Prim and Proper Until  

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Prim and Proper Until

The bedchamber was dark. Papa thought I had already retired for the evening because I, feigning a terrible headache, had begged to be excused from him and my latest suitor. He had directed the butler and housekeeper that no one was to disturb me, upon my personal request of him. Now I lay on the fine ecru linens of my bed, half-undressed, with only a candle to illuminate me, and waited.

I was waiting for him. My dark lover, my beautiful creature of the night who came to me in this very room, who made love to me always yet preserved my innocence for the one I was to marry. I trembled in anticipation and smoothed a hand over my blonde hair, done in the latest like the Gibson Girls on fashion plates did theirs. I looked down at myself, checking my black corset and silk petticoats- both trimmed in matching Brussels lace- and my white silk-stockinged feet. He liked me like this... laying alone, nearly in the dark. His beauty cloaked in black on an island of cream linens and burgandy quilts, he called me.

I closed my brown eyes and touched my coral lips in memory of the last time he had come to me. My lips parted and an involuntary moan escaped me as I recalled his cool fingers tracing over them and down to my throat. A small scritching was picked up by my ears and my eyes flew open. Was he here already?

As I surveyed my room, I saw no sign of him. The cream tapestry curtains with their woven burgandy flowers lay still, as did the sheer rose silk panels behind them. The wooden floor held no discarded clothes but my own cobalt blue dinner dress and white gloves and kid leather button-up boots. The dark wines and golds of my bedcurtains were undisturbed. The cherry wood furniture held no handsome figure, nor was one leaning against the pink-and-sea-green pinstripes of my wallpaper. The boards of my mohair-carpeted pine floor did not creak with his weight.

Disappointed, my eyes closed again. Suddenly, a breeze fluttered a loose curl against my cheek. I called to him, my forbidden one, opening my eyes to see him standing in the frame of my now-ajar French doors that led to my balcony. It always shocked me to see him there, my room is the only one on the third story, and he was always immaculate in his appearance from his hair to his gloves, suit, shoes, and cape. Never was he mussed or ruffled, yet always on my balcony he would appear at night.

He stalked slowly into my room. He shed his cape, then his hat and gloves as he prowled towards me. I was always delighted, yet strangely afraid, of this man who walked with such power but held me so very gently. I knew I was smiling as I held my arms out to him. Faster than I could blink, I was in his arms and he was kissing me with a passion so deep I could feel my skin burn. His kisses lit me up and ravaged my body until I panted in desire and exhaustion. I could feel my skin melting off my bones and I knew that I was laid bare to him, all my secrets were his and I was his, and he and I were one forever.

Just as I was about to black out in ecstasy, he let me go and I dropped into the goose-down pillows on my bed limply. I was moaning and I knew it. He knew it was for him and because of him. His lips formed a cruel smile. He knew his power over me was complete, and I would do all he asked of me and more. He slid off of my bed and rid himself of all his clothes, standing before me naked. His height was always a shock, not many men stood a full foot above my five-foot, four-inch frame.

Motioned to him, I slid from my place of repose on the bedsheets and crossed the carpet. He turned me so my back was to his chest and wrapped his arms about me. I shivered; I knew what was to happen now. With one arm about my chest, and one holding my waist, he began to nibble and suck the sensitive flesh of my neck. I groaned lustily; he laughed at my noises. Then I felt them, the teeth, those terrible teeth that could gouge me open at a thought, but only pierced my flesh like pinpricks. They sank into my neck and I sank to the ground.

He followed my fall, pillaging my very blood, draining it from me- and there I kneeled, loving every second of the fiery bliss that ran through my veins. His hand slipped into the top of my corset, his cool fingertips brushing my budding nipples, making them pucker more. Oh, yes, my lover, I cried. I, a girl who would be among the wealthiest in the country upon my dear father's departure from this world, was reduced to begging this man for physical love with all my heart.

