an encounter, paragraphs one and two  

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9/13/2005 11:42 am

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an encounter, paragraphs one and two

I am walking up the old logging road nibbling on blackberries, salmon berries and such as I have done many other days past. I come here, to the mountains, to relax and decompress. Time alone and away from the rat race. At the crest of the road, before it begins to wind back down the other side of the mountain is a beautiful panoramic view of the mountain range beyond. I take in the majesty of it and reflect on thoughts put to the side until such an opportunity as this arrives to concider them in more depth. I feel such peace, being quiet in the moment.

I feel a presence. I hear steps, quiet as they are, the crack of a twig, the movement of a pebble, easily heard in the silence of nature. I do not move or turn around to investigate. Closer they come till just behind me they stop. Warmth radiates from behind me and then the touch of a hand. Brushing my hair to the side, fingers lightly follow the line of my neck down to my shoulder. I am not afraid. Intense erotic energy shoots through me with his every touch. I close my eyes and feel the warmth of his breath on my ear, the caress of his face against mine. Soft kisses on my neck send tingles up and down my spine and I become lost in the sensation.

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