Fuddhi's Slave  

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Fuddhi's Slave

Julie K. Hammonds is a very beautiful brunette with long sleek legs, a nice figure, and big brown eyes with an hour glass 36D-25-38 figure, stands 5'6" with a weight about of about 135 pounds. She lived in Plant City, Florida and became a close friend of mine 2 years ago when I went to Florida with my husband on our annual holidays. Since than regular contact and also met her once again last year during my vacation in Florida. This year she decided to take up my invitation to immigrate to London and start a new life with me and my husband as our real life submissive sex slave for she was un-employed and did not have any relatives in the USA.

She took a Delta Airline flight bound for London arriving at 8:00 A.M. at our expense and I sent my chauffer to receive her at London Heathrow Airport on arrival. The flight arrived on time and soon our Limousine jolted to a stop outside at the entrance of our residential mansion "Justice Manor" named by my husband who is a prominent Lawyer with a successful practice in London. The mansion is situated in elite suburbs of London. Julie wasn't used to all this attention. First the chauffer jumped out to open her door, his dark eyes roved over her lithe body as they had been in the mirror all during the drive from the Airport.

Such a peaceful upper class area , she thought, where London's wealthiest technocrats or successful people lived. The opulence of the high society shone forth as the butler, white gloved, parted the door for her. His black tuxedo and bow neatly tied bow over white shirt under a stripped waist coat depicted English aristocracy. He was a gentleman of about 45 years and even his eyes admired her grace as she thanked him and strode past, chin high, heels clicking on the shining marble.

The chauffer had passed her garment bag off to the butler. The thought of the beautiful and exotic Mrs. Sinha somewhere in the massive house, waiting for her arrival suddenly brought an anxious rush of heat into her face. Flushed and excited she announced "I am here you see Mrs. Sinha." "Yes ma'am, right this way to the drawing room then." came the reply. She followed the butler to a huge and lavishly furnished drawing room. "Please make yourself comfortable, ma'am, I will inform Mrs. Sinha you have arrived." The butler closed the door behind him. Julie sat down on the white leather settee and put her feet on the plush carpet. The walls were tastefully decorated with what must be original oils. Definitely people living here were classy in a class of their own, she thought.

She was just moments away from meeting her 'mistress', she almost felt panicky! Her face was still flushed and now her heart beat with a wild rhythm. She felt the sensation of being without air. Her lovely young breasts heaved beneath the sheerness of her dress, a new item she had picked out special for the occasion. It was all of satin and gathered in darts below her cups. The sleeves were short and puffed at the shoulders, the neckline plunged affording a devastating view of her cleavage. The skirt was a simple pleated style, and the cream color made a very lovely compliment to her red hair and tanned skin. She felt a fluttering in her tummy reminding her of the Ferris wheel or maybe one of the more reckless rides at the midway, she realized the excitement was having an overwhelming effect on her composure. Suddenly a warm sensation began to grow between her legs. No longer a casual young woman, she felt a hot flush in her loins and the realization that her sex was moist made her feel very sexy.

The door opened. "This way, ma'am" the butler said as he led her out of the drawing room to a flight of stairs to second floor and down the corridor to the right. Her heels were sinking so deeply into the carpet as to make keeping up with this fellow a bit difficult, but she was determined to maintain her grace. Nay, her sensuality. She was stunning and she knew it!
Here it is, she thought, gazing at the heavy Mahogany door leading to one of Mrs. Sinha's rooms. The butler rapped the heavy brass door knocker twice and smiled as he backed away. Julie's heart pounded dangerously fast as she heard the bolt slide and the door latch squeaked open.
When the heavy door swung open Julie knew immediately that Fuddhi had not dressed for the occasion. Her eyes befell upon her slender friend wrapped in a white terry cloth robe. It was tied tightly around the middle and showed her slim waistline. The robe was nearly floor length, but still allowed a view of her black ribbed stockings that ended in 6 inch stiletto heels.

