Noir de Black Lace  

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Noir de Black Lace

I am in favor of preserving the European habit of kissing ladies' hands - after all, one must start somewhere.

Her pert pink nipples, piercing through the laced, transparent, flimsy top. The tight, scant black lace panties tightly pressed to her waist so deliciously formed to the double contour of her mons veneris. So she greeted me at the door for the dinner engagement she had invited me to a few days ago. It seemed to me that desert was being presented, well before the meal. But of course, being a gentleman, as the saying goes, is a patient wolf, and made no effort to rush the courses she apparently had well prepared. But it was difficult not to show my delight at the presentation.

And so the evening began.

A few years ago I had been asked to provide technical support to a mining operation in a very remote area in the mountains. It was a good eight hour drive up a small winding unpaved road up the side of this mountain to a place called Cachi. This wasn't a town, as they called it, it was more of a settlement. Looked as though mine was the only motorized vehicle up here. A small general store, if that's what you wanted to call it, a few other adobe type building, what looked like the official police station, it had a flag out front, which made it official I guess, and small adobe houses lined the few side streets. The mine I knew was still another three to four kilometers east, higher up the mountain yet, but this is where I needed to find a HOTEL ? ? ?

As the clerk at the general store told me, the ONLY possibility was the Countess as he referred to it.

"What is the Countess,?" I asked

"The Countess is the lady who owns the Hotel Cachi, which is five kilometers farther along this road here through town." he told me "but no one has gone there in quite a few years, when the main road through the mountains was built farther east through a different pass." "Well, thank you very much," I said, "I'll give it a try, I'm not really prepared to sleep in my truck for a few weeks."

What a road. Looks like maybe traveled only occasionally, winding, narrow, not paved, and all up hill. And there it is, "interesting,", I thought, huge elegant wrought gates and fence, nice large sign, easy to "find", especially since there is nothing else as far as the eye can see. "Hotel Cachi, Elegant Rooms, Suites, Fine Dining, Excellent Wine Cellar, Indoor Pool." the sign read, heading up the long drive up to the entrance, among very well manicured gardens. For this altitude, "amazing" I thought.

"THIS I've go to see," thinking, "this can't be real," HOTEL? Looked more like an eighteenth century estate someplace in the Bavarian Alps. I would have guessed at least one hundred rooms, or more, all with balconies, overlooking the valley and mountains opposite.

As I pulled my truck up to the entrance, down the granite stairs came the "bellhop / porter" whatever he was, frail little man, perhaps in his late eighties or more. Slowly one step at a time he came to greet me, well dressed in extremely colorful, red and gray uniform, bill cap and gold braids on one shoulder. This was too much. I yanked my suitcase from the back of the truck, which he quickly fought me for.

"This bag is very heavy," I said, " I'll carry it up the stairs," He would NOT allow that, it was his job, and that was that. "Never", I thought, "but I'll let him struggle with it till he's had enough," and up the stairs I went, to the foyer, reception area. The shock of shocks. This place was laid out and decorated like a palace, marble, exotic woods, rich carpets, crystal chandeliers, large plants everywhere, larger curved marble stairs to second floor, deep wine red carpet, trimmed in gold, huge velvet draped windows to the valley.

"What have I walked into here?" To the reception, the usual little "ding ding" bell, which I rang for assistance. What seemed like a chambermaid in her mid forties, passed, "Someone will be right with you, sir," she said as she passed, and went up the stairs, carrying flowers.

From the end of the long, wide corridor I could see and hear her coming. I assumed either manager, or more likely the Countess. Much to elegantly dressed, simple but you knew expensive class, black simple dress, cut low in front, and jewelry, which was definitely excellent taste, and you knew, a price tag to match. Directly behind the mahogany, marble topped reception counter she went, taking a large ledger from beneath, "Welcome," she said, soft, yet prideful voice, "would you like a room or a suite."

Well, since I have to be in these barbaric conditions for the company, they're paying, "what the hell," I thought, "Suite of course."

"Please sign our register," she said, " and I'll have the chambermaid show you to your suite, and have your bags brought up," "The dining room opens at seven for dinner," she said,"I'm sure you'll be hungry by the.

"Yeah," I thought, "my bags to my suite," the little old frail man hasn't even made up the stairs to the foyer yet. She "ding-ding-dinged" that little bell, and here came the chambermaid, I suppose waiting around the corner for the bell. A quick glance to the front door as she led me towards the stairs, I could see the "bellhop/porter" crawling up the stairs, dragging my bag one stair at a time. "I may get my bag to my room by the time I leave here," I thought."

Half way up stairs I could here the Countess, to the little shriveled bellhop/porter, in a firm, commanding, but polite voice, "You'll please take the bags to suite three eleven." It doesn't take a scientist to figure out, that would be the fourth floor from ground level. That's a lot of stairs, and no elevator, this is going to be something to witness. Perhaps he'll unpack it carry several items up, and repack it at the top, how else?

What a suite this was. This was fit for Royalty, without doubt. Unbelievable, up here in these mountains, nothing else, and this. And what I also noticed, the last entry in the guest ledger was seven years ago. I AM the only guest.

"And here is your bedchamber," the chambermaid said, opening the double doors, huge canopied bed, balcony overlooking everything, and then the shock of shocks. My suitcase neatly placed on a stand. "HOW in the hell did that frail little old man manage that?"

After shower, clean clothes, down the stairs, found the dining room, huge, elegance beyond measure, each table elegantly set, met by the Maitre 'd. Yup, you guessed, the little old frail man dressed in what seemed like a black tuxedo.

"May I show you to a table, sir?"

"Yes, thank you." Where I wondered, there were no other guests, as he seats me near the large windows, close to a huge fireplace, blazing, opens and hands me the menu, and a wine list, opened.

"Would you care for wine, sir?" he asked "Yes please," I said, "Red, not too dry, I'll let you be the judge," "Very good sir, the waitress will be right with you," and hobbled away towards stairs, guarded by wrought iron railing going down. Yes, here she came, the "waitress" who had just escorted me to my room. I must admit, the menu was more than I had seen in some of the finer European restaurants. This was a true chef who had prepared this menu. I ordered, with starter, main course, and away she went to the kitchen. The Maitre 'd brought my wine, poured for a taste, excellent, dust still on the bottle, then filled my glass and left, "Enjoy your dinner sir," as he left.

"Thank you," The only guest, and all this, and, . . . . After dinner, which was excellent, I had asked for my usual of coffee and brandy, "Would you like it here, in the lounge or in the bar sir," asked the waitress/chambermaid/and whatever else, perhaps chef, "Ok, I thought, dining room, lounge, bar, what other surprises are there here ?"

