Once Again With An Old Lover  

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Once Again With An Old Lover

I walked into the lobby of the restaurant, and smiled. A young, twenty-something had her back turned to me, and I came up from behind, admiring the stylish blonde hair, long, thin torso and shapely buns and legs that were encased by a knee-length sparkling blue dress. "Hello Sarah." I said.

She turned, smiled up to me, and gave me a hug, as I asked "Where are the others?"

"Not here yet!", she responded, before leaning up and giving me a soft peck on the chin, "Shall we get seated and wait?"

Smiling, I said "Sure." And so I offered her my arm, which she gladly took as we approached the podium. The stuffy host looked at me, and the much younger beauty attached to my side, as I said "Reservations for Adarsky, party of eight."

He didn't change his facial expression, but no concern to me, as he looked down, and then to his side, saying to another stuffy looking guy, "Escort them to table seventeen." I kept my smile on, as we walked through the restaurant to a large table that had been set up for my group. This is one of the best restaurants in Buffalo, and the service is great, albeit a bit on the obnoxious side. But I didn't care, as I pulled the chair out for the young lady to sit, and helped her scoot it to the table.

I sat next to her, and just happened to glance up, and saw a woman staring at me. About my age, thin, fair complexion. Hair done up nicely. There were other women sitting with her, and I saw one whisper something to her. She frowned, as our waiter arrived, asking "Would Mr. Adarsky like to order wine?"

The woman's face smiled when she heard the waiter say my name, does she know me? I turned, "Yes, a good house red, please." I turned to Sarah, and placed my hand on top of hers, which was on the table, keeping a eye towards the older woman, and asked her softly, "That woman over there, did you notice her?"

Sarah giggled, as she smiled and said "Yes, she's been giving us the eye ever since we were brought towards our table." She turned and asked "Do you know her?"

I kept looking at Sarah, saying "The face, it's been a long time."

"A passing ship in the night?" Sarah asked.

"Oh!" I stated.


A chuckle escaped my lips, "More than one night."

"Really?" She asked, as I wrapped an arm behind her back.

I started to explain, when I heard someone come up from behind "Daniel, we're here."

I turned, and saw six people now at the table, two females, and four males. The oldest male and female were first to greet me, as I hugged her, saying "Hello Jackie." And shook the hand of the male, "Paul, how you doing?"

The other female, about the same age of Sarah, came up and gave me a hug, saying "Hi Uncle Dan."

"Hi Rose." We parted, as I asked as I shook the hands of a younger teen male, "Hi Steve, how's school."

"Just fine, Uncle Dan, graduating this year."

One of the remaining two males goes by Sarah, and they kiss each other, I saw a confused face on the older woman at the other table, as Sarah said "Uncle Dan, this is my fiancée, Robert Cole."

I shook his hand as Rose introduces the other male, "And this is my fiancée Jim Parrish." I shook his hand as well, and then we all took seats. My sister Jackie next to me, and her husband Paul next to her. We made the usual small talk, family stuff and such. It's been three years since I've been back home. And I've lots of news to get caught up on. And, I was only going to be in town tonight and the next three days. Unfortunately, most of it will be spent on business, but I did promise Jackie that I would visit her house in Amherst for the evening tomorrow night.

We ordered and sat and enjoyed each other's company. I had quickly forgotten about the woman across the way. But Sarah hadn't. I noticed during the meal that Sarah got up and went to the ladies room, but I thought nothing of it. Nor when she returned. But my ears perked up, when she whispered into my ear, "Veronica says hello."

I looked over at where the woman from earlier was sitting, and she was just returning to her table. I smiled at her, and she returned it, making a quick hand gesture of waving hello. I said softly to Sarah, "Is that all she said?"

Sarah giggled, and said "No, she says for you to meet her in the lounge before you leave."

We finished our meal, as did Veronica and her party. I watched her rise, and head for the exit, giving me a wink as she passed by. Sarah elbowed me, and chuckled. My sister hadn't a clue, just a look of confusion on her face.

