Orgasmic pleasure for you  

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10/24/2005 7:07 am

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Orgasmic pleasure for you

I was feeling so hot and horny, I was dribbling, went through my hot list on here and checked out the state of it. Trawled through the new members, cant let them miss out, I remember how disappointed I was initially, but now I know that the men out number the women by such a large number there is hardly any surprise that I get few interesting mails, unless I initiate them.

I was feeling so horny today, but its cold and I needed warming up. There was no interest on the site, I expect if I have the cam on there would have been a little. I really would just love to snuggle up to some hot chick a roo, spoon like, so I could fondle her breasts, casually, tweaking the nipple every so often, to send electric shock waves down her body to her groin, she would start to moan with pleasure, mmm, I can nibble the back of her neck, all those erogenous zones that women have there, making her tremble with desire, she is beginning to glow, the skin is reddening in the way that it does when she is stimulated. My hand can now slowly move down the spine, making her shiver even more, I find the valley leading to the pleasure zone, gently and slowly my fingers move along the valley floor, then round the corner to a wet moist and purring pussy. I cam pinch the lips together and then gently, smoothly and sensuously run my finger around the edge, penetrating just a little, just enough to find the sensitive spots, hat make the groan louder that causes the fire inside to get fiercer, its shaking with desire, you are going to reach a peak and, more , more, in ,in you moan, the fingers go in deeper to find even more hot wet pussy juice, up and forward an there it is the little rough spot that will make you scream with delight, you are quivering, you cant hold it any more you have to do something, its so pleasurable, I now spread your legs with mine, please please, you cry. I'm rubbing smoothly faster slower, just hanging there as you spasm in delight, the wet juices pouring out on to the sheets. I want you now you say, only after you have reached a peak, only when you have been satisfied, no now, hard and hard, and oh oh oh oh .

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