Questions about questionable pictures  

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9/19/2005 12:58 am

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Questions about questionable pictures

I ask myself why women post naked pictures on this site. What are their goals by doing it and what purpose does it serve?

You see, I am always pondering over things that don't really matter. Objective observations and questions, so I thought I would just post this one.

I attempted to address this question with varying answers not sure which one, or if any would be right.

The first thought that came to mind was of course advertisement. One posts their profile and encourage more responses by adding a picture of their $#@?&. Which can actually show a sense of confidence, and a feeling that men will enjoy viewing it. Which they do. But why parts? Some show the whole body, some only show parts. Some show the more attractive attributes and hide the least. That kind of defeats the purpose since once a man meets you they will be seeing the less desired parts.

Because they feel like it. Like other people to see them in the buff and no other reason.

To get out of the way the whole perferences issue such as one likes big boobs, one likes big butts, one wants very petite, one wants nicely rounded and one likes a nicely trimmed pussy. Instead of telling them, just show them.

Those are just some of the questions I think about.

Me, I have two main reasons and then some others but I do know that when chatting, everyone wants to know what I look like, my weight, if I am evenly proportioned. I had no real idea. Just said big. I didn't own a scale, and didn't own a full size mirror, didn't sit in front of the mirror much thinking about my looks. My mother was obsessed with her looks. She spent hours in the mirror trying to put on the make up just so and tending to her hair until not one was out of place. She has, my entire life been on a diet and now even at 67 she is still on a diet. She has starved herself to be thin, weighed her food to be thin, tried uncountable diets to be thin. Tried the good old fashion and suppose to work healthy food. So perhaps I have issues in that area. Never be so obsessed with appearances that it consumes my life and interfers with my happiness. Since joining this site I did go somewhere and weight myself. I bought a full size mirror, and I spent alot more time seeing how many wrinkes I really do have. For a short time I was self-concious about it all but I have come around pretty quick and back to my old joking self. Fine and dandy with me whether someone sees me as beautifull or just a plain Jane. I have been complemented both ways.

So, my reasons for not posting a pic let alone a private parts pic.
I don't want to be recognized by everyone in my community and let me tell you it is small enough that I have conversed with people I know and work with on here and thank god I never identified myself. I know I am in a place in which hearing or seeing expressive things wouldn't alter my relationship and views of someone I know, but I do feel that most are not in that place thus the anomynity. I want to speak as freely and as expressively as I choose.

Don't get me wrong, I have been tempted to post an unhidden face picture, even pictures of my naked self. But I can't figure out why I, myself would do such a thing. Working that out in my head is my favorite pass time. lol

Since I obtained the full size mirror I have examined every inch of me and I concluded I have a nice pussy (I do wish I could think of a better term for that)My breasts are fairly nice for a woman my age, perhaps average, and I have a pretty face. That is my own veiw of me, I am sure not all see it that way since it really is so relative to each person. I would be one of the woman who took a zillion snap shots and then sift through them to find the very best ones. I am one who would take pictures of only the best of my physical self and just happen to miss the less attractive areas. So the questions remain. Why would I do it. What would it serve me and what are my goals for doing it? The same questions I have about naked pictures posted on this site.

two41and14two 55M/49F

9/20/2005 9:02 pm

i think my mom was a little like yours, lol.
i haven't been on a scale often in the last 5-6 yrs only a couple times a yr.
i always thought i was big.. i am 5'10 nothing fits right
then my hubby took some nude pics of me (and in lingerie) i was very surprised to find that i looked ok
it has been very thereputic for me
... i do understand wanting to keep the anonymity of no face pic though. we always wait until we have seen one before we send one, because, yes, it is a small world, and sometimes i forget that not everyone does this.
when looking at someone's pic, i much prefer almost anykind of pic to a close-up pic of genetalia, lol. I like looking to see a picture on the wall, what kind of bedspread or sheets are on the bed, or something else, maybe unintentional in the picture that is telling of their personality.

funwithyou602 56F

9/21/2005 5:04 am

I am glad your hubby took some pics of you and you were able to see your true physical self. So many fine woman are convinced they are fat or big.

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