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I hadn't felt this tired in a long time; moving the office took forever,
and although I didn't do most of the heavy lifting, my responsibility to
make sure it went well weighed a ton. And, it was a Saturday to boot. I
could only count on one day to recover before unpacking the boxes on Monday
while trying to conduct business. If I hadn't left my cell phone at

I never bothered to remember anyone's number anymore. My cell phone was
my address book, all I had to do was flip it open and select a name. So I
couldn't call Tobey even if I pulled over. And I couldn't just leave him
hanging since nothing annoys me more than a flaky person. "I'll just make
a brief appearance. Stay for an hour and tell him I'm drained. He'll
understand." I thought. Besides the traffic wasn't bad, and I was enjoying
seeing nature even if it was flashing past at 65 mph. Okay, 72 mph.

I found a parking spot right in front of his place, a good omen. I
swung my purse over my shoulder, double-checked that the car door locked
and unlatched the gate. As usual, he left the glass entry door slightly
ajar using a piece of wood for a doorstop. He's so thoughtful. Climbing
up the steps I could feel the muscle aches of tomorrow settling in. I
must've gone up and down those stairs fifty times at the office, checking
to see that the movers packed the truck properly. The last thing I wanted
was to listen to my boss complain about items the movers broke and
demanding we file in Small Claims against them on Monday.

The door to his apartment was ajar. I smiled at the marine blue wall,
the only one painted in the large living/dining room. "Hey," he said
smiling, "how are you?" The smile reached the corner of his eyes and he
came over to hug me. He smelled so good. No cologne, it was just the
scent of his skin. "Tired. The move took forever. I almost didn't make
it." "Aww, you shouldn't have come. You could have called." I smiled. He
looked good too. Clean-shaven head and face, which accentuated his eyes,
and well formed lips flush with natural color most women would kill to call
their own. He was dressed down, low key as always. His clothes were
slightly too big for him, camouflaging the lovely body beneath. Hmmm,
really a lovely body... A little of my weariness drifted away.

My gaze shifted to something near his feet. "What's that?" I said,
indicating with my eyes the steel piping on the floor. "That's a
chandelier I'm working on." He squatted down and started showing me how he
was putting it together. I squatted to join him and was immediately sorry.
My thighs reminded me that I'd asked too much of them already. "Ooohhh!" I
hissed. "What?" "I'm so sore from today," I said rubbing my thigh. Then I
caught a whiff of myself, "and smelly too." "Do you want to take a shower?"
he offered. Squatting this close to him, he really smelled good. There's
something distinct about the way men and women smell that can't be
replicated. I inhaled him, my lips parting. I was about to be naked in
this good-looking man's apartment. I realized I really wanted to be naked
in his apartment... with him near by. I looked into his hazel eyes
"Actually, I'd prefer to take a bath." I took his hand, placed it palm down
on my thigh and drew it up pushing my skirt higher. "Will you draw it for
me?" His pupils dilated just slightly. He didn't draw his hand back from
my grasp. "Yes." He said quietly.

We stood. I clasped his hand loosely in my own, turned and led him down
the hallway. I passed by the first bathroom we came to. I wanted to use
the tub in the one adjoining his bedroom. We crossed the threshold of his
room and walked into the bathroom. He turned on the tap and tested the
water with his hand. "How hot?" "Really warm." "I don't have bubbles or
anything." "That's okay, I want you to see everything anyway." He
straightened. I took his hand and put it between my breasts, over the
small buttons on my blouse. "Undo the buttons." With rapt attention to
what his fingers were doing, he slowly undid the long row of buttons, the
backs of his hands grazing the sides of my breasts. I could feel myself
growing damp, my pussy lips swelling. I thought of his hands on my skin.
"Take the blouse off my shoulders and down my arms." He complied and laid
it neatly on the counter. "Pull my skirt down." Pinching some of the
stretchy fabric between his fingers he slipped the skirt over my hips and
down my legs to my feet, holding it away from my ankles so I could step out
of it. As he stood I noticed his pants were tenting a little in the front.
Good. He draped it over my blouse. I was standing very close to him in
only my bra and underwear. A matched set with pearly lace that contrasted
against my tan skin. I drew my gaze from his lips. "Turn off the water."
The bathroom was markedly silent.

