BooZing Wife  

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BooZing Wife

Now this is my first story about what happened the very first time that I had ever watched my young wife with a much older man.

I was sitting in my chair and getting bored while waiting for my wife to get dressed. So I then called out. "Come on Jenny hurry up, or we will be late for your little office party."

I then heard my wife Jenny answer me from upstairs. "Ok, I'll be right down in a couple of minutes hon." After about 5 minutes , my wife came down the stairs looking like a million dollars. My wife Jenny is only
21 years old. She stands about 5' 9" tall, and weighs about 120 lbs. My wife has mid back length blonde hair, and the prettiest blue eyes that you will ever see. Tonight she was wearing a small white tube top and
a short and tight black latex skirt. The short and tight black latex skirt that she was wearing came to only about mid thigh, and I saw that the white tube top had left all her shoulders and most of her stomach

I also noticed that she was wearing some white thigh high stockings to match her top. Now looking even lower. I could see that see was also wearing those black 4 inch spike high heels that I loved so much. So as we now left the house and then started to walk to the car. I had then purposely stay a little behind her just to catch a quick look at her great little ass of hers covered in that tight little black skirt. Man oh
man, was it ever a great view? My wife measurement's are 36C- 24-35, and that's without an ounce of fat on her. Seeing her dressed this way got me thinking about how much she still turns me on, and only after 2
years of marriage. I silently thought to myself. "How lucky I was to have married her".

As we reached the car. I opened the passenger side car door for her. As she got in and started to slide over on the front seat, I noticed she had spread her legs a little. I just caught a little flash of her white silky panty covered crotch. I just smiled to myself while thinking. "Fuck the party, let's just stay home and have some fun". We did finally leave our home, and arrived at the party after driving about 30 minutes. Traffic was heavy and upon our arrival, I was ready for a good stiff drink. The party was at her new temporary employer's house. My wife has only worked for this small company for about 3 days, and she told me that she was really surprised when the retired father of the son who now runs the company had invited her to also attend the little party when he had came to visit with his son. It was a small party for someone that had gotten a large company to sign up with their small firm. As we walked into the front door, It looked like the party consisted of about 15 guests. Most of them looked a lot older than us. But then I thought to myself, "What the hell, free booze". I then headed to the small bar to grab my wife and I something to drink. We then just talked and drank with the other party guests for awhile

By 10 o'clock I could see that my wife was starting to feel no pain. It seems that it only takes just about 3 drinks to get my wife really smashed. She was on her way with the fifth one. I had been pulled aside by
her to meet someone and then she introduced me to her new boss, Tom. Really not knowing anyone there, We then began to start talking about the latest ball games and other boring stuff these type conversations are made of. It seem that we talked for about an hour. When I looked around for my wife, I found her leaning up and slightly bent over against the small bar talking to another lady from her work. I then thought to myself, "Dam that little ass of hers sure looked good, as it was just slightly sticking out some as she was leaning over the bar. I then heard the bartender calling out "Hey everyone, It's time for another shot". About 10 of the party guests then headed over to the small bar. I just
stayed back and talked with Tom.

It was then that I noticed how crowded everyone was at the little bar. As I watched everyone at the small bar, I then saw a short and fat older man about 60 or so. He just walked up and stood right behind my
wife. I watched everyone reaching over each other to grab their drinks from the small bar. I then saw the short and fat older man that was standing behind my wife. He just leaned forward and reached over my wife's shoulder to get his drink. But what had really caught my attention was when I saw him as he pressed his crotch area up into my wife's ass. He then just started to slowly push it upwards even more into her ass. I thought to myself, Here it comes. I then waited for my wife to turn her head back and say, "Who do you think you are"? But wait, My wife did not even turn around or tell him anything. I guess from all the drinks that she had that she did not even notice him pushing his crotch up against her ass.