"Hi.. Fuddhi Darling I'm here ?" Julie's breath caught in her throat as she spread her hands to hug her. "That's me, Sweet Heart, Welcome to London, come in, come in please, let's get you inside and more comfortable. I love that dress, you look stunning it, Julie." Fuddhi said delightedly in sheer happiness she hugged Julie. "You flatter me with kind compliments." Julie hissed in her ears as she hugged Fuddhi in a tight warn embrace. Julie picked up her garment bag and slipped in through the doorway as Fuddhi held open the door. Once inside she could feel the atmosphere created within this room. Fuddhi had apparently just finished a bath; the moist air smelled of a light French perfume. An enormous suite it was. From the vestibule opened up a comfortable lounging area with a cream colored leather couch, polished mahogany tables were adorned with cut flowers in fine porcelain vases. Just inside to the left was a walk-in closet and entry to the bath. To the right she could see the bedroom. Inside was a giant four poster bed on a pedestal. There was also a Jacuzzi, second bathroom, and a fireplace!

"Wow, !" was all she could muster at the gorgeous appointments." Come, let's get these things sorted out and then I'll ring for some drinks. You must be tired after a long flight Darling. Do you like sherry? brandy? What poison is your pleasure?" You must be tired after a long flight Fuddhi asked with a smile. "I don't want anything, now, thank-you Fuddhi." she replied.

Julie handed off her garment bag and Fuddhi flopped it upon the massive bed. As she bent over it to examine the closure Julie could see the shapely outline of her well rounded fleshy bottom. Julie was older than Fuddhi, some 15 years, and she'd wondered how the age difference would play between them. She'd thought of a favorite aunt, but could not bring herself to entertain the thought of sex with her mother's sister even for an instant. Now, she could see that, regardless of age difference, Fuddhi was in wonderful shape and kind at heart with a positive attitude. And, those heels! Julie wanted to try them on herself. Well, she thought, there would be plenty of time for that later. Plenty of time to try on all sorts of things. Right now, she felt a little silly dressed for dinner while Fuddhi looked dressed to kill. Wonder what's on under that robe? she thought.

"Did you bring a swimsuit?" Fuddhi asked. "Oh yes, my favorite bikini, I hope you like it." Julie replied smilingly Fuddhi stood back for a moment and surveyed her new friend. "Ummmm, mmmm Julie, I do believe I'll like just about anything you put on or take off!" Julie felt herself blushing for the third time already. Well, she thought, I'll have to get over this! "Here, let's get you unpacked, shall we?" said Fuddhi as she began unzipping the bag. "Oh, you do have some lovely things in here!" In a flourish Fuddhi started pulling out lingerie Julie had recently purchased from Victoria's Secret. Lots of lacy panties in rose and peach, underwire bras that accented her ample bosom, and a lovely sheer nightie she just couldn't resist. "Oh! This so pretty Julie... will you model this for me?" Fuddhi asked. "Ummmm, you mean right now?" asked Julie. "Oh yes! Sweetheart, I mean to have you for dessert. Then maybe we'll think about eating downstairs. Only to sustain our strength, mind you." Fuddhi told her with authority in her voice.

Julie's heart fluttered for an instant. Fuddhi's eyes were sparkling as she continued to hold out the skimpy negligee. It was a very light pick chiffon, with the finest lace trimming and a neckline that plunged all the way to her navel. This laced up with a thin tie. The shoulders were all of lace, and a tiny ruffle along the bottom was all that covered the thin strip that snapped closed at the crotch. Julie had admired her figure at home the day she bought it, and now another woman was about to admire how sensuous she could look too.

"See, my dear, I'm not dressed for the table yet either" Fuddhi said as she pulled open her robe. Julie was in a mild state of shock as she took in the sight of this. Fuddhi's heavy breasts were spilling over the top of a black bustier with red ribs and lace. A bright red garter belt snapped onto the tops of her black ribbed hose, and now from the pocket of the robe, as it fell to the floor in a heap about her heels, she produced a wicked looking long leather whip. With a practiced flick of her wrist the whip cracked and a pleasant, if somewhat sinister smile spread across Fuddhi's face. "You did say I could do anything with you, didn't you? You did say you'd be mine and my husbands sex slave? Oh Sweet Julie, I will make you mine and our slave!" Fuddhi said. Julie felt new sensations course through her body. Tantalizing fear mixed with lust, greed, desire... steam rose from her pussy and her cunt actually convulsed with the need to be touched. Her mouth dropped open and suddenly she became a automaton to be ordered, guided into this new dimension of passion.

