Beyond The Horizon  

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Beyond The Horizon

An hour after the treetops had surfaced above the blue horizon, the Shameless arrived at the unknown island. The crew lowered the sails, and the catamaran coasted silently in towards a beach. The strip of sand was deserted, without hint that anyone had ever been there before.

Michelle and Erica and the other slaves leaned over the railing, studying the shoreline and the wall of palm trees and shrubbery that guarded the interior of the island.

“Do you think Master owns the island, too?” Erica speculated.

“He seems to own everything, doesn’t he?” Michelle mused. “His own company, the plane, the Shameless here ‒ and us. Sometimes, I wonder what he doesn’t own. Everyone and everything seems to orbit around him.”

While the two of them traded hypotheses about the scope of their Master’s properties and his wealth; the crew dropped anchor a hundred feet off the beach, and the catamaran came to rest after their long and exciting journey.

As if on cue, Master Damien appeared on deck and announced that the rest of the afternoon was free time for everybody, including the slaves. Dinner would be on the beach, at sunset. When he announced the only rules for the afternoon, everyone laughed and cheered.

“Nobody wears a swimsuit,” he declared. “And everybody has to come at least twice, with different partners.”

Michelle stood on the starboard bow of the catamaran and looked down into the water. The clarity was amazing. She could see all the way to the bottom, nearly twenty feet down. She took a deep breath, raised her arms over her head, and flexed her legs. Leaping up into the air, she executed a perfect dive into the sparkling, crystalline water below.

An accomplished swimmer and diver since high school, Michelle was at home in the water as she was on land. The sensation of swimming nude in such a stunning setting, with her body already aglow with the after-effects of such great sex and so many mind-blowing orgasms today, was like being in heaven.

She swam and dived and floated, a true mermaid cavorting in the waters of her natural home. Katia and Loretta soon joined her.

Katia’s swirl of curly red hair was like a gravity-defying halo in the water. The slave bars that pierced her nipples and held her round nipple shields in place sparkled in the sunlight beneath the surface of the water. She, too, was an excellent swimmer.

As she sculled by on her back, tossing wet diamonds up into the sunlight, Michelle reached out and landed a playful swat on Katia’s labia, spanking the “Fuck me” and the “Lick me” cursive script tattoos on her clean-shaven lips.

Loretta executed a flawless dive to join Katia and Michelle when they challenged each other to follow the anchor chain all the way down to the sandy sea floor beneath the Shameless. With her long, raven-colored hair billowing around her head, and her voluptuous Playboy-model body, Loretta was a perfect, X-rated version of the Sea Witch who tortured Ariel, the Little Mermaid. The large Black Widow spider tattoo on her left bicep, and the pair of tattooed Vargas-style pin-up girls lounging down her other arm completed the pornographic version of the wicked sea goddess.

Loretta had decorated her clit and labia rings with three weighted chains for her swim. They swayed lewdly beneath her body and stretched her cunt lips open as she floated back up to the surface after touching the anchor embedded in the sand, after Michelle and Katia had touched the heavy steel implement.

Reveling in their temporary freedom, the three women cavorted and frolicked in the water. Splashing, name-calling, and dunkings were among the highlights, along with more deviant acts of groping, pinching and hair-pulling.

A few other members of the party remained on board the Shameless, while most headed for the beach to sunbathe, stroll the wet sand along the water’s edge, or to explore the island. And, of course, they had gone in search of places and partners to fuck. Nobody wanted to be singled out as someone who disobeyed Master Damien’s commandment.

Hanging lazily from the anchor chain by one hand, Katia pointed out two members of the crew tossing a Frisbee on the sand. “I want those two cocks. I’m claiming them for myself. Maybe, I’ll use one of those palm fronds on them - as a bit of encouragement ‒ so I get fucked and used properly.”

“No way, cunt! I saw them first,” Loretta declared.

“I’ll race you!” Katia retorted. “Whoever reaches them first, gets to fuck them first. The loser will have to lick the men’s come out of the winner’s cunt before she gets to have them ‒ that is, if they have anything left to give after I get through with them!”

“You wicked, little trollop!” Loretta yelled back. “You’re on, but you’re the one getting leftovers for dinner!”

With a sudden flurry of kicking legs, Loretta and Katia were off, racing to claim the crewmembers’ cocks as their prize.

Michelle floated lazily in the water, sculling herself on her back towards the swim ladder on the catamaran. She saw Bobby, the crewmember who had been a party to her gang-fuck that morning and who had bound her and hoisted her aloft, standing at the railing, looking down at her.

