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Kink vs Fetish

Time for today's topic -

Kink vs Fetish
This topic was discussed a few nights ago and presented me with something that I had never thought about before - the difference(s) between kink and fetish (if there even are diferences!)

Round one - Identification
In the blue corner, weighing it at 160 lbs, dressed in a blue lacy teddy and matching thong - Miss Kink!!! Her opponent in the red corner weighing in at 165 lbs and dressed completely in leather weilding her whips and chains - Mistress Fetish!!!

Kink -
A physical act carried out during the course of love-making done a limited number of times to heighten sexual pleasure for that encounter.

Fetish -
A physical act carried out repeatedly or during every sexual encounter to ensure sexual pleasure.

While these may not be the Webster-defined definitions for these terms, the agreed upon (at least by the two of us discussing this over drinks in a public bar!) definition presented above seems to highlight the differences between the two ideas. Fetishes are so strongly engrained in the person's being or personal experience(s), that they may not be able to become sexually aroused (or AS sexually aroused) unless the fetish is present in every sexual encounter. Meanwhile, while kinkiness may involve the exact same behavior (ie roleplay, dressing up, food, worship, fantasies, etc), it is done only as a way to explore new fantasies and momentarily increase sexual pleasure for the participants involved.

In itself, the search for new experiences - whether it be constantly searching for a new person, a new role, or a new act; if done every time, may itself be considered a fetish! Perhaps the constant need for sex (ie - nymphotic behavior) is itself a fetish.

IF these definitions are to be accepted, the question then becomes - is a fetish, of any type, unhealthy sexual behavior?

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong (at least in my mind) of adding a little kink to sex - After all "variety is the spice of life"! BUT if fetish(es) are to NECESSARY for sexual arousal and/or enjoyment, are they unhealthy, preventing one from enjoying sex for sex's sake. Or are they the opposite - the absolute pinnacle of sexual behavior...the realization of one's inner self, the recognition and acceptance of that being, and the subsequent desire to fulfil one's sexual potential? If so, do we all need to find our inner fetish?

When it comes to sexual behavior - is there such a case as too much of a good thing?

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