"In the lounge then, thank you," I said Breakfast, just as elegant as dinner. After several days of this, not one other guest. Dinner, and thought I would have my after dinner brandy and coffee in the bar, just to see what surprises IT held.

The barman greeted me, and YES, the bellhop/porter/Maitre' now barman, who could barely reach over the bar, trembling bony hands poured me a nice large brandy, and the "chambermaid/waitress brought me my coffee. I had been sitting there, perhaps twenty minutes, relaxing, taking this all in, when the Countess came in, with a very warm, friendly, "Good evening, I hope I'm not intruding,?"

"INTRUDING ???" I thought, "on WHAT?" I'm the only one here, the barman disappeared, sitting here watching the light play on the glassware. "Not at all, " I said, "Please, join me," She called the barman, her usual I guess, a glass of Sherry, and he left again.

And so we chatted, about everything and everything, a second brandy, another Sherry, a very interesting, well traveled, very well educated lady. And yes, she really was a Countess, and had inherited all this and the means from her grandfather, who had build this after the European style during the time when the gold wagon trains passed here daily. Conditions also she inherited that it was to always remain in the family, forever.

"Well, "she said, "I have some things to attend to, if you'll excuse me," as she stood, and I of course, a gentleman at times, stood, reached to take her hand, a good night courteous, back of the hand kiss, as is proper, and simple nod.

"Good night," I said, as she, slightly flustered by my manner of etiquette, turned to leave, hesitantly turned back around, soft finger to my chest, slowly gliding it down, along my shirt, to just to the beltline of my jeans, stopped, held it there, with slight pressure down on the top of the jeans, which could have been interpreted as so much.

"Perhaps you like to join me for dinner tomorrow evening," she said, somewhat questioning if, "Dinner alone is not very pleasant, is it?" "No it's not," I said, "thank you, I'd like that," "Well then," I'll have the porter show you to the way tomorrow evening, say about seven?" "That'll be fine," "Good night then," she said, and now I have to admit, what a sensual, elegant, graceful sway, she had as she left. I think she knew. All I could see was her hips flowing like a gentle rolling wave, the lower part of her long straight dress floating lightly with her, exposing thigh almost to her hip along the cut which ran along the side the length to just below her hip. She definitely got my attention, and it WAS premeditated, leaving me with that impression knowingly. The curtains in this bar were no longer important, as I sipped on my brandy. She had very neatly burned that image of her departure in my mind.

This morning I had decided to have breakfast in my room. The hot shower felt great, already had some coffee, nice and strong, this hot shower, another nice coffee, breakfast, to the mine, and then let's see how dinner goes tonight with Countess. I can still see her slowly sway out of the bar last night. Drying myself, I see in the corner of the mirror, the chambermaid, behind the breakfast cart she must have just brought in, watching me drying myself, almost in a trance, her hand massaging between her thighs, believing I was unaware, with such firm grinding grips, crumpling her apron and skirt, occasionally wanting to double over, controlling herself, but I could see, definitely close to orgasm. She was almost to the point of not being. Watching her as she groped harder and harder between her thighs was getting me aroused, the hint of firming erection, and getting more erect with each twitch I noticed in her. "What now," I thought, and very slowly turned, to look at her, direct, with hint of a approving smile, she did not move, just froze, slightly flushed, but frozen with her hand still between her thighs, I slowly walked over to her. Being a true gentleman, with towel in hand, what else could I do? Slowly took her hand from between her thighs, dropped my towel, and placed her hand on my now very erect cock, which she very gently held, as if a prize.

"Do you want it ?" I asked, slight eye to eye smile, "Yes," she said with almost inaudible trembling voice, as I was already slowly unbuttoning her blouse, softly fondling her breasts. Her fondling of my cock was such a warm, desiring caress, fondle, as I lifted her skirt and slid my hand into her panties, without hesitation to her hot, wet pussy and slid two finger in, to reinforce, I would see her to the heights she was wanting, needing, craving. Squirming, grinding her pussy on my hand, melting towards me, so near to orgasm, "Take off your panties, " I said, Which she wasted no time in getting to, barely time to get my fingers out of her, before she had them slid down her hips over her thighs and to the floor.

My hands to her waist, turned her around, and then she knew my intent as she bent over, leaning on the breakfast cart, as I slid my cock into her already dripping, hot pussy. So eagerly, she moaned as I started driving it in and out of her. Then without warning, she came, shuddering, pushing her ass hard to me, as I came with her. She just leaned there on the cart, silent for a moment, then slowly raised herself, straightened her skirt, apron, buttoned her blouse, smiled such a warm smile, kissed me on the cheek, and "I better be getting back to my chores, " she said, "thank you, I had forgotten how wonderful it is,"

"Well then, "I said, smiling "perhaps when you have more time free," "I was hoping you would feel that way," she said as she left, closed the door behind her slowly, Now to my breakfast. There lay her panties still. I picked them up, placed them among a few of my things for safe keeping, finished my breakfast, and to the mine.

By the time I got back, I had barely enough time for a nice hot shower again, get some clean clothes on, a glass of wine, which I had asked to have a bottle brought to the room, a relaxing cigarette and wait for the Maitre'/porter, etc, come show me the way. Since I came here to work, my only "dinner" attire was a newer pair of jeans and a dark blue dress shirt. Hope she understands I don't carry a tuxedo for my job. A soft knock on the door, the Maitre', time for dinner, "Madam asks if you are ready for dinner, sir,?" he says "Yes I am, thank you," I said, "May I ask your name please,?" "Rolf," he replies, very proudly, "This way please," Down one long wide corridor, through large double doors, along another walkway, veranda, open to a courtyard, well landscaped, fountain, beautiful.

To another set of double doors, another turn along a corridor, large portraits of ladies in elegant dress, gentlemen in various uniforms, quite impressive. "Here we are, sir," as he knocked, and somehow vanished, to where, I never noticed.I waited patiently not knowing whether to open the door or wait, when it opened, slowly, and there she stood, smiled, gently nodded, "Good evening," she said in a very soft smooth velvety voice, which almost brought me to my knees right there. "I'm glad you could make it," "What did you expect,?" I thought, "I have nothing else on my social calendar,"

"Good evening," I replied, "thank you for inviting me." "Thank You ? " I thought, Here she stands before me, welcoming me to dinner, her pert pink nipples, piercing through a deliciously elegant laced, transparent, flimsy top. Tight, scant black lace panties tightly pressed to her waist so deliciously formed to the double contour of her mons veneris. Draped in a floor length, even more transparent robe, open in the front. So she greeted me at the door for this dinner engagement. It seemed to me that desert was being presented, well before the meal. But of course, being a gentleman, as the saying goes, is a patient wolf, and I made no effort to rush the courses she apparently had well prepared. But it was difficult not to show my delight at the presentation. And of course, a shrewd gentleman would never neglect to compliment a lady on her elegant appearance. Only a fool would overlook that, and again, took her hand, lightly, to assume permission, raised it to eye level, and a light kiss to the back of her hand.