My eyes traveled across one brow, down the curve of his nose to the fold
of laughter brushing the corner of his mouth. They swept back to his
waiting for my next command. "Remove my bra." I knew he would have to
touch me when he accomplished this. Raising his hands to my shoulders, he
let them hover just above my skin. I could almost feel them but they
weren't touching me. As his fingers glided just over my flesh he traced
the curve of my arms to the wrist, then raised them slightly in front of
me. Reaching around, he unhooked the clasp, and deftly removed it. Except
for touching my wrists, all he had done was raise goose bumps. Grabbing
his hand, I brought it to my breast and traced first one and then the other
stiff nipple with his fingertips. I hooked his finger in the band of my
panties and said "Remove them". He drew them down, kneeling as they
reached my lower thighs, nose parallel to my bush as they completed their
journey. I put a hand on his shoulder to steady myself as I removed one,
then the next foot. I could see his nostrils quiver, his inhalations
almost audible. I knew how strongly I must smell; could see the trail of
dampness they left on one thigh. He moved, almost imperceptibly closer,
his mouth slightly open. I stepped back and looked away from him. I
stepped into the tub. "Remove your clothes, fold them, and lay them on the
counter." I eased myself into water that brushed my clavicle once I lay
against the back of the tub. Through half-lidded eyes I watched Tobey
undress, not hurriedly, but with an economy of motion that finished the
task all too soon. I like watching his muscles move as he bends and
shifts. He turned toward me. His cock at three-quarter mast only
accentuated the flatness of his stomach. Compact pecs sparsely covered
with hair set beneath shoulders just the right width for his hips. He has
a touch of ink here and there. I'm always surprised by his tattoos.
"Bring some soap into the tub with you."

I moved forward in the tub and allowed him to slide in behind me, his
legs on either side, and the feeling of his skin against mine competed only
with the silky weightlessness of the water. I put my hands on the bottom
of the tub and leaned forward slightly. He gathered my hair in his hands
before twisting it up. Producing a hairclip from somewhere (an
ex-girlfriend's probably) he bound it in place. His forearms slipped along
my lower back as he lathered up and (finally) his hands slid down my neck
along the column of my spine and over my shoulders. Firm fingers slid over
the tense muscles of my back in a delicious massage/cleansing hybrid.
After working out the last kink (or the first) his hands circled to the
front of my shoulders and pulled me back against him. I leaned my head
back against the tub as he caressed the underside of my chin, trailed past
the hollow of my throat and began soaping my breasts, squeezing them
gently, letting them slip through his fingers. I found my nose against his
jaw, lips grazing his neck. This felt so good, but my thoughts were
drifting off to actions that required a somewhat drier setting. Taking one
last deep breath of him, I licked his earlobe and said "You want to finish
cleaning me". He used that same economy along the rest of my body and was
soon drying me off.

Taking the fluffy towel from him I draped it over his shoulders, and
began to pat him dry. Drawing the towel over his stomach I patted the
scant thatch above his once again semi-erect penis. Drying his legs, a
drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip of his prick and drew my attention.
My mouth started to water. I looked up at him watching me and said "I like
how you've trimmed down here," then swirled my tongue firmly over the head
of his cock and savored the thick liquid on my tongue. I stood and placed
one foot on the toilet seat. "Would you trim me?" He opened a drawer,
pulled out the clippers, and knelt to the task. The clippers buzzed
pleasantly, but the sensation was dimmed by the nervousness of having
something so sharp near my tender bits. Finishing, he put the clippers
away, and dampened a washcloth with warm water. He cleared away the shorn
hairs with the cloth then put his hand by his side. I was puffy again for
sure, and oh so damp. His eyes partially closed, I watched him inhale me
again. "Do you like what you see?" "Yes," his tongue played over his lower
lip. "Do you like what you smell?" "Yeah." His eyes were on mine waiting
for me to tell him what next. "Come."