Her hand reached out for the flimsy garment and Fuddhi cracked the whip once more to underscore her order, "Strip for me, Girl. I want to see your nakedness." She commanded. Fuddhi strode confidently behind Julie then and opened the drapes behind the bed. The view was spectacular! Anyone peering out their windows from blocks around would only be able to see the two women with zoom lenses and powerful binoculars. One standing dressed as a mistress of dread, the other now unzipping the back of her dress. "Ahhhh, that's it my Flower. Show me how much you want to lick my pussy. Show me how wet you are!" Fuddhi went on. Julie's hands trembled with the garment. But, soon it lay on the floor beside Fuddhi's robe and she stood in the warm basking glow of Gina's admiration. "Julie, my jewel....you dazzle me!" Fuddhi said in admiration as she looked at Julie.
She could not take her eyes off Fuddhi. Her gaze seemed to hold her own locked steady on this commanding woman. She began to noticed the sparkle in her eyes. Yes, young but very wise. Their hair worn in much the same style, but the similarities stopped there. Fuddhi oozed exotic sensuality and had a sexy tattoo above behind her shoulder. Julie wouldn't have dreamed of obtaining such a mark. But, it excited her to think of this symbol of the other woman's sexuality. It seemed to proclaim her strong independence in her own right as an intelligent bi-sexual feminine with a very high IQ but a wholesome submissive woman to her beloved husband.

Her bra unfastened in the front with one of those slide-over snaps and this she opened now, feeling her white pendulous breasts fall free. "Exquisite..." Fuddhi whimpered. Sliding the straps over her shoulders, Julie now let the bra drop to the floor and cupped her own orbs of tender flesh, extending her nipples out to Fuddhi. As if on cue Fuddhi came to her, falling to her knees as she did so. Her arms encircling her small waist, sliding down along the curve of her back, down along the plumpness of her bottom, and cupping a cheek in each hand, Fuddhi pulled her close against her heaving breasts.

Julie could feel the heat of Fuddhi's breath now as her mouth sought and teased at her nipples. Never quite any making contact, only drawing ever nearer, searing her flesh with desire. Then the room swayed and a rush of heat enveloped her left nipple as she felt wet heat from the other's mouth, suckling her gently at first, then more demanding as her ardor swelled. Fuddhi's tongue was tracing tiny circles very rapidly round and round Julie's nipple. She would then suckle it deeply into her mouth and drag her teeth along the rough edge of the hardening flesh, nipping it sharply at the tip.

Julie was sure she might faint. Her hands had slipped inside her panties, but now they were firmly grasping Fuddhi's head, holding her there, gently demanding she not stop. And, Fuddhi continued, now pinching the first nipple, rolling it between finger and thumb as she suckled her lover's other nipple. Her other hand still cupping, kneading the tender flesh of Julies ass. And, then... aarrgghhhhhh, yes... yes...yes...touch me... Julie whimpered to herself, as Fuddhi slipped her fingers inside the band of her panties and carefully nudged along the wet pussy lips protruding against the damp fabric.

"I must taste you my Angel!" Fuddhi gasped as she let loose her savage mouth and Julie's nipple flared with the fires burning inside. Fuddhi stood now, eye to eye and lifted her wet fingers to her nose. "Uhhmm, the succulent aroma of your sex makes me starved for you!" she said as she sucked her fingers into her mouth. Then without a moments hesitation, thrust her hand over the top of Julie's panties sliding it inside over her mould and probed inside her moist folds, so knowing, so purposeful, she found her swelling node. Not too much too soon... Fuddhi lightly flicked her clit, and then plunged two fingers among the slippery folds gathering up her juices. With her hand nearly dripping wet, she held it between them and seemed to ask with
her eyes alone "take, eat, this is your wetness for me... let us share this sweet nectar." And, they sucked her fingers together then. Their tongues tasting the salty sweetness of the slippery fluid while they found one another and danced together, first along the sloppy wet fingers and then as their mouths met.

The kiss was so lingering, so touching. Not anything like a man's kiss. Nothing so hurried, so rushed. This was a tender thing, their lips pressing and yet fluid, moving, feeling, parting and joining together until the perfect fit was discovered and all the while their tongues dancing. First Fuddhi's probing deep inside her mouth, touching the roof, playing along her teeth, coaxing her tongue to follow, to probe within Fuddhi's mouth. And, once there, the power she felt as she suckled it, deep, deeper into her mouth, sucking it as if it were a man's organ.

