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9/21/2005 1:15 pm

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Hello! Hello! Hello!

You really need to balance out the deep with the mundane so I have some mundane stuff to break up the day.

Ahhhh, the rest of the day is mine. Well, every day is mine but we won't get serious this fine afternoon.

I am feeling extra frisky today, and no playmate to be found. How sad. Though opportunities surround me I am without. By choice....I think...but then I rethink "just go get some hot, down and dirty sex and be done with the fantasies."

My husband is coming around. Only to couples though. That would be fun but I am feeling like going it alone since I didn't my whole marraige. To be completely free to express myself and fully explore and focus on one who is not My One. Sounds good to me for now. His view is that couples would be less incline to develop a deep attachment since they have their own lifemate. We had a problem the last time we shared ourselves with another as he developed an attachment to me and not only ruined my joy of others in such a way, but also the long time frienship. Such a bummer. So hubby is hesitant and I respect that but I am in need of enjoying others in the deeper sense, deeper than platonic.

Now who are my favorite singers and songs:

Akon: I really like his song Lonely a remix but so skillfully sang with Alvin the chipmunk.

Song: Gold Digger: Jamie Fox sings and that song is just awsome.


Puddle of Mud


Guns and Roses

Loius Armstrong: Ahhh, Dream a Little Dream, I sing a duet to that song.

Ray Charles: What a man, his voice is so awsome and expressive

Black Eyed Peas: Nice group, nice mix of voices

Alisia Keys: She just keeps coming out with more and more good songs. I always spell her name wrong.

Maria Carey: No I don't really care for her songs but I love her voice. Such a hugh vocal range. Really incredible. And how did she end up with such beautiful skin.

Every classic classic band from the 70's and yes I still listen to the artists of the 60's. There was some good rock bands in the 80's but that era got a little to Disco for me. It was fun to dance the sexy dances then.

I loved R&B in those days. Less graphic bull, more taste.

So what is a woman of 44 doing watching MTV? Well, my son watches it every chance he gets. I worked with young adults last year and it was in my face constantly. They even taught me how to do the sea walk...for what use that serves me I do not know. I like to watch the gals on MTV. They are amazing in the way they move. How do they shake their bootie so well. I need to practice that but I don't think it will look as sexy on me as it does on them.

So what to do today...I was suppose to do something with my son but he bailed on me before I got back home. I will have my Sunday soak(didn't get it in on sunday)do the stuff I was putting off. Prepare for the Southern Boil this weekend. Like to keep the tradition of Stone Soup alive. Everyone who comes brings something to throw in the pot. Specific things though...Potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage, crab,shrimp etc....Giant pot and cooked on an outdoor burner. We lay down some newspaper and when the boil is done we drain and pour out on the table. MMM, finger food you might say.

I was given such a treat a couple of days ago. Didn't have to cook. My husbands sport geek friends grew inpatient waiting for the warm water to come in closer so ventured out to sea, 35miles to catch some Albacore. Came over and grilled it, wrapped in bacon and drizzled with sesame oil. Yummy yummy. I am waiting for the big catch so I will be able to can some. Store bought tuna cannot even compare in quality and flavore to home canned. The benefits of coastal, country living.

I miss my bike, I miss my bike, I miss my bike. Not having it is making me lazy...

I had another hot dream last night. We joke that it must be a hot dream since it moves me in mysterious ways. Usually I wake up midway through but last night I was out cold. I got up before hubby as usual and then he got up and moving. When he sat down for his coffee he had that grin and devilish look. I said why are you grinning? And then he said, "you had a hot dream last night" Man oh man, to be a part and still have to get the details as if I wasn't there. Such is the way of my life.

I will make love to myself today..not as good as the real thing but good never the less.

so...with all the mundane stuff out of my head I will say good day. And enjoy...always enjoy

rm_charme5959 36M

9/21/2005 1:50 pm

je voudrais une tof de toi envoi

two41and14two 55M/49F

9/21/2005 7:56 pm

" His view is that couples would be less incline to develop a deep attachment since they have their own lifemate"

actually, we have found the opposite to be true. we much prefer single women. there is a wonderful dynamic between three. usually the attention is between the other girl and i, my husband joining in occasionally. why would a single woman want to be with a couple? i don't know... but i think because there is no long term relationship there for her. i think it is a safe transitional relationship before moving on in life. ALL of our threesome experiences have been great. usually we see a woman 2-3 times before she moves on.

however being with couples, which we have not done much of, has never been as much fun. the dynamic with 4 is not as much fun as with 3. too easy to be two couples or two girls with two guys watching. i prefer girls who are more lesbian than straight. if it is the other way around seems things are not as relaxed.... not head games, but close.

btw, whats wrong with a close attatchment anyhow? I keep hoping i will find a girlfriend for a longterm relationship, a fellow partner in crime.

funwithyou602 56F

9/22/2005 7:41 am

The problem with the attachment of this gentleman felt toward me was in such a way as he wanted me to leave my husband. I feel love for your playmate is better than any other form, but the line must still remain. My hubby is my main guy...and no I won't leave him for anyone. Threesomes are so fun. I love the mix of two woman and a guy. Not only is it so much fun for a guy to get the attention of two woman, but it is a chance to feel and touch and kiss the softness of a woman and to fully appreciate our friendship at all levels. The girl has got to be a friend. First you befriend the woman, then you meet the partner. My approach always.

funwithyou602 56F

9/22/2005 11:25 pm

Hey! anybody out there...can you translate charme for me? I'm dieing to know what he said.lol

Bassman4462 54M
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9/14/2006 12:48 am

Hello,anybody HORNY out there??

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