When he saw her smiling at him, he turned away briefly, before returning his gaze to the alluring mermaid cavorting in the water alongside the catamaran. It was almost as if he was embarrassed to have been caught looking at her.

Michelle smiled up at him, after seeing that she had captured his attention again. She continued to float on her back, sculling her arms along side her body, and doing a lazy frog kick with her legs. Each kick sent a small ripple of water over Michelle’s shoulders, spilling over and eddying around her breasts, and lifting her tanned, smooth pussy up out of the water.

“What are you looking at, sailor?” Michelle cooed. “Do you see something you like? I know I see something I like,” she smirked, staring at the bulge in his loose-fitting shorts. “Why are you still wearing those silly pants, Sir? Come on, I want to see that gorgeous cock of yours. After all, I have had it up my ass once already today. I already know what it feels like ‒ I want to see it.”

Bobby laughed good naturedly as he admired the blonde goddess floating so provocatively in the water beneath him. “Come up on deck. I’ll let you unwrap it yourself.”

“If I unwrap it, I get to keep it,” Michelle warned, as she glided over to the ladder.

In a moment she was on deck, the sparkling droplets of water cascading down her body. She bent down and whipped her hair around her head, scattering water everywhere. Bobby’s bare chest and face were dripping with water when she stood up.

“Oh, dear,” Michelle said with feigned embarrassment, in her little-girl voice. “I’ve gotten you wet. I am so sorry. Whatever can I do to make it up to you? Please, Sir, are you going to punish me? Please don’t punish me. I promise to be good.”

Bobby took Michelle by the hand and led her to the seating area that ringed the center cockpit of the catamaran. He sat down in the center of the cockpit, with his legs sprawled apart. He was still holding Michelle’s hand, as she stood before him.

“First,” he told her, “I want you to remove these water droplets from where you so carelessly flung them ‒ with your tongue.”

Bobby slouched down and leaned back, cradling his arms behind his neck.

“Of course, Sir. It is the least I can do, after being so thoughtless.”

Michelle knelt in front of Bobby and placed her hands on his thighs, just below the hem of his shorts. She leaned forward and placed her lips on his left nipple. She breathed out a long, slow breath, and then parted her lips to let her tongue reach out to caress the object of her desire. She was rewarded by a quick shudder racing through Bobby’s body. He inhaled deeply, as he tried to steady his nerves.

“There, I got one of those awful, nasty, wayward water drops. Now, let’s see, where can I find some more?”

Michelle moved her head back and forth across Bobby’s chest and arms, finding and licking up drop after drop. She paid special attention to his right nipple, and then returned to repeat the procedure again on the left one.

Bobby was squirming in his seat now, as he quietly tried to withstand Michelle’s excruciatingly slow, teasing licks and kisses. When she inserted her tongue into his navel and swirled it around with a lascivious flourish, he lifted his ass up off the seat, his body telling her in no uncertain terms what he wanted.

Michelle pressed firmly on his thighs, forcing him back down again.

“I am so sorry, Sir, if I have caused you any discomfort or distress. I am only trying to do a job worthy of you, Sir. Please, you have my deepest apologies. I will understand fully, if you feel the need to punish me for this infraction.

“You are forgiven,” Bobby told her, his voice a marked contrast to the impatience of his erection. “Continue, as you were.”

“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.”

Michelle returned her attention to Bobby’s upper body. She found that her wet hair had dripped fresh, new droplets of water onto him. “Dear me, I am so sorry, Sir. It appears that I will have to start all over again. I hope you will not lose patience with me.”

Michelle began her task anew, running her lips over every inch of Bobby’s upper body, her tongue darting in and out to lick up each and every offending droplet.

“There now, I do believe that I have taken care of most of them,” she whispered, while slowly circling Bobby’s left nipple with her tongue. She drew back and looked directly into Bobby’s eyes, placing her face only inches from his. “I do see some more droplets on your neck, Sir. Do I have your permission to remove them?”

Bobby nodded.

“Cat got your tongue, Sir? I’m so sorry if I have distracted you.”

Michelle leaned in and tilted her head to begin kissing and licking his neck, behind his ear. At the same time, she eased her hands up inside his shorts, her fingers moving ever so lightly up Bobby’s thighs. When she reached his pubic hair, she stopped to gently stroke the curly, wiry hairs. Her fingernails were at the base of his cock, but she held back from touching it.