Julie's knees felt weak, as if they were melting and Fuddhi's strong arms encircled her once more. To her utter amazement the woman picked her up as a man would and carried her to the bed! Her mistress Fuddhi was in command. She plopped her down hard into the center of the bed and immediately her mistress pounced a top her, pinning her shoulders down with her knees.
Before she knew what was happening a steel hand cuff was clasped on her wrist which was being firmly secured to the bedpost! Then the other hand and wriggling down the length of her naked body, the ribs of her bustier her tender flesh, Fuddhi slithered all the way down to her ankles, planting wet kisses and licks the whole way. She felt the leather restraints tighten about her ankles and she knew she was Fuddhi's captive. No amount of struggling would free her from her lover's trap. She was given up to this anyway. "Fuddhi, take me Lover! Take me and have your way with me!" she cried. Then she felt a blindfold go round her head and all light was gone. Now Julie was truly becoming afraid. Bound and at the mercy of her mistress was one thing, but being deprived of her sight was quite another. She felt panicky until a wisp of softness brushed her cheek. "What was that?" she gasped. "A butterfly my Angel, the wings of a butterfly..." crooned Fuddhi.

Again, the soft trace along her jaw line, only this time it continued. A feather? Julie wondered. Ahh, but of course! It's only a feather. Her body shuddered suddenly, both in response to the calm that swept over her and the sensation of the lightest touch she'd ever experienced. The tip of the feather was tracing the outlines of her breasts, working into ever smaller circles until it circumscribed a perfect oval round first one nipple then the other. Oh, the trembling sensations this helplessness was creating made Julie want to cry. Not out of desperation anymore, but a sense of needing so much more! Julie had become a blank slate upon which Fuddhi could write her poetry of love and all she wanted was for the poet to hurry! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." Julie moaned softly as the sensations moved down between her legs. Fuddhi was lightly massaging the soft inner surfaces of each thigh, casting the tip of the feather up against the crotch of her panties every now and again. Then, suddenly and without warning, Fuddhi tossed the feather behind her and settled her face down upon the soaked material between Julie's legs.
She nuzzled her nose into the moist cleft and nudged and sniffed deeply as she burrowed amidst her slave's thighs. One arm slipped under one leg, then the other as Fuddhi attempted to climb under Julie. Each thigh lay across Julie's shoulders and now, with her tongue working so knowingly at the edge of the fabric she drank of the lovely bouquet of her new slave.

She slipped the tip of her practiced tongue up under the band and worked it inside Julie's panties, tasting the musky saltiness of her cunt directly for the first time. "Mmmmmmmmpphh..." Fuddhi moaned as she pulled the edge up away from Julie's soaked cunny. Then, gripping the fabric in her teeth, she started ripping it, wagging her head like a mad dog and all the while groaning and growling. Julie wished she could see this spectacle! Why, this woman had become a wanton animal in full heat! She sounded like a shewolf! With a searing bite, the fabric dug into her flesh, then was torn asunder. Fuddhi had chewed her way beyond that small protective barrier and now had her target in her sights; Julie lay spread eagle below her on the bed. Her mound heaving slightly with each breath, her puffed up pussy lips parted and glistening in the low light shining in from the window. Julie's scent began to fill the room and Fuddhi was overcome with the desire to suckle this tender, sensitive flesh.

One quick lick would have to suffice for the moment, however Fuddhi had other plans. She knelt once more and sliding her tongue as deeply inside Julie as she could reach, she pulled back and up very slowly, licking up along the cleft that lie between these lovely folds. So like the petals of a flower in bloom... what a wonderful work of art this young creature was! Nature's culmination of all that is tender, all that is beautiful. Savoring the succulent nectar, Fuddhi smeared her cheeks with Julie's wetness, then climbed on top of her lover and slave, straddling her tummy, she bent forward till Julie could smell her own pussy on Fuddhi's lips, and they kissed. It was another lingering kiss, and when their lips parted, Fuddhi gently lifted Julie's head. She slipped the leather blindfold off her head, then plumped up two pillows below her slave lover's head.

"I want you to be able to watch what comes next..." Fuddhi teased. Leaping up and off the bed her voice trailed off as she slinked into the adjoining bathroom, "We're gonna make your pussy as smooth as.." Returning with a trolley laden with barber supplies, she continued, "a baby's butt! Just like mine..." she announced curtly. Standing in front of Julie, she now started a slow strip tease. First the heels were kicked across the room. Then, Fuddhi unsnapped the tops of her stockings and slowly rolled one of them down her leg. Stepping out of it, she picked it up and tossed it over to Julie who struggled to catch it in her teeth. Ahhhh, she's warming to this now, Fuddhi thought, as the stocking landed beside Julie's cheek. Next, off came the other stocking and again it landed with the first up against Julie's cheek.

