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Oui..Naughty Gurlies

You and I are going out tonight just to have a good time. It’s been a while since we last just went out to drink, dance and have a good time. We rarely get to tease all the boys, so tonight we dress to impress. We each get ready at our own places and I drive over to pick you up.

You come to the door wearing a short white skirt with a tight black top. You have white thigh high stockings on along with your mary janes. Your hair is up in pigtails, the long, blonde hair trailing over your shoulders. I reach out and tug on one as I walk into your place. You watch as I stroll in, noticing the black skirt and my tall boots. I also have my hair pulled up into pigtails, tied with thin black ribbons.

You go towards your bedroom to grab a few things and I follow behind you. We get to your room as you start rummaging through a box on the table. You pull out a black choker and fasten it around your neck. You turn and ask, “How do I look?”

I respond, “Simply stunning” and give you a quick little kiss on the cheek. You smile at me and then we head out the door. We get in the car and make our way to the club.

Once we arrive, I remove my leather jacket and reveal a tight, black tank top with a few tears in places. The tears are being held together in some fashion with safety pins. I also have a choker on, mine with a medium sized metal ring in the front. We walk up to the door and the bouncer asks for our ID. We hand it over and he moves aside to let us pass. “Have fun, ladies!” he says as we pass him to open the doors.

As soon as the doors open, we can feel a wave as the loud music leaks out. The air is hot and there is the smell of people mixed with booze and cigarettes. We walk in and the door closes behind us. We look around the place a little and then I head over to the bar. “Want anything?” I ask before getting too far.

“A shot of tequila,” you reply “with a lime.” I walk to the bar and make cute with the bartender. He’s a tall man with his head shaved completely bald. I think to myself how we would both enjoy having him to do with as we please. I order two shots of tequila and a mixed drink of the bartender’s choosing. I balance the drinks as I head back over to where you are. You’ve already hit the dance floor and several people are watching as you move. I walk up to you and hand you your shot. “Thank you,” you say as you take the glass from my hand.

“To us and an evening filled with fun”, I say as I lift my shot glass to yours. We clink the glasses together and then drink it down. I can feel the warmth of it as it pours down my throat. I drink about half of the bartender’s concoction when you look over at me.

“May I have a taste,” you breathe into my ear. I pass you the glass and you drink the rest down. You set the glass down and then pull me out to dance. You begin to move and I watch you a moment as your hair swings with the motion of your body. I look around as others also notice you as your hips sway and your thighs peek from over your stockings and under your skirt.

I begin to dance as well as I continue to watch you move. I can feel a sexual desire building inside as I notice the movement of your breasts under your shirt. We dance apart a while and we both get a few more drinks as the night progresses. A few guys come over to dance with us, but we shoo them away. We are now moving in closer together as we keep dancing.

Soon we are dancing as our legs move between the others, almost interlacing. We dance this way a while and as we move, I can feel my skirt ride up, exposing the bareness of my thighs where my stockings end. I feel as our skin touches at times as we lean towards each other. I get hotter each time your naked thigh presses against mine.

We had messed around a bit in the past and had talked about several things we had wanted to do with each other as our explorations continued. Thinking of these things now makes me want you even more. I lean in to your neck and bite into your flesh. I can feel the vibrations of your moan on my lips as I press them to your skin. We continue dancing, but we are also at the initial stages of feeling one another. You bring your hands up to my hips as we slide closer still, our thighs getting close to that perfect place between our legs. I continue to bite at your neck and you begin returning the favor.

I pull my head away from your neck and bring a hand up to tug at one of your pigtails again. I wrap the hair around my fingers and let it slide between them. You bring up a hand against one breast and squeeze. You bring your mouth down and bite it quickly and then come back up to my neck again. I can feel the heat between my legs building stronger and I whisper into your ear, “I want to eat your pussy.”

