depended on receiving a constant flow of cock, that is what she lived for - hard, throbbing, man meat. Jim leaned forward and whispered firmly into her ear, "And just how much more do you need, slut?"

She wasn't sure of the answer, she was insatiable, and wanted it all in every conceivable position and situation possible. "I need it all, sir." Cynthia replied as she ground her pussy harder onto his fingers.

Anthony moved between her and the car and began to pinch her nipples. She responded by massaging his semi hard cock with her hands. Jim relaxed the grip on her hair and she melted onto the chest of Anthony with Jim staying glued to her back, rubbing his hands up and down her sides and ass. She had two men in uniform surrounding her and she was loving every second. If only there were more she thought.

Cynthia's breathing was erratic now as she craved to be filled, "Please, I need to taste your cock," she purred as she bit at Anthony's shirt, playfully pulling but painfully hoping the polyester would tear. Her fingers worked on his belt as she continued her pleas, "I want to slip your black cock into my mouth, please let me suck your cock, Cynthia began nibbling her way down his chest, "I want to feel your shaft grow between my lips and run across my tongue." She worked his zipper down and began pulling at his pants.

At that moment she thought about where they were, on the side of the road, though somewhat deserted, there was always the chance someone would drive by, but if they didn't mind, she wasn't going to say anything.

She dropped to her knees at the sight of the officer's black cock, it was semi-hard, and hung away from him before dropping straight down like a fishing rod when you are reeling in a big one, and this was definitely unsmall. Cynthia had never been one to carry around a ruler, but his cock went from the middle part of her palm to her elbow. And he was every bit as thick as the woman's wrist.

"Look at her, like a thirsty dog to a bowl of water," Jim looked on in amusement as Cynthia grabbed the black cock in her hand and gazed at it with awe.

"I have never seen such a large and beautiful cock officer," Cynthia rubbed the length of his dick on her cheeks, forehead, neck and lips. It oozed heat from the sheer size of it all. Nothing turned her on more than the feel of a large cock slowly growing in her hand and mouth, stretching her lips wider and crawling deeper into her throat. "You like black things, yes?" Jim asked.

Cynthia knelt before Anthony and bent her head upwards, her back arched to give Jim a good view of her ass. She looked into the black man's eyes. Holding the now hard cock over her mouth, she breathed warmly on his tool, "yessssss, nothing turns me on more than a big black cock rubbing against my body, fucking my holes, and shooting its sperm deep within my stomach." Cynthia meant these as sincerely as she said them. Her voice husky with lust, her body language screaming to be taken and fucked.

"Then you'll love this," Jim said as Cynthia felt an object rubbing against her aroused pussy lips.

Cyntia held still, but unconcerned as long as the object was going to fuck her.

Anthony watched as Cynthia's eyes glazed over with lust when Jim inserted the black night stick into her pussy, letting the head tease just within her now dripping cunt. Both men watched as she bent her knees a bit more to try and suck the stick further inside.

Her hand tightened its grip on the black cock beating her lips and Jim moved the stick a few inches deeper, slowly turning the stick like a screw. This sensation caused a low moan to escape Cynthia's lips right before she dove onto Anthony's gorgeous cock. Her tongue circled the rim then teased the underside of the shaft before heading to those golf ball sized balls and to suck them into her mouth one at a time.

"Dayum baby, you look so sexy worshipping my cock on your knees," Anthony eyes were beginning to glaze as well.

"Not as sexy as a black cock makes me feel, lover," Cynthia shoved his cock into her mouth - her body shuddered. The warmth of his meat filled her mouth as she pushed further still, until her nose touched the top of his cock hair. She could feel the head of this humongous cock deepwithin her throat, her circulation momentarily cut off. When she first began deep throating, the sensation of having the air circulation cut off was horrifying, but when she grew accustomed to the sensation and realized all one needs to do is lift their head a few inches, the battle was won.