I was about to go walk over there and tell him something. But then, I just stayed where I was at and just watched. I then thought to myself. Oh well. I'll just let the poor old man get his nuts off. Now as I was
watching him. I then saw him now turned his head around some and look to see if anybody was watching. But I guess with the little bar being so crowded with other party goers and stuff, that no one could really see what he was doing. I now saw him then turned his head back around and looked downwards at my wife's ass covered in that short and tight little black latex skirt. I was now so turned on by this that I was starting to get a hard-on. Just when I thought that this could not get any better, I then saw him now just reach into the top of his pants. I now watched as he lowered his hand down into his crotch area and then just repositioned himself in his trousers. I could now clearly see that his little hard-on was just sticking out a little from the front of his pants. I then saw the bartender now set another round of drinks on the bar again. So with every body once again reaching over each other for their drinks. I then saw the short, fat ,older man now once again reach over my wife's shoulder to get his drink. When he did this, I saw him
just lower his legs a little. He then carefully eased his little covered hard-on in my wife's ass and keep it there. Now when my wife did not turn around or tell him anything again, I then watched as he started to
slowly dry hump up against my wife ass cheeks.

After watching him do this for about 2 minutes, I then saw him starting to push his little hard-on upwards into my wife's short and tight skirt covered ass a little harder now. I thought to myself. She has to
feel what he was doing behind her now. But when I looked up at my wife, I saw that my wife was still just talking to the lady from work. Now as I looked back at the short and fat older man behind her. I could see that he was still dry humping her ass. I was not ready for what happened next. I saw my wife just raise her ass up just a little to meet his crotch. She just pushed her bottom back some, as she now just slowly slid it down over the short and fat older man's crotch area. I then saw him now just dry hump her ass even harder now. I then heard my wife slur out really bad to the lady she was talking to. I'll be right back, I just
need to get some fresh air. I then saw as my wife now started to lean back up straight from the bar. Then the short and fat older man behind her had just pulled his crotch area away from her ass and now
stepped over some. I then saw my wife now grab her drink and then walk away from the small bar. I then saw her now just walk thru the opened glass patio doors and then she walked outside into the pool area. I now man just leave the small bar area and also walked outside into the pool area. I then told Tom to excuse me, Because I needed to get some fresh air. I also started to walk out towards the pool area.

Now as I walked through the opened glass patio doors and into the pool area. I quickly stopped and stepped aside some. I was now just standing almost along the side of the house. I had done this because when I had walked into the pool area, I could see that my wife was now leaning forward with her hands now just holding onto the sides of a small wooden stool. I also saw that her admirer was now standing behind her again. As I stood there, motionless, in the dark shadows and looking at them from the side of the house. I could now just hear the man telling my wife.

"My son told me that he had just hired you last week for that temporary office position."

I then heard my wife slur out really bad. "Oh yes sir, But I was hoping it would turn into a full time position."

I then saw the man just carefully reach out and just grabbed the bottom of the back of my drunken wife's short and tight black skirt. I then heard him say as he started to slowly pull it upwards some.

"You know I could maybe talk to my son about keeping you on full time."

I then heard my wife now just drunkenly mumble out. "Oh could you do that for me sir?"

I then saw him smiling as her bare young ass cheeks came into view with just a thin white nylon strip running up in-between the center of them.

He then just said. "Oh sure, and I'll even talk to him about it tonight right after the party."

I now heard my wife then just drunkenly mumble out. "Now make sure that you also tell him that I will take any position available."

I then saw the man drop both his hands downwards over the front of his pants. I now heard the sound of a zipper being slowly pulled downwards.

He then said, "Oh yes I can already see that."

I now heard my wife then drunkenly mumble out. "Oh sir, My husband will be so glad that I finally getting a full time job."

I saw the old man just reach inside and now pull out his fat semi-hard old cock from the opening of his pants. I then heard him say.

"Oh so you husband wanted you to get a job."

As I saw his old fat hand now start to just hump up and down over his his fat semi hard old cock.

My wife then drunkenly slurred out. "Oh no sir. I told him that I really wanted to get one so that I could help him with paying off some of the bills."

I then saw that old man now move his hand away from his now hard fat cock, and step up even closer behind my bent over young wife.

He then said, "Well I'm pretty sure that after I talk to my son tonight, That you will now be able to help your husband with paying off some of those bills."

I then saw the man just reach out and put his hands on my wife's bare waist area, and then just push his hard cock right against her bare ass cheeks.

My wife then drunkenly slurred out. "Oh sir, I'm so happy because this will be my first real job."

I now saw old man take his hand off her bare waist , and then just slipped it downwards in-between my drunk wife, and himself. I watched as he grabbed his hard cock, and then used the head of it to push the
crotch area of my drunk wife's white nylon thong panties aside.

