Science, Why Females ejaculate  

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6/14/2005 9:12 am

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Science, Why Females ejaculate

This is my scientific reason, my theory as to why women ejaculate.

Picture us humans some million years ago, even if we were close to being human then. Sex wasn't for pleasure; sex was an instinct and instinct to breed.

When a woman has an orgasm her uterus pinches sperm out of a pool in the bottom of her vagina. But what is the use of having that orgasm if there is no sperm there. I feel that female ejaculation is a chemical message sent to the male to have his orgasm in order to ejaculate his sperm into the vagina at the precise moment she is having her orgasm.

This action will facilitate a maximum chance of inducing pregnancy. I have discovered that when I am having sex with a woman and she ejaculates on me, especially my testacies when I have her in the doggie position, I cum immediately and more intense than ever.

This is just my theory and I would love to find someone to help me test it further.

Comments Please

greeneyedmagic9 52F

8/22/2007 10:25 pm

I think you are totally wrong, as I am a female who does it. And I've read a lot on the subject, less than 10 percent of the female population is physically CAPABLE of having female ejaculation that means a squirt of fluid comes from inside her vagina, its NOT urine nor does it come from there. There is a PHYSICAL difference in the vaginas of women who can and the women who cant.
Try reading "The Clitoral Truth" By Rebecca Chalker, it addresses not only the subject of female ejaculation but it also teaches men in general and women, how the female genitals respond.
Lastly all women are not alike. I cum and squirt or ejaculate best when the man is on top I cum the least when I am in doggy style position, so that blows your theory all to heck. I may not be too thrilled about some parts of my body, but I thank god every time I have sex that I am one of the blessed few who can squirt aka ejaculate.

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