Reality Show?  

funwithyou602 56F
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9/2/2005 9:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Reality Show?

So here I am in my overstuffed chair, all comfy in my pj's. I have a stack of portfolios in front of me. Lots of guys to choose from so let me seeee. Who will I let into the show, play the game?

MMM, here's one nice ass, good looking, claims to be a great sex partner. Well, I will put him in the maybe pile.

This guy is nicely sculpted. Well hung too. Would love to see him in the flesh. According to his portfolio we have nothing in common and I am not even his type. Why does he want to play I wonder? Well maybe he just want's to play and win the prize. Be able to tell all how he got on the show and won. Naaa he's out.

Here is a promising one. I like his style. We have alot in common, good, have something to talk about besides brainless chit chat. He sounds fun too, shy but we all know how wild a shy guy can be in the sack.

Ok I have gone through the stack, have my maybes, time to chat.

Wow, most of them are coming on too strong. Horny little devils aren't they.
One says he'll get us a room tommorrow. Well, he's off the show.
This guy said he doesn't mind talking for a while but just two days of chatting and he has already recanted that statement. Want's to get it on now.
This guy says forget it, I'm off the show, if I don't think you are going to put out I just want out. Fine with me.

This one just doesn't really give a shit who I am or even what I look like since he hasn't seen a pic of me. Wow, he doesn't even know if I have a nasty catchable bug but he is ready now. Right now, lets meet for coffee and then find a nice quiet place to get a little more intimate.

This one asks if I play online head games. So I ask "what is that?" He says "All talk and no action." I say "well, I can't talk sex without a promise to meet? Sex site, sex chat? Makes sense to me, and you said you were fine with it." He says "Yeh, that's what I said but I have been patient enough, fuck or I am outta here." I say, "I am not even close to knowing if I want to meet with you." so he left.

SOOOO Not my style

I do keep stumbling over myself trying to get the hang of things. Think I have alot figured out now. And learned a few lessons.

When I discovered that every local guy will wink and email every local girl hoping to get lucky I took off the "I am always sooo fucking horny sign on my profile" Yeh so fucking horny but not so fucking stupid.

Yeh wild in bed, adventurous, crazy and freely expressive but had to take that off too.

Then said chat till I'm ready to meet. Had to delete that too.

Then all the way down to chat only hoping to find some fun folks and have a chance to get to know them. Didn't work.

I know for a fact that a girl doesn't need to get on a sex site to get laid. Getting laid is the goal of course but I was thinking it was about finding people you don't hang with socially or work related and getting to know that you have the same playmate qualities and maybe some substance and manners. Dam, if I wanted to lay a complete stranger I would go out and pick one off the street. Plenty of willing ones out there. Dummy me, just don't know how to play the game right.

For me, a connection has to be made and that is not everyones style and it's cool. But I think guys need to find the people who think the same way as they.

OK so I don't want to be a part of the reality game. I think my best approach is to do my own winking and emailing.

Ahhhh sorry folks, I am having a so frustrated moment.

I'll stop whinning.

Whine whine whine Bitch bitch bitch complain complain complain.

I will have to say that there are real gentlemen on this site, few and far between they may be but still here. One even turned down my advances because of his own ethical views on outside marraige affairs. What a gent he was. That was way back when I first signed up. Anyway met some cool people and not so cool people so it's not all as bad as I make it out to be.

What happened to my flower pic? Well, surprise I was recognized. Dam eyes of mine. Gotta be more careful.

My saying for the day:

If you don't want to play by the rules, get out of the game..HAH, I knew someone would be saying that so got a head start on the nasty comments. lol

Now that I have vented I feel much better.

Time to put on the executive attire and act all grown up and mature. Board meeting today. Have a great day all.

Shy_Bi_Guy_1965 51M
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9/2/2005 2:26 pm

Hello Fun. I found your blog from the link in the member's section of the Humboldt County/Eureka group.

I would be happy to chat or email with you, as to your profile.

redmustang91 57M  
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9/8/2005 9:35 am

It is hard to tell how fast is too fast and whether being pushy is appreciated or not. Guys have an urge to get to the good part sooner rather than later. I think women could save themselves some grief if they would lay out some clear rules and then stick with them. For example, I want to have eight dates over a two onth period before we are intimate so I will feel we are a good match for intimacy. A smart guy and a gentleman would accept that program as long as the goal is clear. Most guys will do anything within reason to get laid!

funwithyou602 56F

9/17/2005 11:11 pm

mmm, I posted this a while ago but have an comment for anyone who goes this far back to read. yeh, clear rules is preferable. But what if you find out you would like to meet fairly quickly. Or what if you are chatting with someone who takes more time to decide. I am deciding that just chatting and not discussing meeting is best. That way if my gut tells me sooner that he is someone I might want to meet I can say lets meet, and if my gut takes a long time to decide there are never any expectations since meeting is not a part of the agreement.

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