I took the check, and put in on my American Express over the protests of my sister. A three-hundred and fifty dollar bill, not including tip, and I wasn't about to have my sister pay for it. Hell, it was my dinner anyway. We all got up and left for the exit, and in the lobby I promised Jackie I would be over tomorrow night at six. She saw me hesitate, not going from the restaurant, and Sarah whispered something in her ear. Jackie blushed, and shook her head and left with Paul, as I turned and walked to the lounge.

Entering the dimly lit lounge, I let my eyes adjust, as I took a look around. Once I was able to see, I looked about and saw her in the near empty place, sitting at a table for two, smiling in my direction.

I smiled back, as I walked over to her, and bent forward and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, saying "Hello Veronica.", as I took a seat.

"Hello Daniel, it's been a long time." She replied.

I chuckled, "Yes, what? Thirty years or so."

"Your nieces are beautiful." She added.

"Yeah, must be the mailman’s." I joked.

She rolled her eyes, smiling at my silliness, "You haven't changed, Dan."

"Oh, some ways I have."

"So, what brings you to town?"

"Business, I've meetings and seminars for the next three days, at the convention center."

"Really? And you didn't bring your wife?"

Now how did she know I ever got married? But she doesn't know I'm not now?

I cleared my throat, "My wife passed away, little more than three years ago. She had breast cancer."

She went flushed, "Oh, I'm sorry." She reached for my hand, and patted it, as a waitress finally makes her appearance. Veronica looked at her, saying "I'll just have coffee.", before looking my way.

"Same please." She left us, as I asked "And you, you were married, but now divorced, correct?"

She had a shocked look on her face, "Yes, but how..."

I chuckled, "Saw your work web page about five years ago, mentioned your married name, Comer?" She nodded her head yes, "And saw the obit of your father not long ago online, it listed your brother and his wife, but then it just listed you alone."

She smiled, "Yes, that makes sense. But how do you know I'm not widowed?"

Chuckling, "Your ex's name didn't come up on the death index online. Remember, you sent me an invite when you got married."

She smiled, "So, tell me, you spend a lot of time on the internet?"

"A fair share. When I'm not watching the grandson." She looked at me a strange way, "What?"

"Sorry, can't imagine you having a grandson."

I shrugged, "It happens."

"So, you and your late wife had children."

"Just one, a son. He's twenty-six. Grandson is four."

"And your business?"

"I'm an investor."

She had that confused look on her face, "But didn't you use to work for the State of Michigan?"

"At one time, yes. I left them not long before my wife died."

"How come?"

"I, uh, found I didn't need to work anymore, at least with the state."

"You still live in Michigan."

"Yes, near Grand Rapids."

"So, what's your schedule the rest of your stay?"

"Dinner at Jackie's tomorrow evening. The following day is Wednesday, I'm in seminars until six. Thursday same, flying out Friday morning."

"Any chance we can meet for dinner Wednesday or Thursday?"

Well, she's asking me, I'll go for it. "A good chance, how about Thursday evening, in case things get crazy on Wednesday."

She smiled, saying "Okay." She looked at her watch, and then said "Listen, I do have to get home, you need a lift?"

"Yeah, I'm at the Hilton."

She smiled, saying "Okay." We both got off the stools, and I took her arm, and we exited the lounge after I left a twenty on the table. The ride was quiet, and when she pulled up to the hotel, I said, "Meet me here. Call up at the front desk. Thursday night, okay?"

She smiled, I leaned over and gave her a pack on the cheek, and exited her small Honda. I watched as she drove off, and sighed. Wonder how this is going to turn out. Had a fitful night sleeping, and the next day wasn't any better. The meetings were terrible, and I about said fuck you all, but stuck it out. Dinner that evening at Jackie's was very nice, however. And I enjoyed being with family. I promised sis that I would come back Wednesday night, but had plans for Thursday. Sarah laughed when I said that, as I'm sure she knew what those plans are.

The next day went better, and it was nice having a visit with family in the evening. And it seemed Sarah told everyone what she thought was going to be going on Thursday evening. Sis tried getting more info out of me, but I just smiled and kept quiet. Thursday came, and it dragged. I finally got to my room at the Hilton at five and took a quick shower and laid down to rest. My business went well today, and it seems it all had worked out well after all, for this trip anyway.

