My Black Affair...Wedded woman true confession of an interracial affair!  

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10/15/2005 9:34 am

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My Black Affair...Wedded woman true confession of an interracial affair!

Hello! Before I introduce myself i want u all 2 know that this is my true life story, not just a fantasy or something else. So, believe me or not, this is it: My name is Josephine (but everybody is calling me Jo). I'm a 40yo married women with 1 kid (a 19yo boy). I'm just a ordinary women from France (Macon) and i work as a teacher (I teach History in high school). I will resume for u my life till 1 year ago. Im not very beautiful but not ugly also. Lets just say that im very sexy 4 my age. I met my husband 22 years ago and at the age of 20 i was already pregnant. then we got married and then we had our first child. I never cheat my husband all this years and i know 4 sure that he was very true 2 me also. We had our fights during this years but nothing serious. We raised our son very well, now he is in high school, we make good money and, 2 be short, lets just say that our life was great. I'M VERY VERY HAPPY WITH MY HUBS AND MY SON. My sexlife was normal. We never watched porn or something like that, just normal sex anytime we feel we want it.
So it all started 1 day, 1 year ago. I was reading this magazine and they have 2 pages only for sex questions. And my eyes fall on a question, from a white women, who was interested 2 find out if its true that black men's have the largest penis, like about 11-12 inches. I was very surprised when i read the sexology answer who agreed with the women. Immediately i remembered my husband who was almost half of a black men. I smiled. This was my firs contact with my imagination. Since i was married i never had sex fantasies or something like that. But 1 night, after that, i dreamed of me making love with something very big but i wasn't able 2 see what was it (but i know it wasn't my husband). I was scared in the morning cause 4 the first time, after all this years, i was having a sex fantasy.

So the time passed. When my boy was 18yo, on his birthday, we rent a restaurant 4 him and his friends. It was a great party. He was now a major, thats why we made it look big. All his friends from high school were invited. 50 persons were there in that night. Around 2 a.m. my husband was kind of dizzy from the alcohol and i went 2 the garderobe 2 get him some pills from my purse. I drank too but i wasn't dizzy or something like that. When i got 2 the garderobe i found there 1 of my boy's friend: his classmate Frances, a black boy. He was very drunk and when he find out that im there 2 get some pills 4 my husband he asked me 2 get him some, too. We made a normal conversation (normal thinking of how drunk he was) and then, suddenly he told me that im the most sexiest women that he ever saw. Then i realized how drunk he was. He said that he likes me cause im white, much older and married. After i blushed, believe me - i dont know why-, i told him about my fantasia and i ask him the same question that i read it in that magazine long time ago. He was very very surprised, like i woke him from that alcohol. He told me that is true. I blushed again. Then he said "let me show u". The time stopped 4 me: if i would said "ok" then i would cheat my husband 4 the first time in my life and i didn't know if i could live with that but if i would said "don't" i might loose my only chance 2 make my fantasy come true (dont know if i could live with that either). So I said "so what-i will just look nothing else". And there it was-the most beautiful and HUGE black penis i ever saw in my life was standing in front of me.
I felt a great heat thru all my body. "do u like it?"- he said,wakein me up from my dream. I said "of course, its so big-i think its double that my husband". "do u want 2 touch it?" i said ok its just a touch nothing more. so i put my hand slowly on his penis. it felt great. his eyes were closed. then he put his hands on my shoulder and, slowly, he start 2 push me on my knees. As i was now on my knees i was standing face 2 face with my dream: huge and black. "Please mam, put your mouth on it. I know u want it and u know i want it. It will be our little secret".
And so it started. I put my tongue on his penis and i start 2 lick it from bottom 2 head. I lick his balls, too. Then i start 2 suck his huge penis. I felt it grow in my mouth. It taste so good. In that moment i was thinking about my husband but i was enjoyed 2 much now. After i suck him 4 about 15min,
I stand up, he put his hands under my dress and get my panties down. Then he sit on a chair and asked me 2 sit over him. I put his penis easily in me and i start 2 jump on him.Oh my God it was great. 4 the first time in my life i felt like i was in heaven. I jumped on his penis harder and harder while he was sucking my nipples. We kissed each other and we make love in different position 4 another half hour. then he whisper in my ear:"wanna taste my cum?" I closed my eyes. He took that sign as a "yes". I was laying on my back when he approach his penis next 2 my mouth. I opened my mouth large but i never open my eyes. Then he shot me with his warm cum all over my face. Most of it came into my mouth and the taste was great. I never taste Whiteman's cum but im sure black men's cum is very good. After that he kissed me again and he said "Thank you mam, that was great!" and he left. I never saw him since then. My husband was already sleeping in alcohol when i got back 2 our table (after 50 min).
The next few days were horrible. It was a fight inside me about what happened: it was wrong or it was good. Sometimes i was crying cause i cheated my husband, sometimes i was masturbating in the shower thinking at what i did.
Few days ago (several months after my experience), i had 2 go 2 my kid's school 4 a parents meeting where the teachers talk with us, the parents, about our kids. After it finished, i was getting 4 the exit door when a men grab my hand (a black men) and said 2 me in my ear:" I know what u and my son did. i wanna talk 2 u so wait me outside pls!" I was so scared...i figured that his son told his father about us and now he wants a revenge. Outside he approached me and he said:" my son told me that u love black men's cocks. He said u r very good in bed and i wanna try it with u. Its better not 2 argue if u dont want your husband and kid 2 find out. Pls follow me with your car and everything will be ok." He kissed me on my lips then he went 2 his car. It was like a bad dream 2 me but something inside me was telling me that i will like this. So i followed him till we got 2 his apartment. There i was very surprised: in his apartment were flowers all over the place(red roses), really nice soft music, candles in every corner(the light was off) and a table (for 2 persons) in the middle, just ready 4 dinner. I started 2 feel young again. He cooked 4 me and we eat, we talk, we laugh. Thats how i find out that his wife died 3 years ago. Then he invited me to dance with him. So we dance and he start kissing my neck, my ears, my lips. And i kiss him back. I was already wet. Then he start 2 undress me slowly and i reach my hands 2 his pants. When i found his penis i realize that his son was just a kid. HUGE! I suck his penis for 1 HOUR. We made that 69 position and it was great. 1 hour of oral sex. in 1 hour he came twice in my mouth. Great sensation! then we made love! not just sex but real passion! we made it in every position we known. the best one was with me in doggy style position and he pushing his organ in me, deeper and deeper, listening the sound of his belly Touchin my ass. I was on my 4 legs and he was keeping me by my hair with one hand and with the other hand he was pushing my ass into his penis. He also convince me 2 try anal sex-it hurts but is a very exciting pain. Then, when he was about 2 finish, i put my mouth near his penis and he cums on my face. After i clean his penis, he kissed me and he said that im the women of his dreams.
I didn't think at my family at all. I was feeling 2 good with Francis's father (Christian).
I saw him 3 times since then and every time we make love with more and more passion. My husband doesn't suspect a thing. But im afraid that Francis could tell my boy something. And then what?

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12/4/2005 12:08 pm

i think it is sick you cheated on your husband. you fucked your sons friend. i am sure the boy you screwed is telling all his friends so now when your son is around them they will always be laughing at him behind his back. the guys father and son probally joke at what a slut you are and love the position of power they have over you. and your poor husband should throw you out on the street

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