You pull away from me and grab the ends of my pigtails, pulling them as you lead me to a darkened corner. You back into it and I bring my hands up your thighs until I can feel your shaved and wet pussy between them. I tickle your clit a little with my finger and then lower myself before you. You help me to pull up your skirt a bit and bring on leg over my shoulder. I start to lick your pussy as your juices begin leaking.

I run my tongue up over your clit and then swirl it in circles as I bring a hand up and slide two fingers in. You grab my pigtails in both hands as I bury my face deep into your wet crotch. I suck lightly at your clit as my fingers continue to enter you. You lean down a little and say, “Suck my clit and eat my pussy until I come on your face.” I increase my efforts and soon I can feel as your walls begin to tighten against my fingers. I lick faster, moving in time with the music, ramming my fingers in to the beat. You orgasm and I pull out my fingers to lick your come as it drips out.

Once you start to settle down, you pull your leg off my shoulder and I rise before you. I lean in and kiss you deeply, allowing you to taste yourself from my lips. We kiss a long time and then you slip a hand up under my skirt and slap my ass. “I think it is time to go, gurlie,” you whisper as you smack it once more.

“One more drink and then we can go, ok?” I ask as I head over towards the bar. You join me and we barely notice the bartender this time. We are to intrigued by the possibilities this evening may hold. We each order a shot of tequila and toast simply to ‘sex’. We slam the shots and head for the door.

In the car, we can barely contain ourselves. We are kissing and both grabbing each other’s breasts. You bite my lip as you kiss me and then pinch my nipples through my tank top and bra. I pull away and tell you there will be time once we get home. You lean back into your seat as I start the car, but you run your fingers along my inner thigh.

I glance over to you and can see you playing with your clit. I can feel the wetness seep as a new throe of lust overcomes me. I want to eat you again, but first we must get to your home. I put the car into drive and start heading that way.

As we are going, you sit up a little and lean towards me, then pull my skirt up. You run your fingers over my slit and then slide a finger past to play with my clit. You then lean into my crotch and stick out your tongue. You start to lick across my pussy and then drive your tongue hard against my clit. I am doing all I can to keep control of the car as you start to lick faster. You bring three fingers into me as you continue to lap. I am close to orgasm and trying to stay somewhat focused on the road as your fingers and tongue continue their work.

Soon my insides jerk and I can feel as the waves move through me and over your fingers. I let out a loud moan as it strikes and I try to keep my eyes on the road. I want to melt right there, but have to get us to your place safely. You pull out your fingers and run them over my lips. I lick them clean and then you sit back into your seat again. I glance over at you to see your wicked little grin appear.

We get to your place and I park the car. Before we get out, I lean over into your lap and lick your inner thigh. I bite a little as well and feel your hands as they play with my pigtails. “I like my little naughty gurlie with her pigtails,” you whisper as you continue to tug at them. “Now it is time to go inside where we can play much more intensely and I can have my way with you.”

As we get out of the car, you hook your finger into the loop attached to my choker. You pull me along behind you as we head up the stairs to your apartment. You open the door and pull me in after you. You push me up against the wall and start to kiss me. Our hands begin to explore as clothes start to come off. You pull away and say, “Go to my bedroom and get undressed. “Lie down on the bed and wait for me. Oh, and do not take off that choker,” you say with a wink.

I go to your room and take all my clothes off. I lay on the bed, feeling the sheets beneath me. You come to the door and before entering you say, “Close your eyes.”

I do as you say and I can hear as you come into the room. You come over to the bed and sit next to me. I can feel as your hands slide up along my thigh. My eyes are still closed and soon I feel something cold as it slides against my slit. Soon it is pressing into me, trying to find my waiting pussy. “Do not open your eyes,” you whisper. The chill of it is driving me close to insanity as it slips inside of me. You push this cold and wet object in and out of me. You lick at my clit as you fuck me with this mysterious object.