I was laying down, about to nod off, when the phone rang. I answered it, and it was the front desk, saying there was a lady to see me. I told them to send her up. Went and pulled on my suit jacket, after putting my tie back on, and soon there was a knock on the door.

I opened it, to find her dressed in a long, dark blue dress, with a deep neckline. Her hair was even more done up than the other night, as I took her hands and we kissed softly, before I asked "You hungry?"


"Where to then, my treat."

She smiled, "There's a very nice place on Delaware, you'll love it."

"Good!" I said, as I closed the door to my room, and Escorted her to the elevator. I was surprised at the silence between us, but there was something there. Something was building, tension? Desire? Lust? I had the doorman get my rental car, and soon we were driving away. The restaurant was very nice, and moderately expensive. I noticed her studying my face when I read the menu. The prices ran about twenty to thirty dollars for an entree. No big deal. I ordered the special, a steak with a bunch of sides. And was very happy to see it was done nicely.

And still, not much was spoken! It was just simple stuff. The weather, how my meetings went, her work the last few days, dinner with my family. But not a damn thing about us, really.

After dinner, after I signed for the bill, I asked her, "Where too?"

"Someplace quiet, where we can talk or something."

Not thinking, I said "You know a quiet lounge?"

I was brought back to my senses, when she replied, "Will it be okay for something?"

I didn't mull that over for long, as I said "The Hilton has a good wine list, let's go back there to my room, and order a bottle."

She smiled, as we stood. I thought of something, as I reached in and pulled out my cell phone, and a receipt from the Hilton I had in my coat pocket. As we walked out, I dialed their number, and requested a bottle of a good wine to be taken to my room.

By the time we got to the hotel, the valet taking off with my rental, and us getting to my room, the kid from room service was just getting done dropping off the wine. After handing him a ten, we entered. The wine was on a cart in a cask of ice. I smiled, as I went over and uncorked the bottle, as she ducked into the bathroom, saying she had to go potty. I had the cork out, pouring both of us a glass, and seconds later, I hear the flush from the bathroom. I heard the door open behind me, and turned and saw her standing there, a slight smile on her face.

I chuckled, as I handed her a glass, and said "My turn."

She kissed me on the cheek, and walked on by. I went into the bathroom, and emptied my bladder. Exiting, I saw her slipping her naked body underneath the covers. She looked up and smiled, but it was a nervous smile. She picked up her glass of wine, and sipped from it, as I rounded the bed and stripped my clothes off. She watched me as I did, and I was soon as nude as her, and I lifted the covers, and moved in next to her. I reached for my wine glass, and offered it to her to toast it. She did, and I said "Here's to many years we've been apart."

We both sipped our wine, and still, silence. She felt tense, and I was wondering if this was a good idea. I wrapped my right arm behind her shoulders, my hand resting underneath her small, pointy right breast, and I asked, "You're a bit nervous." She nodded her head yes, and took a bigger sip of the wine. Her glass was about empty, and I reached over and grabbed the bottle, pouring more into her glass. "You know, we don't have to do anything. We can just sit here and talk."

She tilted her head back, and smiled up to my face, asking "Is that okay?"

I chuckled, pulling her tight against me, saying "Yes, that will be fine. After all, it's been what? Thirty-one years since high school."

She sipped some wine, saying "I last saw you when you came home from college, two years later. Remember?"

I smiled, "Yes, we met for dinner. With Jablonski, Moore, Karinski, and others. You told me you were engaged."

She said softly, with a bit of sadness in her voice, "Yes, I did." Her left hand went under the covers, resting on my hip, as she asked "So, how long after that did you get married?"

"Not long. Let me think, I got married in 1975. A year out of college. You were married the year before, right?"

"Yes, you remember it, huh?"

I chuckled, "Yeah, my mother forwarded the invitation to me. My wife-to- be read it. We almost came."

"But you didn't!" The way she said that.

"No, I had just started working for the state. Couldn't get the time off." Wanted to add that my wife-to-be wasn't too thrilled about it either.

"So, how did you guys meet?" She asked, before drinking some more wine.

I downed some as well, before saying "Well, a friend introduced her to me. And, after two dates, we moved in together."

