To be a hottie, or not to be a hottie...That is the question  

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9/15/2005 3:50 pm

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To be a hottie, or not to be a hottie...That is the question

What do I find hot in a man or woman?

Not so much their body. A person who loves life.

When I look into a man's eyes and I can see the sparkle, his soul in his eyes. I can see his sexuality, and how real he is.

A smile....a good smile makes me melt every time. A genuine smile, bright with love and happiness. A sexy smile drives me wild.

The walk, the way he moves in his body.

What do I want with someone in bed....

Definately not someone who is stiff. He has to be able to flex as much as me. Free and comfortable and expressive. timid, shy people are ok too as long as they are not frigid or lack adventure. I can show them the way. Spontinaity (spelling?) These days we must have planned spontenaity but it can still be loads of fun.

So how do we define the difference between a hottie and a dog? Western civilization with all it's promotion on beauty, body, image is lost in their fantacy. We strive to be perfect not so much for ourselves but for boost our ego by being admired by others.

A hot firm body can be such a bore in bed. So full of themselves they lack skill, feeling that you being choosen is enough of a reward. The mainstream hottie can be so empty...Look into ones eyes and perhaps you may see emptyness. Of course this does not apply to all beauties. I have friends, concidered beautiful and still they are real to themselves and others. they have natural beauty.

You can see the real hotties in the way they move, the look in their eyes, the smile they offer to all, the attitude.

I joke about my looks, my intelegence, my body. I am the ultimate hottie. My smile is welcoming, my eyes express the sensuos side of me, they show my soul, the sparkle, the realness of me and the lighthearted way I live my life. A simple hello and folks are eager to know me better. I do not claim to be more than I am. I accept what has been given to me. I am not terrifying to the eye.

But I don't claim to have the perfect body, the best looks. My hair frizzes if not blow dried and the proper products applyed to tame it. My skin is freckled and fair. Tanning is not in me. I have the body of a woman in her 40's and the fat to go along. I have rarely been able to fit in anything less than a size 14 and that was when I worked trails. I have scares here and there not having treated my body like a fragile doll. They tell the story of a woman who is not afraid to live a life of adventure, a daring person not afraid of cuts, broken bones. Not willing to side with caution and miss out on the fun. When I worked the trails we hiked at a 5 mile per hour pace to quickly reach the worksite and get busy with the job.We climbed endless switchbacks and those that hike no how hard that can be. Loaded down with rock bars and sledge hammers My day pack heavy with chinking hammers and chizzles. The average hike was 10 miles to work. And then when at work, 8 hours of extremely hard labor, moving bolders, crushing rock, digging, planting sod, and then back to camp again with all tools on board. When back to camp the chores of the eve still needed to be done, hauling endless buckets of water from the river to the jungle fire. You see, I will never be thin. My body does not have that in mind for me. Pinch an inch back then and you would find no fat at all but still,,,a size 14. So, how do we define a hottie. Each really has their own definition and there is no right or wrong answer, just opinions and preferrences. Me, if he ain't for real, if he is absorbed in himself, if he can't laugh...I find him less attractive.
I am very comfortable in my skin and my playmate must be too. And that is my take on things.

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