We walked into his room and stood next to the bed. I reached beneath
his jaw and cupped his neck just behind his ear to pull those lips forward
into a deep kiss; I sucked on his lower lip before letting it go. "Lay
down." He laid back on the mattress arms at his sides, cock against his
stomach. I knelt on the mattress, trailed my hand over his nipple, along
the side of his stomach, past the soft sensitive spot of his inner hip, and
lifted it. "Taste me." Facing that lovely cock again I straddled his head
and lowered myself onto his face. Softly he sucked the edges of my pussy
lips working his way down one, up the other. I wondered whether I was more
sensitive since I had less hair now, but stopped caring why it felt so
good. His tongue flicked my clit, flattened a little and drew down the
center of my slit, dipping slightly into the pool of juice I knew must be
at the entrance of my cunt. His hands stole over my thighs, anchoring me.
Like I was going anyplace. Sucking softly at first, then with more gusto,
he repeated the lap. My breath was shallow and quick. I leaned forward,
one hand on his hip to steady myself. He raised his head to burrow deeper
into me then thrust his tongue into my cunt. I dropped my head in time to
the plunge in my groin. It felt so fucking good. Moving to my clit, he
alternated suckling with short flicks of his tongue. He was pulling me
down to his face, so intensely good did this feel I was trying to pull
away. Switching to little swirling circles, I began to move toward him
again and realized my mouth was just inches from his prick. Rocking my
pelvis slightly, I rode the currents of pleasure those little circles were
creating. And rubbed his penis against my cheek and lips. I opened my
lips and took the head in my mouth. I sucked gently in time to his licks.
I took him deeper and ran my tongue around his girth, then around the
underside of his head. I needed to be filled.

I sat up and turned around. Tobey was positively soaked. Glittering
like a candied apple and looking like someone just took one away from him.
In one motion I straddled his cock and sank down on it to the base. I
flushed and my nipples hardened; gasping, I threw back my head. I
contracted twice around his cock so full in me. When I regained some of my
composure and looked down, bliss had overwritten the hurt look I last saw.
I leaned over him, "How do I taste?" "Oh, so good." "Really?" I liked
myself off his cheek, "Mmm, yes." Beginning to grind against the base of
his dick, I took my time savoring every bit of me on his face. Then my
pussy got twitchy and demanded my full attention.

I put my tit in his left palm, wrapped his right arm around my waist,
sat up fully and began to ride and writhe. Slowly, full of tension, the
upstroke dragging his head across the front of my vagina (and my g-spot!),
the down-stroke along the back until reaching fully and snugly against the
bottom. I can't withstand the lusciousness of the pace for long though; it
feels so good I unconsciously begin to increase my speed. Riding his cock
is so hot, so intense, I have to vent; I'm breathing heavily and moaning
now. I grasp his shoulder harshly and start to ride faster. Both his
hands grip my hips, pulling me up and down. Faster still and I start to
feel the burning. My clit is on fire and I'm tensing up all over. Tobey
is taut, eyes closed, the muscles in his neck, arms, and chest working as
he pulls me up and down on his rod. I reach the incendiary point; my
knowledge of the world extinguished and reduced to this shuddering, wet,
moment wrapped around this cock so deep inside me, twitching. Holding me
tight against his pelvis, Tobey arcs up toward me and I feel him spasm. I
hear him grunt and swear, gasp and sigh. I fall around his chest, head
tucked into his neck. As we shift, he slowly pulls out of me. Putting one
of his legs between mine, I pull his arm around me and begin to drift off
to sleep. I start to dream about what we will do next time.
Tobey and I never talked about that afternoon. We met for coffee and
discussed the general goings on in our lives. We went for a hike and
reveled in the mist-blanketed quiet at the summit. Even shared a pizza and
watched arcane sitcoms on DVD.

