If music be the food of love....  

gardenstate1980 36M
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7/6/2006 6:23 am
If music be the food of love....

...Then make sure you've got a decent cookbook is all I can say.

Music during sex. For me this is a real biggie. You've been on a couple of dates with a girl, gone back to her place and things are getting a little steamy.... and then she puts something completely extraordinary on the CD player. The worst that I ever had was Steps (VERY cheesy Pop for any American readers), and it totally killed everything. I started laughing and had to ask her to turn it off!!
Personally I'm a total indie kid, and so if I invite a girl back I'm in a conundrum, as she might not even remotely like my tastes. I can stretch to a bit of Damien Rice, Turin Brakes or something dreamy like Joy Zipper, but other than that 'sex' music is pretty much out.
I can't stand middle of the road, chart R'n'B, so if a girl sticks that on, I'll be bitterly diappointed, and probably a little distracted. The best I ever had was a girl who stuck on the Arctic Monkeys album though. Amazing. I nearly fell in love then and there. What would be your choices??

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