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The sun warmed her face as she tipped her chin up into the blanket of summer heat. She had closed her eyes long ago, only after his bronzed chest and shoulders finally failed to block the blazing disk that made its way across the sky above them. She stretched luxuriously under him, her hands and arms exploring the hard contours of muscle and bone. Then, as if gliding through a warm, shifting sea, she spread her arms wide, hands plunging into the warm sand just beyond the edges of the rumpled towel. "Nothing should feel this good," she thought.

The corners of her wide mouth rose slightly. A small space opened between her lips. His movements were achingly slow, maddeningly precise, wonderfully matched to her own rhythms. He floated and landed, again and again, filling her with inch after inch of firm, tireless flesh. He was a perfect fit.

She squinted up at him, now needing to watch him as they both neared an effortless climax. His golden face showed the lines and creases of many summers spent in the Florida sun. He answered her gaze with smiling eyes, assuring her that he shared every detail of her joy.


She jumped, startled at the intrusion into her daydream. Jack stood beside her, waiting impatiently for her attention. Eyeing her reflection in the newly cleaned window, she backed away and turned to acknowledge him.

"A penny for your thoughts? You were a million miles away!"

Lowering the bucket and washrag to the floor, she walked to him, smiling her best smile. Her hands moved smoothly around his waist as her mouth begged for a kiss. She had decided against a bra this Saturday morning, and had left an extra button undone on the fresh cotton blouse. Susan watched her husband take a long look at her breasts and hardening nipples. She giggled as she caught him staring.

"What's so funny?" he replied, grinning from ear to ear.

"Like what you see?"

"I love what I see, but I wouldn't go shopping like that if I were you."

"Who said anything about shopping?" she teased.

Her fingers trailed across his stomach, down to the fly of his freshly pressed slacks. She rubbed lightly along the length of the zipper, finally finding the soft bulge behind it. It thickened under her hand, and she smiled again, warmed by his response.

"Look Hon, I'm playing golf with the boss this morning. I have to leave now to make it on time. You know how important this promotion is to our future. How about a raincheck?"

"Aw, c'mon. Wouldn't you rather stay home and play with me?"

"Sure I would, but this is important. Gotta go!"

Pulling away, he hefted the bag of clubs to his shoulder as he turned and headed for the door. After two steps, he stopped, returned hurriedly to where he had left her standing, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise."

She stood silently as she watched him dart through the door. Seconds later, she heard the familiar roar of the red Corvette as he pulled from the driveway, then the dying growl as it raced away from her.

She returned to the window, again noticing her reflection on the sparkling surface.

"Not too bad for twenty-eight years. I'm definitely in better shape than any of my friends."

The buttons of the blouse popped open as she pulled at them, finally baring her to the waist. She was proud of her breasts. They weren't large, but she liked the pert, round shape of them; there was just enough to jiggle when she walked. Sometimes she wondered if Jack wished they were larger, although she was sure he would never tell her. He hadn't found much time for her lately, and sex had become too infrequent as the months passed.

"He's just working too hard," she told herself as she lightly brushed the small, hard nipples with both hands.

"He's doing it for us, for our future. I should be happy."

As she resumed her housework, she found her thoughts returning to the warm beach, the crashing waves, and the bronzed lover who fit so neatly inside her. Had Jack been there, he would have heard her sharp gasps and seen her hand at work inside the faded cutoffs, then watched her slim body's regular spasms as she cried out softly, "Oh God, oh God, please fuck me..."


Small droplets of sweat fell from Jack's face as he labored at his desk. He had remained at work long after the others had returned to their wives, husbands and families.

The last rays of the setting sun entered the tall windows behind him, bathing the stark walls with a golden glow, painting the office with color. The roomful of glass and steel projected a maze of geometric shadows onto the far wall. Susan had called the dŽcor a cross between Captain Kirk and the Marquis de Sade, but Jack was sure her dislike was more for the young, quirky, blonde decorator.