Michelle worked her lips down Bobby’s throat, finding and lapping up a drop of water from the small indentation at the base of his neck. Purring like a cat whose fur was being stroked, Michelle licked her way up to Bobby’s other ear.

They were both breathing heavily now.

When she arrived at her destination, she wiggled her tongue wetly in his ear, and then placed her lips millimeters from Bobby’s mouth. She stared into his deep, blue eyes.

“I do believe I have completed my assignment, Sir,” she whispered. “Do you have any other punishments for me, or any other tasks you wish me to perform? I do excellent work, and I come highly recommended.”

While she teased Bobby with her provocative words, Michelle’s nipples were brushing lightly against his strong, muscular chest. She smiled a wide, seductive smile when she felt one of her pink buds slide across Bobby’s nipple. The look of sheer lust that flashed in his eyes was magical, and was just the signal that Michelle sought before she proceeded to the next step.

Smiling coyly, she slid her hands up higher inside Bobby’s shorts, finding and grasping the base of his steel-hard erection.

“Why, Sir!” Michelle said with mock alarm, “This must be so painful. Having such a wonderful erection imprisoned within these awful clothes. Why, I do believe that you have enjoyed my punishment!”

Michelle started to massage Bobby’s cock and balls with her expertly trained fingers.

“Please, Sir. Let me release this wonderful member. Let me see it. Please, let me relieve this awful tension and pressure that you must be feeling. I feel so terrible that I have done this to you. You do not deserve to be treated so, by someone who has behaved so badly already.”

Michelle lowered herself down until she was sitting on her heels between Bobby’s legs. She laid her head on top of his shorts, with his rigid cock pressing into her cheek through the thin fabric. Her hands still gently, but firmly, pumped and stroked his cock inside his shorts.

“Do I have your permission, Sir, to disrobe you?”

Bobby nodded his head and managed to say, “Yes, you have permission.”

He lifted his ass up off the bench seat while Michelle unsnapped and unzipped his shorts and eased them down his legs. His rigid cock leaped up to stand straight at attention, with hardly a waver once it was pointing at the seagulls wheeling in the air above the mast. Even the birds seemed to be enjoying the show.

Michelle pulled the shorts off her subject’s feet and tossed them aside. Snuggling up closer between Bobby’s legs, she leaned forward to let the smooth, round head of his cock touch her lips.

“There now, that’s so much better, now isn’t it, Sir?”

Without waiting for an answer and after breathing in deeply to inhale his masculine scent, Michelle looked up at Bobby with her large, luminous, brown eyes.

“It is such a lovely cock, Sir. Seeing it now, it makes me so happy to know that this very penis, this magnificent instrument, violated my tight little ass and fucked me so thoroughly this morning. Mmmm, I can remember it now, pressing against my asshole. That wonderful feeling, when the barrier was breached, and you rammed that big, hard cock into my ass, filling me up and tearing me apart with that great big, dick. Ramming it in and out of my ass while those other cocks fucked my mouth and my cunt. My muscles gripping you, loving it each time you plunged into my ass again. Oh, and when you shot your load, spurting that hot, delicious come into me. That incredible sensation of warmth, and wetness. The sloppy, wet sounds my ass made while you continued to fuck me, harder and harder. Mmmm, I do believe you came inside me twice this morning, didn’t you, Sir?”

“Ohhh, yes, I did. I came in your ass twice. You were an extraordinary fuck, woman.”

“But, Sir, you call me by the wrong name. I am not a ‘woman’. No, I am a slut, a cunt, a fuck-toy, a come-slut, a pain-slut, every possible kind of slut. Most of all, I am a slave, an object, a possession, a toy. I am owned, and I am the property of my Master. He owns me, body and soul. I live to fuck, and my Master owns my cunt. He owns my orgasms, and he makes me beg for his permission before I can come.”

Michelle circled her tongue around the rim of Bobby’s cock head, and she licked the pre-come from the gaping hole at the tip of his spear before she spoke again. She could tell that he loved listening to her talk so graphically and so provocatively.

“Please, Sir. This slut, this slave, would be most appreciative and greatly honored if you would allow me to pleasure this wonderful cock with my mouth and my cunt. I want your cock now, in my mouth and in my tight, little, clean-shaven cunt. I want to ride your big, hard prick. I want to feel that big, fat snake inside me. I want to tell Katia and Loretta and the others that I’ve had you in each of my holes. They will be so jealous. Pretty please, Sir?”

Michelle was surprised at her own boldness. She would never speak this way to her Master, or to another Dom. But Bobby was different. He wasn’t a Master. Here, it was Michelle who was in control. It was she who was the seducer.

