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Thank you much

I feel so honored that some of you would take the time out of your busy day to read what crazy stuff floats around in my head. thank you for your kind words. I have only had two really unpleasant experiences with this site. The rest is just plain frustrating.

What is in my head this fine afternoon

I have not done much. It was another off day which I would have normally enjoyed but for some unknown reason I developed a headache this morning. I never get headaches so got busy trying to make it better and trying to figure out why I had one. (Easier to treat a headache or anything else for that matter if you know where it is coming from)So, I check my coffee intake...yes, just enough to keep the caffene headache away, not to much either to give me an overdose headache. I thought my body was screaming at me because I hadn't done Yoga in two days so did that. Didn't work, so I took a hot bath thinking I needed to loosen up. Didn't work..So, I ended up brewing a special tea for headaches and it is getting better.

I sat in the kitchen watching the goings on for a few. My homeless guy was on his way to the dumpsters across the street so rushed to gather my cans and such to give to him. He is all about business and moves right along so I had to hurry. I didn't have any cookies so grabbed a bag of trail mix and off I went. So that was nice, got to say hi. He is doing a good job of keeping up the recycling effort. Then I saw the mailman and he was moving quite slow and I wondered if he was ill, injured or just feeling like puttering along today. Wow, such an exciting day lol Not much in my head today as nursing my headache was a full time endevor.

What are my favorite all time movies. Not many because I don't watch TV much. Actually, I don't watch TV to a fault. When Katrina hit New Orleans I had no idea until someone started talking about it and I so stupidly asked what they were talking about. Had to catch up on the news.

The Red Violin: If you can be patient enough to follow the story and read the subtitles (it is not all subtitles) Then that is the movie to watch.

Le Chocolate: I have a hard enough time spelling in english so don't expect me to spell correctly in French. That too is a very cool movie.

Here's a tip from your friendly neighborhood Cosmetologist. (Yeh, I did that too)

Number one: lots of things the cosmetologist does for you, you can do for yourself. And, lots of beauty products they charge a fortune for you can make yourself and a fraction of the price. I'll post some recipies sometime. $50.00 for something and you can make it yourself for no more than $5.00.

If you have colored your hair and decide you want to grow it out. Don't. Color it back to natural.

Always touch up after the first color instead of putting the whole color all over because it is easier. You will end up with a different shade on the roots than on the ends. It is noticable.

Unless you like the special treatment and gossip of a professional manicurist, give yourself the manicure. Easy, and way cheaper.

Always use the best products for your hair. Their is a difference between lower cheaper quality and the higher more expensive quality. It is all about how much of what is in the bottle.

Use a shine on your hair. Silk therapy, or something else. It is a nice added touch, keeps the frizz at bay for the most part.

If you go from brunette or another dark shade to a highlift, commonly called a bleach, condition condition condition. It is a harsh thing to do to the hair and requires special attention to keep it from looking all dried out and fried.

Don't let the pro talk you into buying stuff you don't need. That is part of making some bucks but not always for the good of your hair.

If you curl your hair in rollers, when it dries give it bursts of hot hair with your blow dryer (on low) and then burst of cold. That locks in the curl.

Find a good hairdresser and stick with him or her. Hit and miss is a real bummer.

Don't go to the hairdresser and say, this is what I want, I don't want to work at it. If you aren't willing to put in the time for a cut and style that does not naturally work for your hair you will have to use a ton of product, blow dry, curl, that is called high maintenance hair. Instead, ask her if the cut will work for you. Or better yet, give her full rein within your limits(long, short ect...) You will end up with the most awsome, low maintenance hair. But make sure you have a good hairdresser. Cant say that enough.

It is not always the hairdresser that has been doing hair for a long time that does hair best. Some of the new ones are very good. Go down to the shop of your choice one day before you decide and watch them work. Some are real creative, some are traditional, some are great with color or perms or updo's. I am the updo queen so crowned in my hairdressing day. So they all have their specialty. You can have one hairdresser to cut your hair and another to color and so on. Don't stick with one to keep from hurting their feelings as is often the case with folks who have been seeing one for a while.

Well, I have been long winded enough. My daughter is home soon and we will play together.

OH!!!! I get my bike back next week. It is repairable though in need of much TLC. Can't wait

enjoy all, have a wonderful eve.

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