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funwithyou602 56F
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9/21/2005 11:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How Rude

My friends call me the perpetual optomist(?) but I have all the emotions as anyone else that take hold of me before I can gather them up and take back control.

This guy, his handle and name protected just because I am nice, has emailed me both on AdultFriendFinder and private email. Though I disagreed with some of his stuff and he lives in a very tight box, I found him interesting so got to talking. He is on the other side of the state. Well, he knew me at first, and then somehow forgot who I was. So, started with an email a couple of days ago telling me how he wants to make my unhappy life better. That he would do what ever he could. Well, it is pretty obvious that I am much happier than most. First, that is a rooky move, yeh right, I have read his blog and helping women is definately not on his agenda. I hope the poor woman doesn't fall for that scam. Anyway, reading it as I usually do I grew confused, not quite understanding the content. Then it suddenly came to me that he thinks me someone else! So, I emailed back telling him that was rude and that he needs to keep track of who is who. It is quite easy, you put a name next to the email address. So that wasn't the end. He emailed back on a different address and acted like it was the first time he emailed my private address. So....being the person I am, I asked him if he realized that he had emailed me the day before with almost the exact same info and that he still doesn't have a clue who I am. So I told him this is who I am and gave him my handle for a refresher. Then... he emailed me back stating it is hard to keep track of who is who because everyones private email is different than their handle..Duhhhh, and this guy is highly educated? He stated that because the chances of a guy landing a girl on AdultFriendFinder are like 1% that he had to play the field. (This is not word for word) Then he says he hopes that makes me feel better. I, by now had decided that was the end of me wanting to know any more about him, and anyway it was about getting to know someone better.
Then....for some unknown reason, he emailed me on my AdultFriendFinder email, but this time acting as if he hadn't emailed me in a while and was eager to meet when I was down in LA on business. It is just so rude. He is the type of guy I would not undress for. Why? He is so consumed with the perfect body that if I were ever to take my clothes off he would spend some time quietly sizing me up. I am out for fun, not a decision on whether I am adequately put together. Why do guys decide they will go for a gal that states she is not his type just because they think I have a sexy take on things. That in itself is an insult...Like they will settle for less in body to have the fun I offer.

What a soap oprah of exchange. Last email he sent was today and I have pretty much said all I have to say. That one I did delete. No, it doesn't make me feel any better but I did appreciate his honesty. Yes, how rude can you get to treat someone so insignificantly as to not keep track as to who they are.

Sooooo...He doesn't view my blog, I am sure, so out with it I go. Guys...You just got to have some manners and concideration or you will definately land no one.

ahhhh, I feel so much better. Now to surround myself with people who clearly know who I am. All enjoy this fine night.

LadyFantasy68 49F
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9/22/2005 2:45 am

Oh I am so with you there. I have had this happen to me too and is so obvious with some guys that all they want is a convenient place to stick it in rather than liking a person for who they are. It is only manners to remember someone's name and handle and yes he was very rude.

Block him and move on to others. Not all men are this rude or inconsiderate. Good luck in future.

funopencouple707 45M/45F

9/22/2005 10:08 am

They really aren't all like that. What an ass!

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