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Door To Door

Archive-title: Avon Lady Comes, The

Sitting in my backyard, drinking a cold beer the door bell rings, Getting
up, I answer it only to find a shimmering blond with startling green eyes,
standing in my doorway. I feel a rise in my pants! "Is the lady of the
house in she says sweetly", "No but what can I do for you" I reply back. My
name is Fawn, I'm the new Avon Lady, I just wanted to introduce myself".
"She has gone to the store I reply,"..... I lied actually she is working.
"You know though, I have been thinking about getting her a little present,
could you show me something?"..... (I'm hoping she shows me her little
present). "Oh yes, I have some wonderful jewelry, and some magnificent
fragrances" she says. With a sheepish grin I reply "Come on in, show me
what you have to offer.".....I know what i'd like to take.
She enters the room, wearing a tight blue mini skirt, It is obvious she is
has something on her mind other than selling Avon. "Have a seat, can I get
you a drink" I query her. "Sure, what do you have, she asks" I reply "Cold
beer, I could fix you a Kaluha shake, or light wine." "If its not too much
work, I'd love a Kaluha shake." "You got it I hurriedly respond.".....
Hoping to lighter her head so I can lighten her clothing my member jumps
again. Having fixed the shakes and sitting next to her she begins to show
me her wares,...... Avon ware is not what I'm interested in. "Look at this
lovely heart necklace, she says". I reply, "Lets put it around your neck so
I can see how it looks. She responds by pulling back her flowing blond
hair. I wrap my arms around her soft neck as I button the clasp with one
hand and unbutton her blouse with the other. "I thought you would never
take the hint she says softly." Her mouth finds my lips and we kiss
pationately. Our tongues intertwine and our hands are groping for one
another. As I Feel her soft mellons of flesh with the pert little nipples
through her blouse she whimpers, "please fuck me, I been wanting you since
I saw you move in last month. "Not until I have thoroughly eaten your
soaking wet pussy I reply". "Then eat me, now, I can't stand it". I run my
hand along her inner thigh and ever so lightly brush her bush. She quirms!
"Stand up so I can remove your clothes" she obeys "What about your wife?"
she beckons. "I lied, she is working". Her eyes seem to gaze and a small
smirk emerges...I think nothing of this and slide her ass down to the
carpet and spread her creamy thighs, She is wearing a lacey blue garter
belt and no panties. I am elated she is a natural blond. My tongue dives
into her satiny love canal, darting first to her opening and then back to
her buzz button. She is panting and moaning as I use my tongue to lick the
entire length of her steaming honey pot and the boiling juices begin to
flow from her. Her eyes roll back into her head and she screams in
ecstacy, I continue to tongue lash that silky slit and she continues to
come again and again. Finally she is spent, fully satisfied, it is my
turn. She pushes me back against the wall, engulfs my engorged rock hard
cock in one felt swoop. She begins to suck and bob up and down as I start
to feel the building explosion that is inside of me. Before I shoot a
whole in the back of her head, I grab her, impale her on the top of my
immense 10" and drive it all the way home. She is uncontrollable, her
slurping pussy is going from side to side and up and down, she is coming
again. Suddenly I feel the excruciating feeling and burning sensation I
have felt so many times before and I erupt into that carnal canal
overflowing it like a winter filled reservoir. She collapses, spent,
thoroughly satiated, satisfied and content. But wait the door opens and
there stands my wife.

"What the hell is going on here" she says. I have no answer, I just lie
there. Fawn is the first to speak, Cindy, "How are you" she exclaims. i
think to myself, "Is this girl nuts, my wife has just caught us fucking and
she is asking "How are you". "Fine, Fawn darling, did you enjoy my little
surprise?" she blurts to me. I am confused.... "Did you plan this whole
thing I exclaim"? "Yes, but its not over yet, Its my turn now!" Could it
be my adorable wife has the hots for another woman? Within a flash, she is
out of her clothes, and embracing Fawn lovingly. "God you were right,
Cindy, he can eat pussy." "So can I" says my wife. Lets retire to the
waterbed and see just how good you are Cindy" fawn remarks. Pick her up
and carry her to the bedroom honey, I don't want your sweet cream to run
out of her until I've had a chance to taste hers mixed with it". ...... And
I thought the earlier romp was heaven!
Lying with Fawn on my right side, and Cindy poised between her legs licking
and swallowing the juices dribbling out of her still steamy pussy Fawn
begins to stick her hot tongue in my ear. I am starting to rise to the
occasion again. Sensing this, Fawn scotches down on the bed so she can lick
at my manhood. "Lie on top of him with that flaming blond cunt positioned
just above his cock so I can lick you both at the same time" Cindy demands.
Having moved into this position, I can feel the steam emanating from Fawn's
canal of pleasure as Cindy nibbles at my now rock hard prong. Suddenly she
takes it and puts it at the mouth of Fawn's pleasure palace and inserts it
about 2". Pulling on Fawns ass and legs she slides my cock back and forth
gazing at the glans as it repeatedly appears and disappears down into the
depths of her honey pot....... Fawn's eyes roll to the back of her head in
ecstasy. Fawn is now sitting up on my steel hard member and jumping up
down as a kid on a pogo stick. I am eating Cindy's glistening steamy
tunnel of ecstasy as both of them are starting to climax together. My
prick is starting to ache and its pounding against Fawn's G spot, she is
going berserk! Cindy and Fawn trade places and as they simultaneously
lower their dripping pussy's down on me, the juices trickle out covering my
phallus and my mouth at the same time. Licking and sucking and gobbling
Fawn's pussy as my wife is impaling herself on my now cast iron hardon, we
explode in unison, Cindy, me, and then Fawn. The air is filled with moist
pungent scent of two freshly fucked cunts and one thoroughly exhausted

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