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My name is Joe. I'm a forty year old man who is attracted to
fit, muscular women. I've often fantasized about wrestling and
fighting with women, matching my strength against theirs.

I've never done anything about my fantasies. I'm not very well
off, so I can't just take off and go to some place where I could
indulge myself. I'm also not particularly good looking or fit,
so I don't attract very many women of any kind. Even if I did,
I'm far too shy to ask some girl if she wants to wrestle.

All that changed a few weeks ago. The apartment next to mine
had been vacant for some time, and the building manager wasn't
sure if he could ever get it rented. Then one day when I came
home from work I noticed a light in the apartment next door. I
called the building manager, and he told me that he'd been able
to rent it out that day to a single woman. I began to wonder
what she looked like.

The next evening there was a knock at my door. When I answered
it, there was a tall, attractive woman standing there. She
looked to be about twenty-five or so, and topped my height of
five-nine by at least six inches. She was wearing an oversized
blue sweat suit and sneakers, and her dark hair was in a pony

I said, "Can I help you?"

"Hi, I just moved in next door. My name's Joanne," she said.

I introduced myself, and she said, "I hate to be a bother, but
my phone hasn't been installed yet. May I use yours? It's a
local call."

"Sure," I said, "come on in. The phone's in the kitchen."

Joanne came in and I showed her where the phone was. I returned
to the TV and watched for a few minutes, not really thinking
about what I was seeing. I was thinking about Joanne.

"Thanks a lot," Joanne said as she entered the room. "I really
appreciate it." She noticed the TV. "Anything good on?" she

I forced my attention back to the screen and saw that it was
tuned to a sports station which was running a women's
bodybuilding contest. "I see you're interested in
bodybuilding," said Joanne. "So am I."

"I'm not really into it myself, but I like the way it makes
people look," I said uncomfortably.

Joanne smiled slightly. "I like the way it makes people look,
too," she said enigmatically. "Thanks again for the use of the
phone. See you around."

After she left all I could think of was the big, beautiful woman
who'd moved in next door. I wanted to get to know her better.
I didn't realize at the time that I'd get to know her all too

The next Saturday afternoon I was watching videotapes of women
wrestling when Joanne knocked on my door again. She was dressed
in another oversized sweatsuit, this one gray. "I just wondered
if you were doing anything," she said.

"Just watching some video tapes," I replied. "Nothing very

Joanne walked over to the video tape machine and noticed the
tape I had been watching.

"Oh, I don't know. This looks interesting to me," she said.
"Let's watch for a while. I'm kind of interested in wrestling."

I started the tape again. "Where'd you get this tape?" Joanne
asked. "Most female wrestling tapes I've seen advertised use
skinny bimbos with big tits! These women look like they're in
great shape. Look at the arms on that one!"

"I know of a company that makes women wrestling tapes with
female bodybuilders, powerlifters, women like that."

"Yeah? Do you ever get any tapes of women wrestling men?" she

"Sometimes, when it looks like a good match," I said.

"You like watching that sort of stuff?"

"Well, yeah. Kind of weird, huh?"

"Ever think of trying it yourself?"

"Yeah, sometimes," I replied, somewhat uncomfortable. "Why?"

"Come over to my place. I want to show you something."

Her apartment was about the same size as mine. I used the
second bedroom in my apartment as an office, but she had turned
hers into a gym. There were free weights and a rowing machine,
which could be folded up and hung on a wall. The floor was
covered with gym mats.

"Now you know my secret," Joanne said. She started to step out
of her sweatpants. "I'm a bodybuilder, and I like to wrestle,
too." She pulled the sweatshirt off over her head and stood
there in only bikini pants and a tee shirt. "What do you
think?" Joanne asked as she flexed her arms.

Joanne's body looked solid. Powerful muscles exploded under her
velvety skin as she posed for me. Her flexed biceps looked as
large and hard as softballs. Muscles rippled in her thighs, and
her calves bulged with power. She pulled up her tee shirt to
show off the hard ridges of sinew in her abdomen. The breadth
of her shoulders was astounding. In general, she put my own
body to shame.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Joanne asked

"Wow!" I finally managed to gasp. "You're incredible!"

"Thank you kind sir," Joanne bowed. "The reason I was asking
all those questions back at your place was because I haven't
been able to get the exercise I need since I moved. My last
'partner' didn't want to come with me. I guess I wore him out.
Anyway, I'm looking for a replacement. You interested?"

"What, you want me to be your training partner?" I felt
slightly foolish.