Now Julie could see how shapely Fuddhi's legs were. Tight, smooth, and muscular like a dancer's, yet very slender. But, what she was dying to see was still hidden beneath the slinky, almost slutty looking bustier. As if reading her mind, Fuddhi delayed no longer. She reached around back and found the clasps holding the garment together and deftly unfastened them, one by one, slowly making the revelation dramatic. First the top loosened and Julie could see Fuddhi's taut dark brown nipples peeking out over the edge. Then it fell completely open and to the floor. Fuddhi was naked from her garter belt up. Julie compared Fuddhi breasts to her own. They were large, but firm, pear shaped with a nice upward curve ending in unusually large nipples. The areolas were a ruddy dark brown and puckered into quite obviously very hard nipples. Oh, how she wanted to suck them! But, she was so anxious to see her mistress' pussy she gazed back down at what little material still concealed her sex. The garter belt hung loosely, snaps dangling, and the tiniest of thongs of bright, satiny red showed underneath. Fuddhi unfastened the garter belt, then after letting it drop to the floor, started rubbing and massaging herself through the skimpy fabric of her panties. Her head was back and her shoulders swayed to a silent song of passion. Her muscular hips were swaying too and she was doing a slow, undulating belly dance as her fingers slipped under the band of the material, pulling it up, wedging it up within the now drenched folds of her cunt.

Julie could see now, for the first time how bare her lovers mound was. Light glistened on the wetness spreading around Fuddhi's crotch and the red material was turning darker with the moisture, with Fuddhi's cunt juices the panties thoroughly soaked, Fuddhi finally peeled them off and tossed them a top Julie's face. "There, slave, can you smell me? Can you smell your mistress's hot and dripping cunt?" Fuddhi asked in a curt tone. And, Julie could. The musky dampness of her lover's panties lay directly across the bridge of her nose and Julie breathed in the pungent perfume deeply.

"Can I lick you now Fuddhi? Please, Please, Please.???" Julie begged.

PART II: Fondling Friends
It seemed that I spent every free moment pleasing myself. From the time I had gotten sex on my mind, it was all I could think about. My head swam with fantasies of myself and other naked girls in sweaty orgies of licking, and sucking, and touching. I was so consumed with orgasm that I would lay in my bed and masturbate until I was exhausted, then fall asleep. My dreams were so erotic that I often woke with my hand on my already wet pussy, and start to play with myself again. All I could think of was that I had to try it with another girl. I wanted desperately to know the feeling of a wet tongue on my nipples, and the taste of another's pussy. It wasn't long before I had my chance... My parents went out of town for a weekend, and left me with my brother. He told me that I could have a friend over to spend Saturday night, because he was going to a party and probably wouldn't come home. So, I called my friend Kristen, and she came over at 5:00. I had always thought she was pretty, and now this "new me" thought she was so pretty and luscious! She was about an inch taller than me, with long, curly, light brown hair, brown eyes, and sweetly curved lips that glistened wetly. Her body was tight and round in all the right places. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as we ate a pizza and watched TV--waiting for my brother to leave.

I was dying to know the shape and color of her nipples, the softness of her pussy, and the taste of her juices. When my brother left at 8:00, I got very excited. My panties started getting wet in my jeans. How was I going to tell her that I wanted to have sex with her? "Kristen," I started. "Have you ever had an orgasm?" We were sitting on my bed and she was reading a Hit Parade. "No," she said, "have you?" I smiled and nodded. "Oh really? With who?" she said, sitting up straight and looking interested. It was a good sign, and I pressed on. "I did it with myself."

"Really?" she said. "How did it feel?" "It was the best thing I've ever felt," I said. I was getting really horny thinking that this might work out, and I told her the whole story, which only got me hotter. When I was done describing it she asked me if I could teach her how, and I knew I was home free. After she'd gone as far as to masturbate with me, she'd do anything else I asked. I told her to take off all her clothes, and she did without a word. I took mine off as well, and almost stopped a few times because I was so excited watching her. Her body was smooth and flawless, her pussy was the color of her hair, and her nipples were red and rounded like little breasts on her breasts. I yearned to suck them! There was something electric about being naked on the bed with her--so much untapped pleasure. I told her to lay back with her legs apart and do what I did. I got on my knees by her side, spread my own legs, and began to rub my hard clit. She did the same, and soon her eyes widened as the pleasure began to build. Her nipples were now as hard as mine, and I told her to rub them too.