"Wow, that was quick." She had a surprised look on her face.

"Yeah, it was. It all worked out though."

I noticed my one-eyed monster starting to twitch, as her body was feeling warmer. "What did she look like, Dan?"

Why the interest? "Well, she was about your height, redhead, probably thirty to fifty pounds heavier, and a lot bigger in the bust." She looked at me a bit strange, "She was a 44dd in the chest."

"So you two got along great." She said it with a bad tone, and I had to stifle a laugh. Are we jealous?

"Well, we weren't the perfect couple, if that's what you want to know. We had our share of knock-down drag-out fights. But making up afterwards was always fun."

"So, you two were probably virgins when you got together."

I laughed hard, "No, not hardly." She looked at me funny, and I added "We both had been around a few times." She had a bad look on her face. Maybe I should ask her to leave? "Of course, we refined our love as the years went by." Oh well, how to ask without pressing my luck. Didn't need to.

"My ex wasn't so interested in refining anything." She mumbled. Hmmm, is this hindsight?

"Well, sorry to hear that. I take it you weren't satisfied with him as a husband."

"No, not at all." She said with disgust, as she took another gulp of wine, and placed it on the night stand. She rolled towards me, the front of her body now against my side, the side of her face resting on my shoulder. I felt her leg drape over my leg, and the hair of her warm crotch riding my hip. Yeah, Mr. Happy noticed. "He was always interested in only his satisfaction. Not just in work and in life, but in bed as well."

"Ahh, sort of a traditionalist? Expecting his wife to take care of him?"

I asked. She nodded her head yes, and I said "That's too bad. I always thought you would be very responsive in bed."

She giggled, "Yes, I can be."

I smirked, "So, there's been a few since your ex."

Her hand was caressing my chest, "Of course, a few." A heavy sigh from her lips, as she added, "I learned a lot after my marriage ended. Not all of it good."

"But some of it was, I'm sure." I said, giving her a quick peck on her forehead.

She giggled a schoolgirl giggle, saying "Oh yeah, some of it was."

"You don't have to be specific, if you don't want too." My hand rubbed her bare ass, as she leaned up on her forearms, giving me a kiss.

"Thanks Dan." She said, as she then lowered her face down, resting the left side on my shoulder, as her right leg moved farther across my body, now pinning my thick and hard meat underneath her thigh. "So, have you had others since your wife's passing?"

"No, not really." I said, rather vaguely. She lifted her face, and gave me a look of not believing me. I chuckled, "Well, got drunk one night at some friends. Woke up with one of their wives."

She snorted, "You're kidding?"

"No, really! It was a New Years Eve Party this year." I sipped some wine, and explained, "There were about a dozen people there. I had known them for years, as did my late wife. Well, after midnight, one of the wives suggested that I needed cheered up. We were all planning on sleeping there anyway. Well, I went off to bed, and found Michelle going along with me."

She laughed, "So some guy shared his wife with you, to cheer you up."

I laughed, nice to see she took it well. "Yeah well, he wasn't alone. What I didn't know was that three of the couples swing. So her husband was in a three-some with another couple."

She had a shocked look on her face, "Oh my god. How did you take it."

I laughed, "I fell asleep after two times."

She smacked me lightly on the shoulder, "No silly, I mean what happened the next day, once you all sobered up?"

"Well," I smiled, "Seems the other couples that weren't swingers took offense during it all. Although I heard later one couple did join in with the swinger activities."

"And you?" she asked.

"I was offered, but well, after thinking about it, I just didn't want to get involved." I said. Then adding "Not as a single, anyway.

"Don't blame you." She said, with a grin. "I once had two men at once."

"Really!" I said, a bit shocked.

She laughed again, god I love that laugh. "Yeah, it really was a lot of work."

"I'm sure it was." I responded, adding "So, did you enjoy it?"

She raised her head, "It was okay to try it once, but you know, I think I would enjoy just sticking to one-on-one."

"I take it you don't want to talk about it."

"Oh, I don't know. It really wasn't much. to tell you the truth. I still work with one of them."

"That probably makes it difficult."

"No," she laughed, "It isn't really. You see he's gay."

I laughed, asking "Before or after the threesome."

