yippie yi a cowgirl  

funwild55 61M
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3/7/2006 7:39 am
yippie yi a cowgirl

Finally hooked up with a very hot lady! Didn't hook up on the site, but it's sure been nice to have someone to hug, hold, kiss, and fuck our brains out. I'd almost forgotten what it's all about, but thankfully the body hasn't forgotten. The night we met was fun, but she had a girlfriend with her, so we just got to know each other and went our seperate ways. But when I got home there was an E-mail waiting, telling me how much fun she'd had, (has been widowed almost a year). She liked my wit, jokes, and even the serious conversation's we'd had.
So our first date was a couple of drinks, more conversation, jokes etc. When I asked if she'd like to grab some dinner, or go somewhere else, she gave me a smoldering look and said she had her overnight bag and wasn't there something else to do! I said we could light a fire and kick back,, so we headed for the house. Needless to say there was only one fire that got lit that night. Six hours later we finally put the fire out, but must have left some coals smoldering, because the second date was even better. We couldn't have felt more comfortable than on the first date, just had a better idea of what turned on each other, and how far we were willing to go to please each other.
Now we have another date tomorrow night, have talked on the phone a little, and chatted quite a lot. The anticipation builds and I can't wait to see how it goes. She's charming, witty, fun, intelligent, and not at all bashful. So stay tuned, I'll feel more comfortable writing more later. The eternal optimist!!

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