We watched each other like this in silence, and I could see that she was exploring my body with her eyes. After being so horny all afternoon, I was close to popping when we started. I closed my eyes and shuddered--coming in a wash of wet ecstasy. I opened my eyes and she was watching me intently, and licking her lips. I knew she was almost ready too. I started rubbing myself again with my left hand as I licked my juice off my right. Kristen brought her legs up as she tensed for the release, and bit her lip, letting out a little squeak. She was tightly clutching her right breast with her left hand, and my lust took over at the sight of her pleasure. I leaned forward and grabbed her other tit with my wet right hand, squeezing and feeling.

We were very close at that moment, and looking into each other's eyes. I knew that I was going to come again and hoped we came together. Suddenly, she gasped and quenched her eyes shut. I bucked my hips wildly, trying to reach my peak. I boiled at the core, and we came as one. We stayed like that panting together for a few moments, then I let go of her breast and gently rubbed my own. "Taste yourself, lick your finger," I suggested to her. She slowly sucking the come off of her fingers--savoring the taste of sex. "Oh, that was SO incredible," she said finally, with a look of utter peace on her face. Her hand strayed to her pussy again, and she fingered herself languidly for a moment, then sucked off some more juice. "It was fantastic," I said, "but I know ways it can be even better."

"Oh Amanda, how could it get any better?" she said, "you've got to show me!" "Are you sure? I don't want to start something and then have you turn chicken on me," I said, looking at her seriously. "Oh, if is anything at all like what I just did, I'll do that and more, please show," she said with a serious look. It was all the invitation I needed. I held my hair back, leaned over her, and kissed her. Both of our lips were wet, and clung together like the lovers that we would soon be. She responded with enthusiasm kissing me back, giving herself totally over to pleasure, and her lips parted. The warm wetness of her mouth was mine, and mine hers. Our tongues met and danced in slow circles. She arched her body into mine, and we fell into a writhing tangle of arms and legs. Her breasts were pressed to mine, and I could feel those hard round nipples brushing my own. I was fully on top of her now, with my right leg between hers so that my thigh rubbed her pussy. Likewise, her right thigh rubbed my pussy, and the strong curve of her calf crossed over my own. The total effect of hot sensation sent shivers through me. I moved from the kiss to licking her face and neck, then back to another wet kiss. Kristen ran her hands down my back and grabbed my firm ass, while my own searching hands felt down her sides to her hips. My right hand continued down her left thigh, and she brought her leg up so that her calf rested on my ass. After a few more minutes of kissing and making out like this, my tongue found it's way down her neck and to her chest is slow circles. I licked the soft white sideswell and undercurve of her right breast, then put my mouth over one of those luscious nipples and sucked gently. She moaned softly as I moved my tongue in slow circles, and ran my left hand to her wet pussy. I lightly probed her pussy with my middle finger, and moved my mouth to the other breast. She began slowly bucking her hips in ecstasy, and I moved quickly.

I licked down to her navel, and worked around so that I was between her legs with legs over my shoulders. Her heels pressed into the small of my back. I licked her inner thighs, then the lips of her pussy. Her juice was fantastic, and I plunged my tongue deep into her, and made slow circles around her clit. The sensation was more than she could take, and she peaked instantly, washing my lips and chin with come. I lapped it up, and after a short rest and some reassuring talk that what we were doing way okay, she did all of the same things to me. We fell asleep in each other's arms, and woke at 11:43 as horny as ever before. I went and got the magazine of the two girls making love, and we tried Sixty-nine. It was too good to be true, as we could get each other off at the same time. I loved the way my nipples brushed her belly as I lay on top of her. Neither of us had ever had so much ecstasy and fun, and we kept it up until we were too tired to move again. Sometime around 5:00 in the morning, we made out in the shower, and we tried fucking each other's tits. That was fun. I got over her chest and spread my pubic lips apart while she rubbed her erect nipple around my clit. I came and licked my juice off her tit. When we were clean, and dry, and tired beyond belief, we went to bed and slept until my brother knocked on the door at 10:00. He said that Kristen's mother had called and said that she had to go home. She got ready to leave, and after we had a long wet kiss and some really hard hugs, she said that we'd have to get together like this more often. I was elated! That night I masturbated myself to sleep thinking of the things we'd do.

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