"Again, Madam, thank you for having me," I said, and thinking, "with patience maybe I'll have you later," "This way," as she lead the way, and that soft rolling sway of her body, with that thin flowing, transparent robe trailing by the breeze of her walk. I felt like I was being taken to slaughter, and didn't care. "Would you like a brandy ?" she asked, "I have a very nice one you might like,"

"Yes, thank you,", as I followed her to a well prepared liqueur cart. She had her Sherry again as she handed me my brandy. "May I ?" she asked, as she is unbuttoning my shirt, "you may as well be comfortable," and continued without waiting for a reply, to undo, remove my shirt, undo my jeans, remove my shoes, socks, jeans, and just as smoothly helped me on with a short burgundy, silk robe. "Now, isn't that better, ?" she asked, "Yes it is, " I said, half in a daze, "thank you," a gentle salute with my glass and a sip of brandy, "Let's sit over hear by the fire, if you don't mind,?" she said, lightly guiding me by my arm, "She has her plan well laid out," I thought.

The decor in this salon, dining area was enough to relax anyone. Very elegant decor, predominately mauves, with various accents of soft pastel peach, pastel sage greens, and gold, and such soft warm lighting from only a couple of Tiffany lamps and fireplace. I was beginning to completely be in a different state of mind.

Sort of a formal upright, sofa where she decided we should sit. Talking, about so many things, can't remember all. "Dinner will be ready shortly", she said, "I'm in no hurry at all, " I said.

"By the way, " she said, as she put her hand on my cheek and gently kissed me, "thank you," "Thank you for what ?" I asked, not a clue what she was talking about, as she set her Sherry on the low table, and slid her hand along my thigh, "Thank you for not ignoring the desires of my chambermaid," "OOPPSS," I thought, "no secrets here, am I dead now?" "What do you mean," I asked, not admitting to anything until I knew the consequences.

"She has not been so cheerful in quite a few years," she said, Still not admitting, again I tried to get out of her what she knew or not, "Still not sure what I have to do with that?" I said "I know everything that happens here, and I know she forgot her panties in your room," she said, but smiling as if genuinely pleased, I said no more. No need.

Her hand now gently fondling my cock through my shorts, which through this conversation I had not noticed until she had her hand firmly on it, and erection well on its way.

"This is a sticky situation" I thought, "who leads, who follows, after that conversation?" Judging by her gentle kneading on my cock, and not more, it must be I who must make the next approach.

My brandy glass slowly set aside, slowly untie her flimsy top beneath her robe, delicately caress her breasts. How quickly her nipples came to erect, and her breathing immediately tremulous, anxious, I could feel the flashes of heat racing through her body, glowing. I hoped I wasn't pleasing more than I was qualified to endure, and of course, "after this morning," I thought, "I had best be prepared to put her in a disposition much better than the chambermaid. A simple matter of hierarchy." What wonderfully tender breasts, so responsive, eager to be pleased, and welcoming my attention patiently. Caressing along the gentle folds of soft flesh along her waist, untie the shreds of bows holding her panties together, carefully slid them from beneath her slightly raised ass, as to help me, and very noticeably placed them on the low table, NOT to the floor. It would be a fool who would repeat for the lady of the manor, what you had done earlier for the chambermaid, especially since she well knew. Her hand well inside my shorts, much more ardently frolicking with my cock as greed, desire, hunger, need. I slid her long transparent robe over her shoulders, and one arm out, her other hand still well planted between my thighs, no intent to release authority. Kissing her breasts, softly nibbling on her erect nipples, laid her back, that she had to release her grip on my cock, spread her thighs to her leg resting on the table, slowly fondling between her very wet mons veneris. That was the taming as one could say, as she melted to the lounge, soft moans barely audible, shaking with each touch.

I was feeling her desire, her hunger, it aroused me beyond what I had felt before, this heat from her entire body, as I made deliberate, slow, wet, pressing passes with broad of tongue, spreading her pussy lips, firm deliberate passes over her clitty, which seemed to be afire. I had found her desire, just below her erect clit, and there I played, probed with firm, aggressive tip of tongue, driving shivers throughout her body with each touch. Her thighs quivering, jerking violently, hips thrusting to and from my bold assaults, sending what seemed as seizures through her body. Now I was hoping she was getting as much pleasures as I was giving, spreading her mons veneris, revealing the soft delicate pink flesh, glistening with her ginger scented arousal juices, greedily gratifying my hunger for her tastes, her responses to my probing amidst her now rippled inner folds. Her thrusting, heaving, quaking body more and more animated by my stimulating tongue. My lips, surrounding her clit, tongue no stopping its rolling along its tip, then her most violent thrusting hips up to my lips, flowing juices of orgasm from within, such a discharge, explosive orgasm, and just went limp beneath me. My head resting on her damp steamy thighs, feeling her heart racing, slight aftershock tremors, then just gently brushing the top of my head, sporadic breathing, and soft whimpering moans.

"Shall I see about our dinner ?" she asked weakly, "I'm at your disposal, your guest, " I said, my head still resting on her delicious, tender thigh, caressing her tummy. I had forgotten about dinner. "If you'll let me up, I'll get our dinner," she said, not sure if that's what she really wanted to do I guessed. . . . Me ? I wasn't sure if I wanted to either. I managed to unpry myself from her thigh, somewhat sit up, and reached to help her sit up. Slowly she stood, still a bit shaky, but again the elegant lady, heading for what I believed was the kitchen area. "Can I help with something?" I asked "No," she said, "you've done enough today. Relax and enjoy you brandy. I'll be right back."

"What does, done enough mean,?" I thought, "the pleasure was as much mine," Within ten to fifteen minutes, the double doors to where she headed swung open. Here came Rolf, the chambermaid, and the Countess, carrying trays, from which they placed items on the table, then Rolf and the chambermaid quickly disappeared. "Shall we eat ?" she asked, or was it more than a request? She poured two glasses of wine, motioned for me to be seated, and began serving. That was one well thought out, excellent dinner. I had to ask, "Who is the chef here, if I may ask? "I prepare all meals for our guests here. I had prepared this earlier,and they did the final cooking." she said as a matter of fact, "Well you have one excellent cuisine here," "Thank you," she said, "it was a standard my grandfather set, and I try to maintain," Still I had so many questions which I dare not ask. No guests, for one. By the time we finished dinner it was well after midnight. I didn't know whether to excuse myself, continue where we were on the lounge seat, or what. "Would you like an after dinner drink,? she asked "Only if you are also," "Yes I would," she said "would you also like coffee with that ?" "No thank you, just a brandy will be fine."