His low, rumbling laugh pierced my body as surely as those elongated canines. I felt it in the very core of me, where I was already more than prepared for his attentions. As his teeth left my flesh, he gave the pricks a long lick, and I knew this meant no marks would be visible tomorrow. He pulled me to my feet and undid all three layers or my petticoats. The last he slid down my legs reverently, feeling them all over as he kneeled before me. My garters and stockings he discarded after removing as well, and still upon his knees before me he kissed me.

Oh! the joy at that kiss, placed upon lips I hid from all but this one man under my skirts and petticoats and shifts! I knew that I was dripping and his groans of pleasure heightened my own as he lapped hungrily at my juices like a man deprived for years. I felt the telltale shudders of my climax wash over me again and again as his toungue snaked into my honeypot and his nose pressed and rubbed the pink bud at the top of my most intimate area.

When I thought I could stand no more, he stood and grabbed me, now wearing naught but my corset, and carried me to the bed. I knew what he wanted and I went immediately to my hands and knees. His hand slid up and down my nether-lips gathering my juices. He smeared them on the hard shaft between his legs that was pointed in my direction and came back to me for more.

His digits were manipulating me, and I was obliging his quest as I felt my creamdrip more and more with every shudder of my inner muscles. He had never taken my virginity, not really, and I loved him for that. When I married I would not be disgraced. But he made love to me another way, a way that I had grown to enjoy immensely, and I knew that it was coming. When he had enough of my honey coating his hand, he slid it along his member once more, then he shoved two fingers into my anus.

I moaned and climaxed again as he prepared me to accept his shaft. When he finally entered me I screamed into my pillows in joyous pleasure. Grabbing my hips, he stabbed into my rectum again and again. I thrust back against him with all I had, and I felt him swell inside of me. I was moaning happily into my bedsheets and gripping my pillows. Over and over his member penetrated my tight backdoor and over and over I reached orgasm in crashing waves of bliss.

His thrusts speeded and he began to fuck me, really fuck me, in earnest. There was no other word to describe his animalistic strokes and the grunts he made into my neck. His hands reached under me and pulled my breasts roughly from their hiding place in my corset. He used them to push and pull me harder on his shaft. With a loud grunt, he stiffened and came inside me. He was squeezing my breasts so hard they hurt, and I knew he had bruised them. I blacked out as he moved off of me to get dressed.

I woke later that night. My candle was burned halfway out. The room was devoid of his presence- he had abandoned me to the night again. All of a sudden, I felt a tongue on my abused little butthole. I thought he had come back. I turned, and gasped! Someone else was there, smiling at me in the semi-dark!

As I watched from the crack of the nearly closed armoire, Mistress Gillian hastily undressed herself. She threw her pretty new dress on the floor. I was shocked- her underclothes were black! Most proper ladies wore white or other light colors. Still, the sight of her dressed so daringly aroused me. I wondered why she could possibly be dressed like that, and for who? I wasn’t to wait long for my answer.

A strange man appeared at the doors to the balcony and started shedding clothing. I didn’t want to be here, I wasn’t supposed to be here, she’d given orders not to be disturbed. Yet I was drawn to the scene before me. He was motioning to her, and removing the last garments to stand naked now. He stripped her of the silk-and-lace petticoats while caressing her legs, his mouth level with her nether lips. I reached under my clothing and began to stroke myself, shivering and embarrassed at being aroused by the happenings before me. By the look on her face, Mistress Gillian was enjoying herself as much as I was, and she was moaning prettily as his mouth invaded her intimate regions.

She collapsed and he carried her to the bed. He was stroking her soaked love-tunnel, wetting her anus with her own juices. I didn’t understand what he was preparing her for until I saw him plunging his shaft into her depths. I kept in time with his thrusts as I masturbated in my mistress’ closet; when he stiffened and held her to him with a loud grunt, I came too, a little weak in the knees. As he let loose his load inside her rear, she sighed and passed out. He pulled away and picked up his clothes. He dressed himself quickly- then he flew out the open window! I was so frightened by this dark magic that I blacked out myself.