Gasping and panting as he worked, he continued to enjoy the gleaming landscape of throat, breasts, and belly spread across the glass desktop. His hands wandered over the smooth firm curves of her body as she smiled up at him. Was it a look of amusement, or satisfaction? He could never tell.

Her large breasts bounced sharply with each of his thrusts. Cascades of raven hair fell over the opposite edge of the desk, shimmering and coursing like a dark waterfall.

At just the right moment, she whispered, "Come in me, Jack. Now."

It was all he needed to nudge him over the edge. Losing control as she moaned in her own approaching orgasm, he felt the semen surge through the length of his penis, then rush into her as their cries rose to fill the empty office.

He stood between her legs, recovering, watching her panting body finish its rhythmic spasms as she whipped her head from side to side. She finally went limp; her body relaxed, exhaling a final deep sigh.

She opened her eyes slowly, then, after a minute, knew she would have to be the first to break the silence.

"Ummmm, that was great, Jack. It was just what I needed after a day like today. Thanks, Boss."

Jack smiled back as he pulled out of her, satisfied with her praise. He glanced at the clock and winced.

"Shit! It's late! I promised Susan I'd be home on time tonight. Damn!"

"Jack, you're such a charmer."

"Yeah, right Jacqueline."

She strolled to the middle of the dark office, keeping her back to him as she bent to retrieve a dark wisp of fabric from the thick carpet. She paused, teasing him with a tempting view of her perfect ass.

"Jesus, she's beautiful!" Jack told himself. His gaze followed the long lines of her slender tapering legs from ankles to ass, finally stopping and at the pouting labia, still moist with his semen.

Moving her face from behind the silky column of leg against leg, she smiled back at him, knowing the effect she had on him.

"Like what you see?"

Her words startled him a little. His conscience rose to remind him that Susan had used the same words only two days ago to show her need for him. He was used to managing the guilt that accompanied these sessions with Jacqueline, but the uncanny coincidence caught him off- guard.

Jack dressed faster and glanced at the clock again, now realizing it was very late. Susan would surely be worried or upset by now, and he would have to fabricate another excuse. Cursing to himself, he allowed his face to show the uneasiness he felt.

"OK. I recognize that 'Susan will be upset' look all too well. Jack, you really should decide what you want. Your life would be much less complicated."

Her unsolicited advice irritated him, but he knew better than to let the situation escalate. Besides, he had to get home.

Forcing a smile as he adjusted his tie, he answered, "Variety's the spice of life, Jacqueline!"

"I'm satisfied with our little arrangement, Jack. I just hope you are."

"Couldn't be happier," he huffed as he patted the sheer black panties, now stretched over her firm ass. He bolted for the door, then paused as he looked back at her, taking one last look at the nearly naked, statuesque beauty.

"Oh, Jacqueline, are the McKenzie files ready for our meeting tomorrow?"

"Yes, Jack. Don't worry, everything will be fine. Have I ever let you down?"

He knew she was right. With her combination of brains, beauty, and cool composure under the worst kind of pressure, he was sure she wouldn't remain his assistant for long.

Smiling with admiration, he replied, "Well, you certainly haven't this evening! Bye!"

He closed the door just in time to avoid the black lace bra she fired at him as he left. Jacqueline stood there, her body bathed in the blue glow from the city lights, shaking her head slowly and smiling.


Black on White on Black ... see it all here!____________________________

Susan squeezed through the door, trying to keep the sudden fall chill from entering behind her. She was early as usual, eager to spend the day designing vacations for the clients of the small but innovative travel agency.