"Not exactly. I don't need motivation when I lift, but I get my
best exercise wrestling," Joanne replied.

"I don't think I'd be much of a match for you. I'm pretty much
out of shape."

"Don't worry. A few weeks with me and you'll start getting into
shape -- that is, if you're still around in a few weeks."

"What if I say no?" I wanted to know.

"Well, that might be a problem. If you refuse, then you might
have a hard time leaving here today." Joanne looked me up and
down appraisingly. "I don't think you can beat me to the door
from where you are right now."

"Are you threatening me?" I demanded. I was not pleased to note
that I sounded scared.

"Well, yeah."

I made the most foolish decision of my life so far. "OK, I'll
do it," I said. "I've always wanted to do this. Why not?"

Joanne beamed at me. "Great. Let's get started. You go and get
changed, then come back here. And don't forget, I know where
you live."

I went back to my place and changed into a tee shirt, sweat
pants, and socks. "Well, you're about to live your fantasy," I
told my image in the mirror. "I hope you know what you're

I quickly returned to Joanne's place. She had placed the rowing
machine up on the wall and the weights were in the closet. She
laughed when she saw my upper body. "Man, I'm going to have to
take it pretty easy with you. Ready? Let's get started."

I felt somewhat insulted by her attitude. We started circling
on the mat. Joanne feinted toward me a couple of times. I
charged her, but she easily evaded me and we continued to
circle. There was a small, mocking smile on Joanne's pretty

Suddenly, Joanne was on me before I could move! She wrapped her
brawny arms around my chest and lifted me off the floor. I
gritted my teeth and tried to pull her arms apart, but couldn't
make any headway. Joanne suddenly threw herself backwards and
flung me across the room. I flew head over heels until I
smacked into the wall. I collapsed to the floor and lay flat on
my back, gasping for breath. Joanne walked over and straddled
me in a schoolboy pin, holding my shoulders down solidly on the
mat. "I win the first fall; don't you agree?" she asked with a
smile. I nodded and tried to regain my breath while Joanne got
up and stood over me. Slowly I got to my feet, my legs shaking.
I had never encountered such strength before.

"Time for the second fall," said Joanne. I tried to back away,
but Joanne quickly closed the distance between us and enveloped
my head with one sinewy arm. She flipped me over her hip, and I
found myself again with my back against the mats. This time,
though, Joanne retained her headlock and stayed on top of me.
Joanne was squeezing hard, and I felt the side of my face go
numb where her forearm pressed against it.

"Want to give?" she asked.

"No," I managed to grunt.

"God, you're a stubborn little wimp. You'd better give. If you
don't, I'm going to have to squeeze you a little harder."

I thrashed my lower body around, trying to dislodge Joanne, but
the big, powerful girl ignored my struggles and maintained her
grip. So far the pain in my head and face was bad, but
bearable. I used my arms to try and break her headlock, but
couldn't move her arm. Joanne laughed, then said, "Aww, is
that the best you can do? It's still early, and you aren't even
strong enough to move one of my arms! What's it going to be
like when you get tired?"

I tried again to shake her off, but she was too strong. I was
finally able to twist my head around until I could see Joanne's
face. Her weight pinned me solidly to the mat, and her mighty
arms encircled my head. She looked down into my face. "You
probably should give up this fall now," she said. "If you do,
wave one of your arms. I know you can't talk right now." She
was right. With her arm locking my jaw and her breast crammed
against my mouth, I couldn't even grunt.

Again I tried to free my head from its prison. "OK, Baby,"
Joanne said. "It's your funeral." I saw her face change, and
could see the muscles ripple in her neck and shoulders as she
tightened her grip.

The pain was unbelievable! I had thought she was bluffing when
she'd threatened to squeeze tighter, but now I realized that she
had been using only part of her strength until now. I felt a
terrible pressure around my head, and thought that my skull
might crack! My vision blurred, and I saw fireworks going off!
I couldn't believe that any woman was this strong.

Suddenly, blissfully, the pressure abated somewhat. I saw
Joanne's lips move, and seemed to hear the words from far away.
"If you want to give, Sweetie, wave your arm." I weakly waved
an arm, and she released my aching head and stood up.

I lay there for at least five minutes. I was vaguely aware that
Joanne left the room briefly. When I sat up, she had changed
into a bikini top that matched the pants she wore. She was
holding a glass of water and a small bottle.

