Morning thoughts....  

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9/19/2005 6:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Morning thoughts....

I am still so very concerned about a young woman new, I am sure, to AdultFriendFinder. Very very beautiful, but everything about her is posted in her profile. I could not sleep thinking about it. She has her name,full name, home town and state. Where she works, Her instant message handle, and of course her picture. I shouldn't be so concerned about a perfect stranger as to loose sleep over it but that part of me is kind of the reason I do the type of work I do.

I wondered if she was incredibly niave. Though I was not nearly as revealing as she, I started with too much information on my profile.

Then the thought entered my mind that perhaps this is some cruel and evil move on the part of an angry boyfriend or woman. To humiliate her? To drive her crazy with the countless emails she will no doubt receive? Or is it of the evil sort and they wish her harm fully aware that creating a profile with all her information and a picture to go along will attract the insane sort and she will end up hurt or dead. It does so deeply worry me. I posted on her blog and privately emailed her, hoping she will change her profile or perhaps the evil one who did it if that be the case understand the consequences of their actions. But what else to do? I feel somewhat helpless and so must let it go and pray for the best.

I looked at my profile which I haven't done in such a long time and to my suprise discovered that instead of chat/email only it said I am up for anything. Well, I used to be up for anything but time passess and that part of me has become more tame. MMMM, maybe anything but not with everyone. LOL I tried to change it back to chat/email and it wouldn't take. How did someone do that? And why did they not change other parts of my email? So in the spot where it ask what my ideal chatting buddy is I stated that someone who doesn't change my profile would be good. I am begining to think that perhaps this site isn't the best place to be. But then it may be the lack of sleep and these two issues having developed back to back. I'm off to Ukiah today. All have a good day and enjoy.

funopencouple707 45M/45F

9/19/2005 10:34 am

You can, and should, report that profile to AdultFriendFinder right away. You might also consider contacting her on her instant messenger or something. It's very dangerous to reveal such information, as you're well aware. It probably is some sort of cruel prank.

two41and14two 55M/49F

9/20/2005 8:48 pm

it was good of you to e-mail her. I have said something to several different people about their profile. they had just never thought about the fact that this is such a public forum. in all cases, the suggested changes were readily and gratefully made.

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