She laughed, "Before, neither him or his boyfriend ever had a woman before." I was laughing, as was she, as she went on, "No, you see, we were out at a bar after work, and they mentioned it. Well, I guess the beer was a bit too much, so I offered to show them what a woman is like."

"And they accepted." She shook her head yes. "Well, I take it you didn't convert them."

She giggled, "Not exactly, they have added a woman into their fun and games."

I sat for a second, and asked "You mentioned one woman."

"Yes, they found a woman that would live with them, and join them for sex."

I snickered, saying "Well, getting it both ways. That's different."

"Yes, of course."

"Wow, that could have been dangerous. What if they were HIV-positive?"

She sighed, "Yeah, I was worried about that. I demanded blood tests from them afterwards, and I had my own on myself."

"You know, I went and had the test done as well, after the incident at New Years." She looked at me funny, as I said "Well, if they held the fact they were swingers from me, what else were they hiding?"

She nodded her head in agreement. We each drank some more wine, as she said "So, you've distanced yourself from them."

"No, I still associate with them. On both business and social levels."

She raised her head once again, saying "Good to see you stay impartial." She sat up on my stomach. I in turn sat up as well, her warm pussy resting on my throbbing member. Some more wine was downed, and I poured some more, as I asked, "So, I take it no one is in your life romantically at the moment."

She grinned, as she drank some more. My head was swimming a bit, and I'm sure hers was as well. "No, and since I'm here sitting on a very hard cock that belongs to an old boyfriend, I had better not be, huh?"

I kissed her lips, and they stayed together for a while. Parting, I said "No, guess not."

"So tell me Daniel, what exactly do you do these days?"

With the glass in my left hand, I raised my right hand, and cupped her left breast. She smiled as I gently massaged it, flicking my thumb over her hard nipple. "Well Veronica, I seemed to have made some money with some shrewd investments. Now I'm investing more, that's why I was in town this week."

"Really?" She had an amazed look on her face. "So, you are a businessmen!" I nodded my head yes. "What kind of business'?"

"Oh, banking, transportation. A little of everything, even commodities."

"And this week?"

"This week it was something different. It really is hard to explain."

"Try me."

I laughed, "Okay, a software company. It needed investors. They wanted so much for so little."

She smiled, "And you got you a deal you can live with?"

I smiled, "Yes, I did."

"Mind if I ask how much this deal was worth?"

Now I've been drinking, but not drinking enough. "How much did you make this year?" She looked at me funny, "Well, how much?"

She blurted out "Thirty-five thousand."

I leaned my head back, figuring in my head, before saying "If things go well, I'll recover that as net after one month."

She had a shocked look on her face, and said softly, "Damn." Then she took a big gulp of wine. Then she asked "So how did you get involved with this?"

I laughed, "Well, I'll tell you what, let's sleep on it. And if you want to find out, come and visit me on your vacation." Damn, can't believe I said that. But her pussy, it feels so warm against my hard cock. I wanted to see what her reaction was.

"Just sleep?" She said, and I nodded my head yes. She smiled, "After another glass?"

I laughed, and poured the remnants of the bottle into our two glasses. We toasted, and I asked "So, when is your vacation?"

She was in the middle of a sip, and as she tried talking, some dribbled down her front. I leaned forward, and licked it off her chest, making her giggle, as she said "Come now, Daniel. Keep it going and we won't get any sleep." That thought crossed my mind. I sat back up, and we kissed, before drinking more wine. Both of us were feeling no pain, as she said "Well, I don't have any scheduled. But I can check and see."

We toasted our glasses once again, and emptied them of their contents. We giggled like teens, as we embraced each other, and I rolled her off of me. She laid down on her side, and I pulled up behind her, wrapping my arms about her body. I don't remember who fell asleep first, me or her, just waking to the sound of the morning wake up call.

I grabbed the ringing phone, and announced my gratification of the call, before hanging up, and whispering into her ear, "Come on Veronica, time to rise and shine."

She sighed, as I squeezed her right boob, getting a good feel. She turned her face, and we kissed, as I climbed out of bed. She asked "What time is it?"

I glanced at the clock, "Five-forty."