She leafed through the stack of new brochures while waiting for the monitor to come to life. A quick study, she learned to use the PC soon after taking the job, but still preferred the look and feel of the slick, glossy pamphlets. Before long, lush colorful scenes from Brazil, Sweden, Costa Rica, France, and Thailand were spread across her desk as she imagined Jack and herself sweltering on a Rio beach, or exploring a Costa Rican rainforest, surrounded by tropical foliage and exotic wildlife. They hadn't been on a vacation since their honeymoon five years ago. Now her love of travel and faraway lands was spent sending others to places she longed for. "If only Jack could get away," she sighed.

"And what did you and loverboy do this weekend?"

Elaine stood behind her, watching her drool over the pictures.

"Oh, Elaine, I didn't know you were in yet."

"Obviously not. Lost in one of your fantasies again?"

Susan blushed as she gathered the pamphlets and returned them to the stack. Elaine joined the agency two years before her. She had helped show her the ropes, and they quickly became best friends. Susan was grateful for someone she could confide in, and was often surprised at how easily she was able to share her most private thoughts and feelings. But Elaine was like that. Outspoken and uninhibited, she possessed a natural talent for eliciting the most candid responses from those close to her.

"Well, c'mon. Tell me. Did it work? Did he rip your clothes off and screw you right there in the kitchen? Tell me!"

"Not quite. He had a tee time with his boss. He's working really hard to get this promotion. It was just bad timing."

"You're kidding! Oh Susan, I'm sorry. You must be devastated, you poor thing!"

"Really Elaine, it's no big deal. He'll make it up to me. It's for our future."

"But what about you? I know how horny you are. It's written all over you. You can't be satisfied much longer by those fantasy studs of yours!"

"Shhh! Elaine! Not so loud. We have customers."

They both looked up at once into the amused face of the first customer of the day. His piercing gray eyes stared back at them, refusing to show the slightest trace of embarrassment. Elaine smiled and retreated, but not before giving Susan a wink and a teasing nudge as she left.

"Hi. What can I help you with today?" Susan offered quickly.

"Well, I'd like to plan a vacation, but I'm looking for something a bit different - something exotic, away from the usual tourist traps."

"That's our specialty! In fact, we've just received these new brochures -"

With a nervous wave of her hand, she managed to send the stack of pamphlets flying. In an instant, she was kneeling beside her desk, reassembling the scattered paper into a random hodgepodge of color. She could sense him close to her as he knelt to help with the mess. Looking up from the floor to thank him, she caught him staring, and tried to look away.

There was something about his face that held her. He wasn't handsome, but had a look that promised to welcome any response she would make. A thick, black mustache framed a constant smile that displayed rows of dazzlingly white teeth behind it. He projected a feeling of familiarity, and Susan found herself comparing his ability to set her at ease with Elaine's.

Seconds passed. Or was it minutes? The busy office around them seemed to stand still. She felt as though she was emptying herself into the dark wells of his eyes. Flecks of gold floated in the surrounding green of each iris. The effect was hypnotizing. Now her world existed in the tumbling patterns that held her motionless, fixed in his gaze.

The sensation was subtle, but unmistakable in its intent. The smooth stroke caressed her thigh, finally nesting in the moist folds between her legs. She allowed the sudden warmth to wash over her. It surrounded her, dark, calm and soothing, as she surrendered everything that she was, allowing him to know her completely.

"Do you like this?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"So, when might I be able to go?" he asked. The brilliant green of a tropical forest now blocked her view of him as he held the pamphlet up for her approval.

"Oh! Um, well, let me check the, ah, the, the. . ."

"The computer?" he added, smiling, as he lightly tapped the monitor.

Back at her desk, she began the sequence of mouse clicks and field entries necessary to construct his trip. He would go alone.

"I just need to escape for a while," he had answered. "Unless you'd like to join me," he grinned.

"Don't I wish!" she thought to herself, then nervously hit the "Exit" key by mistake. Apologizing, she started over. He sat back in his chair, almost amused she thought, and watched her work while the gold flecks rolled and sparkled in his green eyes.