Again her glass of Sherry, chilled I now noticed, poured me a brandy, and motioned me to the lounge seat again. Sipping my brandy, cigarette, talking again about grandfather, and now Rolf, who as it turned out was her grandfather's aide-de-camp, and he came with the inheritance. The chambermaid is actually the granddaughter of Rolf. It all begins to make sense. This estate was a labor of love, heritage, and more. Again she rested her hand on my thigh softly, a look I wasn't sure what was running through her mind, not a word, just looking deep, gently into my eyes.

Then, "Will you share my bed chamber with me tonight," she asked with that velvety tone, "A strange way of phrasing that," I thought, "so formal," "With the greatest pleasure," I assured her "And tomorrow, I know you don't have to go to the mine, I'll show you the rest of the estate, if you'd like?" "I'd like that," I said

"Well, bring your brandy," as she rose slowly, and lead the way through several doors, dimly lit corridors, to her "bed chamber". Yes, bed chamber was an excellent way of phrasing it, complete with huge, frilled canopied bed, higher than normal, many large pillows, fireplace roaring on the far end. I supposed Rolf or the chambermaid had prepared the fire. Again, lounge seat, resembling a Roman day bed. Small dining table, with two well upholstered captains chairs, curtains opened to the balcony, I assumed for the view in the morning. Yes, this was a bed chamber properly fit for a Countess.

"How did I stumble in to the delicious situation?" I thought We sat for a little while at the table, chatted about how all this came to be, as we sipped on our drinks. "Shall we?" she asked after we had finished our drinks.

No need to ask what "shall we" meant as we walked towards the bed. I took the liberty, without question, slid her robe over her shoulders and this time let it fall to the floor, again removed her top and scant little tied on panties, which she reciprocated by removing my robe, then as in slow motion slid my shorts down, not releasing them until they touched the floor. She just knelt there for a few seconds, then ran her hands up along my thighs, staring up at me, as if exploring me and my thoughts, as undecided what she wanted to do next, or perhaps premeditated arousing tease. Just running her hands up and down my thighs, but, now gradually closer to my cock with each pass, to fondling, caressing, with such delicate, exploring touches. Moving closer, that I could now feel her warm breath on my increasing erection. Slowly, in such an arousing, teasing manner, warm, wet kisses, tantalizing licks on the soft fleshy head, bringing forth hints of prelude juices which seemed to arouse her even more, as she so gracefully licked them away, driving me to an erection which felt like I was about to explode. Slowly still, with thoughtful plan, I now knew, she took more and more to her sweet drooling lips, that all disappeared within her hot mouth and reappeared, shimmering with her moisture, that my trembling legs were giving me away. Suddenly she slowly rose, sliding up my body, not losing contact, kissed me softly again, and gently coaxed me towards the bed.

"I want to feel you inside me," laying herself back on the bed, holding my hand, pulling me towards her, as she raised her knees, spreading her delicious thighs, invitingly, wide. "Take me now, please, take me, I want to know you in me" a quivering begging, demanding, soft voice. I no sooner slid my cock in her, her hand trembling, guiding to assure no failure, she wrapped her legs around me, trusting her hips with such violence, pushing me up, pulling me back with her legs, the shock waves of her orgasm I felt jarring throughout my body, her moans now loud, expressive, without inhibition, head wrenched back, her hands pulling at my sides, "pllleaaseee, ttakkee mee," she kept moaning, "oohh myyyyy, oohhhmmmyy", over and over again, louder and louder, till sweat was pouring from her face, beading between her breasts, crushing me between her legs, that I came to her moans, without question, without my permission, and explosion within her, that sent electric shock waves through my body as if bare flesh were exposed to fire. My arms trembling from supporting myself, my whole body shaking, when she finally just went limp, I collapsed on her hot completely wet body.

Gently she pushed me off to the side, "You're crushing me," she said with such a weak voice, "just cuddle me please, and let me fall asleep like this. I had forgotten how wonderful it can be, wonderful, wonderful," That was the last word I heard as she drifted off to sleep, and it wasn't long after I followed. With morning sunshine coming through the window, she was still sleeping draped across me as I woke. I could smell the hot coffee already in the room, but thought it gentlemanly to allow her the pleasure of waking at her own pace. But also, knowing, it makes for a more agreeable woman the rest of the day, who is permitted to wake at her own leisure. "Good morning," I said as she started to shift, open her eyes and stretch, sliding her thigh over a slight erection, which she did notice, lingering over it with her thigh before stretching her leg out completely. A subtle acknowledgement, or perhaps a reminder, I supposed.

"Are you ready for coffee?" She asked, still a bit groggy, mumbling, head resting on my chest. "I've been ready ever since I smelled it," I said, "Why didn't you wake me then? "I didn't have the heart, you were sleeping so peacefully," I said, "But also, it is a wise man who lets the lady wake as she pleases," "Well, I wouldn't have minded at all," she said, softly petting, gently patting my diminishing erection. Quite obviously insinuating HOW she would like to have been awakened, bringing it quickly back to proud attention. I lay there, enjoying her gentle petting, fondling warm fingers, for the relaxing pleasure, and curiosity, half expecting her to suddenly stop, and head for the coffee. But this erection was more than a simple pleasure now, an aching throbbing, uncontrolled display for attention, which I could feel; she took great pleasure in its firmness, by her squeezing, stroking hand. She was arousing herself in the thoughts of it within her again. Without fanfare, nor indication, she tossed away the blanket and sheet, rolled herself over, so very slowly, straddled, kneeling, hovering, poised for a moment, holding my rigid cock neatly vertical, then slowly, gently lowered, impaling herself with a look of sedative pleasure. Gently, slowly, rolling, swaying, without question or word, that I could feel every inner heated muscle milling the release of my ejaculation as she came with a few sudden convulsive shudders. As if all was in suspended slow motion.