"Headache?" she asked with mock sympathy. "Here, have some

I gratefully swallowed two of the pills and washed them down. I
then got to my feet and wobbled around for a while. Joanne
leaned against a wall with a superior smile on her pretty lips.
I noticed that she had not even started to sweat. Her muscular
arms were crossed across her thick chest as she watched me
struggle to walk upright.

After I had stopped staggering, she said, "Time for the third

"What? You've got to be kidding! I'm not ready!"

"Does it look like I'm kidding?" she asked. "That was a
statement. Time for the third fall." Joanne moved away from
the wall and started to stalk me. There was no other word for
it. I retreated as well as I could, but I was still woozy from
the headlock, and the room wasn't that big.

Joanne closed the gap between us with a quick leap that caught
me by surprise. She ducked quickly and caught me across her
shoulders, then stood up and carried me around the room. "Now
what should I do to this piece of garbage?" she mused out loud.
"I can't put it in the trash can, it's too big. I know! I'll
just dump it." Straightening her arms, she lifted me over her
head and then dropped my limp body from a height of nearly seven
feet. I frantically tried to get my feet under me, but landed
hard on my belly. The air left my lungs as I smashed into the
mat. This time Joanne just watched as I tried to crawl away
from her. It took several minutes until I was able to reach my
feet again, and I knew it was just a matter of time until Joanne
had me again.

Joanne moved toward me again and I cowered away from her.
"What's the matter, you scared of a girl?" Joanne taunted. Her
hand shot out like a snake striking and slapped me hard on the
cheek. It sounded like a gunshot, and I felt as though I'd been
punched. "You should be scared of me!" Her left hand then shot
out and gave my other cheek the same treatment. "That's what I
think about turning the other cheek."

Then she was on top of me again. I tried to do something,
anything, to keep out of her grasp, but she easily tripped me
with one sturdy leg. I fell to the mat hard, and tried to
scramble to my feet again but Joanne wouldn't permit it. She
slipped behind me and enclosed my waist with her muscular
thighs. I struggled to keep her legs from locking, but she
ignored my feeble efforts and tightened her vise.

The rest of the air was crushed from my lungs. Joanne held my
arms in an unbreakable grip while she continued to constrict my
waist. The skin of her thighs rippled as the muscles beneath
continued to crush the life from me. I tried to surrender, but
didn't have enough breath, and Joanne wouldn't release my arms.
I made a strangled gasp, but Joanne didn't (or wouldn't)
understand. I dimly realized that the stricture on my waist had
eased, and heard Joanne speaking to me.

"How do you like this, you flabby wimp? My legs are just like
two steel rollers, crushing you down to nothing. I'm stronger
than you ever dreamed about, isn't that right? If I squeezed as
hard as I could I'd probably kill you, especially the shape
you're in."

Joanne released her grip and stood over me as I lay on the mat,
gasping for breath. She put one foot on my chest in a victory
pose. "I said I'd get you into shape," she said, "but
considering your lack of conditioning, I may kill you doing it.
You're nothing but a flabby weakling. I got the hint when I saw
those tapes at your place. You like nothing better than being
beat up by a woman." Joanne sneered at me and continued, "Well,
I'll be glad to oblige. My last partner got fed up and tried to
leave. I understand he'll be out of the hospital any day now.
Don't get any ideas about leaving. It might make me mad, and I
don't think you'd like it too much if I got mad."

She turned abruptly and left the room. I slowly regained my
breath and was able to sit up. By the time I'd reached my
knees, Joanne had returned with a towel. She tossed it to me
and ordered me to wipe the sweat off. I quickly complied, and
Joanne smiled. "Good," she said. "At least you're starting to
learn to take orders from your superior. Ready or not, here I
come again."

I was still struggling to get off my knees when Joanne crashed
into my chest with her shoulder. I found myself pinned beneath
her again. She sat on my chest with her knees pinning my arms
to the mats. Joanne reached behind her and unhooked her bra,
then tossed it into the corner. Her breasts were firm, needing
no support, and sat proudly on her large chest. "Like them?"
she asked. "Maybe you want a closer look."

Capturing my wrists with her strong hands, Joanne slid her legs
down my body until her legs were intertwined with mine,
stretching my lower limbs apart. I felt an incredible pain in
my knees and crotch as Joanne forced my legs asunder. Then she
released my wrists and dropped her upper torso onto my face.
She was tall enough that my face rested almost exactly between
her breasts. I could feel Joanne's arms around my head, pulling
my face even deeper into her chest. I realized that I was being
suffocated by her flesh! Even though I was in desperate
trouble, I could feel myself becoming hard.