One night, while IMing each other, we both realized we hadn't been to
LACMA in a while. Aside from the traveling shows that hordes of people
attend LACMA draws little attention to its permanent collection, which I
find a mystery. We all create the significance with which we regard
objects that inhabit our personal worlds. There are paintings in the
permanent collection that are very dear to me; that remind me of events in
my life, epiphanies. When I mentioned it had probably been almost ten
years since I had gone, we decided we should make the trip down to Miracle

It was early afternoon when we parked the car and began the short stroll
to the museum entrance. The sky was that pale gray tinged with blue; the
soulless Los Angeles sky recorded in the 1960's Dragnet series, an unreal
color that seemed to make the mercury rise by ten degrees. There's a
reason we wear sunglasses here.

We paid our fee and began our journey through the buildings that house
the collection. Art is introspective. At least, it is for me. The
asshole who is interpreting the meaning of a particular piece is never the
person I want to be with at the museum, and certainly not the person I want
to be. Tobey and I gradually separated. We pondered and moved at the pace
that was appropriate to our selves alone. We waited for the other at the
end of a building before moving to the next. I was lost in the past and
the present; remembering what I thought piece meant when I last saw it and
seeing something new, something different now. It was like reading 'On the
Road' by Kerouac at 19... and then again at 27. I had an entirely new

I caught up to Tobey as we neared the end of the collection. It was
very late Friday afternoon; Jazz musicians were setting up to entertain the
late-twenties, early-thirties crowd that swoops in to schmooze and check
each other out at the end of each workweek. We were standing in front of
an Arshile Gorky painting. The subject, a rooster, danced off the canvas
at us, positively refused to remain still! I thrilled anew at an artists'
ability to make the motion jump at me. My eyes traveled past the end of
Tobey's jacket, to the roundness of his buttocks accentuated by his jeans.
I lifted my hand and caressed one; gave it a light squeeze. He turned and
regarded me with a level gaze, assessing the situation. I held his gaze
for a moment, slowly turned on my heel, and advanced to the next canvas.

The music began and we drifted outside. Jazz at LACMA is a scene, and I
marvel at the number of smartly dressed, intellectual hipsters that migrate
here. High-heeled, black suede boots aside, the black mini-skirt and deep
v-neck t-shirt I wore weren't enough to keep me warm. Although the feeling
of my hardening nipples rubbing against the lace of my bra was fairly
erotic, the goose bumps on my arms and legs were not. Noticing my nipples,
Tobey asked "May I get your jacket from the coat check?" With a "Thank
you." he melted into the crowd.

I watched the musicians for a time as the music started, but found my
attention wandering to the people around me. I suddenly noticed a pair of
eyes watching mine. She was beautiful. Pale blonde hair, longish,
expensively cut (meaning it looked careless, but so good that you knew it
cost quite a bit of money). A delicate face, porcelain skin with deep blue
heavily lined eyes, and a bee-stung Clara Bow mouth. She was thin; a sylph
in fact, and draped in artfully slashed cloth. She was headed my way.
"Hi," she said. "Hi." "I'm Edie." "Miranda." She held out a hand, but
instead of offering a handshake she offered a card. It was a
postcard-sized advertisement. A picture of an Airstream mobile home
reflecting sunset in the Grand Canyon was framed by show location
information. Tobey arrived with my jacket. I introduced them while Tobey
held the jacket for me to slide into. "Hmmm, I see you have him well
trained." Edie remarked. "In the process..." I said with a smile. At
that, one of Edie's eyebrows raised slightly. "There's going to be both
performance and visual art there tonight and it starts just after the music
wraps up." Touching the back of my hand she looked into my eyes "I hope
you'll both be there." She let her touch linger, then drifted away. I
pocketed the card and smiled at Tobey while taking his hand. We turned and
watched the end of the set.