A few minutes of diminishing after orgasm rolling of her hips, a few caressing moments on my chest, such a self pleased look on her face, "Would you like some coffee,?" she asked, lifting herself off my drained, limp, slippery wet cock, then off the bed, with a gentle quick rub on my cock, "Thank you," "Thank you?" I thought, "Was she talking to me, or just IT?" Then to the table to pour the coffee, her naked ass, that hypnotic gentle roll, how could I not notice. She poured the coffee; the smell brought me up, out of that comfy bed, to the table, getting my robe back on, as she was putting on her flimsy robe. "Would you like to see the rest of the house today? She asked after coffee, and well awake. "Yes I would," I said, "I'll go get some clothes on, if you don't mind," "Then come back here when you're ready," she said, walking with me to the door, to unlock it, and open it for me, which I could have quite easily done myself, "I have something I would like to show you," then kissed me on the cheek, "Thank you for the night," she said "Thank you for the night,?" I thought, "I should be thanking her for the night. It was as much my pleasure as hers." It has always amazed me what questions you have at night, are answered when you wake in the morning. I needed to go back to my room, not only to get dressed, since my clothes of the evening where now in a salon, I didn't have any idea where that was, but also for the answers I thought I woke up with.

And I believed the answer was in my room. Actually I knew the answer was in my room, and hoped I could find it. Walking back to my room I hoped Rolf or the chambermaid didn't come along. Nothing but this short flimsy robe, half naked wandering through the corridors. Quick shower, get dressed, and let's see if I can find it. It had to be here somewhere along these walls. How else could Rolf get my bags up here before me, and HOW did she know the chambermaid left her panties. And this morning's coffee reinforced it all in my mind. The coffee was there, fresh and hot, she was asleep, and the door locked, with key in place from the inside. It didn't take a genius to figure out that there had to be passages within the thick walls between areas of the house. I had to find it, and it didn't take me long and quite ingenious it was.

Within the large walk-in wardrobe, the floor to ceiling dressing mirror slid to the side, which I found only by accident, by hand prints where they shouldn't have been. Behind it a hand operated elevator, open to three sides, large enough for one person to stand and pull the countered ropes, moving it up or down. I had to see where it went. Slowly, quietly I took it down one level, a panel blocked the exit, which took me a few minutes to figure how it opened, and again to another walk-in wardrobe. Well what have we here, the Countess' bed chamber. How about that? And through the back of the mirror I can see her entire room. Very, very interesting, it all comes together now. There she sits naked, at her dressing table, doing her hair, makeup I guess, and the occasional hand massaging, fondling herself between her thighs, quite eagerly. Either remembering the night, or thoughts of what she had planned to come. "I better get out of here, "

I thought, "before she decides she needs something from the wardrobe," I no sooner got back in the little elevator, and the mirror slid back when I heard the wardrobe door open. I froze, barely breathing, not sure what could be heard, until I was sure she was back in her room, before I took the elevator back up, and back to my room. Just back in my room, and getting my self ready for a shower to go take the tour of the grounds and estate with the Countess when the chambermaid came in with a coffee cart. Standing there naked, and having serviced her before, I made no effort to cover myself. Having felt her heat once, and seeing a slightly drooling, wanting look on her face was enough to get me aroused again. "You said, when I had more time," she said, "didn't you,?" very sensually pouring me a cup of coffee, such an expectant, pleased look, as my erection rose to her presence. Well of course I had to be the one to act, or respond, since she had initiated, then I must reply. And how better, than with a sip of coffee, slowly replace the cup, let her anticipate my response. Which of course must be, that to a desiring woman, not simply a chambermaid. With that thought in mind, I took her gently by the hand, to the large, floor to ceiling dressing mirror, faced her too it, to let her see me slowly undressing her. As I unbuttoned, and slid her blouse slowly over her shoulders, I could feel a subtle shudder running through her body.

As I let each piece of her clothing fall to the floor, revealing more and more of her body, to complete naked, I felt such a glowing heat as I kissed her neck, caressing her breasts from behind as she just stared into the mirror, not a word. Letting my hand wander across her soft, slightly soft sensuous tummy, to a wanting grasp of her warm, wet pussy. One finger slowly slid deep in, then out, feeling her wrench on it, then two fingers firmly in, her arousal moisture more with each entry. Squeezing her thighs to my hand with her increased arousal. Her soft "uummmmmm" moans, head back against my chest, taking her slowly higher and higher. "Come on, " I whispered in her ear, with a kiss, leading her to the bed, which she so neatly makes every day, and was still made since I had not slept there last night. I quickly flung back the covers and sheet , laid her back on the bed, caressingly spread her thighs, laid myself well between, gently, slowly nibbling a course along her inner thigh from her knees and back, each pass closer and closer to her wanting, eagerly waiting pussy, subtly pushing her hips up to catch a pass of my tongue as I slowly begin to lay siege between her swollen, wet mons veneris.

My arms so firmly wrapped around her tender thighs, so not to loose my sucking grip on her clit, to the constant motion of her reeling, thrusting hips. In the delicious valley of tender shuddering milky flesh, my invasion with plundering, probing tongue, into her steamy, oozing cleft was taking a toll on her desire to restrain. A sudden push, to my head, to get me clear of her clit, I thought perhaps a change of mind. Just as quick, without a word, a few exerted breaths, rolled herself, on to her knees, face buried deep within my pillow, her wide spread thighs trembling urgently, "now, nowww," she said, insisting muffled struggling voice, "nnnnooww, pllleeaasee nowwww," as I quickly grabbed her soft fleshy hips, her fingers groping, fumbling, reaching between her thighs in search of my cock, her hungry, drooling pussy, screaming to be filled with my hard, hot shaft. As quick and hard I drove it in, with grinding ass to my thighs, a few convulsive shudders, I felt her orgasm wringing on my cock. "more, mmm___rrrre," her stammering pleas, the waves of shock of her soft fleshy ass flowing like rolling waves with each hard thrust I gave her, demanding, begging, demanding, for "mmmmmmmmmore, hhrrdrrrrr," another sudden, jerking shudder, then limp silence, only whimpering breaths, slid herself free of me, rolled on her back, thighs still wide spread, with knees yet raised, kneeling over her, she grabbed with both hands, fondling my drooping wet cock.

"I need to get back to my chores," she whispered, still fondling my now limp, drained cock. "I suppose I better change these sheets, so wwwwwet," The room filled with the strong musky scent of heated sex. "I better get my shower," I thought, as I slowly got off the bed, and helped her up, "I can't go see the Countess reeking of the chambermaids heat on me," Back to where I was not twenty minutes earlier before this lady's generous desires, I thought, now slightly dazed, "what sort of tangled web have I gotten into here?" I, to my shower, get dressed, she finished remaking the bed, and quietly left. Now to see if I can find my way back to the Countess' room, to get my tour of this place. I barely knocked, she opened the door. "Good morning again," she said "Good morning," "You look very relaxed this morning," she said, leading me in, through her rooms to the balcony, "last night was wonderful, I feel energized, wonderful, what a beautiful day," "Relaxed ???"