Soon the arrangements were completed, and he left just as suddenly as he had arrived. The rest of the morning was a blur - a few more customers, the usual paperwork, and of course Elaine's relentless questions and suggestive ribbing.

At 12:01, she plunged into the biting wind again, this time not seeming to mind the sting on her cheeks, and wondered how she could have accepted Winston Dunne's not-so-innocent invitation to join him for lunch.


He didn't mind at all when she sat him in the large comfortable chair and proceeded to tie his wrists to the heavy wooden arms. She had collected several of his best ties during his frequent visits to her lavishly appointed home, and secured him tightly with two of her favorites. Jacqueline had never shown a penchant for bondage before, but Jack was always game for a new adventure.

She smiled wickedly as she circled him, pacing like a hungry lioness. When she was satisfied with her handiwork, she stopped and looked down at him, almost able to hear his pounding heartbeat from the short distance that separated them.

Without a word, she slowly stripped in front of him, never taking her eyes off his unbelieving expression. Finally naked, she dropped to her knees, and then crawled toward him. Her hungry hands unfastened his belt, opened his fly, and pulled the stiff shaft of rubbery meat into the dim candlelight of her bedroom. Taking the hard purple head into her mouth, she circled the flared edge of it several times, then explored the gaping opening with the pointed tip of her tongue. She brought him to the edge again and again, always stopping when his thighs began to shake and his head fell back onto the padding of the high-backed chair.

Just as Jack thought he would finally find relief from her torture, Jacqueline stopped, rose to her feet and walked to the TV, six feet from where she had placed Jack's chair. She tapped the switch, filling the room with the set's blue glow.

"Ummm, Jacqueline. Dirty movies?"

"Yes, Jack, dirty movies."

He stared intently at the couple, barely discernable in the dim light. The girl was naked. Slim and long-waisted with velvet skin, she stood with her back to the camera, facing her lover as she slowly removed his clothing. The camera zoomed closer, now showing more clearly the rising of his chest as he breathed deeply, and his masterful eyes as he watched her. Trembling fingers undid button after button of the crisp white shirt. Her hands found their way inside, damp palms testing the warm flesh of his shoulders, arms, and belly. She moved a step closer and rested her cheek on his bare chest, her arms now clinging to his lean torso. He smiled and moved his hands down her long back, stopping to lightly caress the silky firmness of her ass. She stiffened slightly and allowed a soft cry of surprise to escape when his fingers worked their way lower into the damp crevice between her legs.

Click. The screen went black. Jacqueline stood between Jack and the TV, remote in hand. Again, she went to her knees, crawled to him, and sucked the dripping head of his cock into her mouth. He chuckled, finally seeing her little game. She brought him to the brink of orgasm one more time, then stopped, looking up into his pleading eyes.

"Do you like my little movie, Jack?"

"Christ, Jacqueline, you've outdone yourself this time! You have to give me the title when we're done. Looks like a must for my collection. Where'd you get it?"

"Want to see more?"

"Hell yes. I can play this game as long as you can!"

"We'll see about that, Jack."


100%, completely and totally FREE. New clips EVERY DAY.


The screen flickered for a few seconds, then came to life. Jack returned his attention to the screen, wondering how much longer he could possibly hold out as Jacqueline sat at his feet and gently stroked his genitals with both hands.

The girl's lover was naked, his hard angular body now a silhouette in the surrounding shadows. She was on her knees in front of him, again with her back to the camera. Reaching into the darkness, she moved his erection into the light, milking and stroking it just inches from her face. Soon it was obvious that she had taken him into her mouth. The muscles of her neck and back hardened and twisted and her hair danced to her even rhythm as she pulled at his meaty cock. Although her face remained away from the camera, the regular wet sucking sounds left nothing to the imagination. Her body jerked and swayed as she devoured him with abandon. She continued tirelessly, until finally, his hips rocked frantically as he came in her mouth. Long moans rose from the darkness while she greedily swallowed every drop of her warm, salty reward.

