Gate 19  

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10/4/2005 2:12 pm

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Gate 19

I have to share with you an experience from one of my trips this summer and a special "encounter" I had.

It was July in Las Vegas and it was hot, one of the hottest days on record so far this year. I was flying on holiday to Cancun to join some friends at a Villa down on the beach. Barbie, Ashley and I were to rendezvous later this week for drinks at our favorite bar.

But, in the meantime, I had dressed in a skimpy white dress, one that barely covered my thighs and breasts (perky as they are) and white sandals. I didn't want anything hidden as I strolled through airport security. I thought for sure that an airport security guy's pants zipper was going to bust wide open as I walked by. He was so busy adjusting himself he dropped his wand and couldn't stand back up for embarrassment at his "situation." As my ass wiggled by and my nipples peaked out from inside their thin barrier, I blew him a kiss and said hello. I swore he could of fainted dead on the spot. He probably hadn't seen nipples or a pussy in weeks the way he was acting.

I sauntered down to the ladies room to touch up my makeup and slid into a stall to slip my thong off. I was through security and didn't care if my pussy showed to the world. I knew men were going to stare, and the thought of it brought me great pleasure as my pussy began to get a little heated. I love being an exhibitionist and bringing pleasure to men. It's one of my greatest traits.

While I was in the bathroom stall, I slid my dress up and fingered my clit and pussy. It had been too long since my last orgasm (maybe three or four hours) and I wanted to feel pleasure. I rubbed my sweet precious clit bringing waves of excitement over my body, and slight moans escaping from my lips until three of my fingers slid inside me. My breath became ragged as my pussy became hotter and wetter with each stroke of my fingers. . ..until my honey poured out over my hand. A whimper of pleasure escaped my lips as I slid down the wall and tried to regain my focus. Wow. . .

I gathered my stuff up and straightened my dress (what there was of it) and headed out the door. . .

It was great, as I strolled to the sitting area, the looks from husbands and boyfriends were too many to even mentioned, and the elbows from the wives and girlfriends were numerous. The men got in a lot of trouble, but boy was it worth it from the looks I got and the adjustments the men would make as I walked by. Their dicks couldn't be contained at the site of my perky tits trying to poke through my dress.

I sat down across from a middle-aged, handsome gentlemen and his eyes met mine. I've seen that look thousands of times, the look of pure, wanton desire, of someone who wants a piece of ass and some tit right now, no holds barred. He ate me up there in the middle of the airport. It was incredible. . . and I had just sat down.

I slid my legs apart just a bit, just enough to give him a glance of my pussy. His eyes grew larger as he readjusted his growing cock. I was still wet from my bathroom orgasm and he was ready to lick up my juices. I slid my hand between my thighs and he began massaging his cock. I slid my hand between the lips of my hot, wet pussy, flicking my clit and slid my hand up to my lips running my tongue up and down my finger humming the entire time.

I thought my gentleman friend was going to go stark raving mad sitting there and not being able to do anything.

I slid my hand back between my thighs, rubbing against my tits on the way back down. My fingers gingerly sliding back into my pussy, as a moan escaped my lips. My eyes barely focusing as the pleasure began to wave over my body. I wanted his cock inside me to feel him fill me up, but alas, this was not to be as this was a game of cat and mouse.

He rubbed his cock, back and forth and moaned. He unzipped his pants slightly letting the head of his cock show and the pre-cum beginning to pool on the head. He was about to cum. He began to stroke himself harder and faster as his eyes were peeled on my pussy. He could see my fingers sliding in and out of my swollen lips. I took my other hand and showed him my tits, rubbing them through the material until they were so hard (and of course the white dress helped him to see every inch of my body).

He was reaching climax and was going to cum for me all over his pants. He was stroking himself faster and faster and faster. . . up and down. . . up and down.

My fingers were sliding in and out of my pussy, my sweet juices running down my hand. . . I was at the edge. . .

I heard a stifled moan as he shot his load everywhere. He rolled his eyes backwards and just moaned and rubbed his dick slower and slower and he came down from his sexual high. As I began to come he perked back up and watched as I spread my legs further apart and he watched my body tense and my juices cover my pussy.

He began to remember where he was, zipped his pants up and wiped his hands as I crossed my legs and smiled at him.

His wife came walking up, telling him how sorry she was she had been delayed, but the lines at the coffee shop had been long. She wanted to know if she had missed anything. He smiled and said, no, he'd just been reading the newspaper and that he'd missed her.

I smiled and began reading my book. .

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