Intervention Convention  

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Intervention Convention

It was another boring evening at the downtown Toronto Hilton. I've been here for four days so far for this stupid convention. This all thanks to my boss in Atlanta, who thought it would do me some good to get caught up in the latest advances in the world in management of parks, recreation and the environment.

Yeah, right. I had been to seminar after seminar, and haven't learned a fucking damn thing, except that seminars suck. And it's February in Toronto, not exactly a better place in winter than Atlanta. Don't get me wrong, I have taken time to see the sights, and even taken in a hockey game with a small group of nobodies.

So, here I am, a forty-something female. Long, curly blonde hair and sporting cleavage that really accents my 38c's, sitting in a hotel lounge, enjoying the only pleasure this place has had to offer, good booze. What's a nice southern belle to do? And, to top it off, I've been hit on six times in the last hour! Yeah, they were each good looking in their own right, but, well, they just didn't do a thing for me. All they wanted was another trophy. And the lines they used! Shit, hadn't heard anyone ask me my astrological sign in ages.

I was on my third drink when I saw him. He was sitting with four other men, and did he look out of place. I had seen him previously in earlier seminars, and unlike the other men, who were all wearing suit coats and ties, he was wearing a flannel lumberjack shirt and jeans. And he didn't look all that great. Actually, he was rather homely looking, with long sandy brown hair, maybe six foot four, and don't think he weighed in at one-seventy.

We made eye contact a few times, and he would just smile. The last time, one of the other guys sitting with him saw it, and from his actions, I knew he was ribbing him about it. I guessed him to be in his early thirties, and wondered why he was even here, he seemed so out of place. Then the band started, and I knew if anyone was going to make a move, it was going to be me. Two more men came and asked me to dance, and I shot them both down. One was even sporting a damn wedding ring. I thought he at least could have taken it off.

Two of the men at his table got up and left, leaving him and two more. One of them went off to the bathroom, and that was then when I decided to check him out a bit closer. I stood, and walked past their table, then made a u-turn, and came up from behind him. I scared him out of his pants, when I bent down and said over his shoulder, "Hi there, care to dance?"

I smiled at his surprised reaction, which was nothing compared to that of his friend. He stumbled to get up, and I grabbed his hand, and guided him to the dance floor. It was a fast song, and not only did I find that he's rather homely looking, but he dances like shit. I smiled at his awkwardness, and when the fast song ended, a slow one started, and we wrapped our arms together, my arms up on his neck, his hands at my waist, as we moved slowly about the dance floor.

I asked "What's your name?"

"Patrick.", he responded.

"Well Patrick, mine is Katherine, but you can call me Kate."

He smiled, adding "And you can call me Pat."

Decided to break the ice some more, the poor guy was nervous as hell, "So, where you from Pat?", I asked.

"Wyoming. And you?"

"Atlanta. Well, you're a long way from home, how you get to come here?"

His smile was nice, the alcohol must be making him look better, "Was told I had to, in order to keep my rating up with the National Forest Service."

"And what do you do?"

"I work the back country trails."

Wow, a real outdoorsman. "This is probably a bit more crowded than you're use to."

He chuckled, "Yeah, normally, I go a week or so before I see anyone. Not really use to being around this many people."

I smiled, as I said "Well then, how about we go up to my room, where there's less people about."

His face was priceless, thought he was going to have a bowel movement right there on the dance floor, as he stammered out "Uh, yeah, sure."

I smiled coyly, saying "Let's go back to our respective tables, I'll leave, and you wait ten minutes. Then come on up. Go to the bathrom or soemthing to get away from your friend. I'm in room twelve-ten."

We parted, and I saw him saying the room number over and over, then take out a pen, and write it on his hand. I wanted to burst out laughing,a sI went to my tabnle, finished my drink, and headed up to my room. He was sittinghtere, his friend grilling him with a bunch of questions. I saw one of the guys that hit up on me earlier, he had a nasty look onhis face, as I walked by, as he then looked at Patrick as well. He knew what was in store for Pat, and was jealous I'm sure.

Once in my room, I quickly went to the bathroom to freshen up, and strip down, and grabbed a bathrobe to wear. I was tying it shut, when there was a knock on the door. I went to it, and opened it partialy, seeing it was Pat, who was all smiles. I smiled, as I opened it more to let him in, then closed it, with the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the outside handle.