Now as he said. "You will like working for the company my dear."

I then saw him now just stick the head of his cock against my drunk wife's puffed pussy lips, and quickly start to hump his hips.

I then heard my drunk wife now just grunt a little, and then drunkenly slur out. "Oh I'm sure I will sir." I then saw the fat older man humping his old hips again, and as my drunk wife just grunted out a little
again. I saw that most of his hard cock had now just disappeared up inside her lusty swelled pussy. I now saw the man smile as he now just started to hump her ,in and out faster, as my wife stayed bent over
the little table. I could see that my drunken slut wife was just kind of looking over towards the pool, but that she also had this kind of drunk and spaced out look on her face.

As I just watched this old man fuck my young wife from behind, I could hear him now starting to mumble out, "Oh yeah, Old dad's really glad that he had invited you tonight."

I could also see that my drunk wife was now starting to just slowly hump her bare ass cheeks up and down , as the old man started to fuck her even harder and faster from behind.

I heard my drunk wife now slur out. "Oh sir where where do you think I'll be working?"

I then saw fat old man smile as he said, "Oh I think maybe in special accounts."

I then heard my drunk wife slur out. "Oh, I never knew the company had a special accounts department sir."

I then saw the fat old man humping really hard up against my wife's bare ass cheeks. She stayed pressed against him as his whole body started to jerk.

He mumbled, "Oh there will be Monday." I then saw my drunk wife now just push her bare young ass cheeks back into him, as she drunkenly slurred out. "Oh but I haven't had any kind of training in special accounts sir."

I saw the older man grind his crotch up into her ass cheeks as he mumbled out. "Well just let me see how you can handle this special account." I then saw my wife y start to move her ass around in small circles as she also started to hump her ass up and down a little faster. I then saw man close his eyes and smile as his crotch started to jerk upwards into my wife's ass . I could tell that old man was now emptying his old nuts into my wife's clutching pussy.

He cried out. "Oh yeah baby, you'll be perfect in the new special accounts position."

I watched as old man pulled his crotch away from my wife's ass. I even heard the pop as his spent cock left her still throbbing cunt. I saw his wet, and still shrinking, semi hard cock slip from my wife's young pussy. He then stepped back and put his old cock back into his pants and zipped them up. I saw the back of my wife's black skirt slide back over her ass cheeks as she straighten up from her bent over position from the small table.

I heard the old man say. "I'm just going to go and talk to my son now instead of later."

I heard my drunk wife then slur out. "Oh thank you sir. " I then saw the old man smile.

He said. "Now don't forget, starting Monday you and I will be both working in special accounts."

I heard my drunk wife slur out, "Oh but I thought you were retired sir."

I then heard him mumble out. "Oh I was, But I was getting bored and stiff by just staying at home. So when I came back to the office the other day. I saw how much I really missed the old place, and then I thought to myself. I can always come in and help around the office."

I then heard my drunk wife slur. "Well I glad that you did sir, Because now I have a full time job."

I then heard the old fat man say. "You are welcome my dear." As he walked pass my wife's back, she was now adjusting her short, tight black skirt. I saw him take one more long look at her beautiful
skirted ass. He then shook his head a couple of times, then turned his head, and walked back inside to the party.

I waited outside for about a couple of minutes before I saw my wife start to return inside to the party. I followed her inside about a minute later. I walked over to her as she was heading toward the bar. I
then said. "Hey honey where have you been? I've been looking for you for the last 15 minutes."

My drunken and well satisfied looking slut wife wife then blurted out, "Oh I went outside to talk with my boss's dad about me maybe getting a new full time position that's opening up with the company."

" Well did you get it?"

I saw that my well used wife just looked kind of confused as she said. "I really don't know."

But then his dad said for me to come back to work on Monday. I then said. "Oh well, I sure hope you get it.

I then saw my wife smile a little as she slurred . "Oh thanks for saying that honey."

Later, after I had gotten her home from the party. I took her straight to bed and started to fuck her like I had never fucked her before. I couldn't believe how turned on I had gotten by just watching my drunken
whore wife getting fucked by a much older man, and without her even knowing that I was watching. I was starting to get into really fucking her still warm and really gooey, cummed filled pussy. That night I got
my first nut really quick, and I also remember unloading my own balls into her used cunt at least 3 or 4 more times after that."

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