"Five-forty? Why so early?" She asked, as she rolled over, just as I turned on the light.

I smiled down at her, saying "My flight leaves at eight." God my head was throbbing, "If you want, you can sleep in. Checkout is at eleven."

She meowed, and pulled the covers over her head, as I went into the bathroom to shit, shave and shower. Damn, and all during my hot shower, I was thinking, why leave now? I had nothing to do at home, except get this contract to my daughter-in-law to go over. And I have my laptop here with all the details on the hard drive. A laptop with a modem. And a computer port in my room.

I smiled, thinking that it would be nice if I spent the day with her, learn more about what happened the last thirty-plus years. I turned off the water, and said to my self 'Oh what the hell!'

Stepped out of the bath, and grabbed a towel, dried my self off, then wrapped it about me, before heading into the room. I smiled, she was still laying there, the covers up over her head. I sat on the edge, and leaned over her, and whispered to where her head was hidden under the blanket, "You know, instead of you taking time to fly out and see me, I could just visit with you until Sunday."

I heard her giggle, and she said "Oh you could, huh?" She pushed the blanket off her head, and smiled up to me, asking, "And what do you have in mind if you stay?"

I chuckled, "Get to know more about what had happened to us the last thirty years. Catch up on old times."

She replied, "I would like that."

I kissed her sweet lips, and she responded by wrapping her arms about my neck. We broke apart, and I reached for my pants, then pulling out a cell phone, and dialing a number. I had grabbed my briefcase, and was opening it up, when a sleepy female voice answered on the other end. "Hello?" she said groggily.

"Good morning Terry, this is Dan."

"Oh, it's early, you're not at the airport already are you?" I heard my son asking is there something wrong in the background.

"No, I'm still in Buffalo. Just letting you know that I won't be flying home today."

"The deal isn't done?"

"Actually, it is." I pulled the laptop out of my briefcase, and set it on the nightstand. "But I ran into an old friend and decided to stay the weekend. I'm setting up the laptop now to email you the copy of the contract."

Veronica mutters with a giggle, "Old Friend?"

I put my finger to my lips for her to be quiet, but it was too late, as Terry says with a laugh "Old friend, huh?"

"Yeah, tell Jason I love him, I'll call later after I get another flight scheduled."

"Okay, bye."

I hung up, and got busy with the lap top. Veronica rolled onto her side, and watched as I did some typing, then hooked the laptop to the port. The modem kicked in, and I went back to my cell phone, dialing in some numbers. First I called the airlines, saying I was canceling my flight, and for them to reschedule me for Sunday. Second, the car rental, after I had emailed the contract to Terry, I informed them I would be using the car until Sunday.

Once I was done with that, I turned and smiled at Veronica, and asked "Do you want me to keep this room, or maybe we'll go somewhere else?"

"Where's somewhere else?"

"Anywhere we end up for the night."

She smiled with a gleam in her eye, "I like that idea."

We got dressed, her in the same dress from last night. She gave me the directions to her apartment and the address, and I told her I would pick her up after checking out. She smiled, wrapped her arms about me, and we kissed, before parting ways. And of course, I'm thinking, 'What are you? Nuts?'

I showed up at her place in North Tonawanda in forty minutes. I discovered that she lives in a duplex, and I knocked on her door upon reaching it. The door next door opened, and an older lady peered out, with a scowl on her face. I said "Hello.", just as Veronica's door opened.

Veronica looked at her neighbor, saying "Good morning mom. Dan and I are going away for a few days." She stepped out, carrying a small suitcase.

I was shocked, "Oh, good morning. I didn't recognize you, Mrs. Breanski"

She smiled, and closed the door. As we walked down the steps to my rental, I commented, "She's still not one for words, is she?'

Veronica laughed, as I opened the door of the BMW, "No, she's still rather quiet."

I came around and got in, and asked "Where too?"

She smiled, looked up to the ceiling, and said "Um, how about Fort Niagara?"

I chuckled, "Sure."

Pulling away, she waved bye to her mother who was peering out the window from behind the curtains, and I reached over and squeezed her hand. It was quiet for the first few minutes, before we started talking to each other. She started telling me more about what had transpired the last thirty years in her life. Telling me about her failed marriage, her other lovers, her work, her family.

