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4/24/2006 9:39 am
erotic fictions

I’ve been reading some girls’ posts laughing about the lengthy and explicit messages they have received. They then proceed to copy and paste the entire message into their blog. It all seems a bit pointless, but hey ho. It also seems strange to be complaining when their profiles say they are looking for “erotic chat and email”. Now personally I enjoy writing, and my own objection would be more on the grounds of the fact the messages those girls are laughing about need some heavy editing. But who am I to talk? Because like I say, I enjoy writing and have typed out a few erotic fictions in my time. I’ve also had some ‘erotic chat’ sessions.

But when it comes down to it, I don’t think I would send such a message cold, so to speak. It seems a little crass and rude (and not rude in a kinky way, just plain downright rude rude). Of course some people maybe like crass, but that’s up to them.

So anyway, I guess my bottom line is this: when DO you send off that fantasy fiction to an object of your desire? Is it like the ‘first date’ conundrum? Or is it something different? Me, I’ve not sent anything too in depth or extended until someone has at least accepted a network invitation. The fact that there has been only the empty, echoing silence of any kind of contact beyond that initial acceptance is perhaps proof of the failure of my approach, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

It also all gets me thinking about the very nature of the erotic fantasy fiction and email form, but that can wait for another time. Or not. Because after all, people are probably just reading this and thinking ‘when’s he going to start writing about sex?’ Well there it is.


It’s great, innit?

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