Click. The screen went black again and Jacqueline's mouth was on him immediately. She licked and nibbled his stomach, tracing the creases of his groin past the stiff shaft to his tightened sac. One at a time, she sucked his balls into her mouth, firmly licking and prodding them with her tongue. Jack chuckled as he tried to free his wrists from the arms of the heavy chair.

"Give up, Jack? I know you're ready to cum."

"You've got it all wrong, Jacqueline. I could enjoy this for hours."

"Well then, it looks like I have no choice but to force your surrender."

"Do your best, my dear. Now, can you do that thing with your tongue again?"

Click. The girl was now on her hands and knees, suspended over his lean, naked body. Slowly but deliberately, her delicate fingers lifted his cock, positioning it just under her glistening slit. She lowered herself onto it, letting it enter her, an inch at a time, until it completely filled her. Then, very slowly, she rose and fell on it, gradually increasing the plunging of her narrow hips to a frenzied pace. Quiet little grunts and sobs echoed through the room, a predictable cadence to the nearly blurred motion of her small hungry body. Her cries turned to louder whimpering, then to a series of long moans as she continued to suck him inside her.

It was more than enough to overcome Jack's best attempt to prolong the game. Jacqueline's hands were on his erect shaft, her mouth and tongue working feverishly on the sensitive head. He felt the sudden surge of semen gush through the length of his cock. Moaning, he watched her mouth and throat convulse as she refused to allow one drop to escape her. He moaned again, louder this time, as his eyes returned to the TV where the girl was now screaming in her own orgasm. The intensity of his climax was unnerving. Like some outside force, it seemed to control him, smothering him in a continuing blanket of unrelenting release.

"Christ! Oh, God! Jesus, Jacqueline! Ohhhhaaagh. . ."

It was though he was riding a speeding wave, an equal mix of pure lust and a terrifying loss of control. It gave no sign of stopping. Gratification and anxiety hit him in equal measures with increasing intensity as the orgasm seemed to go on and on, until finally draining his energy to the point of exhaustion.

Just when he thought he could no longer endure it, the wave that carried him flattened and washed him quietly back to shore. He gasped for breath, grateful for the slowing of his racing pulse. On the screen, the girl had also finished, now collapsed onto her lover's chest. The slowing of her heavy breathing seemed to match his own. After a long, deep kiss, she rolled off him, still winded as her small firm breasts rose and fell, swollen pink nipples casting short shadows onto the moist mounds beneath them.

Jack watched as Susan's eyes fluttered open. She was smiling a smile he had never seen, one hand exploring the contours of her lover's chest. He was drawn into the image, incredulous. An icy chill hit him as he struggled to comprehend what the glowing screen presented.

Shock. Paralyzing confusion. Unbearable pain. Uncontrollable anger. Furious rage. All these things swept over him in the short time it took Susan to return her hand to the man's erection while she covered his mouth with hers. Within seconds, a milky river of semen slowly covered her small fingers.

"God damn it, Jacqueline! Where did you get this tape?? Who is he?? Let me out of this fucking chair, you bitch!"

Jacqueline rose with an icy grin and circled to a position behind the chair allowing Jack a better view of the couple, still clutching each other, mouths locked in a deep probing kiss.

"Why Jack, don't you like my little game anymore? Just a few minutes ago you were cummimg in my mouth while you watched Susan climax on another man's dick."

"You fucking bitch! Untie me! You drugged her! Susan would never..."

"Jack, Jack, Jack. You didn't recognize her? No wonder she has to find strangers to satisfy her. How long has it been since you've fucked her, Jack. How long since you've even looked twice at her breasts or that smooth little ass?"

Jack pulled and twisted at his bonds, now feeling an ever-increasing exhaustion that added to his frustration and defeat.

"Jacqueline, you? Why? I trusted you. We...How could you...?"

"So many questions, Jack."