I thought, "lady, I'm sapped, which is well beyond relaxed. And she's energized. Great . . . I hope I live through this day, my manhood still intact." Out to the balcony, an elaborate outdoor ballroom in its own right. Well furnished, small tables, well cushioned loungers, chairs, so many potted plants and small trees, the sound of cascading water, a fountain I assumes, but could not see, and a wrought iron spiral staircase going to the roof. "Let's go up there, I want to show you something," she said it was what houses along the sea used to have, a lookout for ships coming and leaving the harbor, although no sea here, a wonderful panoramic view, in all directions. Behind the mountains higher yet, and then of course the view across the valley to the other side. A small table, with plates, silverware, two well padded chairs, a serving cart elegantly set, with assorted delicate snacks, bowl of fruit, the grapes, bananas, peaches and such, two goblets for wine I assumed, two small glasses, set near a decanter of Port.

"This is my favorite place on warm evenings," she said, the gentle breeze blowing her pastel translucent skirt around her thighs as she leaned on the iron railing, her flimsy, almost transparent blouse, fluttering around her bare breasts. How could I not take notice, her breasts which I have fondled, kissed, her naked ass, which I have caressed, outlined so neatly by the breeze. Such thoughts racing through my mind. "This is premeditated manslaughter," I thought. Remembering when I was in my teens and truly began to notice the desire and beauty of woman.

The desire to make them tremble, make them moan with pleasure. So here I am, so many years later, a grown man, have made her tremble, have made her moan with pleasure, her knees weak at the thoughts of what received, her desires I hope I have met. I'm glad of what I have done, that given, that taken. But now I fear, my body aches, from these pleasures given, pleasures received, she and the one I just left in my room, now make my body tremble, my knees weak, my hands shake. Her flimsy arousing, barely dressed attire, the setting here. "He is a foolish man who declares he knows a woman's mind," I thought "Would you mind pouring the wine,?" she asked, her barely audible satin voice, flat of hand to my chest, gentle crumple to my shirt, "Gladly," I said, and must admit my knees did slightly tremble, not sure if I was up to what laid in her plans, Opening the bottle, pouring the wine, I glanced around, the setting, the silence, only the subtle sound of the breeze ruffling her skirt, drawing my stare, hypnotic.

Her look, as I brought the wine, she knew the subtle art of taking control, and keeping it. "There," she said, pointing along the road, which ran past the estate, "if you would like, I will show you the beauty of the mountain tomorrow," took another sip of wine, slithered past me, and made herself comfortable on the lounger by the cart. Plucked a grape, from the bunch, slowly bit it in half, savoring it the longest in her mouth before she swallowed, then slowly the other half, a drooling delicate chew and swallow. "Would you like a grape,?" she asked, "Are they sweet and juicy, ?" I asked, knowing this had to be a game, a tease, "Very," she said so softly and slow, as I sat down on the lounger beside her, when I reached for a grape from the bunch she gently, with a mischievous smile, pushed my hand away.

"Yup," I thought, she has a game in her plans, then took a grape, bit it in half, which she sensuously chewed and slowly swallowed, ever so slowly slid her skirt half way up her thigh, carefully placed the other half, flat side down on her knee, dragged it back up her thigh an inch or two, then took another sip of her wine, the grape which she had just offered waiting, not a word said, then took another, and bit it in half again, slowly chewing on half, "Ohhh myyyyy," I thought, the games have begun, no need for explanations how this game was to be played. A slow, sloppy lick from her knee to the grape, which I slowly, with drooling lips sucked off her thigh, sat back up and waited for her response. Another half, laid flat side down, dragged yet another few inches along with her skirt up her thigh. Again, a licking trail from where the previous lay, to the grape and sucked it up from her thighs.

This time I felt a tingle run through her thigh as I took it from her warm tender flesh. Again she repeated, each time starting from where the previous lay, farther up her thigh, sliding her body gradually lower with each grape half I removed, . "A sensuous, arousing, teasing, game," I thought, "methodically planned," This tease continued, till she was well reclined, thighs now deliciously spread, her pussy puffy, swollen with arousal.

Three grapes she slowly plucked form the bunch, then roughly crushed them in her hand, and rubbed dripping wet pulp, slowly between her mons veneris to just above her clit, licked her fingers, picked up her wine, took a slow sip, and with such a delicate, delectable smile, "We-e-e-e-elll," "No need for the We-e-e-ell, " I thought, "the manner in which she offered these grapes, I knew, was how she would like them removed. Slow to start, barbaric and slovenly to continue." The warm breeze fanning between her thighs, already started her hips to roll so slightly as I slid my hands along her inner thighs, to spread her wider to my delight, as well as hers.

With her fervid fingers tearing at the buttons of her blouse, thrusting her bare breasts out to be fondled. Her creamy arousal juices, trickling, oozing from within her torrid pink folds of flesh as I made one bold, slow swooping pass with broad of tongue, from the cheeks of her ass to the tip of her clit, such tremors, shudders raced through her body. As with the grapes, a slow, licking, fondling with tongue to start, the higher she went, the more devouring I probed with tongue and sucked on her protruding, so sensitive clit, to one sudden burst of violent orgasm, spasmodic quivers of her soft fleshy thighs pressing to my cheeks, twitching with each touch of my tongue to her clit.

Such a flood of steamy nectars flowing down the cheeks of her ass, to the lounger, to my cheeks, my chin, her hands so firmly held to my head, guiding my course, pinned between her thighs that I finish to her complete delight. Her guttural moans, fitful subtle shrieks, which I barely heard, muffled by her crushing hot, wet shivering thighs pressed to my ears. Another violent, thrust with her hips, sucking harder on her clit, then she slowly collapsed, legs dangling loosely on either side of the lounger, fumbling without control in my hair. "I'm sorry," she said in breathless quivering soft voice, "For what?" I asked, my face still drenched by her release, still gently petting her thighs and pussy. "I forgot all about you, didn't I?" "You'll pay your dues later," I said, with a positive smile, "you can be sure of that." "Of course," she said, "It is a matter of courtesy, appropriate for a lady to show gratitude for her guest's appreciation of what is placed before him," "Madam, " I said, "It is not only WHAT you place before me, it is as much in the agreeable, inviting manner in which you present it. I could have well done without the grapes for the pleasure of your delightfully succulent entree."