I awakened some time later. I was still at the bottom of the wardrobe, and Mistress Gillian was still passed out face down in her pillows. I looked about me and saw that the candle was burned halfway down as I stepped down out of the freestanding closet. Crossing to the bed, I moved to cover my mistress with her bed linens and a light coverlet.

As I gazed down at her nearly naked, corseted form, saw her breasts with their newly-made purplish bruises, something stirred within me. I felt my skin flush as all manner of naughty and dirty thoughts ran through my head. I stared agape at her form, shaken that I held such lustful feelings for the daughter of my employer. She’ll never know, I thought. How could she? Now’s the only time you can do this, come along, try it, do it, do her...

As I inwardly debated, she stirred. That did it- next I knew I was making sure my face was covered by shadows, and I was beginning. I lowered my head to her curved rear, lowered it to the sweetest pair of buttocks I had ever seen. I spread them wide with my hands, then gently I started my ministrations on her perfect anal opening with my tongue. I licked lightly around her hole, suckled gently on the skin around it.

She awakened and looked back at me; I smiled at her knowingly, my face was covered and the most she could have seen was the lower half of it. I slipped my tongue into the hole between her cheeks, tasting the strange man’s seed. It was salty, musty- I didn’t like it. But I was willing to do anything, anything at all to haver her, to enjoy her. I suppose it was because my mistress was moaning in pleasure and begging me fervently to allow her to know who I was. I wouldn’t tell her, not yet. I wanted her to enjoy herself with me like she had with him before I revealed myself. I could smell her juices, could feel them dripping onto my arms where they were held under her. I pulled my tongue back from her anus and began to suckle her honeypot’s flower-bud, flicking it with my tongue.

She cried in pleasure and tried to squirm away from me, but I grabbed her hips and held her fast. I was merciless on her sensitive little button and flicked it as quickly as I could, all the while keeping my lips suctioned on it like a nursing babe to his mother’s breast. I scooped her liquid from her flowing tunnel and used it to lubricate her rectum. I slowly worked my fingers into her. One. Two. I stroked into her slowly as she groaned and writhed underneath me. Three. I pistoned my fingers in her, then worked my fourth in. She went insane; her hips bucked wildly and she was screaming into her goose-down pillows. I could barely keep my mouth on her, I had to wrap my other arm around her legs to keep from being flung away from her.

I stopped my movements in her anus, giving her time to calm a bit. Then, I worked my thumb into her. A quiet whimper was my reward, a whimper that worked its way back to a high-pitched moan, then to a scream as I gently moved my fist in and out of her. I was turned on immensely, and I slipped my hand down and started to masturbate in time with my thrusts. I licked up and down her juicy lips. My own excitement started to build as I thrust deeper into her. She was still save for the clenching of her inner muscles and the small tosses of her head. My mistress, my beautiful blonde mistress with hair like a fashion plate and bruises upon her breasts like a common whore... this woman was subdued by the pleasure I was bringing her. This woman was my complete and utter slave.

How I enjoyed the reversal of roles! Now she served me, instead of I serving her. She served me in her pleasure, in her writhing. Every moan she made was mine and mine alone now. It made my skin hot to think of it, and made my hand move faster as I pleasured myself while pumping her and feasting on her sex. She was trembling, her muscles gripped my arm and my tongue as I made love to her, and to myself. She was in cascades of ecstasy, every shudder she made accompanied by the slightest of purrs, coos, and whimpers. My mistress was in the throes of orgasm, and it was because of me!