She moved closer to the back of his chair and rested her hands on his shaking shoulders. Sliding beneath his collar, she began to massage the straining muscles of his back and neck.

"She didn't need drugs. Winston is a very attractive man, and can be very persuasive. I've known him for a long, long time. Oh, and it wasn't a tape, Jack. That's right, it happened while you were watching, in another room here in the house. I'm surprised we couldn't hear her screaming downstairs while he fucked her senseless."

"You're finished, you cunt! You're not only fired, you won't even be able to find a job in a whorehouse when I'm done with you! So untie me, pack up your shit and get out tomorrow, or I'll see that your ass ends up in prison! UNTIE ME, YOU PIECE OF SHI-"

The sharp pop stopped Jack in mid rant. A thin hollow spike shattered the back of his skull and entered through the small ragged hole. Her hands clutched his neck tightly, keeping a hardened digit close to the entrance while the attached tendril wove a path deep into the soft gray tissue. His body spasmed and his eyes bulged as surrounding tangles of neurons were liquefied and extracted through the advancing probe.

Genetic material was removed, ingested, and analyzed, but not before mapping each connection, every cell's size and location, everything that made Jack Jack.

After a final shudder, Jack's body slumped in the chair, eyes staring wildly from the front of his empty skull. Jacqueline stood frozen, her hand fixed to the back of the lifeless body. Almost imperceptibly, her svelte figure began to widen, the soft skin rippling with pulsing changes. With increasing speed, her body took on it's new form. Within minutes, a new Jack released the dead husk and turned away, ignoring the faint thud as the shriveled corpse leaned forward, then collapsed onto the floor.


They arrived unannounced, almost ignoring the small blue and white marble orbiting a star like so many others. Fleeing the catastrophic end of their own civilization, they descended to marvel at the backward but passionate creatures inhabiting the fertile world below.

They had evolved beyond the tenuous construction of atoms and molecules, now beings of formless energy. Although time meant little to them, both began to feel a weariness from their endless journeys. They discovered an unexpected sustenance from the rampant emotions escaping the fragile creatures. A constant flood of anger and fear attracted them at first, and they reveled in the new sensations as the addiction established itself, then grew. Soon they began to understand the distinction of gender. To them, the differences between male and female were subtle but intriguing. At once they found the burst of sensations from the humans' reproductive rituals irresistible. Before long, they thought nothing more of taking a human host than a human would of threading a wriggling worm onto a rusty hook.

At first, interacting with the fleshy beings was trying and monotonous. Sex alone held them close to this civilization, it's attraction eventually responsible for the weaving of their new lives into the hominids' culture. Their bodies were prone to disease and short-lived, and had to be discarded often. As the flesh aged, they found the attractiveness to the opposite gender waned, and the frequency of varied sexual encounters declined. But this world was teaming with a growing supply of fresh young hosts, all eager for the same orgasmic thrills, all easily taken for as long as necessary.

As time went on, they traded bodies frequently, savoring the uniqueness of each new host. They had no preference for male or female. Their existence became a quest for a human subject with the greatest sexual desires. Once found, it was exceptionally easy to bond, then mate with the simple creatures. The rush of energy from the brief but powerful climaxes was like nothing they had ever known. During the ages that passed since their initial contact when they had helped these people build towering stone monuments to their dead, to the present time, when their numbers had grown exponentially, along with the variety and frequency of their sexual needs, "Winston" and "Jacqueline" never tired of the search for a novel source of entertainment.

"Did she please you?"

"Her release was the most intense I've experienced. This one shows exceptional potential - so many desires waiting to be offered so willingly. Again, you have outdone yourself, companion."

"I knew you would be pleased. Will she be enough for the both of us? Her very breath fills me with impatience."

"Be on your way, companion. She waits for her husband to return to her. Together, we will give her a future of satisfaction she could not have imagined. Her soft, whimpering body will serve us well, until she can whimper no more."

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