And I did the same, as we each took turns telling stories of each others lives. We made it to Fort Niagara, but I really don't remember much about the visit, that's how much we were engrossed in hearing each other and talking. And after seven hours of being together, we were in an awkward state. After leaving Ft. Niagara, I found I had driven east along Lake Ontario, neither one of us not paying any attention to where we were heading, when we both realized it was late.

We had driven past Rochester and had reached Sodus Point before I found I was at a stop sign, when I looked over and saw a sign for a bed and breakfast. I looked at her, and saw she had seen it to, and she turned and smiled, signaling her okay. Amazing, we didn't even talk about it, just agreed to it without saying anything. We found the place, not far from the center of town, and parked and went inside. I was all smiles, as I took care of the lodging and soon we were heading to our room. It was on the third floor, and we sat our suitcases down on the bed. I came around and up behind her, and reached around her waist, and hugged her tightly, kissing the nape of her neck.

She purred, saying "Hmmm, you must be hungry."

I chuckled, "In more ways than one."

"Same here." She turned around, and hugged me, our lips locking in a kiss that was so hot it could have set off the sprinkler system. We broke the kiss, and I rested my chin on her shoulder, as she asked "Which hunger first?"

I chuckled, "Food, that way the second hunger will feel much better."

She grinned, saying "Let's walk into town and see what we can find then."

We kissed once more, and headed out of the room and down the stairs. I asked the owner about the local eating establishments, and he told us of two places, both within walking distance. Well, we stopped at the first one, and dinner was great, as was the walk afterwards to the lighthouse on the shore of the Great Lake, and then the walk back in the cool evening breeze.

We chatted briefly with the owners in the main room before heading up to our room, with a great deal of anticipation. I opened our door, and let her in before me. Stepping in, I closed it, and she turned and fell into my arms. Our hands were soon undressing each other, and in seconds, we were naked, holding each other tightly as we kissed. Her nails were scraping against my back, as my tongue probed deep inside of her hot mouth, my raging hardon pressing into her abdomen.

We fell backwards onto the bed with me on my back, and she crawled down and her luscious mouth engulfed my hard cock. I groaned, as her tongue tickled my pee hole, getting a taste of my pre-cum. The fingers of her left hand were wrapped tightly about the base of my shaft, as she gently massaged my hairy balls with her right. Both her hand and mouth were twisting about my shaft as they each glided up and down my throbbing member.

It didn't take long for my nuts to tighten, and I felt the rush of cum blasting up my prick and gush out into her hot mouth. She didn't even gag, as she expertly swallowed my cream, her eyes looking into mine, a glimmer of delight in them with what she had just accomplished.

Once my pole was done throbbing, she let go with her mouth, but still kept tugging on it with her hand, as she climbed on board, her knees along the side of my hips, as her raised torso lowered down, the head of my cock slipping into her damp hole. We both groaned, as I watched her pussy lips part wide, accommodating my invading cock as it expanded the walls of her very tight pussy. I wasn't sure if I was more amazed at how tight she was, or that I was still so damn hard after blasting my load already into her mouth. But whatever the case, I raced up and grabbed her perky tits, and she placed her hands on top of mine as she slowly rocked her hips, grinding her clit down onto the base of my cock, moaning as she rode with her eyes closed.

I closed mine as well, enjoying the feeling of her stuffed velvety vagina, as the walls of it rippled around my pecker. I was happy to hear her soft groan, as she came. Her body stiffened at first, then it shook all over, starting at her cunt, and working outwards. I grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her down to me, as she whimpered with delight in the afterglow of her good cum.

Nuzzling her ear, I said "Thank you."

"Oh no, thank you. I've been waiting over thirty years for this, Daniel. And I've a lot to catch up on." She said, as she kissed my shoulder, too spent to turn her head at the moment to kiss my lips. Then she said "Okay if we stay here until Sunday morning?"

I chuckled, saying "Sure!", as I grabbed the cheeks of her pear shaped ass, and with her squealing with laughter, I rolled us over, with me now on top, and sliding my proud pecker in and out of her slippery cunt. She was grunting, and so was I, as my body decided it needed a hard fuck. Her own body responded in kind, as I raised up my torso, arching my body so I could suckle on the hard nipple on her left breast, as I mauled the right tit with my hand.

