A Journey  

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9/21/2005 7:52 am

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A Journey

How funny,

As I scanned through my posts I noticed that the Tale of Two Maidens had alot of views and I can't help but think some or most may have thought it was some hot sexy story. They must have been quite disappointed. It is a sex site so I can see why most would think that. I guess before I end my blogging I will write another sexy story.

Today I offer my take on one things So many of my friends and family ask me why I don't get upset at certain things. Like when I am cut off by another car, when someone flips you off. When you are standing in line for ever because the person ahead of you needs to give the exact change. Such unimportant things that is not worth my anger. So, a short veiw of how I see things.

Life is a journey for everyone. We all take different paths and each person does not follow the same path as the other. Some follow a path that is straight and flat. Others follow a path that has lots of twists and turns, and others have hills and pits and dangers along their way andhas their own unique experience. But we are all moving in the same direction. To where we really don't know. Everyone has their ideas and beleifs that works for them. Me, through all my travels and through all the people and such that I have encountered; having the honor to have lived and experienced the different ways of living and different beliefs and views others have, I have learned that all are equal. I have decided that as simple as it may seem, when I am on my death bed and except my passing, I can look back at my life and see that I have collected many happy memories. I can look back without any regrets and say, "I have lived well."

We, and our human condition, think way to much of ourselves. We have been on this earth such a short time. Seeing the Cosmos in it's entirety, we are just a flicker in the whole sceme of things. We have come and we will leave, a short time is all we have as humans in this form of existance.

If you want to break it all the way down to how insignificant we are here it is:

We are nothing more than carbon based material, all of us. Each chooses the way they want to live their existance but still we are made up of the same stuff. So why all the fuss about differnt people, whether someone is better than the other? It really doesn't matter. Accept each person for who they are with respect and admiration that they to play an important role in the existance of human-kind. Lets just enjoy our time on this earth, enjoy each other because that is what it all boils down to. Making happy memories before our passing into another existance. And that's my take on things.

Enjoy....always enjoy

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9/21/2005 9:52 am

"we are just a flicker in the whole sceme of things" that reminds me of a quote.....

"If life is eternal, than this is not life"

i like the way you think of paths.... i read a book, i think, "into the light" but i am not sure, it was about death though. the author said that we are given several "doors" through which we can choose to leave throughout our lifetime. that kind of makes sense to me. My sister almost died when she was six. she has always believed that she would die young... in her 40s. she is not 40 yet. a couple yrs ago, i was talking to her about these doors. she said that it made sense, and that maybe she could choose a different door.

i guess if our lives are paths, then we travel until we come to an intersection. i guess there are very few times in our lives when dramatic changes can be made, though some people probably come to more crossroads than others. i think i am approaching one of those intersections.... my daughter goes to college next year. we will sell the house we've lived in for 18 yrs. i hope i step onto the right path.

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