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9/13/2005 7:23 am

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Blog Culture?

I was reading another Blog yesturday about class culture. It was pretty acurate and enjoyable reading. He is quite clever. Then I flip to my Blog and low and behold I am educated on the culture of blogging.
Seems we also have class Blogs. lol

Highbrow Blogs
Middlebrow Blogs
Lowbrow Blogs

The brow comments can be credited to another. Not a funwithyou original.

So let me tell you what is on my bookshelves...

Philosophy...such as Plato, Socrates, Deep Ecology. I like to twist my brain from time to time. I do prefer my own original thoughts though.

Theology....Every religion I can study, with special interest in Buddism and the teachings of the Dali Lama. I ponder over the impermanence of life and nothingness quite often.

Literature.....the classics: Dickens, Poe, Hemingway ect... Shakespheare is something I prefer to see than read. The festival in Ashland, Ore. is the place to be for such things.

Poets: Angelo, Frost, Harger, and on and on. Prefer to write peotry and read the work of local poets.

Psychology...Jung, Freud, blah blah blah

I have another bookshelf loaded down with Composers of great pieces. Bach, Mozart and many more I would have to pull out to spell correctly. Their lives, their work. It is full of sheet music too. Classical, bluegrass, country fiddle, cajun and jazz. On and On.

I also have a shelve dedicated to research I have done on various subjects.

Biographies, Autobiographies and textbooks.

Hugh collection on herbalism. I am not a big fan of western medicine though it is neccessary for some conditions and illnesses.

and my favorites..."The 100 simple secrets to happy people" " When Do Fish Sleep?" "The Question Book" The first edition of "Alice in Wonderland" "Senseless Sayings" "Dr. Suess" (A wise Sage in his own right)

My desk is lined with all the neccessary reference material to ensure that all assessments, case reports and documents are properly constructed, spelled correctly, proper grammer. i.e. Roget's Thesaurus, Secretaries Handbook, The Elements of Style, The Grammer Book, Dictionaries.

BUT AM I BLOGGING TO PROVE to cyberspace that I am well educated? (I'm not) Intelectual? (I Try not to be) Of substance? (Hopefully some nice sweet substance) Rich? (very comfortable)

I have to deal with high stress issues on a daily basis. My passions are serious business, my work requires that I influence, change, promote, support and advocate. Which means that I have to prove I know my shit on a daily basis. I am very good in my area of expertise. We are all a genius in some areas and idiots in others.

Now, how intelectual of a society do we live in if the term blogging can catch on and take off. It sounds more like a horror flick to me. "The Blog...The Blob"

I am not going to jump into Cyberspace and prove daily that I have something of importance to contribute. We are all just posting what's on our mind or for me...What is not. What we post, what we think, what we type, how we type it, the verbage we use. How can that be put into categories? We are unique beings, what we have to say has intrinsic value, and cannot be critique as better or worse than the other blogs. It is just blogging for Lords sake.

So it is all good

All have a wonderful day and enjoy always enjoy

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