I shuddered in a climax myself, and moaned into her opening. She shuddered and lay still while I pulled my fist from her depths, and moved from her still pristine ecru sheets- still clean, at least, if not perfectly made. I stood and wiped my hands on my black maid’s uniform, and as I walked past her, I heard her gasp. A- a woman? She was startled, I enjoyed that and smiled in triumph. Jennie? she asked, puzzled and not yet comprehending I was the one who had so mercilessly played with her anus and delighted her dripping box. I started for the door. Better be quiet about this, I warned her, I saw everything with that man. She blushed furiously, I laughed and went to be on my way. Her eyes lit. I saw them light and was puzzled. Then someone grabbed me from behind. A strong hand clamped over my mouth.

I tried to scream. Something sank into my neck.

And the candle winked out.

I watched the scene before me in delight. My Gillian, prim and proper until I came to her and had my way with that lithe little body of hers, was being fisted by one of her servant girls. I smirked. Ah, if the Boston society pages could get hold of this- such a scandal! And her in black underclothes, naughty naughty, whatever is the world coming to? Looking back to the raunchy maid going at her mistress, I nearly laughed aloud. I'd wondered how long she could stay away.

I had spied the glimmer of her eyes and part of her face by the light of Gillian's candle, peeking through the armoire. I knew she had watched us, hidden inside that cherry wood wardrobe. Later, the scent of her juices and the sound of her fingers massaging her dripping cunt in time with my strokes up Gillian's bum- mmm, it had been delightful. Brought me off rather nicely, too.

When I flew off for the night, my sensitive hearing picked up the thud in the standing closet. Perfect, I smiled to myself, returned, and hid on the balcony to wait. Well, now I was reaping the fruits of my patience. I was rewarded with the forbidden debauchery before me. Gillian was writhing on her housemaid's fist and moaning excitedly. The maid was not only pounding my beauty's rump, but making a meal of her lovebox- all while masturbating!

The air was rich with their groans of pleasure and the aromas emanating from their flooding pussies. Both females before me were shuddering with quaking orgasms, and all too soon, it was over. The beautiful mistress was gasping in shock at having been soundly screwed by another female. Jennie (as maid had been called) was starting for the door, smug and triumphant, thinking she had my Gillian dead to rights. So I stepped from my concealment on the balcony. Gillian's eyes lit, and the next moment the candle burned out.

In the second before the darkness, I grabbed Jennie and clamped a hand over that impudent little mouth of hers. It was still damp with Gillian's honey. I sank my fangs into her neck and began draining this little slut for her daring to threaten my woman.

The only thing that saved her was Gillian coming forward and putting that delicate hand of hers to my neck. I pulled back and licked the girl's throat to close the marks and keep her from bleeding to death. Jennie looked up at me with the stars in her eyes- the little slut enjoyed me attacking her! I felt myself stir, glanced at Gillian and smiled. She would let me do as I pleased, good.

I decided to show the maid what I could really do. Gathering the front of her woolen uniform dress in my fist, I yanked. There was a small shriek of pain as the fabric chafed her skin and pinched her arms before finally giving way with a loud rip. It was accompanied by popping and tinkling as some of the simple metal buttons down the front of her dress came off and fell to the floor.

She was now naked save for a worn camisole and pantaloons set, under which I could see stockings; there had to be a garter belt under there. Jennie was looking at me, a little frightened now. But she was also flushed, and I could hear her breath coming heavier and faster from her lips. I dove onto her, pinning her to the floor and rending her remaining clothes to shreds. She was whimpering in fear, but she was also grinding on my leg. Damn, I could feel her wetness through the trousers- these would need to be replaced.

Ahh, dirty girl, I said. Such a naughty little thing, being forced to the ground, attacked, and yet you are dripping wet. I knew my voice had the trace of a French accent. I'd come to America only twenty years before, and the Yankee speech hadn't as yet entirely usurped my native tongue. She shuddered prettily and I let go, rising from where I'd pinned her to the floor.

Jennie lay still where I'd left her, pinned like a butterfly to the floor. I pulled Gillian to me and whispered in her ear. She shook her head fervently no, but I gave her a look that brooked no argument. Gillian shivered in distate and embarrassment, then unhooked her corset to stand utterly naked before me. She was blushing bright red from root of hair to nail of toe, but she lay atop Jennie as I'd directed.