He was by the bed, when I turned, and faced him. I undid the robe, and let it fall off my shoulders, and onto the floor. His mouth was wide open, as he took in my nakedness, my full breasts standing out from my body, and my nipples erect and just dying to be sucked on. I could feel my horny cunt getting damp, as I approached him, and wrapped my arms about him, as he lowered his face to mine, and we kissed.

My hands fumbled with his pants, as he worked the buttons on his shirt. I was kissing his chest, going down as he undid each button. My hands had pulled down his pants to almoist his knees, when my lips found a very hard, and very proud piece of manhood. It had to be about even inches long, enough to gag me, as I swallowed it all, burying my nose in his pubes. This was all too much for him, as he groaned loudly, and I felt his cock spasm, sending a torrent of his precious load into my mouth, which I swallowed greedily.

I pushed him onto the bed, keeping his softening tool in my mouth, being careful not to bite down on such a wonderful item. I was happy to see he was staying quite firm, as I savored the remnants of his load, enjoying the tase of his seed as it flowed across my tongue. My cunt was quivering, and it needed attention. I kept on sucking, as I swung around, and was now on the bed myself, as he brabbed my hips and pulled my trimmed bush to his lips.

The second his tongue parted my swollen pussy lips, I was in shear heaven. He was talented, as he worked it into my cunt, wiggling it about, before startign paying attention to my little man in the boat. I felt his cock twitch in my mouth, as his tongue and senses were enjoying my cunt, making his cock expand once more.

My cry of joy was muffled by hie thick, throbbing meat, as an orgasm swept over me. By the time I recovered, my breasts were heaving, as I was tryingh to catch my breath from such a wonderful feeling. I pulled his cock out from between my lips, and said bluntly, "Fuck me!"

He quickly spun around, his face glazed with my juices, as he lined up his prick, and sank in all the way, burying his shaft to his balls. I felt our pubic hairs mashing togehter, as he laid still, a smile onhis face, as we both savored the feeling of a good, hard cock inside a warm, tight vagina.

His face lowered to my left, hard nipple, and he ran circles about it with his tongue, as his hips started moving slowly, forcing his cock in and out of my hot and horny cunt. I could feel it throbbing, as my clit was riding it while it slid on by. Oh god, what a feeling, my nipples were getting pleasured the same time as my clit. I thought he would just fuck away, but he was very slow and deliberate, a hell of a lover so far. I felt another orgasm coming, and I was soon calling out to the lord almighty, as waves of pleasure filled my horny body, causing me to see stars.

As I recovered, his lips met mine as I wrapped my legs about his hips, digging my heels into the cheeks of his ass. Then, he surprised me with his strength, as he brought his knees forward up along side of my bucking hips, and put his hands underneath my upper back and leaned back, picking me off up the bed. I gasped, as I slid down his shaft, my cunt getting stuffed with his meat, as we smiled. I wrapped my arms about him, and we locked lips, our tongues doing the tango, as he sat on his butt, sitting there crosslegged, with me humping that wonderful cock of his, as it pulsed deep inside of me.

His hands moved to the soft, round cheeks of my ass, and he squeezed them tenderly, as I rose and fell at my own pace, enjoying hte feeling immensly. God damn, I thought, I'm going to fucking cum again. With a hard slam, I came down hard on his sweet meat, and he stiffened as well, grungint loudly as we came together, my spasming twat milking a heavy load from his shaft, as it sprayed my pussy walls with it's spunk.

We held onto each other tightly, as I felt his cock shrivel inside my vagina, not to mention our combined cum dripping out of my cunt, onto his heavy nut sack. I murmered, "That was good."

He said dejectedly, "Just good?"

I laughed, "No, top of the line good."

We kissed, as his hands found my mellons once more, fondling them softly, "Thank you." He said.

"You must have a lucky woman somewhere back in Wyoming." I said.

He chuckled, "No, haven't been with a woman in probably six years. Most of that time, I've been in the back woods."

"Well, I'm glad you saved it all up for me." I giggled, and he smiled. I kissed him lovingly, then rose off his lap, and crawled down to his wilted prick. With a devilish smile, I said "Let's see if you've any more saved up in there."

He smiled, as he looked down at my face, and then leaned his body back, keeping himself propped up on his elbows, as my mouth slid up and down his soft meat, savoring the products of our fresh coupling.