We stopped at a nearby taco stand for a little carne asada action.
Sipping my horchata, I pulled the card from my pocket. The show wasn't too
far from where we were now. "Can you withstand a little more culture
today?" Tobey's eyes twinkled. "For you, anything." We pulled up in front
of a gated building on a suitably shabby stretch of Venice Blvd. closer to
downtown than the ocean. Situated between an auto shop and a long-closed
gas station, the gate was so high you could barely make out the address
under the roofline from the street. Once through the gate there were
people in loose groups around the open door. Inside I noticed the peculiar
set-up of the place. There was a central space two stories high, the upper
floor around it a kind of loft with subdivided rooms for the four artists
who lived there. A kitchen off to one side was sectioned off as a
makeshift bar. We each bought a Pabst for two bucks and made our way over
to the art hung along the walls. Some pieces were quite good, some of the
photographs particularly so. Edie was nowhere in sight; I supposed she is
what I really came to see. We came to an office door the upper half
framing a pane of opaque industrial glass. I turned the handle and looked
in. The room, mostly bare except for a low counter and sink, led to a set
of bathroom stalls. I pulled Tobey inside and closed the door behind us.

I leaned into him against the counter and looked into his eyes as my
hand descended from his chest, past his waistband, and began to massage the
growing lump in his jeans. I was pretty wet already. I guess I had been
more excited to see Edie than I admitted to myself. Placing one foot on
the counter I brushed his fingers past my cunt to let him feel how wet I
was. I hadn't worn panties today. Wiping his hand on his crotch, I slid
it under my shirt, put it on my lace-covered breast and he started to knead
it. I ground my wet slit against his jean-covered bulge and licked his
lips. His free hand rested in the small of my back pulling me closer. I
was nibbling along his jaw when I heard a stall door open. Edie was
walking toward us.

She sauntered up to us. "Don't stop on my account. In fact, watching
you has gotten me pretty hot." She placed her hand on my ass. "Can I join
you?" If I thought I was wet before... Tobey looked game. I inclined my
head toward Edie and her soft lips met mine. I lowered my leg and, placing
a hand on her hip, guided her closer to us. Soft and exploratory at first,
when our lips parted and tongues entwined my knees started to get weak. I
took Tobey's hand from my breast and placed it around her waist. She
leaned over to kiss him while I trailed kisses along the silky skin of her
neck. Her hand wound itself into my hair as I kissed along the neckline of
her dress. She reached back to undo the zipper and let the dress fall from
her body. A little white g-string seemed painted on her slim hips tapering
into toned thighs. Petal pink nipples topped her beautifully round
breasts. They were slightly larger than mine, which she seemed to want to
find out for herself. She tugged the front of my t-shirt up with a
mischievous grin while I shrugged out of my jacket. "Nice bra" she said as
she removed my shirt completely. "Thank you. Nice nipples." I said.
Tobey unclasped my bra and removed it from my shoulders. Cupping my
breasts from behind I could feel the stiffness of his prick resting in the
crack of my ass through my skirt. Edie unzipped my skirt and it joined the
other clothes on the floor. She engulfed one of my nipples, a tea-stained,
slightly larger version of hers, with the wonderfully moist warmth of her
mouth. While she sucked lightly I leaned my head back and kissed Tobey.
The pressure of her mouth at my breast translated to the strength of our