Bobby looked around the deck of the catamaran and the now mostly paired-up men and women in the water and on the beach.

“You want me all to yourself, don’t you, sailor?” Michelle teased. “No audience, no other cocks barging in. Not like this morning, where you had to compete with the others to put that lovely cock inside me. Just me ‒ and you.” Michelle slid two fingers into her pussy. “Oh, yeah, I’m so wet for you.” She withdrew her fingers and painted a wet stripe up her chest as she leaned back on her heels and arched her back. “Mmmm, yes” she finished as she caressed her neck and held her fingers above her upturned face, before lowering them into her open mouth.

“Which hole do you want first, Sir? They are all yours for the taking.” She splayed her cunt lips open with one hand while she fingered her asshole with the other to emphasize her point.

Taking Control

Bobby touched his erection, and then caressed the side of Michelle’s face, as if to mark her and claim her as his private sexual avatar.

Michelle kissed his fingers in acknowledgement. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Sit on the deck, and spread your legs,” Bobby directed, in a quiet voice. It was as if he were afraid he would be overheard, and was embarrassed by his own words. “I want to see you masturbate. I want to see how you get yourself nice and wet, and hot enough to come, all by yourself. Show me…. slave.”

Michelle kissed Bobby’s cock head quickly, taking the entire head into her mouth for a moment, before she reclined back on the teak deck in front of the crewman. She opened her legs wide and spreads her cunt lips.

“Watch me, Sir. Watch me play with my hot little cunt. See how wet I am? I am wet and hot for you now. Only for you.”

Michelle cupped her breast in her hand, lifting it up so she could suck on her nipple.

“See how hard my nipples are? They are begging to be sucked, Sir. My nipples are in such a state. I want you to lick them. I want you to suck them. I want you to bite them so hard that I scream. Can you do that? Will you hurt me? Will you make me scream and cry out? I want you to hurt me. Did you know, Sir, that I can come when I am whipped; just from the sting of the whip on my ass, and on my tits, and on my cunt.”

Bobby drank in the sight of Michelle’s performance, his erection pulsing with irregular and uncontrollable twitches.

“Would you like to whip me, Sir? Which do you enjoy the most? The flogger? The riding crop? Perhaps a paddle? Or, if you are a real sadist and you want to see me writhe and scream in a wonderfully wicked combination of agony and ecstasy, perhaps you would use the single-tail whip on my tender flesh?”

Michelle had two fingers in her pussy now, and was raking her thumb across her engorged clit. She arched her back and hissed, as she pinched her clit between her thumb and forefinger.

“On New Year’s Eve, do you know what I did? I was chained to a wall ‒ naked - alongside Kiersten. Together, we were whipped, to ring in ‒ or should I say ‘scream in’ the New Year. On the stroke of midnight. Master whipped me directly on my naked cunt. Mmmm, I came soooo hard. I can remember it now. I was delirious with pain, with loving him and with seeing the delight in his eyes when he raised up his arm to whip me again, and again, and again.”

Michelle bit her lip and dug her fingernails into her clit while she relived the memory.

“And I came, just from the kiss of the whip. The tip of the whip landed right here ‒ do you see ‒ it lashed directly on my clit. I screamed louder that night than I have ever done, before or since.”

Michelle pinched her clit, hard digging her fingernails into the center point of her sexuality. “Ohhh, yeah, like this, right here, ahhhh, yessss.”

She could feel her wetness running down her thighs.

“Best of all, Sir…my skin is so easily marked by the whip. Bright red, wicked marks; beautiful, long-lasting stripes that crisscross my body. Does the idea of whipping a naked, helpless slave for your pleasure and amusement excite you, Sir? It definitely excites this slave, this whip-whore. Perhaps, after you whip me into a quivering, dripping wet, state of anticipation ‒ perhaps, then you will me with the handle of your whip.”

Michelle pantomimed her intent, her actions as lewd as her words.

“Fucking my hot, wet cunt with the rough leather handle, shoving it deep inside my fuck-hole, thrusting it in and out, in and out. Over and over again. Have you ever assaulted a slut with a whip, lashing her into a frenzy and then fucking her with the handle ‒ making her come for you with such a wickedly obscene dildo in her pussy? I have been fucked like that, Sir. But never often enough. Mmmm, the thought excites me so. Do you see how absolutely drenched I am? It is the thought of being whipped, and fucked, and like that; that excites me so. This is who I am. The fuck-toy, the pain-slut, the whip-whore.”

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