"What's this? Do I feel a bump down there?" Joanne asked. She
raised her weight slightly off my lower body, then drove her
hips down into my groin. "You're a bad boy, Joey," she
continued. "It's not time for fun yet." I fought furiously to
free myself, but Joanne easily held me captive. Her arms were
crushingly strong, squashing my face flat against her chest. I
felt my knees creak and pop as she spread my legs out even
farther than before. I thrashed my arms furiously, trying to
dislodge her, but it was no use. "That's it, Baby, struggle. I
like my wimps to struggle," murmured Joanne. I can't remember
exactly when I lost consciousness, but I thought I heard Joanne
humming a lullaby.

I came around to find Joanne standing over me. "Well, decided
to rejoin the living, did you?" she laughed.

"Please, Joanne, don't hurt me any more," I begged. "I'll do
whatever you want."

"Yes, you will do whatever I want," she agreed with a sneer,
"because you're nothing but a wimpy little piece of shit with
flabby muscles, and I'm superior to you in every way." She
looked at me appraisingly. "I'm not sure you've really learned
your lesson yet though."

"Joanne, no, please I mean it!" I cried. "Please, don't!" But
she ignored my protests and sat down behind me. Using her hands
to pull my head up high into her crotch, Joanne crossed her legs
and tightened her scissors hold on my already sore head.

The pain was indescribable. Along with the pain was the
knowledge that Joanne had the power to hurt me badly, maybe kill
me, if she wanted to, and that brought the fear. "I told you my
former partner was in the hospital, remember?" Joanne asked. "I
put him there with these legs. My body scissors gave him a few
broken ribs, and this hold broke his jaw." She tensed her inner
thigh muscles a bit to let me know there was plenty of power in
reserve. "Of course, I'd never use all my power on you, because
you'd never try and run away, right, Baby?" She punctuated her
words with another jolt from those potent thigh muscles. I
tried to grunt to indicate my agreement (at this point I'd agree
with whatever she said) and Joanne seemed to understand. She
held me just tightly enough so that I couldn't escape, then
continued to talk.

"Well, now that neither of us is going anywhere for a while,"
she said, "I'll tell you something about me. I'm six-three in
my stocking feet and I weigh two hundred and ten pounds of
mostly bone and muscle. My chest is forty-six inches, waist
twenty-nine, hips forty. My biceps are nineteen inches, my
thighs twenty-nine, and my calves are nearly twenty inches."
Joanne jolted my head again with a quick tensing of her thighs.
"And I love kicking the asses of little wimpy men who live next

Suddenly she shifted her legs into figure-four headscissors.
"Now, I'll see how soon I can knock you out again, wimp!"

I could feel myself blacking out as her thick muscles cut off
the supply of blood to my brain and air to my lungs. I
struggled intensely to pull her legs away from my neck, but it
was no use. I was out quickly.

When I came to again, Joanne was kneeling astride my chest. I
could feel her slapping my face with a damp towel, trying to
bring me around. When my eyes opened, she tossed the towel away
and smiled. "Now comes the fun part, at least for me," said
Joanne with a smile. "Usually it takes a little longer to get
to this point, but you're so damn weak that I'm afraid you'd
break something if we kept going."

Joanne was perspiring slightly now, and the sheen of sweat on
her tanned skin glistened like oil under the lights. It was
then I noticed that she had removed her panties. The dark hair
of her crotch glistened with moisture as she brought it closer
to my face. I found myself staring into her vagina. "I believe
that a woman's pleasure comes first," Joanne purred, "and a
man's pleasure comes a long way last. Now you give me some
pleasure. You know what I mean, I'm sure. The minute I feel
like you haven't got your heart in it, I start squeezing."
Joanne wrapped her enormous thighs around my head, keeping my
face jammed in her crotch, and gave me a quick jolt to let me
know what I was in for. "Better start now, Baby."

I don't remember much after that. Joanne fucked my face
repeatedly, until I finally passed out. When I came to I was in
my own apartment, buck naked. There was a note stuck to my

"Dear Joe, I expect you to be ready to wrestle again at a
moment's notice. I'll either get you in shape or kill you
trying. You're welcome to come over almost anytime to use the
weights and rower. By the way, if you're thinking of trying to
quit on me, forget it. I know where you live and I've got a
terrible temper. See you. Joanne"

So I guess I'm in for it now. Hope I can get in shape to last a
little longer next time.


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