Jim began moving the stick slowly in and out, he pushed till the handle stopped further penetration. She whimpered at the depth of his penetration but after a few strokes was giving as good as she was receiving from Jim's night stick.

"Yes, give it to me," Cynthia begged, "god yes, fuck me, fuck me, pleeeeeeease."

Jim moved the stick in and pushed deep, he began with small circles within her. Cynthia could feel it pressing against her insides, stretching her pussy in ways it had never experienced before.

She dove onto Anthonys cock, enjoying his blackness sliding past her tongue, through the back of her mouth and down her throat. Her hips began swaying to the rhythm of the pounding she was receiving.

"That's it baby, suck my black dick like the whore you are," Anthony urged, "I know all white women crave what we can do for you." He grabbed her head and began forcing her mouth harder onto his cock. The slutty lipstick she had put on only an hour earlier was a mere memory now, the large black dick fucking her mouth was the cause, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Time for your cunt to have the real thing bitch," Jim let the stick slip out and replaced it's hard coolness with a warm cock. Jim's balls came to rest against her clit as he held his cock against the bottom of her cunt. She could feel his cock pressing against the magical button in her pussy.

Slowly Jim began moving his cock from side to side, then in small teasing circles, He trace his cock around the button she craved to have stimulated.

Cynthia began to drown in the situation, she sucked hard on Anthony's cock as Jim slammed her from behind. Her grunts were muffled by the large dick in her mouth.

"You are one hot slut, baby," Anthony said, "Perhaps you should speed more often." His cock was completely soaked from the mouth fucking he was receiving. Cynthia was able to take his whole cock now and was using this to great advantage. Suddenly Anthony's cock started to bulge and she knew he was close to cumming. She pulled her mouth off his cock.

"No baby, please, don't stop know, suck that cum out for me,"

"But I want you to fuck me with it"

"Don't worry about that, you slut," He smiled warmly and giggled lightly, "this cock will load up all three holes when ever you want it."

At that moment, Cynthia knew she would be coming through this town more often.

"Mmmmm, then by all means, sir." She dove back onto his cock and began to stroke his shaft while she sucked furiously at his rim and head. "Cmon baby, give me something to drink, I am so thirsty, I need your cum, please Anthony, fill your lil slut's stomach and mouth with your liquid treasures." She meant every word. Her breaths were more like pants than actual breathing.

Her body worked on Jim's cock as she felt an orgasm approaching, " ughh, uuhhuuhhh, mmmmm - that's it, fuck me b-b-baby, I am going to cummmmmmmmmmm, AAAHHHHH, " Cynthia felt her orgasm spread through her like a wild fire through a forest, hot, intense. Her cunt grabbed and sucked on the cock who caused this reaction. Her moans vibrated Anthony's cock and sent him over the edge.

He grabbed the back of Cynthia's head and rammed his cock into her. "now babyyyyyyyyyyy, ahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm yeaaaaaaaaaa" The cum was not even tasted in her mouth because of the depth of his cock. His squirts went straight into her throat and began the coating of her insides.

Cynthia bucked and moaned uncontrollably. She felt so sexy, so slutty, so content, and so desired all at the same time. Anthony's cock pulsed as the last drops of sperm leaked into her mouth. She hungrily licked around his shaft, under his balls, careful to lap up all his cum.

"Look at this rich bitch let loose." Jim said.

Cynthia could feel Jim's thick cock streaming into her, feeling her pussy with a strangers cum. "Yea baby, that's it, give mamma all your cum."

He spanked her as the last tremors of her orgasm rippled throughout her body.

Suddenly Jim thrusted hard sending her crashing onto her stomach, her dress and face in the dust as he took out his cock and placed the head at her ass.

Cynthia would be pissed about him getting her so dirty but now all she wanted was to be fucked in the ass. "Yea baby, that's want I want, shove that nasty cop cock of yours up my whore ass, show me what happens to bad little girls who speed." She arched her back as her asshole begged to be fucked and her pussy looked as if it always was.

