Sexy stories out  

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9/25/2005 5:34 pm

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Sexy stories out

I am not going to write anymore sex stories. They are fun but I don't like the comments from the guys so they are gone. Forever.

What does Kudo's mean? I thought it was something you caught from boys as a small girl if they touched you. Or was that cooties? Well, anyway what a strange word. Someone said "Kudo's to you Fun!" An insult or a complement I have no idea so I can either feel insulted or complemented. A fine place to be in. I like the middle.

All have wondered drunkenly back to their homes, a fine day it was. Not to long, not to short. Sundays work well for a 4hour get together as Saturdays can go on all day and late into the night.

Some day I will post the proper approach to getting a girl as I am learning they are in much need of advice, especially on here. Any girls out there have some advice to contribute?

All enjoy

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