It is Friday night, and Spring is in the air . . .  

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3/26/2006 6:41 pm

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It is Friday night, and Spring is in the air . . .

I am in her arms. They wrap around me like a silk sheet, luxurious, light and whisper soft. Her tongue darts into my mouth, her lips so gentle upon mine. This is not the first time that we have kissed, and yet . . . I always feel like I am exploring new territory.

I understand now why the Poets call a woman’s kiss as sweet as summer berries. Not as though laced with sugar, but with the perfume of a blossoming flower scattered on the wind. Kissing her is so different from kissing a man. I am surprised at the difference, and drawn to it.

My hand feels the weight of her breast in its’ palm as I caress her. She yields to my touch as my fingers find her nipple, dark and erect. I graze it gently at first, then take it between my thumb and forefinger and begin to roll it between them as we continue to kiss. I want her so badly I ache.

Not wanting to leave her tender lips, yet needing to explore her more, I pull back and move down and to lick her nipple with my tongue, so warm and wet from our embrace. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a man, and in spite of my own urgency I need to be gentler, softer and more graceful with this beautiful creature. I want to ignite desire within her, give her the pleasure that culminates in ecstasy and yet, tonight I am the virgin and I don’t wish to perform as one.

She has lain back on the mattress, caressing my hair as I enjoy the feeling of her nipple between my lips. I suck it into my mouth and draw my tongue across it, flicking it gently before releasing it. I find her other breast with my hand and give attention to it as well. I am in heaven when I hear her breathing change, hear it deepen and a slight moan escapes her lips. I suck on her a little harder, pulling a nipple between my lips with a bit more strength and am rewarded with another moan. I continue for a few minutes and decide it is time to engage more of her in this lovely conversation. My free hand slides along her flat belly, taking a winding, gliding path over her stomach, across her hips, down her side to her thigh, across her leg and up inside her firm thigh to cross her mound and rest there for a moment on a trace of soft hair. I know where I want to go and what I want to do, but again I must temper myself before I lose control.

My hand slides down twixt her legs, finding heat and moist flesh. With my middle finger I trace the outline of her sex from the outer edges of her opening to the top of the upside-down V that is the center of her pleasure. I slide my finger up one side, over the sensitive nub and down the other, exploring her, learning her map ‒ so similar to my own ‒ but so very different. As my finger reaches the apex again I stop for a moment to gather myself, and then, holding my breath, slide my finger between her lips to be rewarded with a hot slickness that tells me she is ready for more thorough attention. Parting her lips, I sink my finger into her just an inch or two. My head begins to spin and I am overwhelmed by the sensation. I pull back out and trace around her lips and clitoris once, twice, then sink back into her further. I replay this a few times, each time my finger goes into her a bit more until I am in her as far as I can go. There is no room around me, we are not on a bed, my focus has sharpened down to just this spot between her legs and I am unaware of anything else. I am intoxicated, and I am not done yet.

I swear it is gravity that pulls me towards her as I move between her legs, onto my elbows, my face only inches from her. I kiss the inside of her thighs before lowering my head down to her, to her delicate slit and with my lips and tongue begin a journey I have never been on before.

I take my first taste of her slowly. And I am hooked. My tongue traces her outline as my finger had only minutes before. I am delicate and take my time licking her, lightly suckling on her clit, tasting her wetness. There is no world around me, just this and it is fabulous. I begin to increase my tempo, licking her outer edges and taking her clit in my mouth and she begins to respond from these attentions.

I run my tongue the length of her slit until I reach her clit, which I then draw into my mouth gently and begin to suck on in earnest. I am slow and gentle at first, listening to her breathing and her soft moans, letting them guide my pace and the strength of my sucking. Her hips move slightly beneath me and I suck a little harder, a little faster and soon she is moaning much louder and with more passion. Again I increase the strength and speed of my attention and soon she cries out, hips buckling and almost exactly on cue I release her as her hand comes down to push me off of her electric clit.

I turn my head and kiss the inside of her thigh as she begins to come down from her orgasm. I wait for one last gentle lick and kiss on her clit until she has relaxed and her breathing gets close to normal.

I push myself up slightly on my elbows to look up at her face to see a smile, and return a smile to her. I can taste her on my lips and I am so very happy. I then turn to the sound of the camera clicking and see a similar smile on her husband’s face as well. The night has only just begun . . .

ForPlay2000 55M

4/2/2006 12:00 pm

I can't wait to hear how the rest of the night went??? Pray tell!

RMaddox 42M
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7/16/2008 1:56 am

Love that last twist! Makes the denoument so much the sweeter.

Piercedpp53 63M  
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12/27/2013 9:07 am

I will try that techneque next time I eat out!

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