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9/25/2005 10:09 pm

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That is the word my husband used to describe me today. He said most people aren't like me. They first test the water with their foot before they dive in. But me, I jump right in without a care as to how cold it will be. He said I am right out there...POW, right out there like that...I had to pause and think on that. He said he liked that about me and that is why he married me but that isn't the way the rest of the world works. What a bummer it was that I even concidered that perhaps I should not be all out there...that I should first stick my big toe in the river and make sure it is just right before getting wet all over. It really brought me down. For a little while I even concidered that perhaps I should stay within the lines that our society has so carefully drawn for us. OK, so I don't mind being the only one on the dance floor. I don't mind making a fool of myself to get my daughter to smile. I think much freely sexually than most. You just got to have lived my life to understand how simple it is to enjoy it. How little what others think of us mean. How doing what makes you feel good is ok.

I read a post this eve that made me halt in my tracts and rethink my intentions for the future.

I follow a few strict rules, and I live by them conciously every day.

Always enjoy because what have you got to lose if you don't.

(Not a fun original): Live Life Deliberately.

Cause no unnecessary harm.

The last one is what I thought hard on. So now my time has come and gone. Just in case this blog lives past me for some odd reason I want everyone to remember to:


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