You push and pull as you suck and nibble at my clit. I can feel the wetness dripping from me as the object melts and the cold juices mix with my own warm ones. You lick around over and over as my orgasm takes me. I buck slightly against you as you lick harder and faster. You pull the object from me and I can feel it touch my lips. “A popsicle!” I say as you thrust it into my mouth. The mixture of sweetness, from the icy object and my insides is like heaven.

“Can I open my eyes now?” I ask as you take the popsicle away.

“No you may not,” you say as you get up from the bed. I can hear you rummaging through something and then I feel your hand clamp onto my wrist and then a strap that you pull and fasten to the bed replaces it. You do the same with the other wrist and then I can feel you attaching straps to the loop on my choker. Those are also tied down and then you move to tie my legs down. You suck at my toes a little as you finish binding me. I am completely bound and at your mercy, not to mention ridiculously horny.

You move away from the bed again and then return to place clamps onto my nipples and my clit. You then say, “Open your eyes.” I do so and look as best I can over myself. I can see the clips on my nipples and then I see as you come forward onto the bed, carrying a double-headed dildo. You insert an end into my dripping pussy and then slowly slide yourself down onto the other end. You moan slightly as you slip down. Soon, I can feel our shaved mounds touch as the dildo penetrates us both completely.

You begin to move and lean into my ear whispering “I’m going to fuck you and make you come.”

I let out a moan in response as you quicken your rhythm. You bite at my clamped nipples as you move towards bringing us both to orgasm. I pull against my bindings as you fuck me harder. The dildo is sliding in and out of us and I can feel as you nudge the clamp on my clit from time to time.

I start to scream as I begin to come. You move faster and then your own orgasm takes you and I can feel as our bodies spasm together. You slow the pace and run your hands along my body. You pull yourself off and then slowly slide the dildo out of me. You step away and take a candle from the table. You light it and bring it towards me. You begin dripping the wax along my body and biting me. With each drip of the wax, I let out a small gasp.

Soon, you decide it is time to free me from my binds and you move to remove them, leaving the straps still attached to my choker. You pull me off the bed by them, like a dog on a leash. You then place a strap on in my hands and say, “I want you to fuck me from behind, my naughty gurlie.”

You get onto the bed and move towards the wall. You place your hands against it as your knees sink into the bed a little. I get the strap on attached and then move along the bed to take you. I come up behind you and grab your breasts in my hands while pressing my own against your back. I pinch the nipples and slowly move the strap on between your spread thighs. I move a hand down to slide it into you and as it begins to enter and slight resistance is met, I can feel an attachment press against my clit. I slide into you all the way, feeling your ass against me.

I put my hands against your hips as I slowly pull away. I then push into you hard as I pull your hips to me. I start to move at a medium pace, each entry bringing a little tickle to my clit. I bring a hand up to your hair and take out your pigtails. I then run my fingers into it and grab a tight hold. I pull your head back a bit as I start to fuck faster. I ram the mock cock between your thighs, up and into your hot pussy. I keep pulling at your hip with one hand and your hair with the other.

You moan out a few times as the ravaging continues. I can feel my own wetness escape me as it begins dripping along my inner thighs. I bite into your back as I continue to thrust and then you cry out as you start to release. I pull the cock out and then bring my tongue to lick away your sweet juice. Your hands are still pressed against the wall as my tongue runs up over your clit, flicking it until you come again.

You move away from the wall and I then pin you to the bed. “I want to make you come again, my sweet,” I say in a playful voice. I move down your body, licking your nipples a moment before bringing my face into your pussy. I rub, lick and suck as you squirm beneath me. I run three fingers inside you as I nibble. I am frenzied by the taste of you as I continue running my tongue along your puss.

I swirl my tongue around your little hard knob as tighten in preparation for your orgasm. You grab onto my pigtails, almost pulling them out as you thrust your pussy into my face hard. I maintain my position on your clit as I strike hard and fast. I can feel your sexual essence drain and I lap it up hungrily.

Once we are finished, we collapse onto the bed and drift off to sleep.

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