The cock went into her slowly. Jim obviously was concerned about hurting her. This realization made Cynthia want to please them even more, "Oh yesssssss, Jim, feed me your cock lover, deeper for me, please do me and make that ass yours." Cynthia was use to getting fucked in her ass, something Charles had turned her on to many moons ago. The sensation was like none other for her.

Anthony appeared and slapped his cock on the top of her head. Teasing her and taunting her. "Look at you, you nasty little bitch. Whimpering like a dog in heat and giving up your body for total strangers who have thrown you in the dirt and are using you for their lustful pleasures."

The cock in her ass was driving her wild but she wanted to feel the power of Anthony's cock.

"Yes I am a cock whore, and if you don't fuck me with that gorgeous cock of yours now I think I may self cumbust," she looked over her shoulder, "let me suck my pussy juice and ass of that cock for you lover."

Jim simply smiled and grabbed her head when she came into reach.

"On your back bitch," Jim ordered, pointing to the ground.

"Yes Sir," Cynthia immediately replied, throwing herself over and lifting her dress over her head. She dug her spiked heels into the dirt and lifted her hips, rotating them seductively while she fingered her opened ass and dripping cunt, "let me feel your power lover, please, give me that black cock."

"You want this bad don't you slut?" Jim grabbed his cock and began waving the monster around. Cynthia could not take her eyes off the dark totum pole.

"Oh yes, sooooooooo bad baby, you know I do, please," Cynthia was now whimpering and losing all self respect. She flung her arms out to the side and grabbed handfulls of dirt and dumping them over her body.

"You are a bad bad girl," Anthony giggled, "we better get going." The two men started walking to their clothes.

"NOOOO, no you cant do this!" Cynthia pleaded, "Please, give me some black dick." Cynthia scampered to her feet and ran to Anthony as he got to his car. She dropped to her knees and rubbed her hands on his still hard cock. God she loved that. "Please don't take it away from me without filling my pussy with your juices."

"You'll be coming back through after your weekend trip slut, just make sure you come during the second shift and we will find you." He paused and grabbed her hair, pulling her face into his crotch, "take a deep breath and think about this cock in your ass, and perhaps evena few of my friends."

The thought of a group of cocks had Cynthia's pussy oozing more cum. "As you wish sirs."

The two got in their car and drove off.

Cynthia wondered what she would tell her lover, perhaps the truth, he would be proud of his little rich slut. She giggled, slipped a finger inside her pussy, then sucked as she drove to Charles. After all, more cock awaited.

Cythia Haygood pulled into the parking garage of the Downtown Hilton an hour and a half late. She knew Charles would not be happy. After reapplying some make-up and lipstick that was rubbed off by the officers dicks, she stepped out of the car and straightened her dress, still wrinkled from her recent fuck.

The clicking of heels echoed as she walked. Damn Anthony for not fucking her. Her mouth still watered over his black cock, how it swayed over her, dripping its pre cum onto her wanton body, only to be pushed into his pants and zipped up out of sight. How being teased drove one to want so much more.

Cynthia took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Voices on the other side grew quiet. Charles opened the door, "about time woman, get in here!" He moved to the side.

"I'm so sorry for being late, sir, I was stopped for speeding," Cynthia bit her bottom lip and smiled sheepishly in an attempt to ease any frustration her late arrival caused.

"There is time to make up for your disrespect," Charles assured her, "come meet my friends." He grabbed Cynthia's arm and walked her down the small hall, to the main room.

Two black men talking and giggling on the couch grew quiet as Cynthia and Charles entered. The room was large and well furnished. "Kneel at my side now," instructed Charles.

She stared at the two men as she slowly went to her knees, her pussy grew aroused knowing three black cocks waited to take her. The soft carpet grabbed at her knees but Charles grabbed a hand full of hair and forced her head backwards, so her chin would be raised and pointed upward.

