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gaglacker 33F
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12/13/2005 8:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Last night

Last night a guy I met from AdultFriendFinder called and wanted to come over, I was a little leary but his voice was really turning me on so I agreed to let him come visit. About 1 AM he arrived at my apartment and I was already naked in bed waiting for him. He let himself in the front door and walked into my bedroom, after a minute or two of awkwardness he lifted up my blankets to find my naked body. I suggested that two naked people are better than one so he stripped down and joined me in my bed. He laid down on top of me and the weight of a sexy man was a release for me. I could feel his cock getting harder as his cock got closer and closer to my pussy. I wanted to touch, suck, lick and fuck his cock as soon as I felt it against me. I rolled him over to suck his cock and began to lick my pussy. After feeling his tongue I wanted his cock in me so bad that I thought I was going to explode. He got on top of me and thrusted so deep that I was ready to cum instantly. He rolled me over after fucking me for a few minutes and did me doggy style I came so hard that I let out a squirt on his cock and my bed. I begged him to fuck me hard and faster as I came. After we rested for a little while he asked to put it in my ass which was very exciting. After he lubed me up with his hands he began to slide his big cock in my ass, I was so excited and tense that it hurt at first and we had to go slow but after a few thursts I was ready for it rough so he fucked my ass real good until I came again. We relaxed for a while before we fucked one last time before he left to go back home. It wasn't until after he left that I realized I never even kissed his lips...

Readytogonow42 62M

12/17/2005 12:14 pm

Was this a fanatasy, or did this really happen? It sounds so good.

gaglacker 33F

12/17/2005 4:39 pm

It really happened.

rm_gmoney333111 36M
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12/19/2005 8:00 am

Would you be willing to do this again???

rm_lovepoet5 34M

1/14/2006 11:35 pm

ur stories make me horny everytime i read um

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