"Oh my," she said, a bit flushed, thighs still spread before me, Leaning on one elbow closer to her thigh, that now she could not freely move from her reclined position, feel my breath, feel the breeze on her dampness, which came as subtle warm gusts, as we talked. My fingers I kept delicately sliding, drawing large, slow, barely touching, ovals on her inner thigh, listening to her, thinking, "If this delicious debauchery be the death of me, so be it, what an excellent exit," The soft wet folds of pink pussy flesh flaunting, flexing, anticipating, tiny creamy droplets beading from within this folds. With soft touches of the tip of my finger, spreading her nectars between, around these aroused furrows. A gentle play, amidst these soft shiny pink and peach colored crevasses, lobes, and fissures, watching the flushes of delight flash along her thighs, as my fingers enter and withdraw. She continued with her stories of the past, but gradually loosing thoughts, the more I played, the more my fingers delved, probed in her hot fluid drenched depths and withdrew with raking, rummaging, incitingly deliberate slow passes along her G spot.

"I know what you're doing," she said, "but if you continue like this," Yes, I knew what that meant, I would be left with nothing the aching again. I unzipped my jeans, slid them and my shorts off, to the floor, leaned back, my legs now relaxed on either side of the lounger. "We-e-e-ellll," I said, mimicking her, "you better know what I need," from earlier. Slowly she raised herself, still somewhat in a stupor from my fondling, looking with tender pity on my limp, sulking, and neglected cock. "Oh my, don't we look pitiable," she said, rubbing the tips of her fingers along its limp length, to fondling my balls, as if weighing a delicate object on her fingertips. Stroking, fondling, appraising, perhaps deciding how she was going to continue this game, which she had initiated. Then took one cream puff from the cart, held it above my limp cock and squashed it completely in her hand, squeezing the custard to ooze between her fingers and plop between my thighs, rubbing it generously, stroking my slowly rising erection with this cream custard.

"Ohhhh, now THAT looks delicious," she said, taking bits of the custard from the head of my cock to her lips in such a sensually slow sultry motion. "Mmmmmmm, this is definitely some of the best pastry I have made," Yes, this lady of stature and merit, with her prim and proper presentation at first acquaintance likes it low, slow, messy and slovenly in intimacy. "Would you like a taste,?" she asked, smearing another handful of custard between her thighs, not waiting for a reply from me. I didn't answer, just a chuckle, thinking, "I know what you're up to," as she turned herself around, arched her back and rubbed her custard covered pussy slowly, gyrating on my lips. I must admit, excellent custard it was, her tongue licking the mess she had made on my cock like a cat slowly, methodically cleaning itself. Her slow, deliberate, licking along my now rigid, throbbing cock, lapping on her custard drenched pussy was sending shock waves throughout my body. She was sucking every last drop of custard from my cock with such fervor, such a devotion to cause, as if she were in a rhythmic trance.

A sensation as if flames were racing along my cock. This lady in public, knew no inhibitions in her moments of greedy passionate lust, and I was witness to her unleashing all her fantasies, as she slowly slid herself down, pressing her pussy hard to my chest, along my stomach, spread herself wide and slid my cock in her sticky, custard drenched pussy. Her hands braced well on my knees as she gyrated, rolled her hips, grinding my cock in her depths, pushing her ass, with all her weight tight to my thighs. I could feel her rigged inner ripples of flesh rasping on the tender head of my cock, as she rode up and down, rolling her thighs, I came without warning, sudden convulsions, with such ferocity, it drained all I had within me. I could not tell if she had orgasm or not, I was well beyond thought or control, as she slid herself off, back, resting her ass on my stomach, still continuing to play with my messy, drained cock.

Her ass gently moving on my stomach, and could only feel her hands delicately caressing, fondling my cock in a self pleased way. "Remember this morning I was telling you about a special place,?" she asked, still playfully fondling my cock, her back and ass my only view. "Yes, what about it,? I said "Well, among the cliffs there is a grotto, with a beautiful natural pool, fed by water from hot springs. If you'd like, let's take a picnic and go there tomorrow early morning. I have always fantasized swimming naked and making love in that pool." she said, the first time a hint of more romanticism than pure lust. It seemed to me, by the way she kept fondling, caressing, delicately playful, as if she was having thoughts of something she had missed earlier in her life, and I now was the means to fulfill those missed desires. I knew this was no time for mischievous teasing words.

"Well then," I said, "may I invite YOU to the grotto for a picnic and a swim, in the morning?" knowing the guys at the mine would have to do without me another day. "I'd love that," she said, as if I had made the original suggestion, "why don't we go back to my room and shower off all this stickiness, get dressed and get ready for an early dinner, early night's sleep." "Good idea," I said, "I think we better," We grabbed our scattered clothes, barely dressed we went back down that spiral staircase, a quick, scrubbing each other, teasingly fondling shower, dressed and out the door she led me. She had dinner planned elsewhere tonight, and it was planned. Again we took a route I had not gone before, several corridors, several flights of stairs, the back entrance to the lounge. A table already set, between the roaring fireplace and the stairs leading to the wine cellar. As soon as we came in, Rolf greeted us, as newly welcomed, expected dinner guests, in his formal Maitre attire, and appearance.

"Let's go pick out a nice wine," she said as she led me by the hand down the stairs to the wine cellar. I expected a much damper cooler dreary climate, it was actually quite mild and cozy in it rustic decor. A small round table, covered with an elegant table cloth, two wine glasses, a very large candle, lit, corkscrew, white hand towel neatly folded, with two chairs, a few small dim wall lamps, leading to what seemed like an endless tunnel, lined with dust covered wine bottles in racks on either side. With the candle in her hand for the only light, we walked a few yards down this tunnel and stopped. "Here," she said, "this is one of my favorites, and one I think you will enjoy. I was my grandfather's best, I think." She handed me one bottle and took another, then back out, back up to our table. Rolf was waiting, corkscrew in hand, as we set the bottles on the table and sat down. That wine tunnel stuck in my mind, as Rolf opened the first bottle and poured us each a glass, the tunnel seemed to have no end. A nice relaxing dinner, well into the second bottle of wine. "Is something troubling you,?" she asked, "you seem to drift in and out of thought." "Nothing is troubling me at all," I replied, with a grin "I was just delighting in your pastry tasting earlier." "I have wanted to do that for days now," she said with a flush, now again sitting there, the elegant lady, who one would never guess could be capable of such delicious decadence. "Rolf will show you back to your room," she said softly, "I have a few things I need to take care of yet. Would you like a brandy to take with you?" "Yes I would, thank you," A light kiss, "good night," she said, "I'll wait in my room for you in the morning to go to the grotto," as Rolf came with a small tray, brandy decanter, glass, to guide me back to my room, or perhaps assure that I DO go to my room.

