Not as easy as it would appear.  

fzzyflounderfsh 43M
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8/26/2006 4:38 pm
Not as easy as it would appear.

OK. I've tried the other dating sites and had little results. I chose this one because it seemed to be straight to the point. I entered with high hopes that now are slowly dwindling. I do find it highly addictive to browse through the listings, especially the photos. This experiment will continue, if only to see how nasty people want to be! I love it! Its MySpace with no-holds-barred.

And I thought I was a kinky fucker! I just figured that with in a week or so, I would be burying my bald head in vagina and come out looking like a glazed donut. Maybe I should ad that to my profile, "LOVES TO LICK PUSSY AND AND RUB CUNT ALL OVER FRESHLY SHAVED BALD HEAD!" or "HEY LADIES, WANT TO TRY THE LIVING DILDO ON FOR SIZE"

I guess I should change my approach?

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