He moaned with satisifaction, as my mouth and tongue worked his prick. As I worked at it, I could feel the fire building in my loins one more. Shit, I've never got this excited from sucking cock before. I dropped a finger to my clit, and rubbed away, as my mouth kept busy. Yeah, I've had lots of lovers, and have had plenty of good times in the sack, but I've never been this fucking excited before. His meat was slowly coming back around to a good hardness, as I tensed up, and moaned on his cock, as my fingers did the trick. God, what a feeling! As I calmed down from anotehr orgasmic high, I opened my eyes as I felt his cock was throbbing against my tongue.

I looked into his smiling eyes, and he asked "Well now, I do beleive you've found some more that was saved up."

I smiled, as I released his schlong, and crawled seductively up his body, my breasts riding along his skin, until my crotch was over his. His pecker was like a heat-seeking missle, as it didn't need any guidence from either one of us to find my hungry hole. I was in heaven once more, as my cum-soaked cunt slid down his pole, enjoying every inch he's got. I hissed when I bottomed out, as he grabbed both breasts, and pulled my nipples lightly, sending a warm, tingling sensation through my body.

Oh yeah, I was in the mood for a slow, long fuck, and this guy has the cock for the job. He didn't even move! No thrusts or bucking of his hips, as I rode him to my horny hearts desire. I was on my knees, riding away, eyes closed, and having the ride of my fucking life. The fire was building slowly, and I could just tell it was going to be a good one. After for what seemed like a half hour, I found out how fucking good it was, as I opened up my mouth to sceam, but couldn't. I slammed my cunt down on his shaft one final plunge, sending me over the edge again. The forcefullness of it, sending the air out of my lungs. I was so out of it, I laid down on his chest, sighing like a well fed baby.

I must have fallen asleep, a very peacefull sleep, as I woke to the feeling of his tonuge running about my slit. I moaned, and had my hands in his hair, saying "Oh Pat, you shouldn't! I'm a mess down there by now."

He raised his face, and with a smile, he asked "You want me to stop?"

I giggled, as I lowered my head back down, and said "Oh god, no!"

He lowered his face back to my waiting sloppy cunt, and resumed working at geting me off again. Oh the feeling of his tongue, as it raced around my clit, down my slit, exploring my vagina, wiggling about. I was in heaven, and my hormones took over, for soon my hips were bucking, and I was grinding my wet snatch into his face, in tune with the strumming of his tongue on my pulsating clit. My nerves were stretched to the limit, when my body convulsed violently, as one of the biggest orgasms of my life hit me hard, litterly taking my breath away, as I hollered out once more in pleasure.

I was in shear ecstasty, as he got up on his knees, and rolled me over onto my belly. He lifted my hips up, my body limp, but responsive to his touch, as I felt his snake enter me once more. My cunt was slick from my cum, as he started fucking me hard and good. Just what I needed, as I pushed my torso up with my arms and knees, arched my head, and just started grunting uncontrollably, as his pounding cock was making my body quiver with lust. My round breasts were hanging down, shaking to and fro, as I started to meet his thrusts with my ass going back against his body.

My body was on fire, and I wanted his hose to give it a good dousing, as we fucked hard and long. Both of our bodies getting sweaty from the sexual workout we were now performing. I was encouriging him, by telling him to fuck me faster. He responded, like a fast engine, his cock was pumping me like a powerful piston, driving me to the edge of another orgasm. And when it hit, wow! We both came hard, as his cock erupted, giving my fire a blast of fresh cum, making me nearly insane, as I felt his cock explode deep inside of me, his hands a death grip on my hips, as he groaned loudly, and me, crying with joy.

He collapsed onto me, and we both fell onto our left side, his arms wrapped about me, each hand holding a handfull of tit, as we snuggled up, and drifted off to sleep. In the morning, I woke to sadness, as I found myself alone. Getting out of bed, my thighs groaned, the previous nights pleasure had about done them in. My hair was a mess, and once in the bathroom, I found my pussy to be puffy and swollen. I smiled, thinking about last nights lover, as I went potty. After flushing and washing my hands, I exited the bathroom, and found a piece of paper on the desk next to the television.

It read "Dear Kate, I may have some more saved up, can we have dinner?" He had his room number written down, and I smiled. Yeah, this convention is looking a lot better already.

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