It was gentle the first time, now it was pure hard sex, as I felt my throbbing one-eyed monster feeling like it was going to explode. And with a final hard lunge, I grunted and groaned loudly as my whole body went rigid, my cum splattering deep into her womb, sending her off into another good cum.

I was whipped for the moment, as I laid down on top of her, our mouths soulfully seeking each others hot tongues. God, it was good, I thought, as my cock was shrinking rapidly, before eventually slipping out of her well-fucked hole.

She pushed me off, and sat up, spun around, and offered her nasty abused cunt to my lips, as she took my soft penis in her mouth and bathed it lovingly with her tongue. I knew it would be a while before even her expert oral talent could get another rise out of this old man, as I went to snacking on her cunt. I tasted my own salty seed, as my tongue dugged deep into her opening, before playing tag with her small, pink clit.

Her moans were muffled by my semi-hard cock, as she would have one cum after another, her sweet and tangy cum glazing my face. And after thirty minutes of glorious cunt and cock sucking, my tool was firm and ready for action. She eased her body down the length of my torso, sliding her wet snatch and leaving a liquid sheen on my chest and belly, before raising her hips, grabbing my sausage and stuffing her cunt with it once more. My hand grabbed her hips, as I thrusted with her falls. It was a sight, seeing her little brown hole wink at me, as I spread her cheeks, and saw her puffy pussy lips around my shaft. I watched as my rod was forcing our cum out of her hole with each inward motion, the base of my shaft getting a ring of a frothy white cream.

And her pussy was feeling real damn tight, the walls of her snatch feeling like they're vibrating, as she was close to cumming, before she slowed down to savor it, then picked up the tempo once more. I was in heaven, as my cock felt like it was ready to burst forth, as I clenched my teeth, trying hard not to cum. But it was all for naught, as I groaned and pulled her ass down hard, as I slammed my hips up, the head of my proud pecker exploding, and sending her into a low moan as she too came with me.

As I relaxed my grip on her hips, and then letting go, she spun about while still impaled on my shrinking shaft, and stretched out on top of me, her luscious bare tits pressed into my equally bare skin. I was exhausted, and so was she, as we both fell asleep.

Morning came, with me waking to find me on my left side, and her on her side as well, curled up, with her back up against my chest. I felt all grungy from our sex-capades, and eased out of bed and headed for the shower. The hot water felt great, as it rinsed the smell and dirt of sex off of me. I just stood there, not paying any attention, until I saw the shower curtain move, and her smiling face peek around the edge, saying "Mind if I join you? I brought some shampoo."

My smile shown that I was all for it, as I watched her mature and lovely body step in to join me. She got under the water with me, and we hugged, as she was soon as wet as I. She giggled, as I took the shampoo and lovingly washed her hair. As I did, my cock showed signs of life, getting almost to complete attention. Her hand holding it and pulling hard most definitely helped.

With a wicked smile, she turned with her back up against the wall, and lifted her leg, hooking it behind my back, as I bent my knees to get the correct angle to have my cock enter her warm pussy. She grinned as I slid in effortlessly, my soapy cock well lubed for some action in the shower. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I reached down and grabbed her ass, lifting her up off her feet, and started grinding my cock into her cunt, pushing her against the wall of the shower. We were both enjoying the wet fuck, and when we came, it was together once again.

We didn't say another word, as we rinsed off, and got out to dry, before climbing back into the bed and covering ourselves. I was on my back, her warm body half covering my right side, as my right hand gently kneaded her ass cheeks. She finally spoke, asking "Dan?"

"Yeah." I replied, still sexually and physically worn out.

"Can we do this again? After this weekend?"

I chuckled, "The sex? Sure!"

She raised her face, a beautiful blush on her cheeks, "Yeah, that too. But I mean, can we get together again? Maybe on a regular basis?" She kissed my lips, adding "I mean, I even would like to meet your friends, if you want?"

I just laughed, knowing that my sex life was definitily going to get better. I just hoped I could live through it.

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