He opened the door for me, set the tray on the dresser and quickly left. I poured myself a nice brandy, lit a cigarette and walked out on the balcony, to relax, digest my dinner and digest the happenings of this day. Perhaps a nice hot shower would slow down my racing mind I thought. I don't know how long I soaked my drained body under that hot water, but it was relaxing, soothing. Quick dry, towel wrapped around me and back out to the warm night air to my brandy, cigarette and thoughts. That wine tunnel kept coming back to mind. I kept getting this feeling that she wanted to lead me to wherever it went, but stopped at those bottles she chose, changing her mind. Time to get some sleep, I thought, closed the door to the balcony behind and stumbled my way to the bed, not having bothered to turn on any lights other than the bathroom.

"Oh myyy," I thought, what I mistook for a crumpled cover on the bed in the dimly lit room was the chambermaid, asleep on my bed. "This can't be happening to me. I wonder how long she's been here, waiting? What now?" My body ready for some real rest, YET. . . . . "I need to find it in me to please this patiently waiting lady," I thought, and it was a genuine desire to do just that. Her half naked body lying there so peacefully, anticipating in dreams I supposed, did arouse my desire, as drained as I was. Sitting carefully on the edge of the bed, just watching her sleep so peacefully. Gently running my hand along her thigh, maybe wake her slowly, and if not, maybe sneak into bed and get some sleep till morning. Eyes still closed, yet as if she sensed, or maybe dreaming, slowly grabbed my hand, spread her thighs slightly, firmly pressed my hand between her thighs and clamped them tight around our hands. "mmmmmmmm," she softly moaned, gyrating her hips, raising her breasts for attention also, with free hand searching, fumbling to pull the towel from around my waist, groping along my thigh, her greedy fingers searching for my cock. This shyly chambermaid had been waiting here too long tonight to bother with ritual foreplay, or the delicate politeness teasing request. With my hand lustfully crushed between her hot, very wet wrenching thighs, it was only a matter of when she felt my member in her other hot, greedy little had was sufficient to satisfy her urgent needs. There was now, "will you, would you, or pleeaase". She was going to have what she had been waiting for. "Nowwwww," she said in soft trembling, impatient voice, "nowwww, pleeeezzz, nowwwww,"

Struggling with urgency to spread her thighs, knees raise, spread wider, pulling my hand around her waist, still firm grip, rapidly guiding, pushing my cock into her quivering pussy, soft wet fleshy thighs raised wrestling to wrap around me. Her deep, rapid guttural, almost choking breathing as I pressed my self deeper and harder to her. Her head wrenched back, arms furiously wrapped around my neck pulling me tight to her breasts, I could feel her stomach muscles twitching as she came, as I came to her quacking orgasm. "Just hold me," she said, "let me fall asleep like this, and wake like this in the morning," in her weak, satisfied, trembling voice, "MORNING,?" I thought, "I guess she made up her mind,to stay," as she dozed off again, peacefully resting her head on my chest, and then I guess with that thought I fell asleep. And morning came all too soon, as I woke and she is still snuggled close to me, lips softly drooling on my chest, maybe still in her dream of last night, arm limp across my chest, her leg entangled with mine. Somehow I had to wake her slowly, gently petting her hair, running my hand across her back. I had that walk to go on with the Countess, someplace farther along the road she keeps talking about.

"Well good morning," I said as she slowly opened her eyes, "Good morning," in her barely awake voice, "I guess I feel asleep before you could shoo me out of here," "No," I said, with a grin "actually you simply said you'd like to wake up like this in the morning, as a matter of fact, not question," "Did I really,?" "Yes you did," I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to impose myself," "I'm not sorry," I said, "it's nice to wake up with your warm smiling little self wrapped around. But, I have to get up and get dressed. The Countess wants to take me to show me something this morning," "Yes, I know," she said, "I'll tidy your room while you have your coffee." "Coffee ? ? ? " it was on the table, hot, fresh.

"Don't even ask how it got there, " I thought A few cups of coffee, dressed, watching her barely dressed little ass fluttering around the room, straightening up, making the bed, relaxed, then reality again, time to go for this adventure with the Countess. "How did you sleep,?" the Countess asked as I met her in the corridor, picnic basket in hand heading in the direction of my room. "Good timing," I thought, not a minute to soon leaving my room in state as I left it," "I slept great, thank you," "Well, are you ready to go for a little walk," she asked, handing me the basket, taking me by the arm and guiding me in the direction. Nice view along the way, the entire valley below, then along a small wooded path, going higher yet between the rocky terrain. "Here we are," she said, with such a glowing, bubbly smile, as the path ended by a large, shallow, crystal clear pool, being fed by a small waterfall. "Beautiful," I though, "completely surrounded by huge rising rocky cliffs, and the densely wooded area. A private little spa,"

From the mist rising from the water, I knew it had to be fed also by natural hot springs, not only the waterfall. She quickly spread out the heavy blanket she had carried, grabbed the basket from my hand, set it down and started tearing off her clothes. "Come on," she said, "this water is so warm and soothing. This is my favorite place on this mountain. I even come here when the ground is covered in snow. It's always nice and hot all year around." Well it didn't take me long to get with act. She was right, it was great. Shallow, crystal clear, very, very warm water, not to mention her elegant naked body floating around me. "Would you open and pour the wine please," she asked, gently, teasingly pushing me in direction of the basket sitting on the flat rock where she had spread the blanket.

Did I have any choice? Glasses and opened bottle in hand, sat myself at the edge, feet dangling in the water, poured us each a glass, a slight clink of the glasses before the first sip. "This is definitely deliciously decadent," I thought, barely ten am, her breasts rubbing my legs as she stood between my thighs, sipping on our wine, her occasional planning glances at my slowly rising erection. Seeing her nipples come more and more erect as she brushed them on my thighs was bringing me to life again. I filled our glasses again.

A few drops of wine she slowly and carefully dribbled on this now proud member, staring her in the face for attention, then as in slow motion, licked, then firmly lips, sucked it off. Again a sip from her glass, and again a few drops to the head of my now very alert erection, again she licked and sucked the wine from its length. Each pass she made was slower and more lingering, yet sucking more intensely with intentional noisy, greedy wet slobbering mouth. A quick glance up at me, "what a delicious sound wine makes," she says, and again the wine, and the slow, engulfing sucking it off. She knew it was taking its toll on my ability to withhold, by my sudden jerks as her tongue wrapped around the now extremely aroused head.

Then without alert, her lips and mouth furiously running, sucking hard along the length of my shaft, sucking harder and faster, not turning loose, n

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