Maybe it was because Jennie was from a class that was closer to death, sex, and birth that she knew what I wanted immediately. Her tongue, purple-pink in the moonlight and the light of the gaslamps lining the streets, flickered out to caress Gillian's tiny bud. Gillian moaned and I shoved her head to Jennie's clit, where she tentatively licked out. Jennie quaked under her and dove into Gillian's muff in response.

After that, Gillian was caught up in the pleasure of it all as much as Jennie, and I watched the two of them perform acrobatics with each other that even the Kama Sutra would marvel at as I disrobed and began to stroke my cock.

I stopped the girls in a roll. Gillian was back on top, Jennie underneath, and both were feasting on the juices flowing from each other's box. I pushed Gillian's head up gently, and plowed my shaft into Jennie hard and without warning. She cried in pain and I sniffed the scent of blood- Jennie was a virgin, this should be amusing.

Jennie was crying quietly as I shoved myself into her hard and fast. Eventually she loosened up and got into my rhythm, and moaned every time my member was pushed fer inside her depths. Gillian was enjoying herself too, she had leaned up and was showering kisses onto my chest between ecstatic groans from sensations bequeathed her by Jennie's lapping tongue. I sensed from her writhing that Jennie was almost at her peak, so I pulled myself from her pussy and shoved past her anal ring to rest with my scrotum upon her rounded cheeks.

She buried a scream in Gillian's muff and tried to squirm away from me. I held her by the hips firmly and started to thrust into her sexy little bumhole. She whimpered. Obviously she wasn't enjoying herself, so I reached down and started to flick a finger on her clitoris. That got her going, and soon she was meeting my hips with hers and cumming hard. I still wouldn't let up on her bud, and I slammed myself into her until she couldn't take anymore- then kept going.

Gillian had climbed off of Jennie shortly after she screamed, and was masturbating furiously on the balcony. My my, I thought, my little beauty's an exhibitionist! I pulled from Jennie and went to Gillian.

Hello darling. Would you like to give a show? I gave her no chance to respond to my query as I lifted her and draped her with her upper body dangling over the railing. I grabbed her hips and stabbed my length into her. She let a shriek of surprise out worthy of the Banshee itself. I threaded her arms through the rails and held them at her hips as I reduced our previous passion to animality, pillaging the deep, tight asshole of the beauty before me.

I fucked her, honest-to-god (or maybe devil?) fucked her. The little rich girl was getting a good old-fashioned plowing and enjoying every second. She was begging me for harder and deeper, loud enough that I was sure they could hear us even three stories down on the street. Leaning over Gillian, I gripped her breasts, bruised from my earlier rough treatment, and fondled them where anyone looking up could see. Being so public in our activities was turning my beauty on more than I could have dreamed, she was having layer upon layer of orgasm.

I could barely stand my gound with her, I was moaning and ready to come. This time when I pulled out, I felt my cock spasm and I saw its shudders. While I watched, it jerked and I felt my scrotum tighten, then my milky seed flew and landed halfway up Gillian's back. She shook and almost went over the side of the balcony as she came one final time, then slumped to the ground. I left my two shaking women after I retrieved my clothes- it was starting to get light, and I had work to do.

The next evening I gave them both the shock of their lives. Gillian had been called to her father's presence in the parlour, and Jennie was serving the tea. They both appeared at the same time to the room, and both stopped dead seeing me in a neat brown suit on the ottoman near Gillian's father.

The man smiled at them and motioned them closer. Gilly, my darling, he said, this is Mr. Newcombe. He's asked for your hand in marriage. You've agreed, and Jennie will go with you to start your household. Come, darling child, give your papa a hug, and go to make arrangements- the wedding will occur in three months' time. Smiling broadly, the man dismissed his daughter, then Jennie after the tea was served, and he and I began to speak of the future.

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