She heard the two men move and soon saw them standing on either side of her. "This is Vonnie," from the left a cock slapped against Cynthia's face, surprised her face jumped toward the right where her lips met another dick. "and that would be Ernest," Charles said

The two men stared to rub their cocks on Cynthia's face as Charles held her hair tightly so she could not move, but there was no need, she would never leave the black pieces of heaven beating against her. She felt warm drops of pre cum as they left trails of liquid across her cheeks, her eyes, her lips. The smell of cock filled the air and Cynthia felt the deep desires awakening again.

"Nice to meet you, Sir Ernest and Sir Vonnie" she whispered, weak from the lust building within her. Moans escaped her lips as her hands grabbed the growing flesh that teased her every desire. Both cocks slowly grew, expanding her fingers with each stroke, and growing longer with each lick.

Charles spoke, "Boys, this is one of the nastiest white girls you will ever have service your black cocks. Isn't that correct, my pet?" He jerked on her hair to emphasize his point.

"Oh yes sirrrrrr, so correct. I do need black dick around me all the time, I'll do, say, or act in any way to have the honor of your cocks fucking and using me, Sirs." Cynthia could only imagine what her friends and family would say if they knew about her inner desires, the inner cravings for black men, the insatiable thirst she carries with her 24 hours a day.

"Stand up, slut."

Cynthia did as Charles told her while continuing to hold onto the two hard cocks in her hands. The smell of dick and men filled her senses, her knees weak with anticipation and need. Suddenly the three men surrounding her began pulling on her dress. One rip, two rips, and a few more till she was only left with heels.

With each rip, her breath left her again. Her breath, now short and choppy, filled with hints of the lust she would soon unleash.

"The bitch isn't wearing any undergarments," Ernest said.

"Because she is a good girl, she was told not to wear any this evening, come my pet.".

She followed Charles to the bedroom and heard the other two men walking behind her, so she walked with a sexier attitude knowing they were looking at her ass and legs. Her calfs looked awesome as she walked in her heels.

In the room were more than 50 lit candles, a huge king sized bed and many other extras expected of such places like the Hilton.

"Stand at the edge of the bed facing the pillows, Cynthia."

"Yes, Sir Charles," She moved into position as Ernest and Vonnie smiled at their soon to be sex toy. The bed was an iron cast frame, with the poles running up for support.

Cynthia moaned seductively and licked her lips as she felt the first of the leather restraints being wrapped around her ankle. Her heels were left on. Slowly, Charles stretched out her other leg and repeated the procedure. Now having a hard time keeping her balance, Cynthia leaned forward and placed her hands on the mattress exposing her wet pussy and ass. The feeling of the leather firmly wrapped on her skin sent pulses of desire, like a wild fire, her wanton spread throughout her body. Nothing was more intoxicating than being totally taken, used, and dominated. She felt totally exposed, and loved it.

Charles traced his fingers up her inner thigh and dipped two deep into her pussy. Her knees buckled and she gasped. "My my, aren't you the soaked one, look at this boys." Charles let his fingers slip from her cunt and rubbed her juices on her tanned ass, before he spanked it playfully.

Cynthia's mind raced with lust. "Oh yes Sir, spank my slut ass." She arched her back and pressed her tits against the bed, opening herself up to the black cocks surrounding her. She looked from side to side, unable to see enough cock, the more she saw the more she needed, "please may I taste a cock, Sir?" she whimpered.

Vonnie moved up behind Cynthia and began slapping his 8 inch cock on her ass. "So you want some black dick, bitch?"

"Oh yes, please, please Sir, I need it," she panted in response, swaying her hips, trying to free herself from her binds, "my pussy lives to service black meat Sir, please use me as you wish." She arched her back again and grabbed two handfuls of sheet. The coolness of the iron cast frame pressed against her upper thighs and the heat from Vonnie's cock melted the opening of her oozing cunt.

Instinctively she pushed back the best she could in her position.

"Give it to her Von," Charles teased, "look at her, she can't wait."