Realizing he was the only one clothed, Edie and I faced Tobey and began
the delicious task of disrobing him. On either side of him we peeled his
jacket off and lifted the shirt over his head. Hands freed, he put an arm
around our waists and pulled us into him. Ah, the feel of skin on skin! I
rubbed my chest and stomach against his and sucked on his right earlobe.
Edie kissed him before sinking to suck on his left nipple. I sucked on his
tongue while popping the button of his jeans. She pulled down his zipper
and I joined her in pulling his jeans to the floor. He stepped out of the
jeans and his hard cock escaped the scanty confines of euro cut undies.
"Mmm," Edie purred, sucking the head of his cock into her mouth. Tobey
leaned on the counter for support. I pulled his undies down and off. I
stood back for a moment and reveled in the erotic sight in front of me.
Eyes half closed and grasping the counter tightly, Tobey watched his
glistening cock slide in and out of Edie's mouth. She knelt between his
parted legs, hers slightly splayed, one hand wrapped around his thigh, the
other intermittently playing with his balls. I knelt behind Edie and
reached around to stroke her mound. Growing bolder with the encouragement
she murmured around his cock, I parted her lips and dipped my finger inside
her. Squishy and slippery, I stroked her a few times before removing my
fingers to her clit. "Uh!" I moved my fingers slowly in small circles, my
other hand lightly tweaking her nipple. Moving beside her I replaced my
fingers on her nubbin. I dipped my head beneath hers and gently sucked one
of Tobey's balls into my mouth. Heavy and salty, he smelled of sex and
suddenly I felt his hand on the back of my head. His balls tightening to
his shaft and the hand I had resting on his thigh told me what was
happening: he tensed up completely and grunted as he came in Edie's mouth.

She swallowed his cum and licked him clean, then turned and kissed me. I
could still taste him in her mouth. We put our arms around each other,
breasts pressed together and kissing deeply. I leaned back with her onto
the pile of clothing. On our sides we lazily caressed each other's
breasts, stomachs and hips. I looked up at Tobey "I'd love to have your
face between my legs. How about you Edie?" She smiled wickedly. Turning
us slightly onto our backs Tobey folded up our jackets, placing them
beneath us. He eased two fingers into us, palms up, at the same time and
began to thrust slowly. Rubbing Edie's clit with his thumb, he began to
lick and suck mine. Meanwhile, Edie and I kissed and played with each
other's breasts. I was getting so turned on so quickly, two sets of mouths
and three hands dividing my attention. I was almost glad when he replaced
his mouth with his thumb and bent to give her the same treatment he'd just
given me. Her kisses grew more fervent in response to Tobey's attention
and his thumb was driving me as crazy as his tongue had. Edie's expression
was focused and dreamy at the same time as she concentrated on his fingers
and tongue. Face down in her twat, enthusiastically eating her and pumping
both of us at the same time I noticed how hard he was again. I wanted him
in me now. I kissed her and whispered "Mind if we switch positions?" "No."
Tobey noticed us conspiring. "On your back" I said with a smile.

Laying down where we had been moments before I sank down on his cock and
Edie seated herself on his face. Wrapping his hands around her hips he got
to work immediately. A grin spread across her face. Hands clasped between
us, I rose and fell before her enjoying the tension building in my groin.
Edie's deep breaths and sighs mingled with my moans and the squishy noises
from our pussies. She dropped her head and started to sigh louder, more
frequently and tightened her grip on my hands. I began to ride him faster,
the sight of her teetering on the brink of orgasm bringing me closer to my
own. Suddenly she froze, seemed to stop breathing, before throwing her
head back, moaning loudly, and beginning to convulse. " AH, AH, ah, ah!"
gripping my hands more tightly eyes open to me. Tobey thrust up into me
and I began to come too. Edie tipped forward onto her knees still
straddling Tobey's chest, and sucked a breast into her mouth. Tobey's
cries joined mine as we came.

We disengaged after a few minutes and began to dress. I was just
pulling the zipper up on my skirt when the "Office" door opened and a woman
made a beeline for a stall. I had almost forgotten we were at a party;
looking at Tobey and Edie's expressions they had too. Luckily we were all
dressed by then. My nervous titter made all of us laugh. Producing
another card Edie wrote down her number. "In case you want to get in touch
again." She kissed me, then Tobey and with a smile rejoined the party. I
made sure to put her number in a safe place.

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