Here is a little bit of me  

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9/8/2005 2:25 pm

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Here is a little bit of me

Well, I just read a great blog so I will follow his lead. Thanks for the idea.

I am 44yrs old
red hair for now
blue eyes
freckles (dam it!)
190lbs I have been way thin and a little fatter
size 8 shoe
Size big clothes
I lost my virginity at 14
I love coffee,black
Hate smoking but I do
Play violin, harmonica, piano, guitar
write poetry
I am writing three books that I will never finish
I think I am a talented writer but no one else does.
IQ 127 but still can't spell worth a dam.
Beleive in the Buddist philosophy though I don't practice it.
Love good food; hence the overweight
Can make myself chuckle all day long even if no one else gets the joke.
broke my wrist horseback riding
my jaw and leg motorcycle riding
Actually I have way to many accident stories to tell. The life of an adventurer
I don't like eating meat much
Can't sit still long enough to watch a tv program from begining to end.
Love truffles
I have one brother, one sister, one dad, one mother.
Take my work seriously
Don't take life seriously
enjoy enjoy enjoy is my motto
I am not rich probably never will be since I am not obsessed with the almighty dollar
I am a cheap date
I have never had a massage but always wanted to.
Crazy about sex, wild raw sex, loving sex, nasty sex, presex sex, after sex sex.
Four times a day might keep me happy
I can strike up a conversation no matter where I am and with just about anyone.
I am too silly for most and loved by many

And now I have run out of time, but never words. Well, sometimes after a good session in bed I am left speachless.

redmustang91 57M  
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9/9/2005 1:38 pm

Sounds great, wish you were in So. Cal.!

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