The black cock slid in slowly, its large head parted her wet pussy lips. The shaft disappeared deep within her as a low moan rumbled throughout her body.

"Oooooooooohhhhhh yesssssss, that feels soooooo wonderful, Sir." Cynthia squeezed on his cock with her inner muscles and begged for more. "See how wet my pussy gets for you Sir, how my cunt lips wrap around your shaft and pull you in?"

Cynthia watched Charle's dick sway toward her as he knelt on the bed. "Time for some chocolate dessert baby."

Instinctively she reached out toward his 9 inch cock while Vonnie continued to pump her hard from behind, being encouraged by Ernest who was pinching away at her nipples. "Oh yes Sir, I need your cock in my mouth, I want to feel your hot tool slide across my tongue and down into my throat. I love the feel of a cock in my hand, staring at the veins and watching as the pre cum drips over the head and onto my fingers."

The size of his cock stretched her lips, but Cynthia took him deep into her mouth. She trailed her tongue over the length of his cock, in and out of her mouth while her lips caressed his sensitive flesh and her fingers danced over his balls in slow, delicate circles. Her mind flashed back to the cop from earlier this evening, and she promised herself she would feel his amazing tool as well.

Charles grabbed two handfuls of hair and forced his cock all the way into her mouth. The men chuckled and taunted her while they watched her body jerk and she tried to move away. The cock wedged into her throat caused her to gag while also denying her to breath. After a few seconds, he eased his grip, allowing Cynthia to move off his cock and breath. Her eyes teared from its deep penetration.

But instead of releasing his cock, she only rose a few inches and looked up at him, "mmmmmmm" she moaned and continued to suck away. She was not going to let him out from between her lips for any reason.

"Oh yea baby, here I cum, you fucking slut," Vonnie pulled out and came all over her back, the warm liquid sent Cynthia over the edge as well, "Oh yes, oh yes, oh my god, I am cumming Sir, yes lets cum togetherrrrrrrrrr, AHHHHOHHHHHshhhhhhit."

Both bodies convulsed with release as their cum mixed and dripped down the insides of Cynthia's thighs. Her mind was numb with lust as Ernest slid his cock into her and Vonnie came around to her mouth so she could lick him clean.

Cynthia hungrily lapped up the mixture of their juices as Ernest's modest sized cock eased into her without problem. She pulled frantically to escape her ankle restraints but nothing worked.

"Guess it is time for the surprise boys." Charles said.

What? Surprise? What did that mean? Cynthia began looking over her shoulders and looking around the room, "what surprise, Sir Charles?"

Footsteps could be heard entering the room as black man after black man entered, all exchanging high fives and unzipping their pants.

Cynthia looked up at Charles and pleaded for him not to do this. Sure she loved to be fucked, and controlled, but the sight of at least 15 men scared her a bit.

"Do not worry my pet, they know to take good care of you, I shall return later and clean you up, enjoy" He chuckled as he got off the bed and walked out to the cheers of the room.

"No Nooooo, you can't do this," Cynthia pleaded, cussing herself out for letting them bind her.

"We can do whatever we want, slut," was the response as her cries were soon muffled out by a large black dick inserted into her mouth. Her restraints were removed and she was forced onto the bed, each limb held down by a different man, her legs stretched high and wide. She struggled and moaned protests as a cock violated her mouth. Her lust had turned to fear from the sheer number of cocks in the room. Her body was being held down and she knew every hole would be used as a cum depot for this group of men.

A set of hands held each ankle, her legs spread wide and held up in the air. And a set of hands secured her wrists, keeping her arms flat against the bed and out to her side. Suddenly cocks were beating against her face, breasts, legs, and belly. Warm flashes of nastiness shot through Cynthia once again, but she was afraid all these cocks would be too much for her, perhaps she would be asked to drink to much cum and get sick, or perhaps they would fuck her so long and hard that she would be unable to walk afterwards. She would soon find out, and her Sir, Charles, was going to film the whole scene without her knowledge.

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